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How to Block and Restrict on OnlyFans: A Step by step guide for beginners

In today’s world, many times the users have to block or restrict the specific individuals because of different reasons.

So, by considering this point Only Fans platform offers a different range of support and safety features which help to maintain safety of yourself. Also, nowadays users adjust their visibility setting of their account by changing it into the private mode. In this article, the discussion will be on how to block and restrict the people on Only Fans.

This article will guide you the steps that can be considered if you want to block or restrict someone.

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Complete Guide on Onlyfans Blocking (2022): Block Creator/User

How is blocking different from restricting on Only Fans?

Blocking and restricting accounts are considered as two features which can be used by the users for anyone.

a.) Blocking

This is the feature which is available for the users and in this you can easily prevent the other user from accessing your page. If you block the user then other users will not be able to interact and see your posts or message you!

It is one of the good ways through which you can easily protect yourself and also the content which you do not want to show. As a fan or the content creator, you have the rights to block the users and through this you can easily secure your content.

b.) Restricting

If you are restricting someone then you will not be able to view the messages which are sent through DM or also the comments which are given by any of the users. But on the other hand, if you are restricting anyone they will still be there as a subscriber and will be able to buy the content of yours. This is one of the best methods if you don’t want to show something from your account.

How can you restrict an OnlyFans Account? 

If you want to restrict the user, then it is important for you to search their profile and then click on the “more” in the top right corner and then choose the “restrict” option. From your page or as a Fan you have a choice to select one option from many within the given user box. You can just select the restrict shown with the no access icon.

Steps to block an OnlyFans account?

The steps that you can consider to block an Only Fans account are:

Step 1: Login

If you want to block someone, then it is important for you to log in to your account.

Step 2: Search the Profile or Fan

Now go and search the profile or fan to whom you want to block. If it is in the inbox then you can normally click on that and if it is not there then you can just open the fan list.

Step 3: Select block option

Now you can see the three dots on the right corner and now scroll it down and select the option “Block”.


Different ways of blocking account

·         Block by country/state or area.

If you want to block by country then go to settings>privacy and safety settings> block by country. Once there, you can select the country according to you. At the time of selecting the country you can go to the drop down menu and can target the blocking to the particular location.


·         Block by IP address.

If you want to block through an IP address then go to settings> privacy and settings> block by the IP address. After that just enter the IP address which you want to block. By this step you can easily block someone.


How to block a fan on OnlyFans?

If you want to block the fan, then it is important for you to login to your account. The first step will be to login the account by inserting the credentials. After log-in just search for the account of your fan to whom you want to block.

You can easily find the account by searching it by the name or by checking the messages you have received from him or her. After checking the name or the username you have to first visit or open the profile so that you can easily block him or her.

When you have searched the account, after that you can easily select the block option. The block option will be available if you see the three dots on the top right corner of the fan’s page. By clicking on the three dots, you will get the list of options in front of you.

Now, you can scroll it down and go to the block option or you can also search the same. After that choose the option of the block and the person will be blocked and will not be able to see the content.

How to unblock someone on OnlyFans?

Now if you want to unblock someone on the Only Fans then it can be seen that the process is sort of similar. Again, if you want to unblock then go and login to your account so that you can easily unblock the fan. Secondly, go and search for the username that you want to unblock.

Again, click on the three dots and choose the unblock option. You will get the notification when you unblock someone. After unblocking, the other person can easily see the content which you have posted!

Frequently asked questions

1.) How to check if somebody has blocked you on OnlyFans?

This method is very easy and you can easily search the individual with the username on this platform. At the time of searching, if you do not see anything or any content then it simply means that the person is blocked.

2.) How to check your blocked fans?

The first step is to login to your account. After login, you can search the username and when the profile prompts in front of you then you can click on it. If you go and see the option of unblock then you can see that you have blocked this fan.

So, you can easily block or restrict the Only Fan platform and it is simple if you want to block or restrict anyone. It is important to block or restrict someone if you want to secure your content from other people. You can block or restrict it by following the steps discussed in this article.

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