How to be Successful on OnlyFans?

You already know how to start an Onlyfans account, the basics and workings of the platforms, and you are ready to get started. But now what?

Creating an Onlyfans account is just the beginning, the real target is to become successful on the platform and be on the list of the top Onlyfans content creators.

We have examined the strategies of all the top creators of Onlyfans and we have put together all the tricks and tips in this article. Go through this article and try to use as many tips as you can to grow your Onlyfans page. 

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How to be Successful on OnlyFans?

What is Onlyfans and why it is so trending for making money online?

Onlyfans is like the “Youtube” of content creators where followers pay a monthly subscription fee to see the content of creators. It does not matter who you are, a musician, fitness expert, dancer, model, photographer, or influential person, you can become successful on Onlyfans by posting pictures and videos showcasing your talent. Content creators generally use Onlyfans to monetize their content and generate some extra money. They do so from monthly subscriptions bought by their followers, tips, and pay-per-view feature. 

Since Onlyfans was the only well-established social media platform that lets creators showcase their creativity and post content that would otherwise get banned on other social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. 

Onlyfans is quite a popular social media platform among models and sex workers who upload their sensuous and sexy photos and videos to gain more followers and build their fan following. 

There are joining more than 15 million new users per month on Onlyfans. Any content creator would not get a marketplace like this with a huge user base of millions. 

One interesting statistic says that Onlyfans has paid out more than $2 billion to creators until now.

Success stories of Onlyfans stars 

There have been many successful stories on Onlyfans among 7000 to 8000 new content creators every day starting their Onlyfans account. Most of the top Onlyfans earners were already celebrities and famous personalities before they joined the platform, hence, their success is kind of self-explanatory.

They already have an enormous fan following who are willing to pay any amount of money to see exclusive content from their favorite celebrities. All these celebrities have become top earners on Onlyfans redirecting their followers from other social media platforms towards Onlyfans. 

As to the 2022 statistic, Blac Chyna is leading the race with a whopping monthly earning of $20 million.   

The success story of Blac Chyna is an inspiration to many content creators on Onlyfans as she is one of the few celebrities who made it big. Until now, she has a total of 143 posts and 13.2K likes on her account that has X-rated photos and videos specifically catering to niche fetishes and some snaps capturing her daily life. 

When we are talking about the top earners on Onlyfans, how can we forget about Bhad Bhabhi who made $52 million as an Onlyfans model? This 19-year-old rapper whose original name is Danielle Bregoli was an already viral sensation, all thanks to her appearance on the talk show with “Dr Phil” in 2016. She came out as a rebellious teen on the show. In 2021, she broke a record on Onlyfans by earning $1 million on the platform in just six hours. 

Onlyfans started just as a regular fan site for people who love to watch exclusive content from their favorite adult entertainers. However, after many high-profile celebrities joined the platform, it is witnessing 500,000 new users every day and is expected to make around $2 billion in a year. Cardi B, a famous US rapper joined Onlyfans just before the release of her song, obviously to promote it.

This rap artist has amassed over 81 million subscribers on Onlyfans. Although she has posted only six times on the platform, she is in the top three highly-paid celebrities on the Onlyfans. 

How to be successful on Onlyfans?

I guess you have already started on Onlyfans, that is why you are looking for some tips to be successful on the platform. Everyone wants to launch their Onlyfans page with a blast and you may have some goals to achieve. This article will help you in maximizing the potential of your account and increase your followers, eventually earning from Onlyfans. 

Here are the steps to follow:

Optimize your Onlyfans Profile

  1. Create an account and set a subscription rate

The first and the most important step is to create your account on Onlyfans. Luckily, it is completely to create an account on Onlyfans and there is no legal contract for you or your subscribers to sign before starting on the platform. 

There is a catch in achieving good earnings from Onlyfans in the shortest time possible and that is the combination of your subscribers and your subscription rates. You are in complete control of your account and therefore, it is up to you to choose the subscription rate for your page. Make sure it is fair, reasonable, and affordable for your fans. As a beginner, try to set your subscription charge to a minimum and as your followers increase, you can subsequently raise your subscription fee. 

For instance, if you have 10,000 fans on Instagram, you can expect 100-150 subscribers on the Onlyfans page. Now it is better to have 150 members paying you a subscription rate of $6.99 than 50 subscribers paying you $9.99. 

  1. Write a catchy Bio

Nothing can beat a catchy and interesting bio on your Onlyfans account. It is not only about how beautiful and sexy your profile or cover image looks on the platform, it is your bio that tells your fans about your real personality. 

Anyone who will land on your page will want to read your bio before subscribing to it. The placement of the bio is also quite crucial, it is just above the “Subscribe” button, hence, it cannot go unnoticed. 

You would want to make your bio snappy and brief as you get only 1000 characters to write it. 

Important tips to keep in mind while writing a bio for your Onlyfans page:

Introduce yourself

Give an enticing representation of what fans can expect once they subscribe to your page

 Use fun and interesting words for your bio

  1. Use a Good username

A good username is a key to a popular Onlyfans page, hence make your username recognizable. If you have your account on many social media platforms, it can become difficult for your fans to keep a track of you. In order to become successful and popular on Onlyfans, you need to increase your visibility and accessibility a lot for your existing and potential fans. Hence, it is very important you choose a username on Onlyfans that is the same as your other social media accounts or similar to them. 

  1. Use a good cover picture

Whenever you start an account on any social media platform, the first task is to attract people. It is impossible to be a successful content creator if you can’t allure people to your profile. So, make sure you put your maximum energy into putting a good cover picture as it would be the first impression of your content.

A cover photo is the identity of your page and it reflects your real personality. Images are the reflections of one’s self and hence, you need to have a good cover photo. 

Important tips for a good cover picture:

The left lower corner of your cover picture remains hidden as that is the place for your profile picture. Make sure the cover picture you select should not contain any important text or graphics in that area

The bottom half of the cover photo does not remain that clear and gets blurred as your account name appears in this area. Hence, make sure your cover photo is centered in the part above this one

You must show your face in your cover picture. This way you can gain the trust of your fans

Make sure your cover photos are not too bright nor too dull

It would be best if your cover picture depicts the story of your work, or what kind of content you are posting

  1. Use a good camera and filming equipment

Any efforts in creating content for your account would be a waste if you do not use a good camera and filming equipment. Your fans must be expecting high-definition videos and pictures from their favorite creators and you can’t disappoint them in any way. 

You can only become successful on Onlyfans if you provide value to your fans and subscribers and for that, you must use professional equipment to create high-quality content.

  1. Set up a Welcome message

Everyone deserves a warm welcome, and when they are your new followers, they definitely need something special. A welcome message can be a great way to make a great first impression with your new fans. 

What is a welcome message?

A welcome message feature is embedded on the platform and it sends an automated message to every new fan who subscribes to your page. You can completely customize these welcome messages and send them as a DM to your fans. You can also send free or paid content along with the welcome message to initiate responses and get the conversation moving.   

How to set a welcome message?

It is very simple to set a welcome message to your new fans:

Navigate to “Settings” and then to “Chats”

Here you will see many settings including the “Welcome Message” subheading and a toggle switch

Just enable your “Welcome Message” feature by clicking on the toggle

Just set your welcome message like any other message or post. To make it more interactive and interesting, you can attach a video, audio, or media to the welcome message. 

7.Create high-quality content

Success on Onlyfans completely relies on how much value you provide to your fans and subscribers. For creating some high-quality content, you need to use a good quality HD camera and lighting equipment. 

You really need to focus on creating high-quality content with excellent clarity as fans love HD videos and pictures. 

8.Create Amazing content

It is important to remember that most of your subscribers are coming to your Onlyfans page from your mainstream social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Now, when they are paying to see your content, they won’t expect the same content they have been watching on other social media platforms for free.

When you are on Onlyfans, you need to extend the content experience for your subscribers and post exclusive subscriber-only content with more depth and variety. 

9.Experiment with your content as well

Variety in content is the important key to attracting more and more people to your Onlyfans page. Apart from posting regular videos and pictures, you should also try out some experiments with your content to give a variety to your subscribers. 

Some of the experiments you can try:

Invite people in your videos

Unbox amazon products and review them

Try out some new skills and showcase them in front of your fans

Change the background of your Onlyfans page

10.Consistency matters

Consistency is an important quality you need to have to become successful on Onlyfans. There are many Onlyfans creators who start their page with immense motivation. However, after some time, their motivation and passion disappear and they stop posting on their page. 

If you want that your followers keep on increasing, you need to be consistent in posting on your page. Create content regularly and post it at a specific time. 

Focus on Promotion

  1. Cross-Promote your Onlyfans account

The next step in becoming successful on Onlyfans is to promote your account as much as possible. Promoting the Onlyfans account will increase your visibility among people eventually increasing your fanbase. There are many ways to promote your Onlyfans account and one of the most effective methods is cross-promotion.

One thing that works great for content creators is the absence of an algorithm on the platform, as it works best when the traffic reaches the page via a URL link. A direct URL with no algorithm will get your audience directly on your page and there will be no risk of them getting steered away by countless ads that are very common on other social media platforms.

Make sure you keep on cross-promoting your content and Onlyfans page across your social and other platforms as this will maximize the traffic to your page. 

Another excellent way to promote your Onlyfans account is to make some collaboration content with other famous Onlyfans creators who are in the same niche as you.

  1. Collaborate with other Onlyfans creators

The more you promote your Onlyfans account the more traffic you will get to your page. A great way to drive traffic to your Onlyfans account is by cross-collaborating with other creators on Onlyfans. There are many other fellow creators like yourself on the Onlyfans, you can find them on other social media platforms, groups, and forums. Twitter is one of the best social media places to find content creators to collaborate with. 

The best thing about this is you do not have to do this face-to-face, you can easily showcase your talent to other creators on live streaming, an excellent feature on Onlyfans. You can create different types of content with other creators like a cooking show, podcast, Q&A session, musical performance, fitness workout, and a lot more.

  1. Ask subscribers to share your profile

What is better than mouth word-of-mouth marketing? You have your subscribers to this word-of-mouth promotion for your Onlyfans account. You can ask your fans to share your Onlyfans page with their friends, family, and closed ones to help you gain more followers and visibility. If your fans love your content, they would definitely share your page. 

The way you ask your fans to share your Onlyfans account is important and it should be appealing. Make a video message for your fans and request them to promote your content among their friends and family. Along with this, you can also offer some discount offers on their next subscription or some exclusive content if they get you, followers.

  1. Ask feedback from your fans

Asking for feedback from your subscribers is one thing that is very important for the growth of your Onlyfans account in the long run. Getting feedback from your fans and followers is the only way to get to know if your content is up to the mark and what other things can you do to improve that. With feedback from your fans, you can improve the quality of your content and also boost your trust with your fans. 

  1. Use social media for promotion

Today, almost everyone is using the internet, and, what could be better than social media platforms to promote your Onlyfans account. There are many platforms on the internet and it can be overwhelming to choose the best ones. Hence, we will focus on the well-established and the most popular social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and Snapchat.

  1. How to use Instagram for promotion

While promoting your Onlyfand account on Instagram, you need to be more careful as it does not allow anyone to post any type of explicit content on its platform. If you are promoting adult content, then subtlety is the key. 

Important tips for promoting the Onlyfans account on Instagram:

Do not overly sexualize the caption of your picture 

You can start with an attention-grabbing image with a simple caption like “check out my Onlyfans”

You can also add a link to your Onlyfans account to your Instagram bio

  1. How to use Reddit for promotion

Just like Twitter, Reddit is another social media platform that allows NSFW content. You need to make the settings on your Reddit account to make your NSFW content visible to other people. You just need an indicator to reflect that your content may be sensitive to viewers. 

To gain more followers from Reddit, you can join different subreddits that allow adult content. Posting on those subreddits regularly will get you more followers and eventually subscribers. 

  1. How to use Twitter for promotion

Twitter is the best social media platform that allows adult content. Unlike Instagram, you can post content with nudity on Twitter without any repercussions. 

The other reason why Twitter is the best social media platform to promote your Onlyfans content is discoverability and it is quite easy to interact with people on this platform.

If your Onlyfans content is explicit or contains nudity, you need to watermark your profile on Twitter sensitive. A sensitive profile on Twitter means that this account contains adult or NSFW content. 

To gain more followers for your Onlyfans Twitter account, you can join various Twitter engagement groups and get more subscribers or followers from there. 

Other than this, using the right hashtags can drive more traffic to your Onlyfans page. Some of the hashtags you can use are #onlyfans #sellingcontent #Onlyfansbabe #BBW and more. 

  1. How to use Snapchat for promotion

Over the years, Snapchat has seen massive popularity among people. It has over 380 million daily users and that is why it is one of the best platforms with a huge user base for promoting Onlyfans. There are many features on Snapchat to you can use as a marketing tool for promoting your Onlyfans. 

Important tips to promote your Onlyfans account:

 Try to make more friends on your Snapchat account and share your Onylfans account with them

Let random people from all over the world discover your Snap stories, this will help you grow your Onlyfans page

  1. Make use of built-in promotional campaigns

Other than promoting your Onlyfans account on other social media platforms and cross-collaborating with other creators, you can actually use some built-in features of Onlyfans to attract more followers. You can offer subscription bundles and discounts to help persuade people to subscribe to your Onlyfans page.

  1. Subscription bundles

This is an excellent subscription feature that gives the creators ability to create bundles for several month subscriptions. This way your subscribers can also save money if they buy your subscription for a longer period of time. Just make sure you do not create too many of these subscription bundles as it can confuse your subscribers. 

  1. Discounts

Giving discounts to your fans on the subscription to your Onlyfans account is a great way for increasing your followers if you are starting out as a beginner. Onlyfans allows you to create promotions and offer subscription discounts to your fans. You can offer these discounts for a limited time period or for a certain number of subscribers. 

What are the benefits of joining Onlyfans?

If you are someone who wants to establish a personal brand or a business, then Onlyfans is the place for you. You can nowhere get a huge audience anywhere else for your brand. 

This is such a great social media platform that lets you interact with your fans, and know them better. This way you can deliver the content accordingly. 

As a content creator, Onlyfans is the best social media platform you can have that lets you market your content and monetize it too. If you are willing to do some hard work, then there is huge potential for you to thrive on the platform.

Even if you do not have a huge fan following, to begin with, you can still be successful on Onlyfans if you make good content consistent. Then there is the option of monetizing your content on Onlyfans, which you do not get on other well-established social media platforms.

You get plenty of monetization features on Onlyfans, like paid live streams, paid messages, and of course tips.

If you are concerned that Onlyfans only focuses on sex workers and models, then you are wrong. Onlyfans is a platform that is open for all types of content creators, be it musicians, fitness experts, life coaches, photographers, or dancers. You just have to create quality content that your fans will pay to watch. Some statistics say that an average content creator makes about $180 per month on Onlyfans.

If you are ready to put up some real hard work on the platform, you can make an excellent earning out of it. 

What are helpful tips and tricks to make your Onlyfans profitable?

  1. Link a domain name

A domain name is basically a URL or a web address to access a site. You can buy a domain name and redirect it to your Onlyfans account. 

  1. Hook your subscribers

If you are a content creator who wants to sell something in your messages, then this is a very useful tip for you. Be consistent in posting content on your Onlyfans page regularly and this will put your subscribers in a habit of coming back. If your fans will regularly check your Onlyfans page, the probability of you selling them exclusive and premium content in messages. 

  1. Interact with your fans

Engaging with your fans is a good way to show them that you care for them. If your fans enjoy interacting and engaging with you, they will continue to subscribe to your Onlyfans for a long time. 

  1. Create a promotional video

A short video with all your best content snippets can be the promotion for your Onlyfans. Create a short promotional video of around 1-2 minutes long that pin it on top of your profile so that all your subscribers and fans can see it. This will make sure that your new subscribers see your best work straight away.

  1. Decide a lucrative tip menu

If you are on Onlyfans to sell something, then creating a lucrative tip menu is an essential part of making your Onlyfans more profitable. 

Important things to remember:

Your tip menu must contain the list of your items for sale plus the tip fee

Pin it up to your profile so that your fans get to know  what they are tipping you for

In the case of digital products, keep them organized in specific folders. This way you can quickly upload and send them to your fans once you receive an order from them

Send your fans the tracking number of the shipment in case of physical products

Some of the best tip menu ideas:

Zoom video date tip menu

Fitness freak tip menu

Dick rating tip menu

Girlfriend experience tip menu

Wearables tip menu

Cocky extras tip menu


All these tips discussed in the article have worked for many Onlyfans content creators and if you have potential and consistency, they will work for you too. Though becoming a successful creator on Onlyfans is possible, it needs hard work and some time to invest. 

Just be patient, creative, and consistent with your work, promote your Onlyfans account as much as possible and in no time you will have a huge fan following. 


How do you get popular on OnlyFans?

Your popularity on Onlyfans completely depends on the type of content you post on your page and how consistently you do it. You need to be quite experimental with your content as fans expect to see variety. There should also high level of engagement from your subscribers on your page so that they feel involved and talk about you more with their friends. To get more popularity, you can even cross-collaborate with other famous creators on Onlyfans and let their fans also get to know you better.  


How much does the average person make on OnlyFans?

According to statistics, an average person as a content creator makes about $180 per month on Onlyfans. However, if you try out some creativity with your content and post it regularly, your earnings can increase. 


How do I make my OnlyFans grow?

You can only grow your Onlyfans by being consistent with your content. Make it a point to post quality content regularly on your page. 

Some of the best ways you can try to grow your Onlyfans account are:

Promote your Onlyfans page on other social media platforms

Advertise your Onlyfans link on your website or blog post

Engage your audience with your content


Is it easy to make money on OnlyFans?

Making money on Onlyfans is not that difficult if you provide high-quality content to your subscribers. However, it can take a bit of time and work to earn good money on Onlyfans. 


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