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How to Make Money on OnlyFans as a Guy: Complete Guide

Do you think you have a sexy body with jaw-dropping looks? But are you simply wasting it just by sitting at home due to a lack of a job after this lockdown?

Then it is time to use your desirable looks that women will die to take a feel of and earn money from home. Onlyfans can help you earn a handsome amount just by releasing the content of your choice. 

Get ready to become more presentable and earn with your handsome physique, as this article contains stories about several men, their amazing experiences and in-depth information on how to make money on Onlyfans.

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How To Make Money On Onlyfans As a Guy? Can man make money on onlyfans?

1. What is Onlyfans and why is it so trending for making money online? 

Onlyfans is an Online platform that has gained recognition for a long. In the beginning, this platform was dedicated to content creators for showing their talent and connecting to the audience.

However, later the platform became a great source for creators with adult content. 

Here most models show off themselves and build their fan following. The more paid subscribers one can achieve, the more income one can have. 

The reason why it has become a trending platform to make money online is that it is comparatively easy to gain subscribers here.

This is not a platform to sell any products or services, which require a huge knowledge of your audience’s tastes and needs. Here, you don’t have to convince your audience of anything.

They come here by themselves in search of attractive and glamorous content, which makes it easier for the content creators to attract more such subscribers if they are attractive enough and have some good content ideas.

It is also quicker to get the maximum number of subscribers here, which means people generally get to earn money faster here than in any other platform.

2. How much do male Onlyfans creators make and what success stories of some male Onlyfans Creators?

If the average earnings of male content creators is observed on Onlyfans, it is observed that they can make an average income of around $80-$150.

But this is only low because most male creators mostly focus on brand endorsement and other factors.

A huge figure can be made here if they are consistent with their posts and keep posting regularly on their fan pages for better reach. A popular male model can even earn up to $100,000 per month.

 Hence, the earning factor completely depends on the hard work and time they are investing to keep their pages active and their audiences entertained. 

One such male content creator earns $20k per month by visiting various Hotwives. It is basically a place where men are eager to share their wives with other men. He clicks photos there and makes videos, then sells them to earn some extra profit from it. This helps him to get not only some amazing exposure but also some attractive content that he can sell to earn more. He even happens to take help from platforms like Twitter and Reddit to promote his Onlyfans page and engage more subscribers from there.

3. How to make money on Onlyfans as Guy: explained in step by step manner

Optimise your Onlyfans Profile

In order to earn a huge sum, you need to focus on looking presentable. Since here you are selling yourself to the viewers, the only thing that is going to attract audiences is your profile which needs to be optimised very carefully. The following are the steps that you need to follow if you want to make great money on Onlyfans a guy:

a.     Create two accounts and set a subscription rate: 

Creating two Onlyfans accounts is a great strategy to gain more subscribers. Since everyone wants to pay subscribers, it is better to create two accounts- one of which can be paid and the other one can be free-to-view. This free-to-view account can be used to drive the traffic for the paid account. Someone who uploads regular videos on their main account can use the second account to upload the teasers to attract a larger audience. Also, make sure to set a subscription rate that is comfortable for you and affordable for all types of audiences.     

b.     Pick a Niche: The best part about this platform is that it is open to various ideas. Hence, one needs to be careful when selecting the niche. 

i.         Being a Gay: 

You can select your niche as gay and create content focusing on that particular community to attract your type of audience. There are several gay content creators in Onlyfans actively creating content and making money out of it. 

ii.         Being a Bull/Hunk:  

You can even visit the Hotwives section, where men look for male models to share their wives with and have threesomes. You can even click photos there or create videos, with their permission, and sell them later to earn more money. 

iii.       Other Creative skills:   

If you are not into creating adult content, then you can also show off other creative skills you are good at. You can sing or play instruments or create any other creative content based on your talent.

c.  Use a Good username and cover picture:    

People often tend to use names that don't make any sense in order to stay anonymous. It is okay if you don’t want to reveal your true self. But make sure to use a username that sounds good and is not weird in nature. Also, do not forget to add a cover picture of yours. People believe in paying for authentic materials. Thus, make sure about posting authentic pictures and videos. Hence, add an attractive and sexy cover picture to create a jaw-dropping impression.   

d.     Set up a Welcome message:   

People like to know about the page or the person they are subscribing to. Thus, using a welcome message is a very good way to establish trust in your audience. The welcome message doesn’t have to be very personal or very attractive. The simpler you keep it, the easier it will be for your audiences to trust you. It is better to talk about the page and the content types the audience can expect in future.

e.   Follow other content creators:   

Sometimes creators can attract audiences from their fellow content creators by following them and commenting on their posts for better reach. One can even promote themselves on other pages, with their permission, or suggest their colleagues promote them among their audience. Also, following another male content creator can help you to get more ideas about creating engaging content and how to attract more audiences. It can even motivate you to take your first step on this platform if you are completely new and have no idea how to start. 

Plan Your Content

Next comes planning your content, as your audiences are paying for watching entertaining and engaging content.

f. Create high-quality content and make longer videos: 

 People watch adult content mostly to amuse themselves. Hence, low-quality videos can actually destroy the mood of the audience. If you want people to enjoy your videos you need to make it available in high-quality, so that they can enjoy it to the fullest. Another thing that can make your content interesting is the time span of the video. Since these types of videos are seen by people when they are relaxing and they intend to have some fun, they expect it to be long enough. Create longer videos that help them to stay engaged.

g. Create exclusive and personalised content: 

Whenever creating a video always think about two factors. One is why people will specifically watch your videos and what makes you different from others. At a time when there are so many content creators all around, people often copy others' ideas and follow in their footsteps. But this doesn’t work in a long run. Try to create contents that are unique and exclusive and nobody has ever done anything like that before. The more exclusive and personalised your content will be, the more people will enjoy your content.  

h. Create content with other creators: 

Collaborations are another amazing thing that is going on in today’s time. Try to get top models to work with you so that you can get their audiences as well. There are various male models who belong to the gay category or are even straight. While it is easy to create gay content with your male counterpart, you can also create content for your straight audience. Beginning from photoshoots to videos, you can create collaborative content for any field. 

i.    Post Consistently:  

Consistency is the key to attracting more and more audiences your way. The reason why most male content creators fail to reach the apex advantages of this platform is that they fail to stay consistent. Even if someone fails to post regular videos, at least images could be posted to inform the audience about the upcoming major posts. People like to stay updated with the life of those they follow, mostly with their personal life. 

j.     Be Descriptive with your Captions: 

Although it is said that a picture speaks 1000 words, captions have their own magic as well. Putting a caption with all your posts can make the audience feel like having a direct conversation with their ‘hero’. However, there are certain rules about writing a good caption as well. A caption needs to be very descriptive in its nature. Your audience must get an idea of what is about to come up right after reading the caption. Also, a turning on caption with some hidden meanings can get your entire content a lot of scores.  

Focus on Promotion

Opening an account and creating good stuff is not enough if you don’t know how to promote yourself.

k.     Cross-Promote your Onlyfans account:  

Influencing or collaborating with brands is another way to increase your reach. Cross-promoting your Onlyfans account with renowned products or services can benefit both parties. However, make sure to choose objects that are relevant to your content or the theme of the content you post. You can use several sex toys or adultery objects to arouse the environment and give some tempted and engaging content to your audience. That way it could be a win-win situation for both of you.  

l.     Sell Merchandise: 

Selling merchandise is another great way to drive your fans crazy along with earning some extra cash. Fans usually love to invest on products that are anyway oriented to their favourite models. Even the attires worn by their favourite personality become a craze among the followers. While this idea might not be profitable for everyone, it could genuinely make you stand out from the line of your competitors. You can sell shirts, mugs, or other objects with your photo, signature, signature step or something. The payment gets directed to your bank account right after every sale.   

m.     Ask subscribers to share your profile and give feedback:   

One of the best ways to increase your reach is by asking your subscribers to recommend it to other people they know. You can even ask them to share your contents that they like among their friends and on different other social media platforms. Also, ask them to share feedback on your content and even rate them. They can even suggest the changes they would like to see next time. 

n.     Join the community of Onlyfans Content creator: 

Even if you would like to stay away from the line, you need to be a part of the Onlyfans content creator community. Being a part of these communities will not only help you to get the maximum number of audiences, but also motivate you at times when you are out of ideas. Also, you can do occasional collaborations with those male models who are doing very well and ask them to promote your page to their respective followers. 

o.     Use social media for promotion

i. use Instagram for promotion: Instagram is a great way to promote yourself. There are also lots of influencers and companies out there who can help you to get audiences by increasing your exposure. 

    ii. Use Reddit to share free photos: Reddit is another great platform to promote your page. This platform is mainly focused on attracting male audiences who find porn to be very amusing. You can share your page link under the photos you post on Reddit. 

     iii. Use Twitter and Facebook for promotion: Twitter and Facebook are other sources to get maximum traffic and huge exposure. There are lot of audience engagement there already. It is a very great way to tell your type of audience about your page on Onlyfans through these platforms.

       iv.    Use vlogging on YouTube for promotion: YouTube is another platform that people like to engage on while they are bored. Thus, launching videos on that platform can increase the number of followers. 

p.      Follow fans on Social media platforms: 

Following a fan back can be an amazing experience for your fans. While this may not be a great chance for you in the beginning, it can become the source of your loyal audiences later. People tend to gain more trust and likeability towards you. The more they like you and feel attached to you, the more they will be on you and your content. In fact, this act can often convince your fans to tell others about you and your page.    

q.     Reply to Direct messages:    

Direct messages are a great way to earn more with less effort. Many Onlyfans male content creators agree that they earn a portion of their revenue from direct messages. Also, never forget to reply back to those who praise your work. If any of your fans try to contact you through social media platforms by texting you directly, make sure to reply to them. This sort of warm gesture even helps your audience feel loyal to your presence and attracts some more potential audiences.  

r.     Reward the big tippers:

 People who are ready to purchase everything you share and like your every post are called to be the super tippers. They always deserve your special attention as it is they who actually help your page and content get recognition. You can always get the scope to reward them for their appreciation. You can reply to their direct messages, post pictures specially for them to make them feel special, or can even offer them some exciting prizes, gifts or services.

4. What are the content ideas which can help you to become a successful Onlyfan Guy?

The following are some of the content ideas that can make you a star guy on Onlyfan.

a.     Become an adult fitness trainer: 

Fitness has become a major concern for people these days and they are likely to spend a lot on that. Thus, becoming an adult fitness trainer and giving people advice on fitness can be a great source of income.

b.     Organise pool party: 

Adventures like pool parties are another way to get a crowd for yourself. You can organise pool parties with popular male models or porn stars and create seducing contents to attract a more eager audience. 

c.     Post BTS (behind the scene): 

People love to watch behind the scenes, even more than the real content. It makes them feel like they know you better and are relatable with you. Be it bloopers or how you struggle to take a perfect photo, everything can be a matter of interest for them and a source of income for you.  

d.     Review products from Amazon wishlist: 

 Reviewing products is another way to earn a lot more. You can use those products on Amazon that are on the top of the wishlist. While it can be difficult for many as there can be a demand for nude subjectivity, it can be a better source of income.

e.     Interview your friends from the same industry:  

Involving people from the same industry is another great content to entertain your audience with. Sharing their experiences and how they feel about the fan following culture could be a great thing to discuss. 

f.      Share your story as an adult creator: 

If you feel like you have gained a decent amount of audience and they are willing to know about you more, then sharing your story of coming into this profession can be a great topic.

5.     What are the other potential Onlyfans alternatives for male content creators?

Apart from Onlyfans, there are several other platforms that can be a great alternative for male content creators: 

a.     Justforfans:  

Justforfans is very similar to that of Onlyfans. It is also a website dedicated for sex workers and others to launch explicit content. Similar to Onlyfans, Justforfans also presents a platform for content creators to show their talent and post engaging content. They can post photos, short videos, and long videos and can earn money through it.  However, there is a lot of difference between both of them. The average earning percentage of Justforfans is a minimum of $50 per month. It can also induce traffic by rendering affiliate links.

b.     Fanvue: .     

Fanvue is a social and subscription platform that is used by content creators to post and earn money through it. It is more like Instagram, where you can share, earn, and connect with all your followers. Users are allowed to choose their own interest sector. It is not only oriented toward adult content. One can be an athlete, influencer, artist, adult content creator, and many more. People can try multiple things at the same time and earn with both hands. Users can actually earn double with Fanvue. Also, Fanvue has a better discovery algorithm and is a very thoughtful site that makes it user-friendly and easy to operate

c.     FriendsOnly: 

FriendsOnly is a platform for content creators where they can create short videos like Tik Tok and share them directly with their fans. Contents here can be shared freely or might require a purchase fee depending on the user's choice. You can also earn money here by selling your fan page subscription, getting tips from followers, selling PPVs, etc. It is a very reliable platform to earn money by uploading videos for their followers, in this case, “friends”.

6.     Do straight guys make money on Onlyfans? 

The only thing that matters on the Onlyfans platform is entertaining content. As long as you are investing your time in creating fruitful content, you can make a lot of money from it. Thus, yes straight guys can also earn on Onlyfans. All you need to do is stay consistent with your posts and stay in touch with your audience. The more you keep your audience updated, the more loyal they will remain to you. The key to making money on Onlyfans is overall to stay regular and create content that your audience expects from you. 

Apart from that, promoting your page on various social media platforms also gives you the opportunity to earn money. Along with that merchandising objects and establishing a better relationship with your fans works as a plus point. Also, doesn’t matter if you are straight, you can also collaborate with gay models or porn stars to attract the gay audience as well. Thus, you can attract both straight and gay audiences that gives you two opportunities to earn more money. There is also Hotwives, which is another opportunity exclusively for straight men. Thus, there are lots of scopes for straight guys to earn money on Onlyfans. 


The factors mentioned above are all the necessary information that can make you a prosperous person with minimal effort. Using your awestruck glamour and alluring sensation of your body you can earn more than you have ever imagined. All you need to do is follow the steps broached in the article.


●  Can guys be successful on Onlyfans?

Ans: Yes, guys can undoubtedly become successful on Onlyfans. Earlier it was thought that only females can use such a platform, later the game turned all around and it was observed that men can also make their mark here. 

●  How much does the average guy on Onlyfans make?

Ans: On average, a guy can make around $20-$80 per month, it can even reach $150.  

●   How much does the top guy on Onlyfans make?

Ans: The top male models happen to earn $100,000 per month.

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