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Best Male Strip Clubs in NYC

Looking for the best Male strip clubs in nyc?

You are at the right place.

Some people often confuse New York City with the state of New York. New York City (NYC) is one of the greatest cities in the world! It is the most populous city in the United States.

We have all seen New York city in movies and pictures. 

New York City is famous for various things. When we think of NYC, we imagine tall skyscrapers, fast-paced life, modern cars, crowded streets, the beautiful and famous Brooklyn Bridge, and last but not the least, Times Square.

Another famous attraction of New York that stands out from all others is the huge Statue of Liberty.

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Top 15 Best Male Strip Clubs in NYC (2022)

1. Hunk-o-mania-

One of the best and most popular strip clubs for the handsome hunks of New York City, Hunk-O-Mania is an all men’s strip club. They offer various services, some of which include male strippers, male strip shows, and male revue shows. 

The male strippers here are known to have amazing bodies and this place is easily the first choice for most bachelorette and birthday parties. Some women get to take pictures with the strippers as a souvenir on special occasions.

The strippers understand the occasion, for example, whether it is a birthday celebration or a birthday surprise, and participate accordingly. If desired, women can also get a lap dance from the male strippers here.

Phone number- contact the club on 212-299-5274

Location- the club is located at 621 W 46th St, New York, NY, 10036, United States. 

Modes of payments accepted- Hunk-o-Mania accepts credit cards apart from cash.

Google rating- 4.4

References: https://www.hunkomanianyc.com/

2. Muscle Men Male Revue- 

Muscle Men do not just provide strippers at their club but also provide the facility to hire strippers. You can head over to this place for bachelorette, and hen parties. They are also known for their male revue shows. 

The strippers at Muscle Men are at your service with coordinated dance routines and eye-appealing costumes that will keep you excited throughout the night.

Apart from bachelorette and hen parties, Muscle Men is a popular choice for birthday and divorce parties as well. So, the ladies who are finally free from the cage of an unhappy marriage can head over to this place for a night to remember.

Phone number- 212-380-3923

Location- 27, Madison St, New York, NY, 10038, United States.

Modes of payment- Muscle Men charges your credit card for the full amount immediately after booking.

Google rating- 5.0

References: https://musclemenmalerevue.com/manhattan-ny/

3. Exotique Men Male Strip Club-

Exotique Men throws male strip shows every Friday and Saturday night. So if you feel like spicing up your weekend plans, you can book your girl gang and yourself a show with them. For the shows, they have VIP tables, VIP admission, and General Admission. 

A VIP table gets you and your gang a personal party table as you sit close to the stage and receive an expedited entry. These are for bachelorettes, birthdays, and divorce parties. The VIP admission keeps you just behind the VIP tables. 

They get you expedited entry as well. This option is best suited for people looking forward to relaxing and nothing too crazy. The last in General Admission gets you only a standing space at the back of the room. If this is your first time exploring a strip club and you are not sure if you would like the experience, this is the right fit for you.

Phone number- 646-663-5130

Location- Times Square, New York, NY 10036, United States.

Google rating- 5.0

References: https://exotiquemen.com/services/

4. Avalon Male Strip Club- 

Head over to this place for men with a fine physique and charismatic aura of all ethnicities.

You can find male strippers of black origin, Latin, White, and Asian ethnicity as well. So if you or your girlfriends have a type or preference, this place should be on your list. 

This place also hosts birthday parties, bachelorettes, girls’ night out, and divorce parties. So no matter what the occasion is, pick out your favorite strippers and enjoy a good show all night long.

Phone number- 212-582-4100

Location- 589, 8th Avenue, New York, 10011, United States.

Google rating- 5.0

References: https://www.nycavalonnightclub.com/

5. Unleashed- 

Like its name, this male strip club is focused on unleashing its full potential when it comes to excellent customer service.

If you are planning on surprising your best friend with one-of-its-kind adult entertainment before she takes her wedding vows and settles down with a guy forever, this club is your best bet. 

Men at Unleashed provide an exotic stage time for the guest of honor, or the bride to be, as the case may be, and make her the center of attraction. If you want to enjoy or arrange a private show for yourself or a friend; Unleashed offers the option of hiring a personal stripper as well. 

Phone number- 800-260-3881

Location- Unleashed does not have just one location. It is available in several states and cities. To find whether they are available at your location, run a quick google search.

Google rating- 5.0

References: https://www.malestrippersunleashed.com/about

6. Dream Studs Male Strip Club- 

Like its name suggests, this place has the dreamiest-looking men for a memorable night for the ladies. With several packages for admission, this place guarantees a promising night.

They have three packages for their weekly show: VIP tables, VIP admission, and General Admission. They also arrange private strippers on request. They arrange for strippers to arrive at your desired destinations. These trained strippers perform a mind-pleasing striptease for your satisfaction. 

Phone number- 929-362-5941

Location- they serve the ladies in several states. Find out if they are available in your location, and arrange a show for your girl gang or yourself because you deserve to treat yourself as well. 

Google rating- 5.0

References: https://dreamstuds.com/contact/

7. Ebony Men- 

Ebony Men is the ultimate black male stripper hiring company in the States. Many women fancy a lap dance by black men and if you are one of them and want to hire a personal black stripper, you should contact Ebony Men. They specialize in parties of all kinds. Whether you are celebrating bachelorettes, birthdays, or graduation, they have someone for everyone.

Phone number- 866-229-0068. 

Location- since Ebony Men arranges private shows and sessions, they do not operate from a single physical location. They are based in various places throughout the country. New York City, Ohio, and Michigan are some of the few examples.

Google rating: 5.0

References: https://ebonymenblackmalestrippers.com/black-male-strippers-for-bachelorette-parties/black-male-strippers-for-all-cities/

8. Jade Vine- 

Jade Vine hosts some of the most good-looking men at their weekly shows. While in New York City, you can make the best of their shows through various facilities or admissions. They provide Hot-Seat where you and your friends can join the stage and enjoy being a part of the show. 

Apart from Hot-Stage, Jade Vine also allows VIP tables, VIP seating, and General Admissions.

Hot-Stage is the most popular service provided by Jade Vine because women love to be a part of the process and what could be better than being the stripper’s center of attraction in a male strip club? Apart from these, Jade Vine also hosts bachelorettes, birthdays, etc.

Phone number- 929-357-2102

Location- 1260 6th Ave, New York, NY 10020, United States

Google rating- 5.0

References: https://jadevinecompany.com/

9. Times Square Hunks- 

They are a team of handsome hunks and are committed to providing a memorable, one-of-its kind experience to the ladies.

They offer their services through various packages such as Birthday packages, bachelorette packages, divorce packages, etc. Each of their packages is specially curated, keeping the occasion in mind.

While entertaining the women they are hired to please, the male strippers, or hunks, as they prefer to call them also use various costumes to ensure the fulfillment of all the fantasies of their ladies.

Phone number- 212-242-9999

Location- they are based in both New York and Atlanta. You can choose your preferred location as per your need.

Google rating- 5.0

References: https://www.timessquarehunks.com/index.html

10. Adonis Unleashed- 

Are you fond of strippers dressing up for you, playing an act, and keeping it cool? If yes, Adonis Unleashed is the right place to be. Here, you can book the male strippers for weekly shows, private events, and parties as per your need.

The men are really interactive with those wanting to engage with the strippers. Here, the men will rip their clothes on stage for you and will give you a lap dance you will never forget. So don’t forget to bring in your dollar bills for tipping them. 

Phone number- 929-205-5400

Location- they perform shows at various places throughout NYC and the US. If you are looking for a private show, contact them, hire them, and they will show up at your desired location.

Google rating- 5.0

References: https://adonisunleashed.com/

11. Black Velvet Male Strip Club-

They are experts when it comes to private parties. Most women who hire strippers from Black Velvet are overtly satisfied with the overall experience.

The strippers at Black Velvet go out of their way to customize your private parties and make them memorable. Apart from these services, Black Velvet offers admission in three ways. 

You can choose either of the three- VIP tables, VIP seating, and General Admission. If you feel like enjoying a good show by strippers while you sit in the crowd and gulp alcohol, trying to drink away the problems and worries of your week, you should head over to the club where they arrange a weekly show. 

Phone number- 646-768-9439

Location- Times Square, New York, NY 10036, United States.

Google rating- 4.9

References: https://nycburlesqueshow.com/services/

12. Avalon NightClub-

Their shows open sharp at 9 PM and end at 11 Pm. While you may think that two hours of fun will not be enough, most women who come to this place agree that these two hours are the best hours they have spent. If you love to interact with your strippers and add more fun to your strip club experience, you are bound to love their Hot-Seat. 

Due to their popularity and limited seating, the tickets have to be purchased in advance to ensure availability.

 Avalon is a 100 percent choreographed, high-energy, club driven by audience participation. So if you love dancing or connecting with your male stripper, we can bet that you won’t regret going to this place.

Phone number- their live operator’s phone number is 212-582-4100

Location- 589 8th Avenue- New York, NY, 10011

Google rating-5.0

References: https://nycavalonnightclub.com/index.html

13. Top-Notch Male Strippers and Revue-

Top Notch is a high-end, exclusive male-stripper club. It is one of the most popular strip clubs in New York City and is one of the favorite clubs of the women of New York. They offer Vegas Style audience participation revue shows for women who want to experience the strip clubs in Vegas but cannot be in Nevada for some reason. 

Their intimate personal setting is designed keeping in mind the needs of the ladies and they are very conscious about providing their customers a memorable night.

 In case you are unable to attend the show due to some reason but still don’t want to miss out on receiving a striptease performance from an exotic-looking stripper, you can also hire a male stripper for a personal performance just for you, customized just the way you like it.

Phone number- 347-293-0698

Location- they perform shows in New York as well as Atlanta. Choose your preferred location and enjoy a night-to-remember 

Google rating- 5.0

References: https://topnotchmalestrippers.com/aboutus.html

If you are fond of Magic Mike then this place is recommended to you. Savage Men performs Magic Mike-themed shows, featuring the hottest men of the city. The strippers here have also been featured on several shows and are fond of interacting with their lady customers. 

They offer VIP and group packages that include seating and drinks. Your ticket might also get you into the after-party which is another fun, exciting, and memorable way to spend your time. Here, you also get one free lap dance with one of the featured dancers.

Phone number- 646-417-8155

Location- 22 W 39th St New York, NY 10018

Google rating- 4.1

References: https://www.yelp.com/biz/savage-men-new-york-6

Your punishment for an agonizing week is ironically a memorable, fun-filled evening. At Get Punished, the male strippers ensure you let go of the worries of your week and immerse yourself in the extraordinary experience offered by the club.

Get Punished is an all-black upscale male strip club where every first Saturday of the month, the male strippers are ready to serve the ladies. The best part about this club is that here, all bachelorettes, and birthdays are always free.

So if you are looking forward to celebrating an important occasion, head over to this place to have the best time you can have.

Phone number- 917-513-2484

Location- 229 W 28th St, New York, NY 10001, United States. 

Google rating- 3.9

References: https://www.getpunished.com/aboutus.html

Final Words

New York City has an abundance of things to offer to both its locals as well as tourists. 

Right from sightseeing to clubs and casinos, you have a million options to choose from when it comes to choosing your pastime.

If you want to explore male strip clubs, we are sure that this list will be extremely helpful to you.

NYC is a crowded city as we all know. Celebrity spotting, shopping at famous retail shops, and clubs, and strolling around Times Square are the most famous ways of spending time there. 

While the USA has a lot to offer as a country, it has some famous indulgences too. One of these is clubs and casinos.

On the one hand where you can find people engaging in various entertaining stunts in Times Square, trying to woo the passengers through varied skills, ranging from acrobatics to magic; on the other hand, a great number of people like to explore the clubs.

Tourists in NYC find themselves fascinated by several things. Some people might be interested in exploring the restaurants at Times Square, the others might be willing to enjoy adult entertainment.

NYC, like many other cities and states in the United States, is home to numerous nightclubs and strip clubs.

A normal nightclub is different from a strip club. While nightclubs are generally known for their music, bar, DJ, and dance, a strip club offers all of these along with entertainers who strip.

There are several types of strip clubs and New York City is home to many of them as well. It does not matter if you are a local deciding on exploring NYC for the first time or traveling to New York City temporarily. If you want to indulge in adult entertainment, explore strip clubs, spend money and gulp alcohol while receiving a lap dance, this article is intended to help you.

Strip clubs are of various types and they are all different from each other on one or more accounts. Strip clubs can mainly be distinguished based on two things: the type of performers and display and promotion of nudity.

We will tell you what these terms mean and how are they different from one another. Let us first discuss the types of strip clubs based on the type of performers they employ.

  1. Female entertainers or strippers- 

Some clubs have female strippers only. This means that if you enter such a strip club, you will only find female strippers or performers performing stripteases or dancing for the crowd. This is the most common type of strip club to exist.

Who is the ideal audience for such a club?

The ideal audience for such a club is males who want to meet female strippers. Women who want to explore strip clubs but feel uncomfortable around male strippers, and people of all sexes who are willing to see female strippers.


  1. Male entertainers or strippers- 

Strip clubs housing all-men strippers are different from the first type of clubs. In this type of club, female strippers are not employed. All the strippers available are men exclusively. Most of the staff, including waiters and bartenders, are usually men as well.

Who is the ideal audience for this type of club?

The ideal audience for such a club is women hosting kitty parties, bachelorette parties, girls’ night outs, and women who do not feel comfortable seeing other women stripping for them. Apart from these, gay men who want to enjoy performances by male entertainers are the best-suited customers for these types of clubs.

The other common factor on which strip clubs can usually be distinguished is, the display of nudity, as mentioned previously. Since strip clubs involve lap dances and striptease performances, nudity automatically becomes a significant part of the experience but the common difference between promotion and display of nudity can be classified as under:

  1. Semi-nude performances- 

Even though most strip clubs offer striptease performances they may still only remain semi-nude in the sense that at no point do the performers get completely naked.

Who is the ideal audience for such clubs?

The answer is simple, anyone who cannot or does not want to experience explicit nudity, does not feel comfortable around naked strippers can enjoy their experience at such clubs.

  1. Complete nudity- these clubs, as the name suggests, employ strippers who are mostly completely naked. 

Who is the ideal audience for such clubs?

Anyone who would like to enjoy the performances of similar entertainers can visit such clubs.

Apart from these, several clubs also employ mixed performers. This means that they have male as well as female strippers as employees. Such clubs can be easily found in New York City and are ideal for people in groups where different people have different tastes. The presence of strippers of both genders makes them comfortable for both men and women of a group. It also makes it easier for people of both genders to explore and enjoy their preferences while staying together as a group at the same place.

Current times are seeing the growing popularity of male strip clubs. So if you are a group of women or a single woman looking forward to indulgence in some adult entertainment and making memories or if you are a group of men who want to enjoy performances by male strippers, it would be best to head to some of the greatest male strip clubs that the New York City has to offer. 

Here is a list of some of the unmissable male strip clubs in New York City along with information about the services they offer, and why you should not miss them at any cost.

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