Best Strip Clubs in Orlando

 Le Palace Gentlemen’s Club

Looking for the Best Strip Clubs in Orlando

Orlando, Florida is best known for Disney World and Universal Studios. It's also known for a lot more than that!

This central Florida region attracts around 60 million visitors every year who come to enjoy the warm climate, world-famous theme parks, shopping malls with high-end brands like Tiffany & Co., and golf courses from famous names in the business such as Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf 18 and nightlife at its finest.

This central Florida region attracts around 60 million visitors every year, who come for the warm climate and world-famous theme parks.

The shopper's paradise of Orlando is also a great place to visit! There are plenty of golf courses and nightlife options as well.

And while you're here, don't forget to check out the beaches - some of America's finest can be found just a few miles away!

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Top 15 Best Orlando Strip Clubs FL: Gentlemen Clubs in Orlando

1. Rachel’s Orlando

Rachel’s Orlando

Rachel’s Orlando World Class Men's Club & Steakhouse is located in Orlando, Florida and is minutes away from the airport and International Drive. Only at Rachel's will you find beautiful women as well as 5-star gourmet dining. They are happy to accept dinner reservations for couples or larger parties in our luxurious Dining Room off of the Main Floor.

Join us today for some delicious lobster or steaks with one of our fine wines or champagne served by a very pretty Rachel staff member!

Rachel’s Orlando, also known as Rachel’s Steakhouse tops the list for several reasons, with the most important one being its legitimacy and experience in the strip club business.

 As the name suggests, it is a steakhouse also, so you expect some great food, especially steaks that are made by world-class chefs.


  • Address: 8701 S Orange Ave Orlando, FL 32824
  • Phone number: (407) 858-9800

2. Dancer’s Royale

Dancer’s Royale

Established in 1991, Dancer’s Royale has more than 30 years of experience in this business and that shows in their service. They have been voted #1 Adult Entertainment, Strip Club, 10 years (and counting) by the readers of Orlando Weekly. With their friendly atmosphere and reasonable prices, Dancers Royale has been tagged as the Cheers of adult clubs by many of their regular customers.

Stop in and find out why they are the trendsetters in Orlando adult entertainment. Don't forget to "Check-In" for specials and deals, and keep in mind that no other strip club offers what they do in terms of excellent service. 

They don’t only have ‘strippers’ but real dancers. They are known for business meetings, as companies like to throw corporate parties at a business expense. It is minutes away from downtown, valet parking, taxi or cab/car service is also available. They have food nearby and no need to stop on the way. This is not your average titty bar, as it has held and maintained its standards very well. This establishment offers the best lap dances with the best strippers in town!

    • 5221 E Colonial Dr Orlando, FL 32807

    • Phone number: (407) 281-0120

3. Le Palace Gentlemen’s Club

 Le Palace Gentlemen’s Club

The dancers and performers here are treated very nicely. Miah, a former employee of Le Palace says, “I've worked in numerous clubs all over Florida. LE PALACE is hands down the best club I've worked for. The strongest team I've had!” A good business is known for how they treat its employees and Le Palace has been ranked number three for being a good business.

Apart from the best party lighting and ambience in Orlando, Le Palace is best known for its events. Its best weekly events include Ros Thursdays, Saturday Night LIT and Supa Sundays, spelt as $UPA $UNSAY$; where the dollar sign isn’t only for making the word look stylish but also because that is a VIP Boyz night and is more expensive than other nights.

Some of its upcoming events are Bad Bunnies with a cover charge of only $5, We So Fancy with $150 bottles and $5 shots available and Why Not Wednesdays which is mostly meant to drive more traffic on Wednesdays as that is the day any club gets the least amount of crowd.

    • 5526 S Orange Blossom Trl Orlando, FL 32839

    • Phone number: (407) 820-1577

4. Thee Original Dollhouse

Thee Original Dollhouse

Yes, the name of this club is very unique and very enticing. Thee Dollhouse, although, has more to offer than just a creative name. Thee Original Dollhouse is an Orlando Gentlemen's Club. Not just another Orlando Stripclub, they call themselves a legend and for good reason. Thee Original Dollhouse is the first true Gentlemen’s Club in and around the town, and it lives up to its famous reputation with consistent service, beautiful female entertainers, a very classy setting and most importantly; attentive hospitality.

Thee Original Dollhouse doesn’t provide a mid-day service or even a lunch or a brunch service. The hours are pretty straightforward and very stereotypical for a strip club; starting from 7 PM and closing at 2 AM. This could be a downside, but that may be the only downside to this beautiful place. Due to its timings, there are no happy hours or any other events to make it stand out. The only thing that makes it special is that this is the ‘original’ strip club in Orlando which has its own uniqueness.

Thee Original Dollhouse has the tagline ‘The Legend Lives On’ and that is very apt for the standard that they have held and maintained. They are ‘legendary’ in a sense, as they are the original strip club in Orlando.

5. Cleo’s Gentlemen’s Club

Cleo’s Gentlemen’s Club

This club hosts some of the most beautiful ladies thatOrlando has to offer. Established in 1997, Cleo’s has hosted some of Orlando’s most epic parties and events of the last two decades.

 You can visit and celebrate with your friends for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Cleo’s is the most convenient and popular club in downtown Orlando as it is located in a prime region.

Cleo’s is really big inside and has a very good ambience and a spacious dance floor. They have three special seating arrangements for bachelor parties, bachelorette parties and birthdays.

They have always shown their guests a good time. Cleo’s is famous for African-American strippers. If your taste is black women with bodacious bodies, then Cleo’s is the place to go!

6.Diamond Club

Diamond Club

The Diamond Club is one of the most popular clubs in the Orlando region and is only 15 minutes away from the International airport. 

The club is known for providing the best drinks and employees some of the finest dancers. Many strip clubs don’t provide hard liquor or liquor at all, but the thing that makes Diamond Club good is that they have the licence to provide hard liquor to customers.

7. Crazy Horse Gentlemen’s Club

Crazy Horse Gentlemen’s Club

Imagine being in a new, modern, and luxurious gentlemen’s club in Orlando. If you're imagining that right now then you are picturing Crazy Horse. From their state-of-the-art sound system to the contemporary décor, you can go and explore why they have become the most luxurious gentlemen's club in Orlando. With an open floor plan spanning over 4 thousand square feet with two stages full of nonstop entertainment awaiting you at all times - prime viewing from nearly every spot - there is something for everyone inside this fantastic venue.

Crazy Horse Orlando is conveniently located 15 minutes from downtown, enabling you to experience various moods and environments that will tempt and tease you any time of the day. Bringing together Central Florida’s hottest female performers in a sophisticated and high-energy atmosphere, Crazy Horse provides an escape from the mundane and a place where you can indulge in a world of fantasy.

From the moment you arrive, we have all sorts of entertainment and quality service for you. Whether your favourite pastime is to watch sports at the bar or sip on one of our signature cocktails while lounging in our exclusive Paradise Room, Crazy Horse will do their best to accommodate any taste or preference!

8. The Red Leopard

The Red Leopard

The Red Leopard gained much fame after the pornstar Stormy Daniels was to show up for a show at an event happening here. Stormy Daniels has gained fame after publicly speaking about her past with former US President Donald Trump, and due to the controversy, her show had to be cancelled.

However, Stormy isn’t the only reason for The Red Leopard’s success. The name of the club itself attracts a cream crowd. The girls at The Red Leopard are very professional and have won several awards as well. Their main star, Katie Sutra, who is also an Instagram Influencer, has won several deemed awards in this sector including; the 2019 Miss Nude Entertainer of the Year and she is also a four-time National Pole Champion.

Apart from some of the best performers, The Red Leopard also served alcohol which is an added bonus.

9. Lido Cabaret

Lido Cabaret

Cocoa Beach is home to a gentlemen's club with beautiful girls, live dancing and a full bar. Lido Cabaret offers all of these services as well as an upbeat atmosphere sure to be the backdrop for your unforgettable night! You can visit their private dances and enjoy drinks from our vast selection of beer, wine and liquor or champagne. Lido Cabaret has beautiful girls who will dance the night away while you watch them on stage or even get up close in person!

Lido Cabaret has been Brevard County's number one adult club for over 20 years. Lido is known for its beautiful ladies and upscale ambience, combining first-class service with the trappings of a true gentlemen's club. Thanks to its loyal local customer base and close proximity to many beach hotels, Lido has always prospered even in economic downtimes.

Lido Gentleman's Club is a topless club serving alcohol. Our hours of operation are 12 pm - 2:00 am 7 Days a week. All-day Happy Hour till 7:00 pm.

  • 104 Cleveland Ave Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

  • Phone number: (321) 784-1022

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10. Club 27 Cabaret

Club 27 Cabaret

The only Orlando Gentlemen's Club is available in the vacation area of Orlando, Florida. Their beautiful girls and a full liquor bar paired with electrifying music are what you are looking for.

They also have VIP areas to accommodate their patrons who want bottle service or special time with their fabulous ladies here at Club 27 Cabaret. They have recently finished up some major renovations- they are providing an expensive and luxurious establishment! You can find them upstairs in the Blue Room if you need someone to entertain your bachelor party, bachelorette party, birthday party or corporate events- or just enjoy yourself at one of our golf groups.

  • 215 US-27 Clermont, FL 34714

  • Phone number: (352) 242-2772

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11. The Woodshed Orlando

The Woodshed Orlando

The thing that makes The Woodshed Orlando stand out from other strip clubs is its events. They have a multitude of events that can be accessed online on their website here: 

Mondays are ‘Recovery in the Lifestyle’ and Tuesdays are regular days.

The rest of the days don’t have a pre-selected event, but most of the events happen on the weekends

  • 6431 Milner Blvd Orlando, FL 32809

  • Phone number: (407) 293-7474

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12. Rachel’s North

Rachel’s North

Rachel's World Class Gentlemen's Club and Steakhouse is a place where you can find the most beautiful women in Florida, as well as an award-winning 5 Star restaurant.

Our team of adult entertainers, servers and bar staff are all trained professionals dedicated to providing you with a quality product and memorable experience. Many men know that when they're looking for some of the best clubs in Florida, Rachel's always comes to mind first!

Their speciality is their utterly delicious food, which is something to die for!

Their steaks are a delicacy to be indulged in with some red wine to wash it down.

  • 401 Semoran Blvd Casselberry, FL 32707

  • Phone number: (407) 767-2977

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13. Bottom’s Up Club

Bottom’s Up Club

Bottom’s Up Club is an ordinary-looking club from the outside, but a casual, yet professional set-up inside.

 The girls are very nice to talk to and are great performers. You will find good service and good dancers on the weekends. 

The cover charge is a standard of $5, and you will have a good experience here. This is more of a local strip club

14. Flash Dancers Orlando

Flash Dancers Orlando

Flash Dancers has received some of the best reviews from its loyal customers.

One of them says this on Yelp about the club, “The women were pretty and the acrobatic dances of four women will have you speechless if you've never been or seen pole dancing…”, so we can expect some great looking girls and some great dancers on the pole!

Final Words

A night out in a strip club is more fun than a regular night out in a bar. Every single aspect of a strip club and a bar is the same except one; nude girls dancing. Bars and strip clubs both have good music, delicious food, a soothing ambience and a party crowd. However, strip clubs have an added bonus of sexual enticement, which is why many people may choose a strip bar over a regular bar.

There are several things to keep in mind before you enter a strip club, but the most important thing is that the girls are on the job. It may look differently when she is moving her naked body to the music while looking you in the eyes, but she is not trying to seduce you; she is trying to get paid. 

Even though the cover charges may be present and bouncers may take care of the rabid crowd, there are people who may misbehave with the strippers or even molest them. Every strip club has its own rules and such an action may result in a heavy penalty and the person being kicked out of the club.

So, be safe tread responsibly and you are bound to have a great time!

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