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Paleolithic caves offer insight into stripping and exotic dancing in forms of paintings that can be carbon-dated to be 20,000 years old.

One can confidently say erotic dancing was around during the stone Age also.

Early sculptures show these dances as rituals or practices performed to impress fertility goddesses and gain their blessings. for reproduction or good crop produce.

The United States has always been a place to take traditions one step ahead. The early 1970s and 1980s saw a rise in strip clubs all across the United state.

This was probably during the hippie era when nudity and sexuality started being accepted more firmly. As of current the United states boast traditions such as bachelor’s parties and such in these strip clubs.

The network has a long-standing history of strip clubs be it  Minsky's at the Winter Palace which was established during 1910 and is known for their musical “The night they raided mickeys” or scores with their celebrity clientele, new york has always been home to plenty of strip clubs and striptease performances.

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Strip Clubs NYC: Top 10 Best New York Gentlemen's Club

 The city which never sleeps

Although Newyork is known by many names such as “Big Apple” or Gotham or the city, the most popular one would be the city which never sleeps.

Not only this, New York is popular all across the world for its resident tycoons, broadway performances, and beautiful shops. 

There is much to explore and achieve in terms of shopping, business, or performances in New york. So naturally, this makes New York a place with a lot of busybodies who need to relax after a long day. Strip clubs with their popular clientele offer such entertainment for every new yorker and a place to relax and just simply chill with the delightful company of exotic women

We have made a list of a few popular strip clubs around New york. If you are in New York and planning a visit to a strip club, take a look at these marvelous clubs and what all these clubs can offer.

Sapphire has branches in Los vegas and provides services similar to a Los vegas club. They have 10,000 square feet of space, which helps them in giving every person in the club fantasy of their own. They provide everything from multiple themes to private butlers. You name it, they probably have service for you. With a wide range of 8000 cheerful ladies, this club is all set to take you on a trip you will never forget.

They provide appetizing steakhouse foods, as well as some quality cigars in case you want to enjoy a smoke. Sapphire offers bottle service with different options for an individual to choose from and enjoy the night. Sapphire is operational from Monday to Saturday and is operational till 4 am. Although they have attire rules such as wife beaters are not allowed inside the club or baggy sweatpants. The age to enter this club is 21 +, sapphire has a strict entree policy so if you are 21 and have an id saying the same then only you can gain passage to this seductive heaven.

The club has four levels, each level with its exquisite beauty. As you enter the premises, the main floor has almost 60 of these exotic dancers to blow your mind away, as you progress to the second floor, they have their crystal rooms with tv and plush setting, the third floor gives more privacy to the guest and a skybox from where one can always watch performances, then they have smoking zone at the roof overlooking Empire building.

With three floors, four stages, and a full bar this club is made to enjoy and relax in a very intimate setting. Rick’s also offers tableside bottle service for their patrons. Their best nights are considered to be Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays although they are open every day of the week and are operational till 4 AM. This club is not entirely attire conscious and one can choose casual attire when planning a visit to this club. Rick’s provides bike parking services for everyone who enters their establishment.

  • Address: 50 W 33rd St New York, NY 10001

  • Contact Number: (212) 372-0850

  • Mode of payment accepted: Cash and Credit card

  •  Rating: 4


FlashDancers were the ones who first introduced lap dances to the citizens of New york. With their multiple stages and exotic dancers, they are still keeping the tradition of providing quality services to the club’s patrons. Moreover, these dancers not only will dance the night away but can compliment you by giving you a private lap dance which is a bonus.

FlashDancers provide bottle service as well as VIP services to their patrons. They have garage parking as well as validated parking. Be it your work colleague or your partner one can always enjoy this place with its variety of offers. They have a full bar and offer a happy hour special for every guest. Flashdance is operational every week and opens around noon. You can always count on the comfortable and helping staff to make your visit memorable.

  • Address: 320 W 45th St New York, NY 10036

  • Contact Number: (212) 315-5107

  • Mode of payment accepted: Cash,Credit card, Apple pay and cryptocurrency

  •  Rating: 2.5


Vivid Cabaret offers four stages for their performers with close seating arrangements. They are in operation from Monday to Sunday. You can drop in on any day of the week to enjoy dance from these beautiful performers and enjoy a bottler service.

Not only this they provide a private room as well as a terrace, just in case a patron wants to enjoy watching stars with a beautiful company. They have three floors with each floor being equipped with TVs where one can enjoy sports or anything of their choice.

  •  Address: 61 W 37th St New York, NY 10018

  • Contact Number: (646) 669-9678

  • Mode of payment accepted: Cash and Credit card

  •  Rating: 3.5


Hunk-o-mania is a well-recognized name among ladies. They provide premium services specially made to cater to the needs of women and provide them with an experience they can remember. Introduced to the world in 1998, Hunk-o-mania has evolved a lot and branches out to different parts of the United States. Their main headquarters remain in New York.

Hunk-o-mania currently has a lot of men from different ethnicities working for them and can also provide a rental service in case you are unable to visit hunk-o-mania strip clubs. They fully feature a sexy abs butler feature for fulfilling the fantasies of ladies.

  • Address: 621 W 46th St New York, NY 10036

  • Contact Number: (866) 872-4865

  • Mode of payment accepted: Cash and Credit card

  •  Rating: 4


Sugardaddy’s offers a friendly place with gorgeous ladies to unwind and release all the stress that has accumulated in your body. With fairly budget-friendly prices, this place offers something for everyone, they have few budget-friendly choices for everyone.

They offer different events on different days like tipsy Tuesday and money machine on Wednesday for patrons to enjoy. If you are planning a visit to this mesmerizing club, make sure to check out their special offers for the day.

  • Address: 51-07 27th St Long Island City, NY 11101

  • Contact Number: (718) 706-9600

  • Mode of payment accepted: Cash and Credit card

  •  Rating: 3.5


With being one of its kind 18+ all-nude clubs, this club offers you and makes fantasies that you see on the internet or in movies a reality. Their exotic performers sometimes include XXX porn stars like BREE OLSON, ALEXIS AMORE, LEXI BELLE. They provide 18+ free admission to all.

This club was first introduced in 2012 to new yorkers and has been operational ever since.

  • Address: 42-50 21st St Long Island City, NY 11101

  • Contact Number: (718) 937-6969

  • Mode of payment accepted: Cash and Credit card

  •  Rating: 2.5


This beautiful lounge is on the higher end and has performers from all walks of life such as models, models, actors, artists, graduate students, and young professionals. Having this diversified collection of performers they provide private VIP services to their guests. Another important point would be, that here these performers do not necessarily have a stage to perform on or a strict schedule.

They provide free membership and are operational on Wednesday, Thursday, and provide. Admission into the premises is for 21+ members, you must have your VIP membership with you to enter this club

  • Address:600 West 51st St New York, NY 10018

  • Contact Number: (212) 203-5459

  • Mode of payment accepted: Cash and Credit card

  •  Rating: 4.5


The best budget-friendly place to unwind and have an alcoholic beverage of choice with a beautiful companion who compliments you every now and often. They are also wheelchair friendly, just in case you want to know. Although they are fairly new in-network with being started the operation of Club W in 2017 only. 

Club W is committed to providing quality services to every patron and guest who decides to join them for the night. Apart from having a full bar, club W allows smoking outside only There is also free bike parking and a private parking lot available for their guests. Club W offers constant discounts to Military Officials.

  • Address: 673 Hunts Point Ave Bronx, NY 10474

  • Contact Number: (718) 893-4466

  • Mode of payment accepted: Cash and Credit card

  •  Rating: 4


Satin Doll is one of New York's popular topless bars and clubs with their collection of in-house drinks and imported bottles, they can easily provide a homely, easy-going environment for you to enjoy the evening. Satin dolls also regularly have happy hours for their guests. They showcase every local and other game on their huge tv screen for the guests to enjoy. Satin Doll is open from Monday to Saturday.

  • Address: 689 8th Ave New York, NY 10019

  • Contact Number: (212) 765-5047

  • Mode of payment accepted: Cash and Credit card

  •  Rating: 2.5


Vanity started operations in 2016 and has been servicing since then every day of the week. Vanity claims to have the most elegant and talkative exotic dancers in New york. Apart from offering a full bar, vanity also offers hookah and a delicious food menu, just in case you are hungry and want to grab a bite with a charming companion.

The vanity offers three premium VIP services bronze, gold, and silver. One can choose any of these options depending on the number of guests. There are also special events every day in Vanity, make sure to check on that before heading to Vanity’s club.

  • Address: 7714 Queens Blvd Elmhurst, NY 11373

  • Contact Number: (646) 209-8664

  • Mode of payment accepted: Cash and Credit card

  •  Rating: 1.5


Spearmint not only provides the most seductive dancers but also a good bottle service. With their four stages and 14 VIP suites, one can always count on having a most erotic and seductive night in spearmint. They have five different floors with an outdoor patio for smoking. One can always count on beautiful ladies of spearmint to provide the best-choreographed dance routines that will leave you wanting more.

Spearmint has various VIP options like Couple package, separation agreement prince of new york, and many others, they also provide personalized offers just in case you have specific needs.

  • Address: 622 W 47th St New York, NY 10036

  • Contact Number: (212) 922-0995 

  • Mode of payment accepted: Cash

  •  Rating: 3


Spread over 10.000 square feet, this place screams excellent and opulence at you with its delicious food from Robert steakhouse. This place can easily be one of the finest establishments of strip clubs in New york. Their entertainment complex can accommodate 400 patrons at one time while their VIPs rooms have an accommodation of anywhere between 4 to 40. For those who seek privacy and discretion, there is always the option of choosing elevators.

With their Harem room, silver rooms, and of course the club's private red room, the Executive club offers a lot in terms of privacy and discretion all the while maintaining the quality of performance and exotic dancers. In case you are a person who likes discretion, one can always talk ahead of the visit and ask for back entrance into the club.

  • Address: 603 W 45th St New York, NY 10036

  • Contact Number: (212) 245-0002 

  • Mode of payment accepted: Cash and Credit cards

  •  Rating: 3


Probably the most unique feature of cheetahs would be nyotaimori which is an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet spread on bare women in the club's private rooms. One can always see eating in a very new adventurous way. Sushi is Japanese food, made with molded rice and other ingredients such as vegetables and meat. One can always enjoy a good platter spread on women like a buffet and have quite an adventurous time, before getting into lap dances or any other performances.

The staff here is very friendly and loving, performers love to entertain the guest, be it by talking or providing extra during lap dances, you can always count on having the most erotic dance performances with a cheerful dancer.

  • Address: 252 W 43rd St New York, NY 10036

  • Contact Number: (212) 819-9300

  • Mode of payment accepted: Cash and Credit cards

  • Rating: 2


15. Reign

With the best tunes in town, this place can be an amazing dancing spot for all those who love dancing and would like to end the day with a little mischief, fun, and a lot of dancing. Their beautiful exotic dancers are more than welcoming and always offer compliments. Reign is open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

  • Address: 138 Belmont Ave Paterson, NJ 07522

  • Contact Number: (551) 697-3441

  • Mode of payment accepted: Cash and Credit cards

  • Rating: 3.5


Final Words

Knowing every business industry deserves respect and is a mode of earning and putting bread and butter on the table. The Adult Entertainment Industry has been frowned upon from time to time. Although the people visiting these places are less prejudiced and more open to any and every idea regarding sexualities, eroticism, and seductive dances. One should always plan of visiting and avail yourself of the best offers the club has to offer. Another point to remember would be to keep the security in mind, it is very easy sometimes to lose all of your stuff so keep that in mind when planning a visit.

Every club has certain rules regarding the clothes or attires of their guest, it is important to adhere to these points for smooth entry into the clubs. There are some clubs with no rules for attire or have no cover charge, please be sure of your requirements before making necessary reservations.

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