Top 18 Best Las Vegas Strip Clubs (with Photos & Prices) – 2020

We all are aware of Strip Clubs and the pleasures of visiting such places. This is a place where you can find hot women stripping partially or full naked in front of you.

Stripping is an art in these clubs and the strippers are the ‘Picasso’ and ‘Leonardo Da Vinci.’ The seductive dance moves, lustrous movements would surely arouse your sexual senses.

They know how to set up the mood for you and the strippers play to the mood to give you the ultimate pleasure.

The ambience and the facilities in the clubs are set in such a manner that it acts as a cherry on the cake for the strippers.

Many strip clubs all over the world are known for their wide range of services and sensuous interiors. Some of the best strip clubs can be found in London, New York, Paris, etc. 

Best Las Vegas Strip Clubs

Las Vegas is a city built amid Nevada desert is known for its out of the world nightlife, casinos, discos and much more stuff. It is famous for its adult entertainment services which include some of the best strip clubs in the world. They have numerous strip clubs with some of them coming under the elite category where only the selected persons get access.

Today we are discussing the best strip clubs in Las Vegas that top the chart not only in Las Vegas but can also be included in the "best list" of the world.

Here are those savage strip clubs of Las Vegas:

#1. Palomino Strip Club

Palomino is a world-class strip club which houses some of the most exotic dancers and strippers carefully handpicked from around the world.

It is the only strip club of Las Vegas and probably even in the U.S which permits alcoholic drinks to the visitors. Moreover, it is an all-strip club which means you will get to see women get fully nude here.

Therefore if you like the combination of spirits and beauty, then you must visit it once.

Las Vegas is not just bars and casinos, but it is also a perfect place to find your sexual escape and Palomino Strip Club is well-equipped to provide you with all the luxuries of life at once place.

palomino strip club

They offer you a whopping ten per cent discount if you book your seats in advance. You can also get passes for VIP services and private parties here. All these features make it one of the most alluring places in the world where you would not mind to spend some cash.

#2. Deja Vu Showgirls

Deja Vu Showgirls is a stunning strip club which provides special facilities to their clients. They have limos arrange for you to bring you from your hotel to the strip club.

Here the girls can go topless and if you want them to dance in private, they provide that as well.

Deja Vu is a happening place for couples as they can enjoy private stripping with champagne in a special room meant only for couples.

This strip clubs runs from 6 in the evening until 6 in the morning so most people would love it to start their mornings here.

Also, you can booze as much as you like in the open bars and you also can enjoy lap dances in this strip club.

Deja Vu Showgirls

#3. Cheetahs

Cheetahs are one of the most famous strip clubs in Las Vegas more so because it is the place where they filmed the erotic film Showgirls way back in 1995.

You will still find one celebrity or the other partying here which is a great thing for the all the celebrity lovers out there.

There are hot girls all dressed in similar skimpy dresses and perform exotic strip dances for the audiences.

Cheetahs also offer pizza and chicken wings for free during the happy hours which is a great thing for the hungry bachelors of Las Vegas.

One more exciting feature of Cheetahs is that it never closes and run all the 24 hours.

Cheetahs strip club

#4. Spearmint Rhino

Spearmint Rhino is certainly one of the most popular strip clubs of Las Vegas if not the best.

It was not huge either but they recently expanded their place, and now it has almost twice the space it had earlier.

Lavish interiors, glorious lighting, and lavish seats and couches are the highlight of this place.

Also, all the strippers are professional and hot and can give you a heck of an arousing lap dance.

Spearmint runs as a restaurant in the morning and afternoon where they serve delicious dishes and people who have an appetite for burgers, steak and sandwiches will never forget this place.

All these qualities in one strip club make it one of the coolest strip clubs in Las Vegas.

Spearmint Rhino

#5. Club Platinum

If you do not need a crowded, bustling place full of people and strippers, then you might prefer to visit Club Platinum over and over again.

It is not a huge place, and the number of strippers is limited too, but when you get to see the girls go fully nude, you might forget everything else.

It looks pretty much secluded and is the ideal place for the people who like to hang out in quieter places.

There is also a place where you can play video poker and be carefree about what everyone else is doing.

Club Platinum

#6. Babes Cabaret

Babes Cabaret is one of the most reasonable strip clubs in Vegas where you can enjoy a great deal by spending half the cash you would spend on any of the big strip clubs of the city.

Free table bookings are available on its website, and you can pick up a beer bottle just at $1 if you are donning a T-shirt that has Babes printed on it.

They also provide free limo rides from your hotel to the strip club.

The drinks and lap dances are offered at much lesser prices here, and most of the crowd consists of local guys and truckers who drop here to get some entertainment on their way.

The place is also well-known for its exotic hookah collection, and the strippers who dance here are sexy and gorgeous.

The kitchen cooks all the typical dishes like pizza, burgers, chicken wings, etc. and they prove as perfect dishes for gulping down few drinks and shots.

Babes Cabaret

#7. Crazy Horse 3

If you are a fan of pole dancing, then you will have to visit the Crazy Horse 3 a place that looks more like a regular club than a strip club.

If any of the strip clubs have prequels, it has to be Crazy Horse 3 for Crazy Horse 2, and one are already there in the city to lure the audience.

This place is specially made for the pole dance lovers who would like to see exotic and sexy strippers perform some of the acrobatic moves and erotic dances that is hard to find anywhere else in the city.

If you need a limo driver for your group, you will have to inform them 24 hours prior, and the place is also known for its delicious sushi dishes which prove to be great as appetisers with the drinks.

All these features make it quite a happening place to enjoy the nightlife of Las Vegas. 

Crazy Horse 3

#8. Sapphire

If you wish to see hot and naked stripers of different ethnicities you have to visit Sapphire as it has some of the most ravishing strippers in the town.

It is a massive strip club which comprises of two floors both of which are huge and stunning.

There is a separate space for private parties, and three distinct bars means plenty of options for the drink lovers.

It also has a separate place for private parties and bachelor parties and also houses VIP lounges meant for their VIP clients. They have large screens meant for the football matches and UFC fights.

Sapphire strip club

The strippers and dancers here are all beautiful and enchanting enough to keep your eyeballs glued towards them. Sapphire is one of the most happening places if you are a party animal and also offers different types of strippers to satiate your kinky fantasies.

Therefore, if you ever happen to be in Vegas do not forget to visit Sapphire.

#9. Little Darlings

Little Darlings is yet another fully nude strip clubs of Vegas which ensures a great time for the people who are of the age 18 and above.

Large rooms are reserved for the special parties, and if you want to see some chicks performing pole dance, then there is a very high pole that allows them to perform stunning acrobatic moves.

They have many young dancers out there so if anyone in Vegas wants to start their career in stripping they usually prefer the Little Darlings.

The strippers here belong to different countries and also differ when it comes to hairdos and looks. Therefore, if you like to see a particular type of stripper, it will be a great place for you to visit.

Little Darlings strip club

People prefer to visit here because it is one of the few places in Las Vegas which allows the strippers to go fully nude and its bar offers some coolest non-spirited drinks that are delicious to taste.

All these luxuries make the Little Darlings a must visit place for the all those who love to see young girls go fully naked!

#10. Olympic Gardens

Olympic Gardens is a huge twenty thousand square feet strip club that permits the strippers to go topless.

They also serve alcoholic drinks which is a good thing to have especially when you are not going to see the strippers go completely naked.

The locals here call this strip club as OG and the decor reminds us of the vintage Las Vegas look and feel.

There are plenty of VIP suites meant for the special guests and if you want a close private dance that can be arranged too.

OG is one of the first strip clubs in Vegas which set the standard for elite and luxurious strip clubs in the city, and you still can see the place bustling with activities.

olympic garden

If you ever want to see cute and adorable dancers and strippers, Olympic Gardens will be the place to visit since it has plenty of gorgeous babes to kindle your sexual fantasies. 

The upper part of OG is meant for the female visitors who like to see some male models perform for them, and therefore it sets out to be unique and one of the few strip clubs of its kind.

Olympic Gardens is open 24 hours and covers two drinks with a pass. They also provide transport facilities from hotels to clubs which make rides safe for men and women who wish to have a party during the wee hours of the day.

With so many facilities and alluring features, Olympic Gardens is one of the best and most opulent strip bars of Las Vegas, and you certainly need to visit it at least once in your lifetime.

11. Centerfolds

Address: Paradise Road, Las Vegas 

Contact Number: (702) 767-8757


Centerfolds was earlier known as Club Paradise, and it is a paradise in all its true sense.

The same venue has now been reopened as Centerfolds. It is located in Paradise Road, Las Vegas. It is located right in the middle of a busy road, and you will have no difficulty in finding it.

It is the only strip club across the street. Hence, you can expect to see strippers stripping down for customers and dancing to earn extra tips.

Some of the highlights of this fantastic strip club are its interior, schoolgirl Sundays, blackout rooms for VIPs, and a late-night kitchen.

It is also a major hub spot for people who attend AVN awards. You would see people from the adult industry who are regulars in this club. 

Free limo pick-up is available by 4.00 pm for the next day schedule. 


Some of the packages and costs are as follows:

  • Centerfolds VIP Vegas: $30.00 per person: This package would include VIP front of line entry, main seating room, and premium transportation.  
  • Warming Up: $299.00 per person: This package would include premium transportation, VIP front-line entry, main seating room, one call brand bottle.

What to expect from dancers?

You can expect to see topless stripper girls dancing using a pole or just like that. Some of the famous dancers here are Raven Cali, Simone, and Addison. 

12. Larry Flynt's Hustler Club

Address: Dean Martin Dr, Las Vegas

Contact Number: 1-866-983-4279


This is the best place for a bachelor and group party. The three-level venue is going to leave you awe-struck, and the girls perform naked on all the three levels.

Being one of the most popular and energetic strip clubs in Vegas, Larry Flynt's Flynts Hustler Club is bound to be so exciting. The venue also has a rooftop deck for fun parties.

The main features are 6 full bars, 6 stages, 1st class cigar lounge, the most elegant collection of champagne, wine, wine selection, etc.

Larry Flynt's Hustler Club

Some of the packages and costs are as follows:

  • Sun-Thurs Special: $200.00 per person: The package would include one premium bottle, one hustler champagne, a VIP table, free round-trip hustler transportation.  
  • Couple Night Out Package: $250.00 per person: This package would include premium transportation, VIP front-line entry, main seating room, one call brand bottle.  

What to expect from dancers?

There are three levels, and you would see topless strippers dancing on all three levels. 

13. Treasures

Address: Westwood Dr, Las Vegas 

Contact Number: 02.602.9645


Treasure is considered to be one of the most luxurious strip clubs in Vegas. On Sundays, the strip club even offers free house appetizers. 

Those who visit the club during the happy hours, meaning from 4 pm to 7 pm, will enjoy new deals. No matter what beer you choose, you just have to pay $2. 

There are two floors, and you will find beautiful strippers everywhere. 


Some of the packages and costs are as follows:

  • Couple package: $185.00 per couple: The package includes a round trip, VIP admission, a champagne bottle with strawberries, and a VIP table.
  • Group package: $995.00 + taxes: The package includes a round trip, three bottles of premium vodka, VIP admission, and a VIP table. 

What to expect from dancers?

You can find strippers in both the floors mesmersing the audience with their magical moves.

14. Girl Collection

Address: S Highland Dr, Las Vegas

Contact Number: NA 


Are you looking for a strip club with a world-class bar? if so, Girl Collection is the ideal destination! The strip club was started in 2017 and is popularly known as one of the best Gentlemen’s clubs. 

The website will let you quickly reserve your table for any of the events that you choose. You can check out the food menu of Girl Collection too. 

There are no tickets to buy; you can only reserve your booking. 

Girl Collection

Some of the packages and costs are as follows:

  • Red Zone: The Red Zone would include the main floor club, a 20-foot pole, pole dancers, which can hold up to 15 people.
  • Den Lounge: The Den Zone can hold up to 50 people, the private pole is included, exclusive private rooms, watch whatever performance you want, and it is right off the main floor.

What to expect from dancers?

You can expect nude strippers. Each lounge will have its dedicated strippers. 

15. Kings of Hustler

Address: Dean Martin Drive, Las Vegas. 

Contact Number: (888) 592-3534


Why should men have all the fun? If you are looking for a club full of gorgeous male strippers, look no further and visit Kings of Hustler.

The strip club has claimed to be the number one strip club in the entire Vegas region. 

For those who want to enjoy a girls’ night out, you can plan to come here. The club offers free VIP pick up for the group.

The club is open from 8 pm to 2 am from Thursdays to Sundays. 

To book tickets, you have to visit the website. 

Kings of Hustler

Some of the packages and costs are as follows:

  • Happy Clam: $40.00 per person. The package will include complimentary transportation and two drinks. 
  • Shades of Grey: $240.00 up to 4 people. The package would include complimentary transportation, one premium bottle, and floor seating. 

What to expect from dancers?

This is an all-male stripper club. You will get to see hot male strippers undressing and tempting to you. So, if you are looking for sexy male strippers stripping to their bare minimum, visit Kings of Hustler.

16. Sophia’s Gentlemen's Club

Address: 3500 W Naples Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89103

Contact Number: 702-982-6777


Sophia’s Gentlemans Club was awarded the #1 luxury strip club in Las Vegas by Sin City. If you are looking for a premium experience where hot girls are stripping in front of you, this is the perfect place for you.

You can expect to be treated by industry experts who know how to relax you and give you the best time. 

Sophia’s Gentlemen's Club

They have VIP rooms where you can relax, have your drink and be entertained by your favourite model. If you are in a kinky mood, they have rooms where you can go with your favourite model and can have a good time.

They have two stages, three bars, VIP area upstairs. You would be in the mood seeing the hot dancers on the huge oval shaped dance floor dancing their way to remove all their clothes.

They are open everyday from 6pm-6am. They have a dedicated hookah bar, cigar lounge. They provide free pickups and the entry is also free. 

Some of the VIP packages and costs are as follows:

  • The True VIP Vegas - $79 per person which includes free pick up, $60 beverage voucher, and VIP front line entry.
  • Flair cocktail package - $179
  • Pure Love - $500
  • Getting Loose - 1 bottle - $499
  • Hangover Celebration - $699
  • Feeling Wild - 2 bottles - $1199
  • Platinum Player - 3 bottles - $1799
  • Football 2020 Season pass - $11,000
  • Diamond player - $20,000. Recommended for big parties. All the premium services and personal security provided all night long.

What to expect from dancers?

With hot models all over and their exotic moves, and ready to do all the naughty stuff, you are in for a treat when you visit this club.

17. Talk of the Town

Address: 1238 Las Vegas Blvd S

Contact Number: (702) 385-1800


When it comes to getting entertained by beautiful adult entertainers, Talk of the Town is the best place to go. 

You shall be served drinks, and adult novelties and DVDs are available on request. The adult club is open 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Lap dancers are available at $10.00. If you want to have fun without paying much, come to Talk of the Town for this. 

Service would include adult novelty and DVDs, fully nude bar, ten-dollar lap dances, nude strippers, and more. 

Talk of the Town

Some of the packages and costs are as follows:

  • Lap dancers are available at $10.00

What to expect from dancers?

There are nude pole dancers and topless strippers. 

Address: Boulevard, North Las Vegas

Contact Number: (702) 256-7894


Chicas Bonitas is the only Latina theme strip club in Las Vegas. Here, you would  find beautiful lap dancers, topless strippers, and American adult entertainers. 

Come here with a group of friends, and have lots of fun. The girls are beautiful, and the prices for the strip club are very affordable. 

The club opens at 11 am, seven days a week. There are no packages available as such; you can go there and chill. 

Chicas Bonitas

What to expect from dancers?

In terms of dancers, you can expect lap dancers and topless strippers at this place. 

Now, you must be having an idea about the best strip clubs in Las Vegas. When you are looking to spend bucks to have a good time, why not choose the best?

With this article, we were able to put forward some of the best strip clubs of wide variety where you can visit and have a good time. The next time you visit Vegas, do not forget to drop in any of these strip clubs and trust me you won’t regret your decision. Happy Stripping!

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