The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Milking [NEW 2020]- 100% Male Orgasm

Many of you might not have heard the term prostate milking but might have certainly about prostate glands and the benefits of massaging and stimulating it.

Prostate milking is nothing but the same thing, and the term milking has many meanings and dimensions when we connect it to the prostate gland.


Stimulating prostate gland releases white milk like fluid in both men and women. This release comes out only when we ejaculate and is said to have a vital role in the protection of your sperm cells.

Stimulating or milking prostate gland has several health benefits and it also is used to derive extreme pleasure while masturbating or having sex.

Find the Prostate

It plays a vital role in the sexual stimulation and releases for both men and women, and today we are going to see how to stimulate prostate gland through a step-by-step guide.

Advice #1 Do this When You Have the Time

Do this When You Have the Time

Prostate milking is an easy process but not a short one. You will require plenty of time to master it and even when you understand the process thoroughly, the prostate will take its own time and therefore time and patience are a must.

Also, ensure that there are no disturbances in between because once it is disturbed the whole process has to be started afresh and this will not be convenient for you. Switch off your smartphones, tablets, iPhones, TV’s and all the other devices that can disturb you in between.

Stimulating the P-spot is not as easy as masturbating and cannot be completed in 10 to 15 minutes. It requires lots of patience and practice on your part to master it and therefore there should be complete silence and peace around you while you attempt to milk your prostate.


Advice #2 Be Clear and Focused

Be Clear and Focused

Like we have discussed earlier, it is always preferable to be clear and focused when you are learning the process of prostate milking. Therefore, we suggest you set aside all your worries and start with a clear and focused mind. Also, keeping your body comfortable and relaxed is a must.

Therefore, it is recommendable to empty your bowels a couple of hours before your start stimulating your prostate gland.

You can also have a hot and nice shower just a few minutes before and also do not forget to clean all your private parts including anus and the region between your scrotum (vagina for women) and anus thoroughly because it is going to be crucial while milking your prostate gland.

Wash your bum nicely and allow your energies to sync with your body. Use a dry towel to rub your private parts nicely and do not forget to insert it a bit in your anal cavity to remove all the dirt from it. Pat yourselves dry and get ready for some steamy action!

Rest on the bed for a while and clean all the negative thoughts and stress. Hear some nice music if that helps you or sip in a cold drink or hot coffee whichever suits your better. Relax your nerves and be prepared for the next step.

Some experts even recommend meditating for a while to improve your focus and attention before stimulating your prostate.


Advice #3 Get All Geared Up

Get All Geared Up

Now that you are completely relaxed and calm, it is time to gather all the necessary ingredients that are essential for completing the prostate stimulation smoothly and conveniently. Get some soft and plush pillows if you are into the habit of grabbing and hugging a pillow when you are sexually aroused or excited.

Take the required lubricants that will ease out the whole process for you. Lubes are also important because your anus does not secrete natural juices like your penis or vagina.

Therefore, it is always better to lube up your anal cavity nicely before inserting something inside it or while caressing it from the above as well. Also, take a jar of water, juice or anything you would like to sip in occasionally to wane off the heat a little bit.

The whole process takes at least 50 to 60 minutes, and you cannot interrupt the process. Therefore, it is advisable to be all geared up and be prepared before you start stimulating your prostate.


Advice #4 Find the Right Position

Find the Right Position

Now that you are all geared up and ready to go it is necessary to get in a comfortable position. People like to stimulate themselves on sofa, couch or bed whichever they find comfortable but we recommend you to use a bed so that you can stretch your legs and hands to the desired positions before penetrating or stimulating your prostate.

Rest your head on a comfortable pillow and before that do not forget to make yourselves completely naked and latch your door to escape the horror of someone sneaking in. Find yourself in a perfect position now.

Some people like to lie on their backs and arch their knees in such a way that their feet touch their bums. Now they can spread their thighs wide apart to enjoy prostate stimulation.

Lying on your sides and pushing the leg on the top towards your chest is another way of providing ample space for inserting anal toys, vibrators or fingers into your anal cavity. These are only a couple of postures you can attain before stimulating your anus, but you can also explore your perfect position to stimulate or milk your prostate in a comfortable way.


Advice #5 Start the Process

Start the Process

After attaining a perfect position, it is now time to stimulate and massage your prostate. You can insert a finger in your anus or use anal sex toys such as anal plugs and vibrators as well.

However, before massaging your prostate make sure that your rectum insufficiently lubricated and oiled up. Lubrication is a must as your anal cavity is sensitive and does not produce any fluids to aid the insertion.

Therefore, using lubricants or oil is a must. There are two types of lubricants available in the market viz. water based and oil based lubricants.

Using water-based lubricant is always safe because it is mostly chemical free and harmless. However, this lube dries quickly, and much more quantity is required to keep it working.

The silicone-based lubricants can also be used as they sustain for a longer time and are thicker as compared to the water-based lubes. However, this lube is not ideal when you are using anal sex toys made from silicone as they tend to react with them.

If you are going to use your finger, then you can use these silicone based lubes without any issue. Place a sufficient quantity of lube on your fingers and start massaging the outer side of your anus.

Also, apply surplus amounts of lubes inside the rectum and on your fingers as well if you are using an anal plug or vibrator you can lubricate them before inserting in your anal cavity. Now push the sex toy or your finger gently in the rectum.

Do not hurry as the anal cavity is very sensitive and cannot bear heavy and fast thrusts especially when you are doing it for the first time. We also recommend you to use your fingers first if you are new at doing this.

You can stretch your butt hole by practising regularly with your fingers, and as you start getting comfortable, you can even insert two or three fingers at once. However, do not forget to use the lube at all times to remain safe and secure.

Some people might find it extremely painful even while using only one finger but that is completely normal. You will get used to the pain slowly, and the experience will get much better and even enjoyable after practising with your finger a few times.

Therefore, we advise you to practice with your fingers a few times before actually attempting to locate the prostate. This will not only make you comfortable during the process, but it will also allow you to enjoy more when the real action starts.


Advice #6 Perform a Few Exercises

Perform a Few Exercises

Before actually trying to stimulate your prostate you can even strengthen your pelvic muscles to make the whole process much more smooth and enjoyable. This can be done by following a few exercises which do not require much efforts or strength.

You can pull in and release your floor muscle parts in the same way that you do while you urinate and stop your urine. You can use this exercise to flex and strengthen your groin muscles and attempt doing it for longer durations, i.e. you need to increase the duration of holding and releasing your pelvic muscles for longer durations.

You can even use a stopwatch to record your timings so that you can improve your timing. You can also sync it with your breathing (inhalation and exhalation) to achieve better results.


Advice #7 Find the Prostate

Find  the Prostate

Now it is time to focus entirely on your prostate and ways of stimulating it to the maximum. However, for that first, you will have to locate your prostate perfectly.

We cannot tell exactly where your prostate is located at the body type differs from person to person. However, it is somewhere 3 inches deep in your rectum and is slightly tilted upwards. It is very small in size, and therefore you will have to be precise while targeting and massaging it.


How to Give Your Man the Most EPIC Prostate Massage!


Advice #8 Start the Massage

Start the Massage

Now that you have found your prostate it is time to massage it nicely to stimulate the prostate gland. If you are using your fingers, it is recommended to touch it with the softer side of your finger pad and do not ever touch it with your nails.

Cut your nails as short as you can to avoid making sharp contact with your prostate. Try massaging it slowly and nicely and also touch it circularly with your finger or anal plug.

The to-and-fro motion can be a little too much and can also hurt you if you are rough and harsh with your thrusts. Always be gentle and use a high amount of lube to avoid any discomfort or inconvenience.

You can also stimulate the prostate, i.e. your P-spot like a woman stimulates and touches her G-spot. You can use your finger or anal toy and mimic the action you do while calling a person towards you with the help of your index finger.

It is perfect for stimulating your P-spot, and it runs a lot of pleasurable sensations throughout your body. You can repeat this action, and when a perfect rhythm is achieved it will set you off the rock pretty easily, and you will experience some of the strongest orgasms of your life.

Such orgasms which are achieved by stimulating prostate gland are intense, powerful and give a long-lasting satisfaction which is sometimes not possible even through G-spot stimulation or by stimulating penis in the case of men. However, you will require practice and patience to get a hold of it.

Now that we have understood the techniques to stimulate our prostate it is time to chalk out the stages that determine our state of stimulation so that we could traverse through the entire process much easier.

  • 1
    First Stage – The Beginning: It all starts when you insert your finger in your anus for the first time. As you apply pressure to the walls of your anal cavity, it indirectly excites your prostate gland as well, and you start to enjoy the new sensations.
  • 2
    Second Stage – Involuntary contractions: When you are milking your prostate in the right away your sphincter muscles contract automatically, and you get a tingling sensation through your spine. You can also mimic the action voluntarily by the hold and release method we have mentioned above but the thrill with the involuntary contraction is something else, and it also tells you that you are on the right path.
  • 3
    Third Stage- Strange Sensations and Tensions: As you keep stimulate or milking your prostate the sensations throughout your spine and pubic bone will run high. The frequency of involuntary contractions will increase, and you might feel something odd in it, but it is perfectly fine to experience all of this while stimulating your prostate gland.
  • 4
    Fourth Stage – Warmth: With the increase in tension and pressure on the prostate gland, you will feel a warm feeling inside your body, and sensitive people also start to experience a few shivers and trembling of the body. Women will feel like touching themselves at this stage and guys will start experiencing a hard-on and erection as well. However, we request guys and girls to refrain from touching their private parts and focus on stimulating their prostate gland instead.
  • 5
    Final Stage – An intense orgasm! When you keep touching and stimulating the prostate gland the contraction and release of your pelvic muscles will increase your pleasure to the peak, and you will get closer towards an intense orgasm. The sensations will be so strong that you will feel fuller and men may experience flaccidity of phallus during this stage. However, there is no need to worry as it is normal to experience this when you are at the peak of prostate pleasure.

These were some of the methods and techniques you can use to milk your prostate gland. Now lets us see the benefits of stimulating prostate gland.

Advantages of Prostate Massages

Apart from these, there are many other health benefits which you will gain while massaging and stimulating your prostate gland. However, we ask you to be careful too as it is a sensitive part and needs to be handled with utmost care.

Prostate massage, which in other words is known as the prostatic massage, is a process where you or your partner insert one of his fingers into the rectum. The process stimulates the prostate gland, and it helps in prostate milking.

The ultimate goal of doing prostate massage is to allow seminal fluid to pass through. This process can give optimum pleasure to the receiver.

As per alternative medicine, this process can have many benefits. Some of them are as follows:

  • Those who indulge in prostate massage can treat prostate enlargement issues, which in other words, is known as benign prostatic hyperplasia.
  • Prostate massage is also recommended by physicians to solve issues such as ED (erectile dysfunction) and other sex-related issues especially   those faced by the men.  This could be a great way to enhance your partner play routine, where each of you can give each other prostate massage.  Prostate stimulation is often used to treat erectile dysfunction. If you feel that you are suffering from ED, you can give yourself a prostate massage, or ask your partner to help you with the entire process.
  • Someone who regularly goes for prostate massage can have better libido, and it can enhance sexual performance as well.
    Prostate milking may not be for everyone, but it surely gives you a new sexual experience, which you might enjoy.
  • Males can have multiple male orgasms. Prostate milking is very different from penis ejaculation. And some men have reported that prostate orgasms feel much better than normal ejaculation.
  • If someone is suffering from prostate swelling, it will put a lot of pressure on the urethra, leading to urinal tract infection and can cause disturbed urine routine. People with urinary hesitancy or someone who faces difficulty in passing urine can get some relief. With the help of a prostate massage, you can get some relief from the swelling. Massaging the prostate may reduce this swelling, and   your urine flow will be regularized as before.
  • Prostate massage can ease the pain that you face during ejaculation. Pain during ejaculation occurs when there is a fluid blockage. Prostate massage might reduce or eliminate this pain.
  •  Some people experience inflammation and painful feeling due to infection. These people have reported to relieve themselves completely by   massaging their prostate regularly. Prostate massages are usually given to treat prostatitis. In prostatitis, the sufferer faces unbearable and painful inflammation of the prostate gland. 
  •  When your P-spot gets excited at an extreme level, you will experience flooding orgasms, and the sensations will be just amazing and satiating.
  •  Massaging your prostate will clean and loosen up the prostatic duct

What does it feel like?

Some guys will love it, while others will simply hate it to the core. Some will dislike it, while others will be ambivalent about it. Guys who like it have confessed that prostate milking is intense because there are many nerve endings in your anus. 

In fact, some even said that prostate milking is far better than penile stimulation. Some also compared it with waves like feeling. The amount of pressure you put will depend on the sensation that you receive. 

Is it safe?

Yes, unless you are using a very aggressive technique. There are lots of nerve endings in your anus region. The max that will happen to you if you do harsh massaging is skin or rectum injury. Plus, forceful prostate massage could be painful. 

So, be gentle, read the guidelines on how to do it, and always use the right amount of pressure to feel the real pleasure. 

Prostate massaging techniques

Breathe properly

If you are not able to enjoy it, then here’s what you need to do. Everyone will have their first time; hence, you need to breathe in between. Concentrate on your breathing technique, and that will start building up the sensation.

The breathing technique helps you to relax as well.  You will never achieve prostate milking if you are not feeling relaxed. Therefore, stay calm, and keep trying; however, be gentle. 

Try different positions

You will notice that when you change your position, your prostate will get stimulated. Some people will like to lie flat on the bed and stuck a pillow or cushion underneath their butt while doing it, while others will want to sit with the knees bent up towards the chest. 

Different people achieve prostate milking in different ways; therefore, you will have to find your way by trying different positions. 

Don’t tense up

Those who are new to prostate milking will notice that their body is getting tensed up while trying to massage their prostate. You need to calm down, just apply the breathing technique, and try to ease up. If your body tenses up, your routine will become longer.

Conclusive Thoughts

These are some of the methods that you can use to stimulate your prostate. The phenomenon is called prostate milking and can be practised alone or even with the help of a partner.

As a result, you can use your fingers or fingers of your partner, and you can even use a dildo or a vibrating anal plug for this purpose. If you know about other prostate milking techniques, you can share them with us, and we also request you to register your feedback and suggestions through your comments.

Enjoy anal sex and do not feel embarrassed to ask for a prostate massage once in a while because it will not only give you intense waves of pleasure but will also improve your health in many ways.

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