Top 15 Hottest Strippers in the world

Looking for the sexiest and Hottest Strippers to follow?

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One thing we are sure of, we all have our own adulting taste.

Some of us likes to watch nude women being fucked wildly and some of us like to watch their lady playing wild while taking off her clothes slowly.

It gives an immense pleasure to some people watching the strippers on cam even when they are not fully nude instantly.

The naughty play, seductive moves, gorgeous body even in clothes give a boner to many of us. Although, it is hard to find the hottest stripper out there when you are having fun around the cam sites

Therefore, we have you covered here with a list of 15 hottest strippers in the world that will blow your mind just after you catch them up in front of the camera.

Continue reading this amazing article to know a lot about these hotties and let your favorite stripper do the job tonight.

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Top 15 Hottest Strippers (2022): Best sexiest strippers (with Instagram)


Born with the name Angela Renee White, she is a famous celebrity and a hottest stripper too.

However, Blac Chyna is not completely into the porn industry but does modeling and as a stripper to show off her hot body. She started stripping at the age of 18 in Miami.

She has also been working in music videos and owns a cosmetics brand. No doubt why we have put her in the list of hottest strippers in the world.

The answer is her appearance on screen whether it is behind the door or in public, you can’t get your eyes off watching her. 


Undoubtedly one of the sexiest cam girls on the web. Karmen Karma is a queen of big round ass and has a skin covered with tattoos which her fans love the most.

Although this hottest model doesn’t look like she is more active in doing the stripping stuff, she is available on her onlyFans account and posts regular updates for her fans.

If you want to catch her up, you should head towards the OnlyFans where she loves to get pics of dicks.

We are sure you have already started liking her because of her different way to present herself in front of cam. 


Tanya Hansen is a known porngraphic model today. Although, she has been the hottest stripper in a long time. 

She grew up in Norway and used to work as a swimsuit model in her initial days.

The hot Norwegian has now been working with many brands in the adult industry like PornHub and has been crowned with the first and only Norwegian pornstar. Her perfectly shaped body can change anyone’s mood in no time.

To watch her free, check out her pornhub profile where she offers all her videos free of charge. 


The American pornstar who is also half-Irish and half-Cherokee has been entertaining the porn lovers for the last fifteen years.

Lezley Zen first started stripping in the city’s strip clubs which got her fame and opened the door for the adult industry in a short span.

She was caught in the adult film producer’s eyes by the way she used to perform in strip clubs and this is the reason we have put her in our list of 15 hottest strippers in the world.

She can be called a veteran of porn industry. However, she has left the business now. But don’t get disappointed.

If you want to have a look at her talent, you can still watch tons of videos available out there only Brazzers and Naughty America.  


Britney Blew, also known as Britney Brighton started working in strip clubs in her age in Florida.

Later, she moved to the adult industry and quickly became one of the hottest pornstar after showing her talent with cocks and with her appealing presence in front of the camera.

You may get a little disappointment if you wish to have a fresh content of this American bombshell, but yet you can find tons of old videos of her available on the web that still goes more than your expectations. 


Julia Ann grew up in a small mountain city of California but soon after lifted herself in the city of angels to perform in certain strip clubs. 

She always wanted to be into the adult business and therefore, she dived into the porn industry with one of her friends whom she met in those strip clubs. With her curvy figure and performing herself in the most desired woman look in all her videos, she earned her name in the world of porn and also won many awards.

She has a gorgeous look. Although she has quit filming in porns, she operates her own official site where you can be entertained with sexy and exotic videos and live shows of her. Just go and jump right into her official site:


What do you love most in a stripper? A big rounded ass, huge juicy boobs always ready to burst out of a clothed breast.

This pornstar has got you covered with everything you want. Therefore, Sienna West deserves her spot in the list of 15 hottest strippers in the world. 

She can now be counted among the hottest MILFs because of her growing age but still is the tough competition for other hot pornstars out there. 

The good is, she still performs as a stripper and is able to fully satisfy you once you watch her.  


The most famous pornstar today in the adult industry who doesn’t need an introduction.

Of Course the model doesn't seem to perform as a stripper now but Jenna Jameson did it for a long time on her cam shows and used to delight her fans with all their fantasies. She has been a successful webcam model as well as performing in mainstream content too. 

The other facts about this American lady is, she is a bisexual and has admitted that she has slept with 100 women and 30 men before she starting her reel life.

Finding the hottest adult stuff for Jenna on the web won’t be a tough thing for you. Isn’t it!


43 years old Milf had a long career journey and we have so much to describe herself that won’t be possible here in just a few lines.

The hottest Peruvien pornstar Alexis Amore started her career with Playboy by which you can assume her level of hotness. 

She has not quit stripping which means you can still enjoy her watching her shows and fresh adult content too. She is a woman who looks absolutely comfortable around the camera and loves to get attention.

So, don’t forget to give her the compliments when you have a chance to have fun with her on a webcam or in any live show


Who doesn’t love to taste tequila while partying hard.

This Asian pornstar Tila Tequila is surely going to give you the same feel of madness when you watch her do her things in adult content. She has been performing in various reality shows and adult movies down the years.

One of her most famous TV shows based on stripping was - Pants-off, Dance off which got her fame.

We have put her in our list of hottest strippers because you never want to miss out a woman with anime eyes, perfectly round boobs under the dark south asian skin with a tight body. 


If hardcore porn fantacise you the most, then no doubt, this hot indian pornstar should be on the top spot of your favourite pornstars.

People love Asian pornstars and on top of that, Asian stripper like Priya Rai is definitely worth watching.

Woman who knows how to use her assets in front of the camera becomes even sexiest and hottest when it comes to playing the roles and Priya Rai knows about it very well.

Age is just a number for this hot milf, she has been pleasing her fans for a long time and is still active in the adult industry. 


The American pornstar born in Nebraska has an interesting journey in the adult business.

Farrah Abraham started her career with TV show “16 and Pregnant” and then appeared in another famous show Teen Mom.

She earned a lot of money with these shows and also got more popular with her stripping content. 

However, she started filming full nude scenes late in her career but has reserved her spot in the hottest strippers in the world with her appealing appearance in front of the camera.  


Among all the famous hotties who have been a part of Playboy house history, Anna Nicole Smith has her spot and that too among the hottest ones.

The sad news is, no fresh content is available on the web in the current time as she has been away from the porn industry for a few years but you can still watch the amazing content shared in her time out there.

She was one of those ladies who has the sexual appearance that anyone can fall in love with this beautiful after watching her once. 


The title itself includes her passion.

Yes, Eve is a rapper and the only stipper whom you can hardly find on the web fully naked as she only did stripping for a very short period of time at the age of 18.

Soon after she realized that she can be a rapper and continued her career in that direction.

Although you can not find her nude content now, but, her gorgeous look still works as a killer to millions of hearts.  


Amber Rose is a known name today in the porn industry but one of the facts about this hot woman is that she started stripping at her early age when she was not even turned out to be an adult.

She also mentioned stripping helped her to get rid of the use of drugs. Unfortunately she doesn’t give out the nude content nor does she do the stripping anymore.

She has now become a famous model doing films and music videos in mainstream content. But her looks used to be a sex dose to all viwers of that time and her looks are still being loved by her fans which is why we have included her in our list of hottest stripper in the world. 

The list of hottest strippers is too long but unfortunately we have to stop here as we are to mention the top 15 strippers of all time to let you back in time when the stripping business was not just a simple thing.

We tried our best to introduce you with these porn legends and now we leave it up to you for which blondie or milf, you would start your hunt first.

It really doesn’t matter who you look for first, each of them has pretty good content available out there and each one of the strippers’ videos is going to give you extreme satisfaction watching them being naked and showing off their beautiful bodies in all possible ways.

Don’t believe us? So, start your hunt right after this moment and prove us right. 

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