Top 20+ Celebrity with OnlyFans Accounts.

Do you know which adult platform saw a huge surge of new users during the pandemic? Pornhub? Nah!

That’s right, ONLYFANS.

And to our surprise, these new users were mostly celebrities!

Onlyfans is a social media platform where you can watch exclusive content by paying subscription money to various models.

Nowadays, many high-profile users and celebrities are using Onlyfans to promote their projects in a unique way!

When it comes to content, many celebrities like to share exclusive NSFW content for their fans but that is not the limit.

Many popular stars use onlyfans to share their behind the scenes videos and collaboration videos.

Onlyfans let’s these celebrities earn some fortune as an additional source of income and the viewers get to enjoy exclusive content of their favorite celebrities.

Isn’t it a win-win situation? Some celebrities have earned more income than their primary source too! That’s the power of the internet. 

Excited to know which celebrity onlyfans accounts are worth your money? Here’s the list of 20 super good celebrity accounts to follow!

Top OnlyFans Girls We Highly Recommend (MUST JOIN) 

Model Name
Onlyfans Account
Monthly Cost

Celebrity Onlyfans: 20+ Famous Onlyfans Accounts: celebrities with onlyfans accounts

Iggy Azalea launched her Onlyfans account to upload the Behind-the-scenes videos of her No.1 hit WAP.

She shared it exclusively for her Onlyfans viewers.

After the release of WAP she made it clear that she won’t be sharing any NSFW content on her Onlyfans.However she will share her exclusive and “personal” things to her subscribers. 

But we love watching Iggy Azalea doing the impossible splits, talking like a dirty whore and making erotic sounds. Her subscription rate is just 4.99$.

And we guarantee that this Bad Bitch is worth your pocket money! 

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This 18 and a half year old Teen has taken the internet by storm since she launched her Onlyfans account in April 2021.

She claims that she earned more than 1 million $ in just sex hours! It is not so hard to believe because she has got these absolutely stunning looks and a dirty mind.

She has uploaded a lot of “eye-worthy” content on her onlyfans account. In a very short time, this beautiful babe has earned 1.53M likes. 

Make sure you visit her profile right away and hit that subscribe button! Remember to close the door boys! 


This woman has been the most controversial model on Onlyfans!

In fact Onlyfans had to change their policies due to Bella! Doesn't this suspense make things more exciting? Bella has opened her Onlyfans account in August 2020. 

She likes the intimate interaction with her fans on Onlyfans so she constantly uploads mouth watering bikini pics just to keep them engaged!

She drops surprises from time to time for her horny fans. 

She has got a beautiful body and a raunchy mind. With more than 2470 photos and videos, this account is no doubt one of the best to subscribe to! 


Jordyn Woods is perhaps one of the most viewed models on Onlyfans. 

Besides having a successful modelling career, she opened this account as a source of side income and entertainment.  

If you always wonder what models do in their day to day life other than catwalks and photoshoots then you should consider subscribing to this beautiful goddess. She has uploaded many stunningly hot selfies and teasing videos on her onlyfans page.

 She has gained 158.9K subscribers on Onlyfans in a very short duration. Although she is more popular on Instagram, we know where to look for her REAL beauty. 


DJ Khaled and Fat Joe launched their onlyfans account in January 2021. They made it clear that this account would be used by them to interact with their fans more intimately and post behind-the-scenes videos.

Overall, this onlyfans account is easy-to-go and fun for DJ Khaled lovers. Most of the time, DJ Khaled handles the account with cameos from fat joe.

If you are looking for some of the best motivational and inspirational content on Onlyfans then this account is worth your attention!


Austin Mahone is a pop music artist who saw his star rise on YouTube in the 2010s.

He created his OnlyFans account to provide some of his exclusive art to his fans. OnlyFans has helped many artists strive through their art. 

Austin is one of the singers who used OnlyFans to connect to their fans as well as to earn some extra fortune.

Although you can subscribe to this account for free, Austine provides some unique perks to his VIP members which include Unlimited Free Chat, Future Posts Before Anyone Else, Exclusive Vip Post And Ppv, Exclusive Lives, Custom Content Requests and Zoom Calls.


YouTuber and internet personality Trisha Paytas has truly dabbled in it all.

 From ASMR videos, to podcasting, to singing, she has created quite a range of content.

 Trisha has also been present on OnlyFans for a few years, where she was reportedly, as of 2021, earning about a million dollars a month from the platform.

Let me introduce you to the women you would instantly admire! Amber Rose.

She’s smart. She’s bold and She’s HOT! Amber is known for her women rights related activities. Amber Rose’s popularity skyrocketed when she dated Kayne West and later broke off. 

She is a full time fashion designer and a mother of two. She also featured as a model for many top fashion brands. Yet, she takes out time for her fans regularly.

In an interview, she explained that she had worked as a stripper when she was 15.She mostly uploads NSFW pics on her onlyfans account so make sure to subscribe to her if you are looking for some raunchy content.


You must be knowing Sonja as a starlet from Real Housewives of New York, but to know her charismatic outrageous personality, you need to subscribe to her OnlyFans page where she shares exclusive content just for her fans.

TV reality shows have turned many people from ordinary to celebrity. But only a few people manage to retain the fame.

Sonja became OnlyFans' favorite mom (P.S. not that kind of MOM) as soon as she opened her account. The 59 year old Sonja is all set to prove that age is just a number!


October 2020. That was the day when the internet was taken by storm because Austin Mahone announced that he has opened an official onlyFans page.

Singer-songwriter Austin Mahone was another celebrity to receive some ridicule for joining the platform.

You can subscribe to his account at FREE per month.

Comedian Whitney Cummings joined OnlyFans not for nudity, but for uncensored comedy.

She's producing a new, original show for OFTV (OnlyFans' free streaming platform) called "Unfiltered Original Roast Series."

She's also using the platform to experiment with comedy bits and share what's on her mind.

12. Tyga

This rapper has become well known on onlyfans for creating NSFW content for his fans.

Tyga is known for his humorous yet erotic content. He has used onlyfans to let fans mimic his lavish lifestyle.

Tyga offers both free and paid content on his onlyfans account.  He has also created his own entertainment, management and lifestyle company named TOO RAWW. 

Although he has not made clear about what exactly the company would be doing, it is related to managing onlyfans profiles of models to jumpstart their career. Although Tyga closed his onlyfans account recently, we are hoping to see him back anytime soon! 


Carmen is one of the stars sharing singer friendly content on onlyfans. SHe also likes to share LIVE makeup tutorials on this platform.

She made it clear in a tweet that she will not be sharing any adult content on her page but we love her anyways..right? 

You may know actor-model-singer Carmen Electra from her time on Baywatch, from her Playboy modeling career, or from her self-titled debut studio album produced by Prince. After turning 50, she decided to reconnect with her fans by joining OnlyFans.

She made it clear in a tweet that she will not be sharing any adult content on her page but we love her anyways..right?

Sami is no doubt the most popular girl on onlyfans. 

This reality show star has been ruling over only fans since the time she opened it. She posts absolutely erotic photos of her sculpturous body.

Actor Sami Sheen, daughter of actors Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards, joined OnlyFans shortly after her 18th birthday.

 Though her father, Charlie Sheen, says he does "not condone" his daughter joining the platform, mother Denise Richards has been supportive.

Before reading anything below, go to onlyfans and check Rubi rose’s onlyfans page.

You won’t stop dreaming about spanking that curvaceous booty until it starts looking like a red watermelon.

Rubi Rose has launched onlyfans account after gaining millions of followers on instagram. She posts NSFW content on onlyfans just to tease her fans and give them a hard time in their pants.

You can subscribe to this babe at just 16.99$ per month and the best part here is you will get the first month free! So do not forget to visit and enjoy watching this eye candy.


Tana Mongeau is the best free subscription account you will get on onlyfans.

You can watch this beautiful babe posing like a goddess and staring right into the camera in her posts and videos.

She has an absolutely gorgeous face and a body that will drive you crazy. She describes her onlyfans page as the only place to be CRAZY and NAKED!

Tana also has a VIP club where you get to see her uncensored pictures and videos for just 200$. We assure you that this piece of cake is worth trying. Don’t waste more time and visit her onlyfans page right now!


Daniel Newman is the name associated with the popular zombie show The Walking Dead since a long time.

Daniel is now offering exclusive content and behind the scene videos to his subscribers on onlyfans page. The bisexual actor is very regular and active on the platform.

You can tip him with a dm to get an instant reply. He has uploaded over 40+ posts on Onlyfans. He likes to invite other celebrities to create content for his fans.

You can enjoy watching his naughty content by paying just 8.99$ subscription money


You might've grown up watching actor Dan Benson as Zeke in the Disney show Wizards of Waverly Place.

After having his own nude photos leaked online, Benson struggled for years and fought to have the pictures wiped from the internet.

Eventually, he decided to stop fighting and take things in the opposite direction. He joined OnlyFans last year and has found a lot of joy and success.

Meet the hottest aussie on onlyfans! Harry Jowsey

He is known for his Netflix show Too Hot to Handle! After the show wrapped up, he used his celebrity status and opened an onlyfans account to keep it growing.

He posts regular content on onlyfans. You would love to watch his mesmerising abs and muscular chest with pink little nipples. He has dropped some hints about sharing his full nude body picture on onlyfans soon. 

The best part is that you can subscribe to this hottie for free. He has more than 144 photos and videos and 90 K likes on his posts. We assure you that you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off this guy!


Danielle Bregoil, professionally known as rapper and internet personality Bhad Bhabie, first became famous after an appearance on Dr. Phil in 2016 where she uttered the phrase, "Cash me outside."

She joined OnlyFans right after turning 18 and has recently remarked that those who subscribed to her account so quickly after its debut should be in jail.

Bregoli claims to have made $52 million from her first year on the platform.

Not only is Erica a skilled emcee, captivating audiences at parties, but she also knows how to let loose and get down and dirty on the dance floor, surprising many with her uninhibited moves.

 What sets Erica apart is her dedication to building genuine connections with her fans.

 She values her supporters and frequently treats them to live streams where she showcases her unique and entertaining personality.

 For $25.99 per month, fans can gain access to Erica's vibrant collection of personal exclusives. 

Shanna Moakler, a former Miss USA, made headlines when she joined OnlyFans, marking a new chapter in her relationship with her fans.

On her OnlyFans page, Shanna treats her followers to exclusive glimpses into her personal life and the fashion world.

Fans can expect rare scenes of her modeling, acting, and other captivating clips that aren't typically shared on her Instagram.

Since joining the platform, Shanna has garnered over 12K likes, showing enthusiasm and support from her dedicated fan base.

Currently, she offers a limited subscription price of $7.20 per month, allowing fans to enjoy her exclusive content at a discounted rate. 

Larsa Pippen, known as a real housewife of Miami, has transitioned from reality star to businesswoman, capturing the attention of her fans along the way.

As she navigates her rollercoaster lifestyle, she takes her dedicated followers along for the ride through her engaging live streams.

With an impressive 28K likes on her OnlyFans page, Larsa provides an exclusive peek into her life.

 While offering behind-the-scenes content, she also embraces the more provocative side by sharing NSFW photos, flaunting her impeccable taste in swimsuits and more.
The exciting part? Larsa's OnlyFans subscription is completely free, granting fans access to her captivating content without any cost. 

With her celebrity OnlyFans account, Poonam offers a free subscription, welcoming fans to join her virtual world.

Her account features an impressive media catalog of 300 photos and videos, showcasing her humble yet impactful presence.

Poonam encourages direct connections with her fans, inviting them to chat one-on-one and fostering a sense of intimacy.

 For her VIP followers, she offers exclusive access to her live streams, allowing them to lounge in her company and enjoy a unique experience. 

On OnlyFans, Lottie has sparked curiosity and captivated fans worldwide with her sex-positive and forward content.

 Fans can enjoy an intimate glimpse into her life and explore her unique perspective through her exclusive photos and clips.

Lottie's subscription costs are free of charge, allowing fans to easily join her community and enjoy her content.

She offers the opportunity for fans to show their support and engage further by providing tips for exclusive materials, creating a mutually rewarding experience. 

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