10+ Hottest and Most Sexy Naked News Anchors

Looking for the sexiest and hottest Nude News Anchors to follow?

You are at the right place.

Are you still watching the news daily with the face of that boring anchor?

Don't you think the news anchors should be exciting, hot, and sexy so you would love to know what's happening around the world without getting bored?

What if we say that news anchors should be naked? Don't be shocked and we are not just fantasizing there are some sexy news anchors who read the news by being naked.

So get rid of that boring guy and start your day with some sexy naked news anchors. 

What is a Naked News? 

Naked news is not like your daily boring news. You will get to know about all the latest news with sexy anchors who love to be naked in the newsroom.

So why go towards that boring news show when you are getting news with sexy and hottest anchors who are ready to be naked to make your news exciting.

And this not only ends this news anchor also goes on the field naked to take one on one interactions and to take some random views, questions and answers from people.

Don't you think you are at a loss if you are still watching a conventional news channel? Because with their sexy body this news anchor is making the whole news exciting and sexy.

In this blog, we are going to know about naked news and some hottest and most sexy news anchors. Stick to the last to know about the sexiest one.

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Nude Reporters: Top 10 Hottest Nude News Anchors (2022)

Current Anchors

1. Shanon Blake


With her perfectly shaped pair of boobs and tight pussy which you would love to eat, Shanon Blake makes the whole news hot.

When she reads the news it is very hard to focus on one thing.

Once you start to watch her shows, we are challenging you that you won't go for any other news anchor with her sexy body she steals the whole show.

Mostly she is famous for her studio shows but sometimes she loves to do outdoor shows also.

And not just news she is also a true follower of yoga and you can also enjoy naked yoga with this sexy.

Her naked body will motivate you to perform yoga every day.

2. Eila Adams


What else do you want if you have a girl with a big smile and curvy sexy body?

You can't stop yourself from falling in love with this hottie, her perfectly rounded boobs, and her ass which you would love to eat.

A girl like Elia Adams is the reason for most of the viewers to watch naked news.

She is not a newsroom person, she is a wandering sexy bird who would love to take a round of beaches.

As she loves traveling you will get her most on the travel-related news show and because of her sexy body, it is worth it to watch.

3. Tia Larose


The sexy girl Tia Larose would always love to have fun in the newsroom.

You can't take your eyes off her because of her small boobs and tight pussy.

You can see naked in many shows like Hollywoodxposed and also in video blogs with other anchors.

With her anchoring skills and naked body, she always steals the show and makes space in the heart of viewers.

Her news off-the-top show is so famous you will get all the current happenings in the world without getting bored with her.

Her funny attitude will keep you engaged till the end.

4. Marina Valmont


If one has a sexy tight body then why wouldn't do a showoff and Marina Valmont is of this thought. 

Whether she is in the studio or interviewing some random lucky guy or at the beach she loves to be naked.

You can't miss her any show because she makes any show so engaging with her naked body and a big smile which will instantly make you fall in love with her. 

Are you one of them who thinks video games are for nerds then you might be wrong because pornstars are playing video games on twitch and the best part of that is Marina Valmont loves to share all the latest video game news with her tight naked body.

5. Frankie Kennedy


Whether Frankie is in the newsroom or somewhere at the beach her show is worth it to watch.

Her perfectly shaped big boobs and big ass will make you her instant fan.

Once you start watching her naked news then there is no going back.

Her interviewing skills are awesome and keep you engaged in her whole video segment.

You can also get to see live naked videos that will surely make you wet

6. Whitney St. John


This blonde hair and blue eyes girl will surely make you mad. Her juicy tits and ass you would love to eat day and night.

She loves to do studio shows and outdoor segments if any.

You can see her on the beach interviewing people or on the street naked. Her specialty is in entertainment and sports.

She loves to do these two segments. So if you are looking for something related to sports or entertainment then with news she will her body will also be entertaining for you.

Her juicy boobs will excite your dick to get hard and you can't resist this urge.

7. Madison Banes


This brunette beauty is like she has only been born for being a naked news anchor.

Her perfectly shaped tits and slim body make her the sexiest girl on the planet and whether is in the studio or the wild for doing some outdoor segment she always goes naked.

This sexy girl is very well versed in anchoring skills and know-how to keep you engaging with questions and sexy body. 

It feels like she is by birth a nudist and you can't get over her easily.

She is not like others whom you see and forget later this girl will make space in your head permanently.

8. Alana Blaire


With small tits and tight pussy you would mostly see this sexy in the studio doing various shows with a naked body.

With her amazing funny nature, this girl will make the show so light.

She loves to do yoga, traveling, and cooking but you would see her mostly doing a segment of news off the top on naked news. 

Guest Anchors

1. Kyrsta


We are sure that you will not ask this why we have listed on a number one once you saw this sexy girl.

Her perfectly shaped round juicy big boobs are cherry on the top of her beauty.

She is one of the sexiest guest anchors on naked news.

She often loves to interact with people on beaches, parks, or streets by being topless while flaunting her juicy boobs. 

She has also done video blogs with Tia Larose and also shows like News Off the top, Weather report and she steals every show with the grace of her sexiness.

2. Kylie Morgan


How can we miss this beauty? She is like God has crafted her with special attention.

If you are missing her traveling segment then you are really doing a great loss of yours.

When you see her naked while interviewing people on the beach or the street you can't stop yourself from masturbating, her tight pussy big round juicy boobs surely will make you wet.

Don't you think naked news should permanently hire her? Wherever she goes she makes that place exotic with her presence.

Her long blonde hair and sexy slim body are the centers of attention when she goes outside naked.

3. Romi Rain


Romi Rain is a famous superstar of the adult industry and guest anchor at naked news.

We have listed her last but it does not mean that she is the least this busty babe with her big ass and big boobs will always grab your attention.

Taking interviews of people randomly on the street while being naked or doing shows in the studio she loves to do her work.

Once you start watching her shows then there is no end. It will be like a habit you can't take your eyes off from her. 

We know you are like us thinking that news should be more attractive and engaging and finally, naked news did this for us. Bringing one of the best adult industry stars and nudists to read the news naked news has changed the whole market of the news industry.

Now you don't have to get to know about your surroundings or the world happening with that boring face guy in the suit.

Naked news anchors are always ready to make news exciting with being naked on the show and not just on the show they also do outdoor segments naked. 

So hereafter no boring news we have listed some best-naked news anchors to which you can follow on naked news and keep yourself updated with these sexy gals.

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