Top 50 Hottest Female Masturbation GIFs [Cum in 7 Seconds]

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Top 50 Best Female Masturbation Gifs

Like men, women too have to masturbate to release their sexual stress and tension. To watch a woman undress before masturbating itself is a sexy scene and when the real stuff starts you cannot resist from touching yourself irrespective of whether you are a guy or girl.

Therefore, female masturbation clips and videos have always found top spots on the porn sites. Moreover, women have various ways of masturbating as they can use a sex toy like a dildo, vibrator, etc. or they even can use their own hands and fingers.

Also, they can also use fruits like banana and veggies like cucumber, carrot, etc. to relieve themselves. Here we are discussing the top female masturbation gifs and their types which are being downloaded and watched the most as compared to the other gif types.

Let us see these female masturbation gifs in detail:

Shower Masturbation Scenes

Watching a female masturbate and that too under a shower is a pure delight and you can see her hot and dripping wet at the same time.

Moreover, the jets and streams of water provided by the shower reduce the friction between the walls of the vagina and her gingers and the action gets hot, slippery and smooth simultaneously.

Due to all these reasons, the shower masturbation scenes are loved by the porn lovers a lot and you will also find countless female masturbation gifs which are dedicated to showering masturbation.

You may also find a woman using the shower handle or water jet of commode while masturbating which make these gifs a lot kinkier and sexy.

Masturbating On Bed

Despite numerous options, women will always find their bed to be the most comfortable and convenient place to masturbate. They will find plenty of pillows and surround themselves with it and then they will slowly start to undress.

After that, they will ensure a total privacy and then the women will start using their fingers or sex toys in order to masturbate themselves. These female masturbation scenes are very hot and some of the girls lay on their back while masturbating while some of them also prefer to lie on the stomach while fingering.

Therefore, you will find numerous gifs where a woman will be resting on a bed in order to lead herself towards a shuddering orgasm!

Masturbating With Toys

For some women, it can get hard to manage with their fingers and they often have to sleep without an orgasm. However, thanks to the various sex toys available today, women are able to relieve themselves in different ways.

Therefore, there are a lot of porn movies which depict a woman using a sex toy with perfection and there are many porn gifs available on the porn gif sites that validate this fact. Therefore, you can find gifs showing women masturbating with the help of a dildo, clitoris vibrators, and much more.

Such gifs are very popular among the masses and most of the women use them in order to stimulate themselves before a steamy masturbation session.

Masturbating With Panties On

Have you ever seen a woman or a porn star masturbating with her panties on? If not, you are surely missing a great sight because nothing looks sexier than a woman fingering herself by parting her panty slightly off its place.

The scene looks so kinky and hot that men love to watch them and women download them for watching when they feel like masturbating! As a result, there are many female masturbation gifs available too and most of them are trending on the homepages of gif sites and porn websites.

Riding A Pillow

Female masturbation does not always require fingers or sex toys. Sometimes women achieve it just by grinding their pussies on the edge of pillows and the scene is so impactful that it can fuel up your sexual desires as well.

The grinding can be with or without any clothes and we have to admit that grinding looks the best when a woman is completely nude. Most of the gif sites use these grinding scenes and you are able to see them trending on the landing pages or homepages of the adult sites as well.

Anal Stimulation

It is not always necessary that the vagina and clitoris of a woman should be stimulated in order to achieve an orgasm.

A girl or a lady can even stimulate her prostate gland by fingering or stuffing her anus. This type of female masturbation is called anal stimulation and most of the times it is powerful enough to give them huge orgasms. The anal hole can be stimulated with the help of fingers or dildos. 

Women have also started to use vibrators and anal plugs in order to masturbate and all of this reflects in the porn movies too. Therefore, you are able to witness numerous movies that carry the anal stimulation scenes which are a fine mix of hot and dirty action.

These anal stimulation scenes are rarely found in the form of gifs but they are certainly available on many of the porn gif sites.

Female Ejaculation GIFs

The best end to a female masturbation scene is when a woman climaxes with shuddering explosion. However, before cuming many women like to squirt too which is an exciting scene to watch.

Watching a woman squirt is as good as watching her cuming as both the things can only be achieved when she has crossed the boundaries of pleasure. As a result, you can find gifs showcasing women and girls squirting wildly and these scenes are adored and loved by the porn lovers to the core.

Parting words

These were the top female masturbation gif types that are insanely popular around the world.

For more such updates remain glued to our site and you can even suggest us new ideas and concepts that are rising to fame in pornography. Watch the females masturbating and download them in gif forms if they arouse your kinky side.

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