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Top 50 Best Anal Gifs

Some people might find anal sex overrated but it is a true blessing for numerous people who have experienced it in the right way. The demand for anal sex scenes has been rapidly increasing these days because of the level of kinkiness and oomph it brings to a particular scene.

Therefore, you can find anal sex videos, photos and much more on almost all the porn sites. It is also a known fact by now that the premium porn sites prefer anal sex videos over regular sex videos simply because they are more amazing and less risky as compared to vaginal sex.

Today we are discussing the top anal gif types which capture our attention quickly and compel us to view or download them.

Let us discuss these anal gif types in detail:

Missionary Anal Sex Gifs

Though it is one of the toughest ways to do anal sex, a missionary anal sex scene is usually loved because of the amount of tension and friction it creates between the partners who are engaged in a sex scene. Therefore, you may also discover numerous anal gifs on the porn gifs sites as well.

Anal sex is hot but it gets hotter when we see it in the classic missionary position and more so when it is depicted perfectly in a gif.

Up Close Anal Sex Gifs

Anal sex is all about the dick and the butthole. Therefore, it hardly requires anything else to make an anal sex gif sexy.

As a result, you can see a wide range of anal sex gifs which are zoomed versions of the anal sex scenes. These gifs are loved by the porn lovers as they find the hot anal pounding hot and arousing.

Doggy Style Anal Sex Gifs

Doggy style is perhaps the most famous position for having an anal intercourse.

You can see tons of doggy style anal sex scenes featured on the top porn sites on the internet. The perfect position for having anal sex and the perfect sound created due to the slapping of thighs on the buttocks make doggy style a favorite position even for the porn stars.

Doggy style anal sex can be seen in the form of gifs and people love to watch and download them as well.

Spanking Gifs

One of the best thing about anal sex is the liberty of ass spanking which makes it look all the more appealing and sexy. The spanking starts getting painful as the slaps get harder and women tend to enjoy this blend of pain and pleasure thoroughly.

Therefore, spanking scenes are always been watched with great attention by the porn lovers. Such spanking scenes are presented in the form of gifs as well and people love to have them saved in their hard disks and memory cards for future use.

Men even like to share such spanking gifs with their female partners whenever they wish to get naughty on the chat or over the phone. All these facts make spanking gifs a huge hit amongst the porn lovers.

Gay Anal Sex Gifs

The only way to have intercourse for a gay couple is through the anal route.

Therefore, gay sex predominantly consists of anal sex scenes only which are hot and steamy as hell. Therefore, whenever you watch a gay gif on a porn site or porn gif site, most of them are anal sex scenes being portrayed in different positions.

A huge collection of gay anal sex gifs are uploaded on the porn sites every day and people, especially the women and gay men like to watch and download them.

Anal Fisting

Anal fisting is a popular way to have sex especially for lesbian couples. In this scene, a woman tries to inserts her fist inside the anus of her partner after lubricating the hand and butthole thoroughly.

Once completely in, she begins to rock the fist in a to-and-fro motion which makes the scene look unbelievable, kinky, dirty and sexy all at the same time. Anal fisting scenes can be performed only by the professionals and therefore you might not actually see many gifs related to anal fisting.

However, some of the porn gifs sites have anal fisting gifs which are a real treat to the eyeballs and especially for the lesbian couples.

Playing With Anal Toys

Lesbian and gay couples love to play with anal sex toys. Anal sex toys comprise of anal vibrators and plugs which can be a source of great pleasure for the couples who enjoy anal intercourse.

These anal sex toys can also be used while masturbating and are much smaller than dildos which make them ideal for anal sex. Anal sex toys are to be used with lubes and you find numerous anal sex-based videos and movies featuring anal toys as a way to excite and play with each other.

These scenes comprising of anal sex toys can be found in the gifs as well and there are numerous gifs on the porn gif sites which establish this fact.

Anal Creampies

Anal creampies can be achieved by a couple when they do not use a condom while performing the scene and they also do not mind the dick being pushed in and out of the butt hole even after having an orgasm.

Therefore the semen starts flowing out of the anus and thus an anal creampie scene gets completed. Such anal creampies are in great demand nowadays and they are hot, erotic and steamy as well.

They are also readily available in the form of gifs as you can find them easily on the porn gifs sites.

Parting Words

Anal sex is a pleasure to watch and it also looks great when presented in a gif. These were the different types of anal sex gifs which are popular and you can also suggest if you know about more such types of anal gifs. Enjoy anal porn and download tons of anal sex gifs on the free gifs sites!

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