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Top 50 Best Amateur Sex Gifs

It is a thrill to watch amateurs perform in a porn video or movie. Amateur porn usually refers to the kind of porn video or clip which is either homemade sex videos or featured on amateur couples with the help of a low-quality camera.

However, there are numerous porn production houses that feature amateur couples and shoot the porn scenes in HD quality. The demand for amateur porn has been increasing day by day as they are exclusive in nature and feature juvenile and inexperienced porn stars.

Also, there are many paid porn sites that provide a hot collection of exclusive amateur videos especially for the people who love to watch amateurs perform in a sex video. Today we are discussing the amateur gif types that are widely popular over the internet and are readily available on the gif porn sites.

Let us have a look at these amateur sex gif types in detail:

Amateur kissing

Most of the amateurs are good at kissing but there are many amateur couples who fail to impress us with their kissing styles. They are either too sloppy or fail to use the tongue correctly. Though such kissing scenes can be meaningless to many people some of us like to see the teens picking up the art of kissing slowly.

Also, these kissing scenes can actually get humorous and sexy at times depending on the situation and the couples involved. Therefore, there are countless gifs that feature amateurs kissing each other passionately. Such gifs are a treat to watch especially to the ones who have just started watching porn.

Amateur blowjobs

The art of giving a perfect blowjob can be mastered only by a few women and most of them are professional swingers or porn stars. However, we cannot ignore the scene when an amateur girl tries to swallow a dick bigger than the length of her face.

Also, the innocent look in her eyes, her attempt to make the blowjob more meaningful and all such acts make the scene look cute, innocent and sexy in its own ways. Therefore, a huge number of people around the world loves to watch amateur girls giving a blowjob.

Amateurs eating cum shots and getting facials are also among the common scenes that we see in the porn videos. All these scenes are depicted briefly in the porn gifs as well and there are numerous amateur gifs that comprise of blowjobs as well.

Similarly, amateur handjobs too look interesting and sexy and there are numerous gifs uploaded on the porn gif sites that validate this fact.

Lesbian amateurs

A porn content which is a combination of a lesbian and amateur scene can make anyone drop their juices in seconds. Amateur lesbians are passionate, love tenderly and make few innocent mistakes all of which looks cute and appealing on the screen.

Therefore, there is a huge demand for amateur lesbian porn on the internet and most of the porn sites proudly feature them in separate categories. You can also find tons of lesbian amateur gifs on the payor free porn gif sites. These gifs are kinky and sexy as hell and porn lovers prefer to watch and download them in huge numbers.

Amateur threesomes

You might have heard about amateur threesomes between co-ed students and teachers. Amateur porn has become so popular only because of such hot and kinky themes which entice people and make them watch amateur threesomes with lust and anticipation.

Such kinky and hot amateur threesomes are also available in the form of gifs and you won’t miss out of them whenever you find them on the internet.

Amateur sex

Amateur sex can be a blend of numerous things. It may include a little bit of nervousness, a lot of excitement and desire to go for more as well. There can be a few mistakes here and there but that does not alter their determination and zeal to go completely crazy while having sex.

All these factors make amateur sex scenes more interesting and appealing then even some of the professional porn videos and therefore people love to see them in action. You can view a brief sample of amateur sex in the form of gifs as well as many porn sites prefer to have them showcased in their gif category.

First-time amateurs

There are many amateur porn videos that feature girls who are having sex for the first time or at least they pretend it to be like that. Most of these amateur films sound like popping up a cherry or something like that which gives you a fair idea about the content which is going to be featured inside.

Some of these first-time sex videos also portray the breaking of the hymen and most parts of these videos show the girls writhing in utter discomfort and pain.

After quite some time they begin to enjoy the process and the scene culminates with the guy pulling out his prick which is usually smeared with blood that was leaked while breaking the hymen.

Such scenes are rarely exhibited in gifs but there are few paid gif sites which contain hymen breaking scene captured with perfection.

Most people like to watch such gifs and videos but some of them also refrain from it because they feel uneasy to watch a dick covered with blood or blood spilled on the thighs of the girl or on the bed sheets. Therefore, if you are amongst such people who dread watching blood, you should refrain from watching such gifs.

Parting words...

These were a few of the amateur gif types that are heavily viewed, downloaded and rated on the internet. If you know about some other types please share your ideas and thoughts with us through e-mail. Amateur porn is one of the most popular niches and the scope of entertainment from amateur porn is huge. 

This has improved the number of amateur porn gifs on the internet as people are getting more drawn towards the gifs due to their busy lifestyle. 

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