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Top 50 Best Sex GIFs

There are many ways to satisfy your porn watching urge and people are finding new ways of exploring it through live sex cams and video chats.

Even so, most of the people are shy and prefer to watch adult videos and images in private.

Some people love to entice their partners and sometimes tend to send porn videos and images through e-mail or messages. However, it does not look cool to share adult videos and pictures seem to be boring and lustreless.

Therefore, if you really want to impress your partner then you can share sexy gifs with them as it neither seems to be an overtly bold move nor does it look too coy. Sex gifs come in various forms and each of them can stimulate your senses in different ways.

Today we are discussing those sex gifs that regularly feature in the top 50 sex gifs of porn sites. You can also find these gifs in the memory cards and hard disks of porn lovers who do not miss to download every sexy gif that looks hot and exciting.

We can categorize the porn gifs in their respective categories. Here we have classified them carefully in a unique way so that whenever you feel like searching the gifs you can use these categories as keywords for your searches.

Let us see these categories in detail:


Whenever you will type hot gifs or sexy gifs in the search bar of Google or any other search engine you will see very random stuff presented to you. Also, you can get a similar experience when you are using any porn site that has a massive collection of sex gifs. Sexy or hot does not always mean hardcore sex or porn gifs.

Sometimes it can show you simply a girl showing her assets or a guy kissing a girl in different ways or even a girl licking an ice-cream like it is a human dick. Therefore, whenever you type hot or sexy gifs be ready to witness a long range of gifs that may also include the hardcore sex gifs you are looking for.

Nevertheless, these gifs are interesting in their own way and you can definitely share some of them with your lover.

Blowjob GIFS

You can never go wrong with some of the keywords and blowjob is one of them. Whenever you will use this keyword you will find a hot collection of erotic and sensual blowjobs that might be good enough to burst your nuts as well.

Apart from that, you can also use the keywords "giving head", "sucking dick like a pro" etc. and these keywords will always give you the desired results.

Lesbian GIFS

Most of us especially men do get lured towards the lesbian category whenever we enter a porn site.

The same trend follows in sex gifs as well and people tend to use this keyword more often. However, it may not always give you the desired results as the lesbian section can include a mere cuddling lesbian couple or even a lesbian couple that is walking hand-in-hand in a park.

Therefore, whenever you use lesbian be sure to add another keyword such as lesbian kisses, lesbian sex, lesbian threesome, etc. to obtain the desired results. After that, you will always find steamy and jaw-dropping lesbian scenes in the form of a gif.

Steamy GIFS

Like some of the gif keywords or types mentioned here the search with a steamy gif too can deviate over a wide range of sex gifs. Remember that there are a whole lot of things that can be steamy apart from sex scenes.

These things can include a steam bath and if you are lucky enough you even might a gif showing a nude girl taking a steam bath. In the worst case scenario if you directly type steamy gifs in the Google search bar you may find a whistling with fumes of steam.

Also, remember that steamy does not always mean hardcore sex it sometimes also means a steamy kiss or a steamy lovemaking session. Therefore, if you are looking for such type of gifs you can always type two keywords which will make your search more specific.

Hopefully, these keywords gave you an idea of the ways in which you can narrow down your search for sex gifs.

Now let us take a look at some of the most erotic types of sex gifs:

  • Anal sex gifs: Anal sex is the hottest when it comes to sex gifs as it shows a man or woman in a compromising position when he or she takes a dick with a submissive look on their faces.
  • Oral sex gifs: Oral sex gifs can come in a lot of types such as a woman giving a blowjob to a man, a man licking her pussy and pleasuring her clitoris, girl on girl lesbian pussy licking scenes and even men on men gay oral sex scenes are in demand nowadays. Be it anything, oral sex gifs are always dirty and kinky as hell.
  • Vaginal sex gifs: This can be one of the most preferred types of sex gifs as they show men and women in a sensual intercourse that can either look very arousing or very kinky. Gifs that show a woman getting rammed in various positions very often attract many eyeballs.
  • Masturbation sex gifs: Masturbating sex gifs have always been on the priority of porn lovers since they give them an opportunity to observe the facial expressions of men and women who are masturbating by themselves.
  • Toy sex gifs: Gifs that show men and women playing with sex toys are rising to fame nowadays especially with the rise of animated and cartoon sex gifs as they can show over the top scenes especially when it comes to women playing with huge dildos and vibrators.


These were some of the sex gifs and their related keywords which are trending on the internet right now. If you want to know more about the sex gifs please stay glued as we are presenting top sex gifs in every porn category!

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