Top 10 Best Lotion and Other Household Objects for Masturbations in 2023

Looking for the best lotion for masturbation?

You are at the right place.

By minimizing friction, lubricants, often known as lubes, can make sexual practices more joyful and comfortable.

While some options are OK to employ, others should be avoided. People may be unable to obtain personal lubricants at times.

In these cases, they may want to try using a different type of lubrication. It is critical, however, that they select a safe choice.

This article examines the many forms of personal lubricants, as well as possible safe lubricant alternatives and the best lubricants available in the market.

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Top 10 Best Lotion for Masturbation [2023]: Jacking off/Jerk off lotion

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My recommended best lotion for jerking off: easily available in your house

1. Lotion

So many young preteen and adolescent lads' first lube. If you can apply the lotion to the delicate skin on the inside of your wrist, it's likely that it won't bother your penis. Vaginas, on the other hand, are a whole different matter. Because of the delicate bacterial environment in the vaginal area, we don't advocate applying lotion on it.

Here are some pointers for those of you with penises. Look for unscented, natural lotions. Most of them include alcohol, parabens, or other nasty substances, so you'll want to avoid those as well. Because coconut oil has no extra substances, one should use it as a moisturiser and lubricant.

Another disadvantage of lotion is that it dries faster than a lubricant. Because lotions are designed to be absorbed, lubes (at least excellent lubes like WET Naturals Silky Supreme) are designed to be non-absorbent, allowing them to last longer. 

What's the biggest advantage of applying lotion? Your penile skin will be softest and smoothest.

2. Baby Oil

Baby oil, like coconut oil, is relatively inconspicuous to the body. It's smooth, it'll last a long time, and it'll leave you smelling like a fresh new born.

The only thing you'll have to be concerned about? Baby oil, like coconut oil, corrodes latex and polyisoprene condoms like the Lifestyles SKYN.

So, while you may use it to beat your flesh, keep it out of the way when you're meeting between the sheets.

It's hydrating and lubricating, and it doesn't ball up like a lot of other lubes.

3. Removable Showerhead

Who doesn't like a showerhead that can be removed? It will not only assist you in getting into all those nooks and crannies, but it will also feel amazing in there. The majority of them are movable.

The finest part is that they aren't only for vaginal users. They may be used for anal stimulation as well as a relaxing penis massage.

Everyone should have a showerhead! Just make sure you don't use one to give yourself an enema.

It can result in diarrhoea or, in the worst-case scenario, a bowel rupture. If you require an enema, use an enema kit that has been authorised.

Bad ideas for household items used for masturbating

1. Soaps

Although these cleaning chemicals are normally healthy for your body, getting them up your urethra can cause a lot of pain.

When massaged too hard, it can also dry out the skin.

That's why, when you get out of the shower, you should moisturise.

2. Shaving Cream

Shaving cream can irritate more sensitive areas of the body at times.

While shaving down there is typically OK, the constant friction created by jerking off might aggravate the discomfort. Keep your distance!

Best Lotion for Masturbating you can purchase

1. Shibari Premium Personal Lubricant

Shibari lubricants are 510(k) certified, which means the FDA has reviewed them and determined that the recipe is safe and effective for use by consumers.

Quality and dependability are synonymous with the Shibari brand.

Our water-based product is sterile, non-staining, hypoallergenic, and condom compatible, with no colours or odours.

Our premium lube is specially created to slide for a smooth feeling and silky soft skin, using high-quality components for optimum relaxation.

2. Swiss Navy Premium Masturbation Cream

The Swiss Navy is one of the most well-known lubricant companies, producing high-end items in which a little goes a long way.

The packaging is modest and easy to mistake for non-sexual lubricant items, so it has the added benefit of being inconspicuous.

3. Stroke Oil Stroke 29 Masturbation Cream

Stroke 29 in the producer of Gun Oil has been chosen at the very top of the list. People adore it for a variety of reasons, according to our research.

Allow me to explain something big about this magical charm before moving on to the qualities.

The lube's name is Stroke 29, and there's a reason for it. It will become a hot and slippery material after the 29th stroke when you are masturbating with this lubrication.

That will undoubtedly heat up the situation to the point that you will be inappropriate. You'll be on the verge of ejaculating, and Stroke 29's tremendous impact will propel you into another realm.

4. Sliquid H20 Original Water Based Lubricant

The only original water-based personal lubricant that's 100 percent glycerin-free, paraben-free, and vegan, sliquid H2O intimate lube is the safest, most natural lube you can buy, 8.5 oz, proudly created in the United States, all sliquid products are available. This item is authentic and was imported directly from the United States. The pH of the product is between 4.0 and 4.4.

DEA, gluten, glycerin, glycol, parabens, PEG, propylene glycol, sorbitol, and sulphates are all absent from this product. It's also vegan-friendly, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic to boot.

  • Toys made of latex, rubber, plastic, and silicone are safe.
  • Formula based on purified water
  • Non-staining, flavourless, and odourless
  • Uniquely formulated to mimic your body's natural lubrication.

5. Special Biofilm Inc Astroglide Gel 4

ASTROGLIDE Gel relieves vaginal dryness and is safe to use with latex condoms, just like our original recipe. Learn how this lubricating gel helps to ease sexual pain, inflammation, and dryness in the vaginal area. In this regard, Special Biofilm Inc Astroglide Gel 4 may be of interest to you. It doesn't smell like a lubricant at all. On the contrary, it has a fantastic flavour that will brighten up the pleasant minutes.

Pros: better to use when it's chilly or cool to touch (on hands) and keep in a cool place.

Cons: Astroglide seems runny at body temperature or above.


Glycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Methylparaben, Glucono Delta Lactone, Sodium Hydroxide, and Purified Water.

6. Wicked Creme Masturbation

Wicked Sensual Care Collection's oil-based stroking and massage cream for men comes in a 120ml bottle. Wicked Crème Men's Lube is a one-of-a-kind oil-based personal lubricant designed specifically for men's solitary play. As the fortified, nutritious cream melts with the warmth from the body, the lubricant changes into a non-greasy liquid lubrication. It contains Vitamin E and gives better glide, which is sensually exciting and provides unrivalled pleasure.


Apply a tiny amount of the cream to the targeted area for lubrication. Clean up simply with mild soap and water after completion.


If irritation occurs, stop using it and consult a doctor. Condoms made of latex are not compatible.

Wicked Sensual Care Collection is an intimate care line from the United States. The luxury lubricants and intimacy enhancers in the product line have garnered several honours. Exclusively for Wicked Sensual Care, paraben-free, vegan, and PETA certified products employ the best quality ingredients currently available in the personal care market. The complete range of opulent lubricants and enhancers has been painstakingly developed to stimulate and satisfy all of your sensual fantasies. Each product has been intended to have a superior sensation and is concentrated to provide additional long-lasting wetness, making it ideal for companion or alone play. Natural ingredients are added to the items to provide them more comfort and peace of mind.

The following are the characteristics of this lubricant:

  • Personal lubricant made of oil.
  • For males, an intimate stroking cream.
  • It starts off as a cream and then turns into a liquid lubricant.
  • Designed for discreet solitary play by males.
  • Packing of 120ml.
  • The base is made of coconut oil.
  • There is no fragrance in this product.
  • A fantastic moisturiser.

7. Nooky Water-based Lube

SELECTING THE RIGHT LUBE CAN MEAN THE WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. A natural water-based lubrication that comes in a stylish, unobtrusive package. - There is no longer any dryness. - Created to aid in the creation of love. - Free of petrochemicals, glycerine, and parabens. Many women experience a lack of lubrication when making love. The fact is that love making isn't always as romantic as it appears in movies; it may be uncomfortable at times and could benefit from some lubrication. As a result, utilising a lubricant like may improve your experience. It is manufactured in the United States in a state-of-the-art FDA-approved facility that has been satisfying the tightest manufacturing requirements for over 20 years. We provide a discrete dryness solution. 

This water-based sexual product is suitable for all devices and is easy to clean, leaving no stains. The package is discrete and ideal for the bedside table.


Free of glycerine and parabens, this product is ideal for sensitive skin.

A silky smooth sex gel that delivers long-lasting lubrication.

Colourless and odourless, it's simple to clean and rinses away with water.

This product is not covered by a warranty.

8. Valm Silicon Based Personal Lubricant

Valm Silicone is a natural-feeling, long-lasting silicone-based personal lubricant. Designed to help with dryness and friction reduction without sacrificing sensitivity.

This paraben-free formulation is waterproof, transparent, and odourless, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

Men, women, and couples will love this lubrication. Discreet packaging with a spill-proof pump mechanism that locks.

It has been thoroughly tested for compatibility with latex and polyurethane condoms and may be used as an anal lubricant.

Valm Silicone is a high-performance personal lubricant that comes in a stylish packaging and is made to strict safety requirements. Valm Silicone is a silicone-based personal lubricant that is highly concentrated, long-lasting, waterproof, unflavored, and fragrance-free. A few drops go a long way in combating dryness and friction without sacrificing feeling.

Valm Lubes are packed in a way that makes them seem and feel like a high-end cosmetic. Simply remove the over cover and spin the locking pump mechanism to fine-tune the amount and placement of the lubricant you want. Valm Silicone is ideal for any intimate use. Apply to intimate areas to improve ease and comfort while also supplementing the body's natural lubricant. Valm Silicone is also an excellent massage oil since it quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving it supple and silky. It's also an excellent anal lubricant that lasts a long time without needing to be reapplied. After each usage, just wipe dry or clean with soap and water.

Valm Silicone is a 510(k) recognised medical device (# K141767) that is safe and effective. It is made in the United States. Compatibility with latex and polyurethane condoms has been thoroughly evaluated. Valm lubes offer unrivalled value. They're high-quality items that come in attractive packaging and are made to the highest safety requirements.

9. Slumber parties Premium Masturbation Crème

The premium cream lubricant is popular among couples; however, it cannot be used with condoms.

It starts off as a silky-smooth massage cream that combines with body heat to produce the most luxurious lubricant your skin has ever felt. It comes in a 4 oz. tube.

This premium cream has long-lasting effectiveness, is suitable for all skin types, and has enhanced sensitivity. Shea Butter is used to hydrate, rejuvenate, and soothe the skin.

Masturbation that is paraben-free, sugar-free, sulphate-free, and scent-free Cream can be enjoyed alone or in tandem with a companion. Ingredients that are unique

10. Paroquet Personal Lubricant

Formula is very long-lasting, non-staining, odourless, and transparent.

For all of your safer sex requirements, use a water-based lubricant that is 100 percent Vegeterian Condom and latex compatible. ID's first personal lubricant.

The recipe has been thoroughly tested for safety and is very long lasting, non-staining, odourless, and transparent. ID is a brand that comes highly recommended by doctors.

This water-based lubricant is silky smooth and won't ruin latex.

Ingredients: Water/Aqua/Eau, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Cellulose Gum, EDTA, Carbomer, PEG-90M, Tetrahydroxypropyl Ethylenediamine, Methylparaben, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate

A quality individual lube might substantially improve your masturbation performance and help you experience a more satisfying masturbation session, whether you're a guy or a woman. 

Lube, on the other hand, may be beneficial for women to combat vaginal drought when masturbating, and for males with a circumcised penis, lubrication is an essential part of all masturbation sessions. 

We have reviewed the best masturbation lubes for men and women in this article, ranging from pure organic oils to well-known lube brands. We have made an effort to choose dependable lubricants and provide guidance if a product has components that are likely to irritate some persons.

We have provided a detailed analysis of the different kinds of lubes and what would suit your personal references along with some of the best household items suitable for you to use as lubricants and the ones that you should stay away from. Happy masturbating all!

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