The Most and The Least Friendly Countries For Sex Doll Brothels?

The 21st century can be considered an era of technology. Jules Verne and Hugo Gernsback dreamed big but couldn’t predict such progress.

Nowadays people can 3D print kidneys and blood vessels, build lasting networks with social media and travel to another city by driverless cars.

Entirely possible it is only the beginning. Since people tend to improve every aspect of life, they can’t avoid upgrading sexual intercourse by implementing new technologies.

Is it possible to invent something new in sex? The answer is definitely ‘yes.’

Right now women and men can forget about pointless tinder dates, porn, and relationships dramas. They can explore their sexuality and make their secret fantasies come true with...a sex doll.

Forget about useless inflatable dolls though. Sex robot market is growing very fast. The whole spectre includes sex-robots simulating primitive behaviour patterns, realistic sex dolls with all the possible body modifications, mini sex dolls, etc. At this point, creators can offer artificially intelligent dolls for any sexual favours. The ones that can moan, answer basic questions and even reject the user (if it turns him on).

Since the concept of the realistic sex doll is pretty new, the prices are still high. There are some affordable dolls on the market under $1000, but you can hardly call it a ‘sex robot.’ Most probably you will be able to buy just specific body parts for this amount.

Full-sized dolls with all the features cost up to $10.000. For this price, you can choose the materials, size of her breasts, nipples, butt, etc. However, not everybody wants to spend a lot of money on something they have never seen before. So, there is another option. Nowadays men who want to learn how sex with a robot or a doll feels like can easily do it in...brothels!

The idea of sex doll brothels might sound pretty unusual. From another hand, this concept has already been adopted in a dozen countries.

Discover the most and the least friendly countries for sex doll brothels. Maybe your next trip will be truly special.


Sex doll brothels look pretty similar in all the countries. At first sight, it looks like a hotel. In some countries (like Germany or Canada) you will see huge billboards that will point you in the right direction. However, it is not the case for many other countries where an idea of making love to a doll is just unacceptable. For example, doll brothel owners in Moscow decided not to mention an exact address on their website since they don’t want to provoke civil activities.

Right now there are eleven active sex doll brothels in nine countries of the world.

Barcelona, Spain

The first sex doll brothel in Europe was open in Barcelona in 2017. There are eight female dolls and one male doll named Ken. Once you book an appointment, you can tell owners about your preferences, and they will dress and pose the doll according to your desires. Clients will need to pay 100 euros per hour and 80 euros for half an hour.

At this point, sex dolls business is booming in Barcelona. No wonder, Catalonian prostitutes are furious about it. They have been criticizing the whole concept for months. Professional sex workers pointed out that dolls will never be able to replace real women, so they encourage men to give up the idea of sex with silicone girls.


Sex dolls have been popular for a long time in the land of the rising sun. Japanese used to go on a date with silicone love dolls when western men couldn’t even imagine something like this existed.

There are a lot of stories about Japanese men living with their artificial partners. However, the sex doll brothels in Japan are not easy to find. You need to know the locals who can tell you the secret address.

Japanese law is pretty flexible when it comes to defining prostitution though. It states that vaginal intercourse is forbidden. From another hand, erotic massage that includes oral sex is legal (and quite popular over there). So, sex doll brothels can’t be considered illegal in Japan since there is no sexual intercourse with real women involved.

Important to mention, once you are in Tokyo or Kansai region (you can find a lot of hidden love doll brothels there), ask locals about these places and don’t forget to tell your Japanese friends that you are aware that there are dolls instead of real women.

Paris, France

Paris is the city of love and crazy sexual adventures! That’s why Parisians and tourists have the possibility to explore the new sides of their sexuality.

Xdolls – is a French sex doll brothel that welcomes couples as well. The typical one-hour session costs 89 euros. Couples pay around 120 euros. Besides, clients can get a virtual reality headset if they pay 19 euros extra. Indeed, Parisians can try whatever they want!

There were a few protests against the sex doll brothel in Paris, but authorities did nothing about it because the “workers” there aren’t humans.

Moscow, Russia

LumiDolls opened in Moscow just recently. Last year, to be exact. It became a hit during the FIFA World Cup in 2018. Russian dolls’ owners say that their girls are pretty hot since there is a heating unit in each of them. According to the owners, touching warm bodies of silicone dolls feels so much better.

At the moment, the one-hour session in the brothel costs around 80 euros. Also, everybody can rent a doll for a bachelor party. It will cost around 300 euros.

For instance, it is twice as much as a sexual intercourse with a prostitute in Russia.

It’s important to mention that prostitution is illegal in the Russian Federation. However, there are still a lot of websites where you can find services if this kind. Activists consider the idea of LumiDolls brothel not ethical and ask local authorities to shut it down. However, police can’t do anything about it because the place is registered as a hotel and dolls can’t be distinguished from other objects in the room, so there is no crime.

Interesting fact, there is a high-quality photo of assemblyman in front of the brothel. Owners don’t want to see him there since he had an intention to break all the dolls. And there are about 30 available ‘girls’ now.

Since the concept of unusual sex runs counter to traditional values in Russia, its critics spread rumours about the possibility of getting STD in there. The owners, in turn, deny it.

Helsinki, Finland

Finland is the first Nordic country where you can find silicone prostitutes. At the moment there are four realistic sex dolls in Unique Dolls brothel in Helsinki.

The owners are very engaged in their business. They even came up with the motto for their brothel. ‘More than just a doll.’

There were no heaters inside of the original dolls, so the owners decided to solve this problem. Right now all ‘girls’ are heated up with an air-dryer. Firstly, it is nice to cuddle with something that is warm. Let’s not forget that Finland is a pretty cold country. Secondly, owners say that it helps clients to relax. Especially if it is their first time with the doll. Moreover, it creates the impression of real human warmth.

Russian-owned Unique Dolls brothel charges its clients 100 euros an hour.


Finding such pleasures in China might be pretty challenging right now. The last doll brothel was shut down after two months in business.

The business owner struggled to find a channel for promotion, so he had no income during the first month. Rex, brothel’s owner who was also selling the sex dolls, tried to do everything right and got a good reputation in the end. He kept his dolls clean, so all clients were obligated to use condoms. When he finally found his customers, the police knocked on his door. Displaying sex dolls for sale without covering them is illegal in China.

At this point, you can only rent human-like dolls for $45 per day. New dolls are pretty expensive, so you will have to pay an upfront deposit which is $1.200. However, Chinese authorities try to shut down all the places that can offer such services.

From another hand, there is a sex doll warehouse in China that produces around 400 dolls every month. There is a high demand in the market, so it is a pretty profitable business. The developers’ goal is to create artificially intelligent, realistic sex robots that will be able to satisfy the demand of men all over the world.

Dortmund, Germany

Bordoll is the only one sex doll brothel in Germany. It is owned by Evelyn Schwarz who was a sex worker in the past.

Madam claims that her business is growing pretty fast thanks to sexually open-minded German men who can't resist the temptation to try something new. Evelyn Schwarz says that 70% of her clients are coming back for more.

Surprisingly, wives of German clients tolerate this kind of entertainment for their husbands and don’t consider it is cheating. Important to mention, it’s the first sex doll brothel that is attended by men and women. Couples also come to play. They say it makes their sex life more exciting.

At the moment there are about twelve silicone dolls available. There is also one male doll and one ‘ladyboy,’ so everyone can find a perfect doll for himself. The clients pay 80 euros per hour. There is also a possibility to have a 30-minutes session for 50 euros.


It looks like sex doll brothels are extremely popular in Canada nowadays. There are two doll brothels in Toronto, and one is in Vancouver.

The brothels owners in Canada promise anonymity to their clients. Also, you won’t be able to find their location on the Internet. You should book an appointment on their website, and you will receive the address via call. In Vancouver, you may hear the term ‘secret location’.

The owners of Aura Dolls Brothel in Toronto say that they have more than fifty regular clients who come every week.

Needless to say, the prices for such experience are pretty high in Canada. You can pay up to $240.

Vienna, Austria

Sex doll brothel in Vienna is pretty unique because there is only one doll available. The demand is so high that Fanny - a blond silicone girl is booked for a month ahead.

There are sex shops in Vienna where everyone can buy a sex doll for himself. So, people think it is a pretty risky business to invest in. From another hand, Peter Laskaris, the owner of ‘the silent prostitute’ became viral in Vienna. He bought Fanny for 8.000 euros and now he charges men 80 euros per hour with her. Peter Laskaris admits that he brought this idea from Barcelona.

Where else?

Some sexually open-minded people think it can be a great once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, there are also cases when users build a deeper connection with sex robots and consider them their life partners.

People with unspeakable fantasies can also find relief in sharing a bed with a rubber sex doll. When it comes to an ethical aspect, creators say it is completely healthy since no one is forced into sex slavery unlike in the case of prostitution. Men with violent fantasies should have the possibility to make them come true without involving real women into it.

According to the research of the University of Duisburg-Essen in 2016, 40% of surveyed men consider buying a sex doll.

The concept of sex doll brothel is brand-new, and not everybody is mentally prepared for it. That’s why there are so many confrontations between dolls users and religious groups, professional sex workers, civil activists, and cranky neighbours. Now it is quite challenging to find the location of sex doll brothels. The owners are simply worried about their dolls.

One tendency is pretty clear though. The demand for such services is high. Not a lot of men and women can admit that they want to try sex with the doll. From another hand, sex doll brothels all over the world are getting good profits.

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