Top 10 Cheap Fleshlight Alternatives (2020) – Review & Comparisons

Watching those steaming porn videos have given you so many wildest fantasies, which you can’t wait to try.

All you need is a vagina or anal opening, where you can penetrate your dick as much as you want, and enjoy its warmth. Well, if you do have a partner by your side, then congratulations.

But what about those individuals who are left with no such help? If you are alone and actually want to enjoy your single life, then just go for the sex toys, dude.

Who needs a girl when you have Fleshlight by your side? This brand has created some of the finest artificial anal and vaginal openings-based sex toys, with that real-skin like feel to it.

These are some of the best masturbating toys you can set your eyes on.

how to use a fleshlight -feature-

But, what if Fleshlight is not your cup of tea? Not everyone is a die-hard fan of this adult toy manufacturing brand. If you are one of them and quite bored with using products from this same manufacturing house, it is time to look in for some cheap alternatives.

It is a known fact that Fleshlight has some of the most expensive sex toys in town. If you have a tight budget and are looking for the top 10 cheap fleshlight alternatives, here are suggested names.

1. Fleshskin Blue Ice

Even though a major offering from Fleshlight, the saving grace of Fleshskins’ Blue Ice is its price.

The rate is pretty affordable. Well, let’s just say, just because the price is lower, that doesn’t mean there will be any quality deterioration.

It is practically all skin, which makes this item a cost-effective alternative to some of the expensive sex toys like the Fleshlight Classic Pink.

To use it, you better ensure a secure and tight fit. For that, insert your fingers into each of the available finger holes.

Later, place a generous heap of water-based lube on your dick and then insert it right into this sleeve.

Once you are done masturbating, don’t forget to rinse the product thoroughly with warm water.

That helps in maintaining the hygiene level of your product for a long time.

fleshkin blue ice
  • It comes with a Blue Ice Grip and a drying case separately. You can customize the drying case according to your liking and get it delivered on time.
  • Always a good fit for any penis size.
  • Known for its affordability, making it a huge hit among masses.
  • It is completely textured and manufactured using the same material as a regular sleeve.
  • Even though it doesn’t have that authentic vaginal look to it, there's nothing to complain about as well. The look is great and more discreet than the other options the market has in store.

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  • Known for its flexible look and great grip
  • An amazing affordable option
  • Great quality
  • A discrete item to be shipped anywhere with you
  • Doesn’t look like your conventional vaginal sex toy
  • The finger holes are a bit dorky
  • Just a plain sleeve without any extra protection

2. Tenga Egg

If you really don’t want to invest much for the male sex toys, nothing can beat this $6.99 price of Tenga Egg.

A promising Japanese invention, this product is a portable and throwaway sex toy for all your sexual cravings.

Available in multiple textures, the best part about the eggs is that these items don’t even look like any sex toy.

So, whether you are staying in a dorm or with your parents, you can use this item anytime you want without letting anyone suspect your moves.

Want to know how this Tenga egg provides you with the best ecstatic pleasure? Well, it’s pretty simple.

tenga egg

You just need to crack open the egg first and put your lube within the stroker. Now, put it over your penis, and you are all set to stretch it back and forth. The experience this touch will provide is something you will remember for a long time.

The best part is that this Tenga Egg comes with its own lubricant bag within. So, there’s no need to purchase any lubricant separately. When you are done enjoying it, just wrap it in paper and throw it away.! This material is really soft, and the textures vary from one egg to another.

So, you won’t get bored with this item. The experience is surprisingly realistic, which is hard to get from such a cheap product.! But this Japanese invention has changed people’s viewpoint for good.

  • The soft material used for manufacturing the Tenga eggs with different textures from one egg to another.
  • The stretching of this material uses the best suction, to help you gain that realistic feel to your penis.
  • It is way better than using your simply boring hands for sure.
  • Based on the egg chosen, users will get around 2 to 10 uses of each one before throwing them away.
  • The egg comes with its own lubricant package, so there’s no need to purchase the item from anywhere else.
  • This is quite portable and discrete in nature. It is really difficult to state this egg as a sex device. So, you can use it anywhere without the fear of getting caught.

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$39.00 (Standard)

  • Portable and can be used 5 to 10 times before throwing away
  • There are different textures to add spice to sex life
  • The stretching gives a realistic feeling that many crave for
  • Not a lifetime purchase
  • The available lubricant packet is for only one-time use
  • Quite fragile and can break easily

3. Truskyn Ribbed Stroker by Doc Johnson

So, what if you don’t have hundreds of bucks to spend on a sex toy.

You don’t need to spend more than $30 on a preferable sex toy which is, available right at your fingertips.

The Truskyn Ribbed Stroker by Doc Johnson is your handy dandy help, whenever you are all alone and desperately need to feel yourself.

Why use your boring hand when you have this quality male sex toy readily available?

This product will surely help you to optimize every possible opportunity to let you experience maximum pleasure.

It is a handheld stroker, which comes with a stimulating textured interior. 

Truskyn Ribbed Stroker by Doc Johnson

The non-anatomical design for this product makes it easier to store with ultimate discretion. Only the preferable Platinum TRUSKYN skin is used for manufacturing every product. It is a 100% pure version of health-grade silicone and used to make this sex toy in a proprietary process.

So, the end will be supple and soft, just like that real skinThe best part is its open design, which helps the users to clean it with ease, once done masturbating. For maintaining its lucrative quality for a long time, a proper healthy warm wash after every use is recommended.

With a total length of 4 inches and a weight of 0.2lbs, this item is pretty small and handy. You can carry it anywhere with you, and most people won’t even recognize it to be your pleasure toy.

  • Only the best TRUSKYN Silicone is used for manufacturing the skin of this item. It is handcrafted by experts to present that life-like feel and texture to it.
  • The interior of this product is made out of stimulating rubber. Let’s not forget the discreet abstract design, which helps you to carry it anywhere without getting caught.
  • The interior of this product is made out of stimulating rubber. Let’s not forget the discreet abstract design, which helps you to carry it anywhere without getting caught.
  • This sex toy is known for its odorless, hypoallergenic, and non-porous characteristics. So, it is safe for every man to use.
  • The item is made out of body-safe materials, which are free from phthalate as well.

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  • Discreet and easy to carry
  • A great sensational feel to its use
  • Reusable as many times as you want
  • Have to use it manually as there’s no vibrating motor to it
  • Doesn’t look like a vagina
  • Might not wrap around the whole penis comfortably

4. Tenga 3D

A soothing male sensual masturbator, Tenga 3D, comes in so many textures, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

Also known as a masturbating cup for men, it comes with reusable sleeve design, for providing each and every one the much deserved ultimate pleasure every time.

Not only reusable, but this item is really super easy to clean.

The stylish designing details will make it not just pleasurable but beautiful to look at.

This textured male masturbator is crafted using the most realistic soft and stretchy material. 

tenga 3d

So, every time you use it, you will feel some knee-trembling sensations running through your entire body. This particular 3D version comes in 5 different varieties and each with various internal structures for ultimate experiences.

For that firm constriction and the accentuated stimulus, this product comes in POLYGONS, which are mainly randomly constructed triangles. You will get a water-based lubricant with the item as well. So, no need to invest any extra buck for that.

The interior is soft and made out of thermoplastic elastomer material. So, the soothing feel of its touch is more than enough to get your nerves running. For enjoying its ultimate beauty, try using it with the Tenga specialized lotions, available in 4 pleasurable styles.

  • It is a reusable male sex toy, which is easier to clean and comes in 5 different varieties.
  • The interior of this product is manufactured using super stretchy and soft textured material.
  • Each variety has different interior structures for keeping boredom at bay.
  • The protruding blocks of the MODULE version will rub against the penis for firmer sensation. It even has receded blocks, which will cling onto the male genitalia for an amazing pleasure.
  • Another one is the PILE version, where triangles are gently stacked to create protrusion around the surface region. It helps in giving a soft sensation at the base with a rippling stimulus.
  • POLYGON is another type, which is constructed by placing random triangles embellished on the surface for that firmer construction and accentuated stimulus.
  • The fourth one is SPIRAL with multiple sensations because of its spiral. There are detailed ribs on every wall, which are combined to offer two separate stimuli of soft and hard sensations.
  • The last one is ZEN, which comes with fine ribs, combined to form smoother intertwining sensations. The sleeve is regular in size and has a separate “hard” edition to it. Here, the material is a bit firmer for delivering intense pleasure.

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$39.00 (3D Spiral, 3D Module,

3D Zen, 3D Polygon or 3D Pile)

  • Soft interior and made using safety materials
  • Discreet to look at
  • Easy to carry
  • Available in multiple variations to choose from
  • Some people can’t feel the intense pleasure
  • A bit expensive when compared to other options
  • The walls are not too pronounced

5. Charged Cock Rings - Screaming-O

Thanks to its affordable rates, the charged cock rings are gaining quite some popularity among the masses.

These products have also proven to hold a rage among couples, to add more fun to their sex life.

Not just for couple-funs, but this toy is perfect for solo players as well. If you love vibration, this toy is definitely the one to try out for sure.

There are primarily two components of the Charged Cock Rings from Screaming-O. So, let’s just get into the details.

The first part is it'sit's amazing cock ring. You can wear it at the base of your penis, right behind the balls. 

charged cock ring screamin-o

The main purpose around here is to restrict normal blood flow, leading to a male erection. This constriction will help you get a fuller erection and help maintain the same after ejaculating as well.

If you are wearing it behind the balls and with a tight hold, the ring helps in applying pressure on the perineum. Now that’s what pleasure means. Isn’t it? The second part of the Charged Cock Rings will be the vibrator. As understood from the name, its main function is to vibrate the penis.

The guy will be in total control of its stimulation. When compared to the other sex toys in the market, this one always takes the cake.! So, for that sensual feeling without burning a hole in the pocket, this item is what you should be looking for.

  • The vibrating ring is unique and known for its flexible fins. The main purpose around here is to add some extra length to the penis and make men cum easily.
  • The cock ring will feature that deep rumbling vibration, which you can enjoy solo and even with a partner as well.
  • The vibrator comes with multiple speeds. There are ten functions for you to explore, each one different from the rest.
  • Not just a perfect fit, but the ring is pretty comfortable to wear for hours. A secure and comfortable fit is the result of this sex toy.
  • Available in two different colors, you have every right to choose the one that suits your style or feel well.

product link



  • Great fit with additional vibrations
  • Made with safe materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable to last long
  • Not good to be used in missionary form
  • A bit uncomfortable for some men
  • Cannot use silicone lube with this product

6. Cal Exotics Super Head Honcho Masturbator

Want to give your penis a blowjob fit for royalty?

If so, then why not try out the Super Head Honcho Masturbator, a perfect device from the best maker of adult sex toys since 1994, Cal Exotics.

It is an award-winning alternative to Fleshlight, which is now back with more erotic and longer experience than before.

This product is well-featured with extra stroking pleasure, designed to stimulate every cell and nerve of your penis.

The amazing tightness of the product, along with its texture, will make you drool for some more.

cal exotics

This item is 6.5 inches long and 2.75 inches wide. So, it is one perfect size for all and ready to match all your sexual cravings in the best manner possible. The material is stretchy, soft and will wrap around your erected penis in the best way possible.

Thanks to its high-end materials, you will get that ultra-realistic experience just like someone is holding your Willy in her mouth.

The best part is that you can carry Super Head Honcho Masturbator anywhere with you, because of its lightweight and portability. There are three different orgasmic suction chambers available, just to give you the real blowjob feeling.

Each chamber has a different pressure on it, which you will surely love.! For that more realistic approach, don’t forget to put a good amount of lube on your penis or inside this male sex toy. The smooth, realistic feel will make you scream with pleasure.

  • This is an award-winning sex toy, which comes with three different suction chambers. It helps in stimulating a real blow job experience.
  • This product is tight and stretchy and comes with an intense ribbed interior for ultimate oral sensation. That extra inch will definitely add intense stroking pleasure.
  • The 6.5 inches sleeve is made out of the best and safe materials for that perfect stimulation. It is your ideal companion, wherever you go. It is discrete and small and can be stored anywhere you want.
  • The thermoplastic elastomer or TPE is of high quality and comes with hypo-allergic features. It is not only soft but flexible too. It has a nubbed internal shaft for stretching out the material further than other silicone alternatives in the market.

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  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Three intense suctions for ultimate pleasure
  • Reusable male sex toy with easy caring means
  • Easy to clean and store with its discreet feel
  • It is shorter for some people
  • Undersized entrance
  • Texture can be a little tough for some
  • Product care information is not specific to the product

7. Cyberskin Stealth Dual Ended Stroker

Works more or less like a Fleshlight item, Cyberskin Stealth Dual Ended Stroker has a sleeve, and it is pretty easy to clean when the deed is done.

Furthermore, this amazing male sex toy is dual-ended. You know what that means.

You can enjoy that favorite pussy feel at one end, and the other end will be more like a blowjob.

You will feel like someone real is deep-throating you, and the ultimate pleasure that follows is hard to describe in words.

When compared to some of the other cheaper versions, this toy from Cyberskin wins the cake.


To top it all, this stroker comes with a suction cup. It means you can just mount it on the wall or any smoother surface if you don’t want to hold it while enjoying your pleasurable moments alone. You can just stick it on the wall and enjoy masturbating while standing as well.

This product comes with realistic texture, just to help you enjoy some additional thrills. Only the body safe thermoplastic materials are used with its rubber base. So, you can use this male sex toy for some of the realistic sensations of all time.

The ribbed tunnel stimulates your penis well with every thrusting, helping you to enjoy the amazing sexual experience. This toy is soft and tight at the same time, for that ultimate stroking experience. For easy cleaning, it comes with a removable sleeve. It is waterproof in nature.

Furthermore, its compact size makes it easier for you to hide anywhere inside your luggage or wardrobe when not in use.

  • This item is known for dual pleasure with its two ends. One end replicates the mouth, and the other recur the vagina. It features a realistic vagina with the same soft and tight feel to it.
  • The texture is pretty much real-like for added thrills. The ribbed tunnel will help to stimulate your penis with every thrust.
  • For that hands-free experience, there’s an adjustable cup available as a part of this machine. You can stick it anywhere on a smooth surface and enjoy sensational pleasure like never before.
  • It comes with removable sleeves, making it easier to clean the product when done masturbating ones. So, it is easier to store and use numerous times.

product link



  • Easy to carry, thanks to its discreet nature
  • A perfect fit for all kinds of penises
  • Dual enjoyment anytime you want
  • Too small for some penises
  • Lube not included in the pack
  • Difficult for someone with bigger girth

8. Doc Johnson’s Belladonna’s Pocket Stroker

Even though the look can sometimes get you, the service this stroker provides is unquestionably satisfactory.

With the low price it has at $24.95, you can’t complain much, can you?

From the hundreds of reviews checked online, people are super happy with this item.

They have fucked this Doc Johnson’s Belladonna’s Pocket Stroker multiple times and can’t seem to get enough of it.

So, let’s learn why this male sex toy is gaining such huge popularity among masses.

Doc Johnson’s Belladonna’s Pocket Stroker

It is known for its realistic replica of a vaginal hole, which will make you cum just by looking at it. It is created using the most realistic life-like UR3. So, now you have this vagina to plunder and experience the best sexual pleasure like never before.

You don’t have to worry about the materials as only the body safe ones are used for manufacturing. It is free from phthalate and made in the USA. So, even if you have sensitive skin and still want to use a male sex toy for ultimate pleasure, you know which one to choose.

  • It comes with the most realistic UR3 life-like feature. This is one highly replicates coveted vagina for people to enjoy.
  • The materials used for constructing this male sex toy are phthalate-free and proven to be safe for all skin types.
  • This is a realistic replicated vaginal male sex toy, molded live from real wet pussy of superstar Belladona.
  • It weighs 12 ounces, making it light in weight and easy to carry around everywhere. The smaller look of it will make the item easier to carry without getting caught and feeling embarrassed.

product link



  • Feels like a real-life vagina
  • Easy to hide because of its small size
  • Light in weight to carry around everywhere
  • Safe for sensitive skin users as well
  • Not quite appealing to look at for some people
  • Not suitable for larger dicks
  • The color fades off quickly

9. PALOQUETH Male Masturbation Cup

Even though you may not have heard about this product, this male masturbation cup from Paloqueth, wins your heart right from its first go.

It isn’t like the other masturbation cups you have tried because it comes with a vibration.

Now, anything that vibrates will add that extra zing to your sensation for sure.

So, if you are actually planning to enjoy that zing and added sensation, investing a mere $23.69 for this product is a rather good decision to make.

This product is available in two versions; version 1 and version 2, and each one is pretty realistic.

PALOQUETH Male Masturbation Cup

Only the highest quality soft TPR is combined well with the ridges, along with multiple textures inside. Add some water-based lube to this product, and things will take a completely new turn from there. You will not just feel this section to be more realistic, but can’t get enough of it.

You can stroke this masturbation cup in any way you want and at any speed. The choice is yours.! There are cut-outs on either side of the mechanism for increasing and even decreasing pressure. Another best feature happens to be its price.

With just $24 to invest, you might find it hard to come across a male masturbation toy with vibration to it.! Well, your search now comes to an end with this item by your side.

  • The realistic feel of a male masturbation cup from Paloqueth makes it a number one choice among masses. It is made using softer TPR, well combined with multiple textures and ridges.
  • The user will have enough control over the pressure and stroke style. There are cutouts at the side for increasing and decreasing the pressure, according to the user’s will.
  • Not just affordable but also this male masturbation cup from Paloqueth comes with great quality. With a bit of water-based lube, the masturbating feel will be of a whole new level.
  • The vibrations will come as added bonuses. With every thrust, the vibration will add more spice to your sensational feelings.
  • The product is easy to use and quite simple to look at. After adding the lube, just turn the vibrator on, and the product is all ready.

product link



  • The items are squeezable
  • Smaller in size
  • Comes with discreet shipping
  • Doesn’t have dual motor
  • No suction cup included
  • Have to purchase lubes separately

10. THRUST Pro Mini Ella Realistic Pocket Pussy

A perfect item from Lovehoney, the THRUST Pro Mini Ella Realistic Pocket Pussy, is designed to help you get the feel of fucking a real pussy.

With such an affordable rate, anyone can purchase this item for a sensational feeling later.

It consists of that super-tight canal, which will embrace the entire penis within and help you enjoy all your wildest fantasies.

THRUST Pro Mini Ella Realistic Pocket Pussy
  • Super tight realistic masturbator for men
  • The base has a hole in it for adding bullet vibrator
  • Real-life TPE for that smooth texture
  • Easy-grip on outside and simple to use and clean

product link



  • Carry anywhere and hide it easily
  • Simple steps to clean the product
  • Durable
  • Have to buy lube separately
  • Could do with better storage
  • Vibrator not included

Your Call is the Final Say

No matter whatever fleshlight alternative you are looking for, the final call is yours. Go through all the available top 10 options as mentioned, and after checking out the features, you can make the final call work for you.

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