Masturbation Techniques for Men and Women (2020)

Masturbating is not a bad practice at all especially if you are doing it properly and not repeating it too many times. Both men and women need to masturbate to relieve their sexual stress and frustration.

This also shows us the fact that most men and women are not sexually satisfied and have to take the support of either porn films or have to imagine and masturbate.

A common practice of masturbation for both men and women is using their hand, and for his, they do not have to spend anything apart from a porn DVD or CD which might help them to masturbate quickly.


However, with the spread of internet usage across various parts of the world this cost has also been reduced to a great extent. Many individuals jerk off only by watching YouTube videos, and this is a common thing for both men and women.

Understanding Masturbation - For Both Men and Women

However, with the advent of modern technology and science numerous sex toys have been invented and some of them have even evolved to a great extent. This helps people to stimulate themselves much faster and in a better way to reach a big orgasm without putting much effort.

For example, the invention of clitoris vibrator has helped women stimulate their clit perfectly which also helps them to reach bigger and better orgasms without even a partner.

The same thing goes for the men as they have been successfully using artificial vaginas and male masturbators to a great effect in the recent times. The lubes and other sex toys have their importance too and help millions of people around the world to masturbate.

Today we are going to discuss these masturbation techniques which would change your perception and masturbating techniques forever, and you will be introduced to a new world of carnal pleasures and fantasies.

Advantages of Masturbation

It is a renowned fact that masturbation has some health benefits. Earlier it was considered a sin to masturbate. With the changing times and progress in medical science, we now know that masturbation is not harmful if done in moderation.

Masturbating releases stress. As we know that a good orgasm releases endorphins in our body. These endorphins help in relaxing your muscles. One should not masturbate in excess as it can become a habit.

Exploring Your Senses

There are many ways by which you can relieve yourself. You can use the help of the devices below.

Visual: Watch a pornographic movie to masturbate.

Written: Certain people find pleasure in reading erotica. These erotic writings sensually depict a sex scene.

Listening: There also are available audio pieces that include horny sounds of men and women. Also, some people record some ASMR sounds that can turn you on.

Getting Ready

  • Get in the right mood: Before you start masturbating, make sure that you have the urge to do it. Set the right spirit and get to a separate room. Think about the pleasure that you are going to receive.
  • Keep your private parts clean: Make sure to wash your vagina often. You do not want to develop any kind of infection. Also, frequently remove the pubic hair for a better experience. For men too, wash your penis with proper attention. You do not want to make it unpleasant for your partner during oral sex. For better results, use intimate washes available in the market.
  • Start Slowly: When you start masturbating, start it gently as you do not want to orgasm too early. Lightly touch your vagina first and then go for the skin around it. Penetrate with a single finger and later try to insert two or three fingers. Rub the clitoris with gentle touches. Do not rub it vigorously as it can be painful. Men also should stroke their penis gently in the starting. With slight pressure, pull the foreskin behind and then start to thrust. Hold the penis with your fingers in the initial stage and then use the entire fist.

For women

Women always have to struggle a bit harder than men when it comes to masturbating. This is because stimulating the female genitals is not an easy task as they have to be more precise as compared to men who can get hold of their peckers and jerk it of wildly to make their penis erect and masturbate quickly.

However, females have to be sensitive and have to set the right mood and ambience if they want to experience a rock hard orgasm. Below steps tell explain how the women can improve their age-old masturbation techniques and how they can experience better orgasms by following the entire process:

Understanding Female Ejaculation

#1 Get in the Right Mood


It is always important to concentrate on your private parts more if you wish to gain the ultimate pleasure of masturbation more divinely. Women can keep their pussy clean by trimming off their pubic hairs and by cleaning their inner folds and other sensitive parts.

Do not mind taking help of your partner if you are not able to complete these tasks perfectly.


#2 Keep the Private Parts Clean


We are not asking you to put both of yourself together pen and paper test like the one you appear in school, my dear lady. We are asking you to especially put yourself through the test because he is already putting his dick to the test by inserting it in your mouth.

Thus, do not make it feel like it's the usual in and out session normally present in vaginal or anal sex. Strategies the new things to try while sucking his same old cock. His cock will not change, but his wish to get a new kind of fun with your cock sucking will always change.

Thus, try experimenting with cock sucking, go down on the balls or suck his foreskin or some other tricks you can think in your slutty mind.


#3 Start Slowly


There is no need to hurry when you are about to start masturbating. Remember that in the initial part it is the brain that stimulates your sexual urges and therefore it is better to reach a more aroused state slowly before speeding up the process.

Therefore, you need to gentle in handling your genitals at least at the beginning. Start by rubbing the sides of the clit slowly. Do not touch the clitoris directly at the start if you like to build the excitement before commencing the real action.

After a while, you can touch the clitoris directly and start stroking it up and down for a while and try teasing it horizontally or diagonally whichever stimulates you the most.

Do not get too rough or fast as you also need to enjoy the process if you are not just there to relieve yourself but want to reach a satiating and shuddering orgasm.


#4 Keep Swinging


Use your entire body to masturbate. Lie down on the bed and insert your fingers inside the vagina. Thrust your hips while you masturbate. Doing this will replicate the actual sexual intercourse. Put the fingers in the vagina and create a circular motion; this will maximize the pleasure.

Buckle your hips thigh every time you take a finger or dildo in and release the tension every time you remove that thing out. This allows you to replicate the intercourse action more and stimulates both your mental and physical arousal to a whole new level.

You can also gyrate circularly or spirally to arouse yourselves faster. You can also explore a perfect position to masturbate comfortably. Many women like to lay on their back and masturbate while some of them like to sit and masturbate as well.

Find out which position works for you perfectly and ensure that you are safe and comfortable all the way while masturbating as it gives a real high to some women and they tend to ignore things around them which could lead to an unfortunate incident.


#5 Use Sex Toys


Your fingers might not hit the perfect spot. Use a sex toy to take your experience a notch higher. You can choose from a plethora of toys that are available in the market. A standard dildo will get the job done.

But you can always experiment with vibrating devices, strap ons, pegging dildos, etc. You can also stimulate your clitoris with a vibrator to experience an orgasm like no other.

Using a sex toy is not a compulsion especially when you are so horny that you can touch and relieve your sexual frustration. There are so many sex toys in the market such as clitoral vibrators, anal plugs, pegging dildos, dildos, curved dildos and much more.

Using these sex toys is a must if you are not able to stimulate your body and mind to the higher levels of ecstasy. There are many curved dildos in the market especially those with an upward tilt which are perfect to stimulate your G-spot and other sensitive parts inside your vagina.

Use them if you are not able to touch and finger yourself to perfection. We also recommend you to use a clitoral vibrator that can be used for stimulating your clit and for penetrating your vagina as well.

There are some vibrating dildos as well that hit your sweet spots accurately and help you to reach the climax quickly. You need to go deeper if you want to explore the true pleasures. Using a lube can help you reach inner depths more accurately and conveniently.

Therefore, you can buy some skin-friendly lubricant if you like to make it wet and nasty.


#6 Watch Someone Masturbate


You always have the choice of watching a porn video. Watch a sex scene or a masturbation scene, whatever sails your boat. It's liberating for some women to orgasm at the same time as the person in the video. 

Watching someone masturbate is the greatest way of arousing oneself in a quicker and better manner. Therefore, never hesitate to watch a porn movie or masturbation scene of any guy or girl that can excite you enough that you start stroking yourself more vigorously.

It does not matter if you are even watching a female porn star masturbate as all you need is visual stimulation and that does not decide whether you are straight or lesbian.

On the contrary, many straight women in the world masturbate while watching a lesbian scene simply because watching something which is taboo or forbidden excites them more than a regular sex scene.


#7 Stimulate Your G-Spot

Stimulate Your G-Spot

The area around your anus is quite sensitive. Make sure to take care of it. If you want to experience immense pleasure, then stimulate the anal region with the help of a sex toy. A vibrator will give you a fantastic orgasm if you use it to stimulate the G-spot. You can also use two sex toys at the same time that work on your anal region and the vagina simultaneously.

It is important to stimulate your prostate gland as well while masturbating and that can be best achieved by stimulating your anus and the region around it.

Using a pegging dildo or anal vibrator would work wonders, and you might be able to reach much bigger orgasms than you while stimulating your vaginal tract and clit.

You can also leave a vibrating dildo inside your anus and stimulate your clit with your hand or a clitoral vibrator simultaneously if you wish to experience a surreal masturbation session.


#8 Arouse the Breasts


Nipples also contain a large number of nerve endings. Play with your nipples while masturbating. Use your other hand to tickle your nipples, and you will experience an unparalleled pleasure.

Most of the women have sensitive nipples that rise to attention when they are stimulated even in the slightest way. Therefore, do not forget to rub, pull or pinch your nipples whichever excites you the most.


#9 Experiment with Something New


Using the same traditional masturbation techniques often tends to get boring and gradually you begin to lose interest. However, you can experiment with them to bring new sensations that you might not have been ever experienced before.

For example, while masturbating in a bathroom, you can use the nozzle of your shower or water jet to experience how it feels to expose your genitals to a warm or cold gush of water jets. This can stimulate your private parts and then you will be able to experience an orgasm like never before!

If you have a movable shower faucet in your bathroom, you can use it for masturbation. Place the showerhead one or two-inch away from your vagina and start the water flow. The stronger the water's speed, the more pleasure you receive. Make sure to use it on your clitoris also.

#10 Hump a Pillow

Hump a Pillow

This can be an enjoyable and hands-free style of masturbating. Keep a cushion on the bed and get on it. Ride the cushion to replicate the cowgirl position. Place the pillow in any way that you like to receive satisfaction. You also can place a hand towel on the cushion to give it a texture.


These were some of the steps that a woman can follow is she wishes to innovate or improvise her masturbation technique.

Different Kinds of Masturbation for Women

  •  Clitoral masturbation: Women can tease their clitoris while masturbating. They can use their fingers to do so or a sex toy. A vibrator can stimulate a great orgasm. As the clitoris has the most nerve endings, its only purpose in the human body is to provide pleasure. 
  •   Vaginal Masturbation: Use your finger/fingers to penetrate your vagina. You can also use a dildo to masturbate your vagina.
  •   Anal Masturbation: Use your fingers or a sex toy to penetrate your anus. 
  • Combo Technique: You can stimulate your vagina and the clitoris at the same time. Use a sex toy or your hands to do so. Insert a toy inside your vagina and tease your clit with your fingers.

Masturbation Positions for Women

Women can enjoy masturbation in multiple positions. The common way is to lie down on the bed and get started with using your fingers. You can also copy the cowgirl motion by placing a dildo on a flat surface and then riding it. You can also go for doggy-style with the help of a wall mount sex toy. Click here to learn more about female masturbation.

For Men

Men have always been addicted to masturbation and that too from a very young age. However, most of the times men are not able to masturbate correctly which does not satiate their sexual urges completely and they are forced to masturbate more which negatively hampers their health.

By following these steps men can achieve stronger, harder and satisfying orgasms like never before:

Understanding Male Ejaculation

#1 Visual Stimulation


The most common way men use to get off is to watch a porn video and use their hands. You can watch a hot pornographic movie of your preference to relieve yourself.

Most men achieve a hard-on without putting any extra effort, and this is because they are healthy and have more stamina and vigour as compared to other men. However, some men are not able to experience natural erection especially when they are growing old.

Such men need to stimulate themselves, and nothing works better than visual stimulation. Some men achieve this by imagining their past sexual encounters that have stayed in their minds due to many reasons.

Maybe it was a steamy session or might be because the woman was utterly gorgeous. If you are not able to remember these past sexual escapades you can always take the help of a porn video or a steamy sex session scene from a movie.

Watching hot women masturbate your strip is also a great way of stimulating your rocks and therefore do not hesitate in using these things if your imagination is not that strong.

However, watching porn regularly should be avoided as it keeps your body aroused most of the times which have serious negative implications on both your physical and sexual health.


#2 Use Thick Lube


If you are using only your hand, make sure to apply a good lubricant. A lube with thick consistency will ensure a more extended jerk-off session. You may also use a good quality lotion.

Most men use soap and water to make it slippery and easy for them to masturbate. However, the pleasure is short-lived as the soap and shampoos begin to get dry after some time, and they can make it much harder to stimulate your glans and shaft perfectly.

There are many lubes in the market which is formulated to give maximum pleasure and to reduce the friction completely. These thick lubes help men to shag their penis in a faster and better way which ultimately makes the orgasm harder and better.


#3 Try Different Techniques


Forget the monotonous way of masturbation. Many men find it annoying to use just one hand. You can use your fingers to stimulate the head of your penis. You also can try the edging technique, which makes you tease the edges of your penis's head. If you possess a large penis, then use both of your hands. The ultimate goal should be to have fun.

Some men use a single hand to masturbate while some others even use both their hands to achieve a stronger erection. However, there are many other techniques too that can be implemented by men while masturbating.

You can use your thumb and index finger to catch the head of your penis and move it to and fro to shag off. It not only stimulates your glans more but it also tickles and makes you realise new sensations that improves your overall masturbating experience.

Also, you can get hold of your shaft with your ring finger and thumb if you want to enjoy a surreal experience while masturbating. 

Some men have a huge penis and often find it hard to achieve a satiating masturbating session with one fist. Such men can use both their fists together on different portions of their length to achieve a bigger and better orgasm.

Some men also feel it convenient to masturbate with a single hand as it starts to get a bit inconvenient and cold after some time. Therefore, you can use your hands alternatively to make it convenient and easier to jerk off.

However, it needs a bit of practice as most of the men to have a habit to use only their left or right hand for all the purposes such as writing, eating and even shagging off.


#4 Consider Manufactured Masturbators


Some men are not able to use their hands to full effect while masturbating. Such men can take help of male masturbators or artificial vaginas which are designed to provide maximum pleasure to men.

Some of these male masturbators are even integrated with different levels of vibrations which help men to reach an aroused state seamlessly.

The interior of these male masturbators are made to replicate the touch and feel of a female vagina, and some of them also have soft jelly beads to stimulate your penis precisely. All these features make male masturbators an ideal option for men.

Some men also tend to use lubes while shagging off with a male masturbating device. However, one should take care that such lubricants are safe to use with male masturbators as the silicone based lubes tend to react with the sex toys that are made from silicone or have silicone content in them.

Therefore, it is better to check before using them. Water-based lubes are the best to use in this case as they are both skin-friendly and silicone friendly.


#5 Stimulate the Prostate


It is a wise option to stimulate the prostate gland to achieve a bigger orgasm. There are some prostate stimulators in the market that are devised to stimulate your prostate gland, but if you are unable to find them, you can even make use of an anal plug or a butt vibrator to stimulate your prostate.

All these things will stimulate your nerves to the next level, and you will be able to experience an explosive eruption. These were the steps that will help men to achieve a big eruption.

However, men need to be careful about their foreskin and genitals while masturbating as they are sensitive to heat and pressure. Also, it is not a compulsion that you need to masturbate alone. Some intense couple masturbation techniques prove to be much better than masturbating is solitude.

Here, we are revealing only a few of them to introduce you to the world of erotic and kinky pleasure.



 Couple Masturbation? - A Sexual Connection between Partners


#1 Watch Your Partner

Watch Your Partner

Masturbation is no longer a taboo, and you do not need to hide or be shy about it even if you enjoying a healthy sex life.

If you love and trust your partner enough, then it will be perfectly fine to masturbate in front of them, and the experience will be truly special if you both masturbate without touching each other at the same time.

This will not only make you both horny, but it will also give you a kind of forbidden pleasure that you might not have ever experience before.

For making the process more sensual, you can start slowly by stripping your clothes and expose your nude body to each other in the most seductive manner. After a while, you can undress yourselves completely and start stimulating your genitals in a coherent and seducing manner.

This will surely arouse you both to such an extent that you are prone to explode way quicker than your original time.


#2 Talk to Your Partner

Talk to Your Partner

Talking dirty or sex chatting during masturbation can be fun especially when your partner is far away from you. This will not only arouse and excite both of you, but it will also add to your pleasure which will assist you in achieving a big orgasm seamlessly.

You can describe the details in a dirty and naughty way to seduce and make your partner hornier which will stimulate them to the limit. You can also praise about their looks and tell them which body parts attract you the most to make the process much steamier for both of you.

You can also exchange nude pictures with each other if you want to help your partner reach an orgasm faster. However, do that only if your partner is trustable and reliable enough to keep your pictures safe and secure from the reach of others.

These were some of the couple masturbation techniques that make masturbation a joyful experience to you and your partner.



Conclusive Thoughts

Masturbation is a simple way of relieving stress. You should do it in moderation. You will understand that masturbating regularly will not be fun after a certain period. Excessive masturbation also leads to many sexual and mental issues. Both men and women should take care of their privates and should only masturbate if necessary; maintain a proper duration in between.

These are some of the techniques that men and women can implement while masturbating. Some of these methods are easy and do not cost you anything. Also, all of these methods are safe and researched properly to provide you with a comfortable and pleasant experience while masturbating.

If you know about some more techniques, please share them with us and also send your feedback about this article. Masturbation is pure bliss and can be more blissful if these steps are followed correctly.

Always keep in mind to not overexert and also do not overexcite yourselves to the point to where you get harsh with your genitals. If these precautions are followed, you will be able to masturbate safely and conveniently at all times.

Enjoy masturbating and invent and explore new methods and techniques to make it much more intense and powerful.

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