Female Masturbation: How to Masturbate for Women [Complete Guide]

Masturbation is an easy method to fulfil your inner sexual desire. Though men are likely to masturbate more than women, you can also enjoy and take pleasure from it.  If you think, masturbating will make you weird and creepy, you are wrong.

It is normal to masturbate, does not matter how many times a day, it’s normal.

The question may still arise, why masturbate? You may find it strange, but masturbation is good for you. Studies have shown that it can release your stress and anxiety as your whole body is relaxed after an orgasm.

Moreover, when the blood flow to the vagina increases during masturbation, it makes the vagina healthy. If masturbation can make you lively, there should not be a second thought for not doing it. Common girls, it is a medicine.

You may think that you know everything about your body, but it is not always the case. Masturbation helps you to understand your body and sensual feelings that you can get from having sex or sexual activities.

It is not only about the vagina; masturbation includes your various erogenous zones of the body part as a neck, ear, nipples, inner thighs and so on. These parts, when stimulated during masturbation, can give you intense pleasure and orgasm.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Masturbating

You will be shocked to know that masturbation is good for your sex life. People may think that you masturbate because you are not happy with your sex life but that is wrong. Women who masturbate and have orgasm can bond even more with their partners.

The reason is, they can reach orgasm with less effort and complication.

Getting Started with Masturbation

Masturbation is a solo act, so you don’t need to look out for your partner. If you feel the mood and situation is right, make yourself comfortable in a private space and go for it. Now the best part, you won’t get pregnant or infected from Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) when you masturbate.

You can get sexual pleasure and orgasm without worrying about any kind of unwanted problems, why not try it then? (If you are already not addicted to it)

There is no specific way of masturbation, and people enjoy it however they feel to like. For all those who want to know or learn more about masturbation and how it is done, we have some points for you which we hope will be helpful for you.


10 Masturbation Hacks for the Female Body


#1 Clean Before You Start

Clean Before You Start

When you clean yourself or take a nice shower, it makes you feel refresh and touch every part of your body. The scent from your favorite body soap can take you right in the mood of masturbation.

Besides the mood, it is necessary that your private parts and fingers are clean as well. Your vagina or anus can get infected if your hand is not free of bacteria.

#2 Have Tension-Free Private Time

Have Tension Free Private

Masturbation is genuinely a personal thing which is usually private to you. When you are thinking of masturbating, make sure you are alone in the room, or there is no one to disturb you at the middle of the process. 

If you are too much aware of someone finding you masturbating, there is going to be a problem. You won’t be able to get in the right mood because of pressure in your head. 

With a mind full of tensions and pressure you won’t be able to enjoy the masturbation in full extent. Thus, you have to have personal pressure-free time to get in the zone and feel the incredible commotion of masturbation.

#3 Set the Mood

Set the Mood

Don't rush into masturbation, play with your body, watch your sexy figure and get into the mood. Arriving in the mood won't be the same for all since every individual has different taste.

You can read sex stories, watch porn or fantasize the person or actor you like. You can do whatever you want to get in the zone.

You may want to stand in front of a full sized mirror and sensually touch your ear, neck, shoulder, boobs, thighs and feel your every touch that will intrigue you to masturbate. It can be a great idea to light up your room with dim lights with sensual background music.

Also, some sexy dress or lingerie can add more fun to the situation. Undressing you, while touching and feeling every part of own body is a turn on for most of us. The point here is, forget your tensions and focus on the immediate pleasure you will get from the masturbation.

#4 Use Toys to Set You Right

Use Toys to Set You Right

It is normal and okay to use sex toys when you are masturbating. You may wonder if these toys will ruin your natural sex desire, but that is not true. These toys can help you to enhance your sexual excitement, thus aiding in masturbation.

You can take a huge dildo and imagine your partner, favorite actor or a porn star which will give you a much-needed blood rush into your vagina. A vibrator is another toy that can help you in a memorable masturbation experience.

You can suck the dildo while the vibrator works on your nipples or use the vibrator directly into your clitoris. It is okay to use sex toys in your masturbation if that is what you crave for.

Some women need some toy to reach the orgasm, and that does not make them less than any other women. Explore all the possibilities without any hesitation to get the thrill of best masturbation.

#5 Use Lube as Much as You Want

Use Lube as Much as You Want

When it comes to using lube in masturbation, there is no such thing like too much lube. However, you need to use silicone based lube rather than a water-based lube that helps to minimize the friction while you are fingering yourself.

The body can quickly absorb water-based lube while silicone based lube tends to roll along the surface of the skin. If you are fond of using lube all over the body, that is even better.

You can apply lube in your whole body and at the same time, feel your smooth oily skin that can make you super horny. When we hear about painful and uncomfortable masturbation, it is probably because of minimum usage of lube.

#6 Select a Comfortable Position

Select a Comfortable Position

There are so many ways and positions to masturbate depending upon what kind of masturbation you are trying. Select a comfortable position and make sure both your mind and body is relaxed.

If you are going for a clitoral orgasm, try lying on your back with a pillow on your head and spreading your legs with knees bent. The squatting position will be much better if you are trying vaginal orgasm.

Similarly, the face-down doggy style will be suitable for anal orgasm. There is no hard and fast rule about the position you need to get into for the masturbation. You can stand, or any possible positions that make you comfortable will work.

#7 Maneuvering Clitoris

Maneuvering Clitoris

Clitoris is found at the top your vulva which is often covered with a hood. It is the most sensitive part of a vagina filled with thousands of nerve endings. You don’t need to go inside your vagina in this method, hence if you are one of them who do not want to penetrate your vagina; this method is suitable for you.

One thing you must not forget is that not all masturbation leads to orgasm and it's normal not to have one. We all have different bodies and act differently even in the same condition, so it’s no big deal.

You can rub the top fleshy area of your pubic bones with your fingers. You can suck and lick your fingers which will give you wet feeling before you start. Now start massaging your clitoris in a rhythmic pattern, and you can also stroke the clitoris through the hood.

It may take some time for the vagina to get wet but once wet, speed up your finger movement over clitoris until you experience a relaxing orgasm. If you find tiring to use your fingers for this method, a vibrator can be of the same use which does not require any effort.

#8 Don't Be Afraid to Penetrate Your Vagina

Don't Be Afraid to Penetrate Your Vagina

Some women are so scared to go into the vagina with their fingers or sex toys, but there is nothing to fright. Vaginal stimulation can be a hard try to reach orgasm; nonetheless it can be a fun process if you are ready to sense more excitement.

You can rub outer part of your vaginal opening till it gets wet or use lube to make sure the vagina is wet enough to insert your fingers or a sex toy. You can press your tits or lick your nipples when you are inserting your finger slowly.

First, try with a finger and if you think your vagina can take other fingers, slide slowly inside it. You can now move your fingers up-down and in a circular motion to stimulate the G-spot. Speed up your fingering and pressure until you get the feel of good vibration in there.

You will get an uncontrollable orgasm if you hit the G-spot right.

#9 Try Different Techniques

Try Different Techniques

 If you have a certain favorite position to masturbate, get out of it and try some other new positions. Just a slight change in your position and technique can make a huge difference in your masturbation.

When you are a beginner, a finger is the best way to employ in masturbation to know the body parts that are more sensitive. However, some people like to rub their clitoris against the pillow or the bed.

Explore to reach the perfect technique that works for you, try different methods and choose which works the best for you. If you enjoy masturbating on your stomach, try it when you are lying on your back.

It does not matter which technique or position you choose, try some more to know which satisfies you the most.

#10 Try Combo Stimulation

Try Combo Simulation

You can try different stimulations at the same time to experience the best masturbation experience you have ever come across. No one will judge you if you try different techniques simultaneously, it’s your choice.

If you enjoy clitoral orgasm, try penetrating your vagina with a dildo while a vibrator is working on your clitoris. You can also ride a dildo and use a vibrator on your clitoris together to feel the new thrill of masturbation.

Another way to add some fun in masturbation is using finger and sex toys in clitoral and vaginal stimulation. If you don’t like to use sex toys for masturbation, stimulate your erogenous zones to feel the fun.

With one hand rubbing, pinching or tugging your ears, neck, nipples and so on while you work for the other hand on your vagina. The main thing is an experiment. Watch and learn from others or porn videos to try out various combos that can help you to reach orgasm.

#11 Take Your Time

Take Your Time

You are probably looking for an awesome orgasm while masturbating. However, that does not mean you have to go full-on, non-stop until you reach the orgasm. Take your time and enjoy the ride until you reach the orgasm.

When you are masturbating, and the tension is building up, back out just before when you are about to reach orgasm. This will give you the pleasure of getting the ultimate explosive orgasm. If you reach orgasm too quickly, you may feel sad because it has ended in a short time.

When you stop several times before orgasm and start over, you will feel the intense desire to get the most satisfying orgasm in a long time. Finally, when you are done with the super blast orgasm, you will find yourself moaning, groaning and legs shaking with excitement.

#12 Try Anal Stimulation

Try Anal Simulation

If you want to try them all, anal orgasm can be on your list. While you go for anal, it indirectly stimulates the G-spot which is between rectum and vagina shared by a muscle wall. Get yourself into a doggy-style position and put your face down on a bed or a floor.

This will open up your asshole to a large extent to insert your fingers or sex toys. Since butt does not produce natural lube by itself, make sure you use a

handful lube for a better experience. Now insert your finger or toy slowly until it’s all in. Then you can speed up the movement in circular or in-out motion to build up the pleasure. Also, you can rub your clitoris with other hands to get the orgasm you were waiting for.

#13 Ride Your Dildo

Ride Your Dildo

If you prefer both clitoral and vaginal orgasm, the pretend lover technique can be one of your favorites. It is like a cowboy riding a bull but in this case, a horny girl riding a dildo. Put your sex toy on a bed or a floor and go down slowly onto the toy.

You must not forget to use lube while doing so or you can suck the toy until its wet enough to insert your vagina. Now bounce on the dildo adjusting your speed and using your other hand to play with clitoris or nipples.

This technique will help you to fascinate your lover while masturbating and reach a solid orgasm.

#14 More Masturbation = More Experience

More Masturbation = More Experience

You don’t have to feel guilty if you want to masturbate quite often. The more you masturbate, the more you gain experience and desire to masturbate increases as well. It helps to relax your body and keep you in a good mood.

If you are finding it hard to sleep at night, masturbation can act as a magic to make you sleep. There is no excuse not to masturbate to get a healthy sex life.

#15 Lose Yourself in the Tide

Lose Yourself In the Tide

You want to enjoy the ride and lose yourself while masturbating. Don’t think of anything but the vagina that you want to make wet. Enjoy every moment and feel it when are you touching your body, penetrating vagina or rubbing clitoris.

Though you want to reach orgasm, the masturbation ride is where you have to focus and relish. It is not necessary that you will experience an orgasm when you masturbate which is absolutely fine.

Keep on masturbating like there is no tomorrow.

#16 Get Your Other Senses Involved

Get Your Other Senses Involved

You don’t need to jump into touching your body while masturbating. You can start slow with other senses tingling your excitement. When you read erotic books or listen to sensual audios, you can slowly feel your vagina getting warm and ready to be touched.

You can fantasize as you want and invent sexual delight in a safe and fun way. You can also watch porn before you get into the act. According to your preference, you can watch porn with favorite categories that can energize you.

Watching porn can help you release your stress and get into the right mood to masturbate.

#17 Get Wet in the Bathtub

Get Wet in the Bathtub

Your bathroom can be the best place for you to masturbate. The feeling when you are naked and your hands running all over the body is a sensational feeling. You can use the bathtub to masturbate in a standing position.

Put your one leg on the edge of the tub and expose that clitoris wide open. You can use your finger or any sex toy to rub that clitoris. Since your pelvic muscles are stretching in the position, you can get a bigger orgasm.

Also, you can just run warm water from your removable showerhead onto your clitoris making it vibrate to reach orgasm. One thing you have to be careful is not to slip while you are performing the act.

#18 Ice is Hot

Ice is Hot

You may have seen in the movies how ice cube sliding through a women skin makes them horny. Guess what? That’s true if you can enjoy and feel the moment. Get yourself few cubes of ice on a dish and grab one ice cube at a time. You can rub ice cube wherever you like in your body.

Start from lips, then neck, shoulders, boobs (focus on nipples), slide it through navel to the clit. You can imagine like your lover is giving you a love bite with that chilling ice. As your body and vagina gets hotter, the cube will melt into water and reach every part of your body.

This can give you a mind-blowing orgasm.

Different Types of Masturbation

Women adopt different practises and methods to masturbate themselves as it depends on their personal preference and taste. Some women only need to stimulate their clitoris whereas some women need to arouse their entire genitals in order to reach an orgasm. 

Here are the different types of masturbation that you can try:

Orgasm Type

Type of Masturbation

Clitoral Masturbation

You can use your fingers to massage your clitoris.

However, some women also use vibrators to introduce intense vibrations on their sensitive clitoris.

Vibrators can give you a buzz that you require and is excellent for solo play. Once you orgasm, you reach a state of ecstasy that reflects on your mind and body as well.

Vaginal Masturbation

During vaginal masturbation, women like to insert their fingers or a dildo inside their vagina.

They can also tease their G-spot with the help of the sex toys as it would result in a higher stimulation which would force them to ejaculate immediately. 

G-spot stimulators are also available in the market and you can purchase a one to satiate your innermost urges.

Anal Masturbation

Your anal wall also has many sensory nerves and you can stimulate them to reach an orgasm.

You must use an anal toy for masturbating. 

You might also feel the need to ejaculate when you orgasm but that liquid will not be only urine but much more that might make you feel satisfied.

Combo Masturbation

Combo masturbation depends mostly on what you like and how you want it to be. It involves the use of two or more techniques at once to reach an orgasm. 

Some women prefer using one of their fingers to play with the clitoris, while they will simultaneously insert a dildo inside their snatch.

Other women might prefer fisting or inserting multiple fingers of their hand and using the other to tease their clit or nipples.

Erogenous zones masturbation

Erogenous zones masturbation is the process during which a woman plays with her inner thighs, nipples, presses her breasts, squeezes any part of the body that would give her a tingling sensation down there.

This method might need some time and imagination of the woman to reach an orgasm.

  1. 1
    Do you stay in the same position you started at when you masturbate?
  • Yes
  • No
  1. 2
    Do you think it is weird for girls to masturbate? 
  • Yes!
  • A little bit.
  • No, it's completely normal!
  1. 3
    Age range at which you started to touch yourself.       
  • (Ages 10 yrs. old - below) 
  • (Ages 11yrs. old -17rs. old )
  • (Ages 18rs. old -25rs. old )
  • (Ages 26rs. old -Above)
  1. 4
    How often do you use toys to masturbate?
  • Always
  • Sometimes
  • Occasionally
  • Never
  1. 5
    Do you orgasm every time you masturbate?
  • Yes
  • No
  1. 6
    What do you need for having an organsm ?
  • Clitoral stimulation 
  • Penetration    
  • Both (Clitoral stimulation with penetration)

Final Thoughts

Women may not talk much about masturbation like the men do, but they are also enjoying their solo sex. Unlike men, who can jerk off whenever or wherever they like, women need a peaceful environment or tension free time to masturbate.

Since its healthy and good for sex life, women should not be uncomfortable to enjoy their single sex life.

If you are beginners, try some of the tips we have provided here. And if you are already enjoying the masturbation, add some more techniques to it and get the best masturbation fun you can imagine. Last time, masturbation is normal and its natural for all of us.

Don’t fight with yourself to run away from it, dive in the fun, excitement and thrilling experience of masturbation.

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