Top 10 Oral Sex Tips (for men and women) – 100x orgasm (2019)

Why do we need oral sex to please ourselves even when they are lots of masturbation, anal and vaginal sex techniques and postures to relieve ourselves? The answer is simple, and that is because none of them are as kinky, slutty and dirty as oral sex.

The fact that you can give the same pleasure to your partner with a mouth that you can provide with your private parts makes oral sex the ultimate lovemaking way for innumerable individuals around the world. However, performing oral sex with your partner is not as easy as many of you might feel.

It not just wrapping your mouth around his penis or licking and sucking her clitoris vigorously for making your partner cum. Oral sex includes a lot of practice, patience and you will have to learn different techniques if you care for pleasing your loved one.

Therefore, today we are discussing different oral sex tips and techniques that will make you an expert in oral sex postures. 

Why do we need Oral Sex?


Who enjoys the oral sex more the GIVER or the RECEIVER?

The one who receives the oral pleasure enjoys it more without any doubt, but it does not mean that one who gives it is deprived of any enjoyment. Women get a special kinky feeling while and after giving head to their partners which invigorates and fuels that sexual excitement and energy.

Men too love to tease their partner, and the expert ones are known for making their women scream and cry with extreme pleasure and excitement. In spite of all these facts the one who is receiving the oral services get on the cloud nine because the feeling is so gratifying and divine that nothing can match it.

Therefore, one must always be grateful for a lover who works as a professional oral sex expert. 

Studies and Research on the Importance of Oral Sex

How to make oral sex more intimate?

Oral sex is intimate by itself as you give everything for making it work. Nothing is as gratifying as your partner trying to please you with the utmost dedication. However, just giving oral services is not enough to show that you care for your partner.

Therefore, you must also try to communicate with your partner as much as possible. You can ask her what she likes when it comes to oral sex and sometimes there is no harm in telling her if you like a particular position more than others.

From all these aspects we can conclude that communication is also as important as other things when it comes to oral sex.

Also, you can even tell your partner if something is going wrong during an oral sex session. This can sound rude to some of you but if you convey the message politely and lovingly then your partner will not mind it at all, and this will help you to communicate better while having any other form of sex as well. 

General Tips for Both Gender

Advice #1 Communicate through the Eyes

Effective communication does not always mean voice and words, but sometimes a meaningful eye contact can mean a lot to a couple who is in love.

This proves to be true while having sex as well and many people have admitted the fact that the orgasm gets more intense if their partner is constantly making eye contact with them.

Therefore, a woman can look up and meet the gaze of her partner while giving an intense blowjob to him whereas a man can make eye contact while eating her out that will send shivers of excitement down her spine.

Nothing is better than a woman who can make cute faces and stare innocently at her partner while giving a blowjob as it can have a spellbound effect on him.


Advice #2 Be Sporting and Fun

If you are getting bored while giving a blowjob to your guy, then it is certainly not a good thing because it can have the same effect on him as well. Being enthusiastic is a must as it excites your partner and you can have a much steamy session with him.

Similarly, a guy needs to be sporting and energetic while giving oral pleasures to his partner or she can doze off and sleep. Therefore, if a girl is sucking a dick, then she must indulge herself completely in it as it is definitely not an ordinary chore but a way to express love towards her partner.

Also, a guy needs to engage himself thoroughly while sucking the clit of his partner as she might be waiting to have that big “O” which everyone desires to have at different points in their lives.


Advice #3 Start with Foreplay

There is no need to directly jump over him and start sucking his dick like a hungry animal. Sex is a sensitive thing and needs to be initiated with love and care. Therefore, before sucking him, you can start with a hug or kiss then tease him by nibbling or biting his neck.

Give him enough goosebumps all through his body before giving blowjob because it will also save your extra effort which is required in making the penis hard, long and erect. Therefore, you can directly have the hard and erect dick in your mouth, and then the rest is up to you.


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Advice #4 Be Slow - Take your Time

It is important to be slow and sensual while giving him a blowjob. The reason for this is because it takes time for men to adjust to the warmth and slippery feeling of the mouth even if they have had blowjobs for hundreds of times earlier.

Start from the base of the shaft and gradually reach towards the tip and start teasing it. Remember that the tip of the penis is the most sensitive part of a man and therefore, teasing and licking it sensually can provide that much more enjoyment to your partner.


Advice #5 Dick is not Everything!

Even though you intend to blow only his dick, you need not focus only on the pole! There are other sensitive parts around it which need as much attention as the penis itself.

Therefore, do not forget to caress the testicles, kiss the area above and below the testicles because it drives a man crazy with lust and anticipation. You can also lick and make love on the area above his penis, over his crotch even if it is hairy to make him feel special.


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Advice #6 Experiment with Your Techniques

It is not necessary to follow the same style and technique while blowing a dick. You can lick the shaft from top to bottom or can also roll your tongue from side to side. You can also hold the dick in your mouth and pretend like it is your tongue to make the atmosphere light.

Flickering tongue over the tip of his penis can arouse and stimulate him very much and therefore, try doing it as much as possible. An occasional bite on the testicles or shaft can be a little painful, but it also makes him harder and hornier.

Therefore, do not forget to use these antics while blowing your partner. However, ensure that you do not get carried away or hurt your partner in any way as penis and its surrounding areas and especially the testicles are very sensitive, and they need to be dealt with love and care at all times.


Advice #7 Do it Like a Professional

Most women feel that giving a blowjob means to move the dick in and out of their mouths. However, blowjobs are certainly much more than that. Therefore try to use the below techniques to give a perfect blowjob to your partner:

  • Step 1: Start slowly. Do not be in a hurry to gulp down the dick at one go. Engage in foreplay with his dick as long as possible and then slowly start to clasp your lips tightly on the shaft.
  • Step 2: Start blowing his dick in a swift and precise manner. Each stroke must be very similar to the other, and this will bring him over the edge very fast.
  • Step 3: Try to move your tongue in a circular motion around the head of his dick. This will stimulate him thoroughly. Also, try to tongue fuck the opening of his dick to make him squirm with pleasure.
  • Step 4: Sucking the testicles have a good effect on the orgasm, and it is a proven fact.


Advice #8 Use Your Hand

It is not necessary to use only your lips and tongue while giving a blowjob. You can also use your hand sometimes to make him feel better and to relax your mouth for a while. Women can also use this technique if they feel that their partner is closing in towards an orgasm.

Therefore, using your fingers and palm can make the blowjob session a long and a pleasurable one for you and your partner if you use them wisely.


Advice #9 Take it Deep

The depth up to which you can take his dick in also plays a major role while stimulating his sexual urges. Therefore, once you get accustomed to dick sucking, you can try to thrust it as deep as possible.

Some women can take the dicks deep in their throats and needless to say their partners are very happy with their oral prowess.


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Advice #1 Go Step-by-Step

When you are giving your head to her, be caring and nice not just because she is a woman but also because the women genitals are super sensitive and need to be loved tenderly at all times. Start by kissing her calves and thighs and slowly move upwards.

You can even smooch and cuddle her a few times if that makes her feel better. Make the kisses as slow and sensitive as possible when you proceed upwards towards her crotch area. Kiss her clit and love petals tenderly and tease them with your tongue whenever you can.


Advice #2 Blend the Techniques

While giving her head or while licking her cunt, it is not necessary to always use the same technique. You can always blend different techniques and use your tongue effectively in order to give her a loud and big orgasm.

Make your tongue pointed, especially when you are teasing her clitoris. Make it flat when you are licking the inner side of her pussy walls. Flick your tongue over her clit a few times to make her dizzy with lust and excitement.

Use your tongue like a soft surface when you are teasing her and make it hard and rub vigorously when you want to get her all stirred up from within. 


Advice #3 Stimulate the Clitoris

The clitoris is the most sensitive bud on the female genitals. It needs to be aroused and stimulated to a great extent in order to give the utmost pleasure to your woman. You can swirl and move your tongue in a circular motion to stimulate it.

You can also suck on it lightly to give it a buzzing feeling which will excite her over the edge. All you need to do is to find a precise spot on her clitoris and then roll on your tongue in all the direction over it to make her tremble with sexual ecstasy and fervor.

A clitoris is much like a small penis, and therefore you can do everything to it that you want your girl to do for you. For example, you can suck on it, tease it, rub it gently and try to push it with the tip of your tongue.

All these things will get her worked up and she will build a strong and volcanic orgasm which is gradually going to burst after some time!


Advice #4 Use Your Hand

In order to make the sucking action more effective, most of the men prefer to use their fingers while pleasing their partners orally. Fingering can be blended with sucking of the clitoris to lead a woman towards huge orgasms.

One can also use sex toys like clitoral vibrators which stimulate the clit through a series of effective and stimulating vibrations. 


Advice #5 Do NOT Go too Hard

If you plan to give a pulsating and gushing orgasm through oral sex then you are thinking is right but you need not try too hard to achieve it. The reason for this is that when you try harder the natural feeling subsides and it becomes more mechanical which can make her lose interest.

Be gentle, and light and her comfort must be on the top of your priority list. If you go nice and slow and please her gently, she will get lost in the world of sexual fantasies and only then you will be able to witness her squirts and spasmodic eruptions!


Advice #6 Enter Her with Your Tongue

Make your tongue as hard as you can and the tip of your needs to be sharp. After that, you can penetrate her pink hole with your pink tongue. Insert your tongue mercilessly until she begs you to stop it. Also, do not forget to lick the sides of her pussy walls as she is closing in.

This will stimulate her thoroughly, and she will be tempted to let out huge moans and spurts of joy at once on you!


Advice #7 Be an All-Rounder

While giving her an orgasm of her lifetime, do not forget to please her other parts as well. For example, you can always spank her ass, lick her anus or even enter it with your tongue to arouse her more. Moreover, you can even scratch her bums lightly to induce some pain which always goes great with sex.

You can also bite her lightly on her thighs or wherever possible to ignite the lust in her. Some men also like to pinch their partners on thighs or bums to make them feel kinkier. It works for most of the women, but all the women might not be game for it.

Therefore, it is always important to take the consent of your partner or at least note their reactions so that you do not repeat the same mistake twice.


Special Tips for Both Men and Women


Always be fresh and do not forget to clean your genitals thoroughly before engaging in oral sex. A slight foul odor or dirt mark can prove to be a big turn off to your partner and therefore it is always advisable to present yourselves in the best way possible.


While most women would not complain about the hair over the crotch area, overly grown hair can be irritating sometimes especially when it gets into their mouth. Also, overgrown pubic hair can smell awful and prove to be a turn off for most of the ladies.

Therefore, it is always recommended to clean shave your pubic hairs or at least trim them and do not complain if start receiving more love after trimming them. The same thing goes for women as well.

Though many women prefer to keep their pussy and pubic hairs clean shaved, some women like to sport dense jungle around their love holes. However, men feel inconvenient while giving head to such women and therefore we advice such women to keep their pussy hair trimmed unless their partner loves to get lost in your pubic hairs!


Slapping the penis on the face and cheeks of a woman can be very disrespectful. Similarly, rubbing your pussy hard against the face of your partner during face sitting on him is not cool either. One has to respect their partner at all times and take oral sex as a gift and do not be or sound rude in any way.


Use of sexy undergarments can stimulate your partner visually, and that can have a pronounced effect on his or her orgasm as well. Therefore, to please their partner's women tend to wear the sexiest lingerie available in the wardrobe.

However, men tend to ignore this fact most of the times and end up wearing soiled and shabby underwear. We advise men to use clean and sexy underwear to impress their partners especially when they are planning to have oral sex.


Most people refer to porn videos before having oral sex. While porn movies can shed some light on that part, it is not always recommendable to use the techniques which the porn starts display on the screens.

Sex in porn is just to entertain and excite you visually, and most of the times the reactions given by the porn stars are over the top and do not guarantee the effectiveness of the applied techniques. Therefore, it is always better to learn from your own experience instead of relying on some kinky porn movie.

Final Thoughts

These were some of the oral sex techniques and tips. We are sure that you must have liked them. To learn more such tricks and tips stay glued on our page and you can also suggest some of your tips and techniques which are related to the oral sex.

Till then, keep pleasing your partners with your mouth and wet tongue till the give out the love juices!


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