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As we grow up, we hear the word “club” very frequently. School-going teenagers often fantasize about going to clubs to have the best night possible.

School and college students, when talking of a club, are often referring to night clubs or discos. In these clubs, three elements are integral.

Music, dance, and alcohol. In our growing years, we think of clubs as a cool place where all the popular people of our schools, colleges, and neighbourhood go. 

Clubs are often thought of as the centre for meeting new people, making new friends, striking a romantic relationship with someone, or sometimes maybe just enjoying a fling. But is this all a club is about? 

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Top 15 Best Hip Hop Clubs in Vegas (2022): Urban Clubs NEAR ME

This is one of the most loved clubs in Vegas because of their extraordinary music taste. Guests who are fond of hip-hop recommend this place because of their fine, unique music taste. 

If you appreciate hip-hop, this place has to be on your list. They not only have great hip-hop music to groove on, but also have a full bar that serves you with the best liquor served by trained and experienced bartenders who make specials as per your taste. 

Drai’s is a classy bar that allows only 21 plus year adults to enter. The place has very loud music for those who love hip-hop and is therefore great for both music as well as dance lovers. If you and your friends are looking for a great place to dance and enjoy good music, you should definitely try Drai’s. It is recommended to visit this place on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays as they have their best nights on these days.


  • Phone number- (702) 777-3800
  • Location- 3595 Las Vegas Blvd S Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Mode or payment- pay conveniently using your credit cards here
  • Yelp rating: 4.5

One of the most popular choices in Las Vegas, VooDoo is a must visit. If you are fond of good food, great music, and even greater views, then VooDoo is the most perfect choice for you.

At Voodoo you can hang out with your friends, enjoying the DJ or live music. Their live music is captivating and makes the audience go WOW! 

It is a great place for dance lovers, as well as for people who want to enjoy the serene views. Voodoo also has outdoor seating where you can simply sit and talk with your friends or partner while enjoying their Happy Hour Specials.

If you are visiting Voodoo, make sure to try their popular drinks since they have a full bar that serves great drinks. Their best nights are on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.


  • Phone number- (702) 777-7800
  • Location- 3700 W Flamingo Rd Las Vegas, NV 89103
  • Modes of payment- for the ease of their customers, Voodoo accepts credit cards
  • Yelp rating- 3.5

Marquee is a wheelchair accessible club that is great for couples as well as groups. This place is great for dancing and has commendable music. I

f you are a music lover, try this place out. They have a DJ who plays the best trending songs of the time and entertains the crowd with his great taste. 

You have to be above 21 to enter this place.

If you like to smoke while enjoying your drinks and food, this place allows smoking inside their premises as well. They have a full bar that serves all the popular drinks of the town. 

Ask the bartender to suggest their favourite and they will serve you great choices. If you are into dancing, this place will be suitable for you.

The place is very loud and therefore your pets cannot accompany you here.


  • Phone number- (702) 333-9000
  • Location- 3708 S Las Vegas Blvd Level 2 Boulevard Tower Las Vegas NV, 89019
  • Modes of payments- they accept credit cards
  • Yelp rating- 3.5

One of the most highly rated clubs of Vegas, XS Nightclub is a great choice for clubbing. If you want to enjoy good music along with great drinks, XS is the perfect fit for you.

 At XS, you need to be above 21 to enter. It doesn’t matter if you are on a date or simply hanging out with your friends, the XS Nightclub is perfect for all. 

You can catch up on your favourite game on the TV, smoke inside the club if you please, enjoy the DJ playing songs, and dance your heart out on the floor, all under one roof.

 This trendy, upscale club is an excellent place with a full bar and also offers outdoor seating for people who like to sit in the open. You should visit this place on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays because they offer the best nights on these days.


  • Phone number- (702) 770-0097
  • Location- 3131 Las Vegas Blvd S Las Vegas, NV, 89109
  • Modes of payment- you can use your credit cards for paying apart from cash
  • Yelp rating- 4.0

This is probably Vegas’s best rooftop nightlife venue. At Chateau, you can enjoy amazing drinks served by beautiful and trained bartenders who are experts in making amazing drinks.

 If you fancy yourself a nice drink along with wonderful views in the city’s topmost rooftop club, Chateau should be your choice. 

This is a trendy and classy place where everyone above 21 years of age can enjoy with their friends as well as partners.

 They have an excellent and beautiful-looking outdoor seating arrangement that makes for a romantic set up with glimmering lights and good-quality drinks, with amazing music in the backdrop. Try this place on your next night out.


  • Phone number- (702) 776-7777
  • Location- 3655 Las Vegas Blvd S Paris Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV
  • Modes of payments- they accept credit cards. Use your cards and pay conveniently for the perfect night out in the city
  • Yelp rating- 3.0

Luv Lounge offers Happy Hours 6 days a week. They flavoured mixed hookahs are to die for. If you love smoking hookahs, this place should be on your list for sure. Luv Lounge has numerous vegetarian options for people who do not consume meat.

They offer waiter service as well. Here, you can enjoy a romantic, intimate dinner with your significant other and enjoy your night to the fullest. 

They also serve great dessert. If you love something sweet, you have to try their dessert options. They also have a full bar for you to enjoy amazing drinks with your guests.

 The place has moderate noise level as compared to the other clubs of the area, so you can enjoy a nice conversation with your partner. If you are a Vegan, this place also has several vegan options. Luv Lounge simply has something for all.


  • Phone number- (702) 912-0000
  • Location- 1725 E Warm Springs RD STE 16/17, Las Vegas, NV
  • Yelp rating- 5.0

A New York Times rated club, TAO is an amazing club for groups as well as couples who enjoy great food as well as music and liquor.

They have had a branch in New York as well. This place is quite loud and therefore great for those who love to dance to loud music. 

You can enjoy the best drinks at this place.

They have a full bar that serves amazing drinks. Apart from the drinks, visitors are allowed to smoke inside the premises of the club as well. Entry is not allowed for people under 21 years of age.


  • Phone number- (702) 388-8588
  • Location- 3377 S Las Vegas Blvd The Venetian Las Vegas
  • Modes of payment- pay using credit cards with ease at TAO
  • Yelp rating- 3.0

This classy, casual club is open to all. Inspire Nightclub is bound to inspire anyone and everyone to visit the club on every chance they get.

Inspire has a full bar that serves the most popular and most preferred drinks in all of Vegas. 

Their outdoor seating provides a great set up for anyone who likes to enjoy the cool breeze outside.

This place has free Wi-Fi for its users and they offer the best nights on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. They also have heated outdoor seating for maximum comfort for their customers


  • Phone number- not provided
  • Location- 501 Fremont St Las Vegas
  • Yelp rating- 4.0

Hakkasan is a trendy and classy nightclub in Vegas. People who like to hang out with their friends while enjoying great drinks prefer this place.

This place is also great for working. So if you love to work in a public place while listening to music and enjoying your drinks with your friends, you should come to this place. 

They offer the best nights on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Be sure you only visit the place if you are above 21 years. They also have a TV so the visitors can catch up with their favourite shows or sports if they feel like it.


  • Phone number- (702) 891-7888
  • Location- MGM Grand Hotel and Casino 3799 Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Modes of payment- they accept credit cards for payment
  • Yelp rating- 2.5

his trendy, upscale club offers its best nights on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Omnia is a wheelchair accessible club at Caesars Palace in Vegas.

At this place, you can expect the best clubbing experience as Caesars is one of the most popular attractions of Vegas. 

Their bartenders serve amazing drinks to the visitors. Omnia is very loud and is a great place for dancing. If you love both music and dance, Omnia is a great choice for you.

They also allow smoking inside their premises, therefore, saving you the trouble of having to go out to smoke. 


  • Phone number- (702) 785-6200
  • Modes of payment- they accept credit cards
  • Location- 3750 S Las Vegas Blvd Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Yelp rating- 3.0

Final Words

These are some of the best hip-hop clubs in Vegas. If you are fond of hip-hop and want to enjoy it while hanging out with your friends, enjoying drinks and a great view, you can check out the above-mentioned list. Be sure to carry your IDs as entries are restricted based on age in these clubs. Also, several clubs in Vegas have a dress code, so avoid wearing anything that might not be allowed before visiting a club

No, a club is not always only a place where people go to meet, dance, and drink. The word club has different meanings depending on the context but the initial-most definition of a club was as an association of different people who shared a common interest and came forward to practice or participate in that interest or activity.

Since then, the word club has derived various meanings and has been in use in several contexts. As a result, there are several types of clubs in a society.

What are the different types of clubs?

Various types of clubs exist today. Each of these types of clubs have a different purpose and function with different rules as well. Clubs mostly exist to promote a certain types of activity among the interested group of people. 

For example, in earlier times, clubs existed for the people of the upper classes to indulge in communication and follow shared interests. People like bureaucrats, aristocrats, popular businessmen, civil servants, politicians, etc. along with their wives took membership of a particular club. Such clubs would then host a number of activities in their premises such as swimming, book-reading, sports such as golf, polo, etc. These clubs were mostly reserved for people of higher statuses and rankings. It was only a way of practicing or following a particular activity but was also a great way of meeting more like-minded people of their own class. It was important for the people of the upper classes because they didn’t like meeting and mixing with people of the lower classes.

Such clubs still exist but they are no longer limited to the admission of the riches alone. Such clubs have become more affordable and also admit people from all walks of life.

Apart from this, there are several other types of clubs which are commonly found. Let us discuss them in detail. 

  • Sports clubs- sports clubs are clubs that are organized and established with the view or promoting sports. There are different types of sports clubs. In such clubs, the interested members take a membership of the club in exchange for a membership fee. Then on, these members meet and play the particular sport that the club organizes with the other members of the club. Sports clubs also organize sports meets and tournaments where members of one club compete with those of another club. There are several sports clubs that deal with multiple sports.

  • Football club- these are sports clubs but they specifically involve just football. Football clubs are very popular and some are even competing with international clubs. They perform like teams and the members of a club play on behalf of the club as their players. Let us take for example, Football Club United of Manchester.

  • Book club- book clubs are organized by booklovers to promote the habit of book reading among people. The members of book clubs often read a book together and engage in discussions about them later on. Sometimes they also engage in book exchanges where members of the club exchange their favourite books with one another with a view of sharing their interests and likes. This makes other members more aware of a certain work(book), they might not have been previously aware of. 

  • Nightclubs- the most common kind of club heard of these days are nightclubs. Nightclubs usually have a dance stage, one or more bars, a DJ, bartenders flipping drinks. People usually go to these clubs to party at nights. They are especially more crowded on weekends. Nightclubs are more preferred by young adults who look forward to hanging out with their friends.

  • Strip clubs- strip clubs are popular attractions in the Western countries, in strip clubs, one or more strippers usually striptease the employees, who tip the performers for their performances. A strip club is somewhat like a club, only with an additional element of stripping.

Another popular type of clubs are hip-hop clubs. Hip-hop clubs are basically clubs that promote the hip-hop art style. They are known so after their attempt of harnessing and cultivating art forms such as dance and music in the hip-hop style.

If you are visiting Las Vegas and are on the lookout for various hip-hop clubs, we are listing the top hip-hop clubs of Vegas here. Follow this list on your trip to Vegas or explore these clubs if you are a local to get a great hip-hop clubbing experience.

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