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Miami is known for its beautiful beaches, happy people, luxury lifestyle, great food and also, adult entertainment institutions (or strip clubs, if you will).

Miami is one of the capitals of adult entertainment for the global population and provides a verified range of outdoor experiences, and has a great fame for strip clubs, nude bars, sex shops and many more.

Miami is one of those places where you can comfortably enjoy a beer on the beach.

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Top 15 Best Strip Clubs in Miami (2022): Gentlemens Club Miami

1. Tootsie’s Cabaret

The famous rapper Drake can be spotted here in the VIP section, eating wings and enjoying shoulder rubs.

Many rap songs have mentioned this place and it has, in a way, become a symbol of high-end, yet casual strip clubs that have found the perfect balance between being sophisticated and getting out the wild side in people.

You can find the finest gentlemen’s club in Miami right near Hard Rock Stadium. The club has some of the most delicious food and they also have happy hours every single day starting from noon and going till 8 PM with drinks half off!

 On Sundays through Thursdays, admission is just $8 per person after 8 PM and on Fridays and Sundays it's only $10 per person after 8 PM; this applies for ladies coming by themselves too- one girl allowed per guy to get in free.

There are no restrictions for entrance at any other time apart from that rule mentioned above-- you'll be able to enjoy 3 stages, 4 full liquor bars, pool tables or private champagne rooms/skyboxes where players can go without being seen or bothered by others while attendees get an unobstructed view of VIP areas thanks to tight security arrangements which make stalking more difficult post-event.

 What makes this establishment different? It has the most girls at any other place in Miami!


  • 150 NW 183rd St., Miami; 305-651-5822
  • Phone number: (305) 651-5822

2. E11EVEN Miami

11 Miami was started by a Las Vegas investor’s group who have had previous experience in this business, which could account for the club’s massive success.

This 13,500 square foot nightclub is open 24/7. For a more exciting experience, visit it after 2 am.

This nightclub has everything, from high-flying dramatic and acrobatics to big lights and EDM rooms with topless or nude dancers to help you enjoy your time there!

 They also have private lap dancers and private rooms as well, which is a given if you are paying top dollar for it. 

This club even provides you with an option to get some fresh air after an overwhelming couple of hours inside the club. There has been celebrity clientele present at E11EVEN also, including Kylie Jenner and Mylie Cyrus.


  • 29 NE 11th St, Miami; 305-829-2911
  • Phone number: (305) 829-2911

3. Gold Rush Cabaret

If you're looking for classy entertainment, then Gold Rush Cabaret is a good option. This cabaret bills itself as "proper" and the place has dance music pumping from its speakers.

 The club's location at NE 77th on Biscayne Boulevard means that dancing will always be a part of your trip to this venue and it also offers high energy sounds through its reggaeton and hip-hop tunes.

Gold Rush is known mainly for its beautiful and erotic dancers.

 The top reviewer on yelp says, “The erotic dancers are versatile and beyond courteous”,  about the service of the dancers tells us a lot about the top-notch training they must have been given by the management.


  • 7770 Biscayne Blvd Miami, FL 33138
  • Phone number: (305) 631-2564

3. Scarlett’s Cabaret

This is one of Miami's coolest clubs. Here, you will find female dancers in all shapes, sizes and backgrounds.

How amazing is that? This spacious club has everything you would love to see in a nightclub; LED lights, strobe lights and robots who look like Richard Sherman to new girls dancing! The ambience at this club in Miami is outstanding.

The peak hour of this club starts after 2 am and even though it says $20 on the cover, you can avoid the charges if you go in groups and buy an entire bottle.


  • 2920 SW 30th Ave Hallandale, FL 33009
  • Phone number: (954) 455-8318

5. Shadow Cabaret

The latest, sleek and alluring new strip club in the heart of Hialeah is minutes from Miami International Airport. It offers lunch for free every day and stays open until 5 AM every night.

The full kitchen, bar, and spacious VIP areas (with private rooms), make it perfect for every gentleman’s sexual prowess.

The reason this club ranks very high is because of its themed ambience. The classic Scarface look and feel of the place give you the Miami style experience with a private shower.

6. The Office

This is the type of place where you can be tight on cash and still get to feel like a baller, thanks to the affordable bottle prices.

This is also where you're likely to find a lot of locals, including some K.O.D., King of Diamonds, types watching the girls shake their stuff to that Miami sound.

The happy hours start from noon and as this is more of a fine place with a heavy local Miami crowd, the best deal here is just to go in for a drink and lap-dance fueled lunch.

This does offer the regular 2 am service that is typical for any strip club, but the day in and day out plan suits here just fine.


  • 250 NE 183rd St., Miami
  • Phone number: (305) 627-3456

7. G5IVE Miami

A little on the expensive side, this strip club is open during peak time only. Starting from 4 PM and closing at 6 PM, G5ive is one of those clubs that only open for a select crowd at a select time.

With over 100 girls working on different days and in different shifts, G5ive provides options for all preferences.

Clubs in Miami are always full of celebrities, and that goes the same for G5ive.

They often come here to see dancers performing wild acts and stunts at night and this is the kind of place where you can witness that on a nightly basis.

 This club is one of the most famous clubs in Miami, as you can witness a lot of things here!


  • 337 NW 170th St, North Miami Beach
  • Phone number: 305-917-4548

8. Club Madonna

entertainment business. He strives to provide an upscale gentlemen's club experience that has never been seen before.

 You can see him every day at the club and he has been working in this space for the last 50 years!

All the perks of a high-end strip club can be found here, like fully nude dancers, great music, spacious dance floors etc, however, people may find one downside to this club, that is no hard liquor.

You do get 3 stages with semi-private and private rooms, so that is a plus point.


  • 527 Washington Ave., Miami Beach
  • Phone number: 305-534-2000

9.Club Pink Pussycat 

This is the most infamous strip club in Miami and possibly in the whole of the United States.

With its pink building and the low-income housing neighbourhood, it may not appeal to those who only want a luxury ambience, however, Club Pink Pussycat offers the best service and some of the most beautiful girls in any strip club in the country.

This club was closed for a decade but has reopened recently and is back in business.

It now has 12 “pristine” champagne rooms, a VIP rooftop cabana, hookah service, and a revamped menu featuring lobster, churrasco, prime rib, and lamb-chop lollipops after reopening to overcome its once sleazy reputation.

The club is open daily from 4 PM to 5 AM and the cover charges are only $10.


  • 3900 NW 36th St., Miami
  • Phone number: 305-633-4000

10. Booby Trap on The River

With Booby Trap, you can visit a strip club on the South River Drive in Miami! This almost sounds like a dream come true, and the pristine location of the club says it all.

They not only have the best location, but also some of the best lap dances in Miami. This is known specifically for its private lap dances and curvy ladies.

You will liquor here 24/7 and always get a big crowd, and if you’re a party person, then this is the place for you to go.


  • 3615 NW S. River Dr., Miami
  • Phone number: 305-637-9200

11.  Bella’s Cabaret

Hialeah is the place to be if you want to chill in Miami. A great location. Its proximity to the Miami International Airport is very convenient for the customers, especially the ones who are travelling and aren’t locals of Miami.

If you are in search of Latin entertainment at night, then head over to Hialeah. You will find Bellas Cabaret; this gentlemen's club guarantees a memorable experience.

The club reopened just in time for the Super Bowl LIV nude rush and caters to both locals and tourists alike with their friendly dancers.

 If your party is hungry or looking for some Cuban food (croquetas), they can order that as well!


  • 85 SE 14th St., Hialeah
  • Phone number: 305-887-1550

12. Club Lexx

Formerly known as Rolexx, this was the first club in Miami before KOD. It has been a choice of rappers and pro-athletes for years. It is among those clubs where you can see anything, and that includes everything!

The BBQ Rid sandwich is famous, so enjoy it while it's delivered to you from our barbecue joint!

If fancy lighting on the girl’s skin is something that interests you, then this is the place to be as it has some of the best lightings.

 This place has provided its customers with everything including adult videos, boxing and even food trucks in the parking lot.


  • 12001 NW 27th Ave., Miami
  • Phone number: (407) 431-6456

13. Cheetah Gentleman’s Club

It is one of Miami’s most versatile nightclubs that can satisfy your bachelor party, divorce party and corporate meetings.

The clean and well-lit club offers a variety of activities for the entertainment seekers.

Established in 2002, a fairly young strip club, was amongst the three locations under the name “Cheetah South Florida” and this was the third location

. One big reason for their success could be that its happy hours start 30 minutes before noon or the conventional timing.

Come experience our newly renovated club to see what the South Beach style, "State of the Art Sports and Adult Entertainment Complex" has in store for you.

 Cheetah Hallandale Beach is now open late every day from 11:30 am till 6 am and better than ever!


  • 100 Ansin Blvd Hallandale Beach, FL 33009
  • Phone number: (954) 455-2131

14. Foxxy Lady Cabaret

This club comes under the local picks, and as one of the most loved local strip clubs, Foxxy Lady lives up to its name as the ladies working here are Foxxy indeed.

 There are only a mere $5 covers on the weekdays and $10 lapdances and that is the reason for Foxxy Lady’s local crowd who enjoy this place by spending entire weeknights here.

 Don’t get it wrong, as the ambience, food, music and the girls are all top-notch. This is the best example of a bang for your buck.


  • 1792 NW 79th St., Miami
  • Phone number: 305-691-5032

15. One Gentlemen’s Club

The speciality of this place is that every Monday at this club there are $5 drinks all night, and ladies enjoy free admission until 11 pm.

 You might have to apologize to your boss for not answering their emails on time or finishing that important presentation in time, but remember that you don't get many opportunities like this one: the opportunity of drinking a Hennessey.

This is a very highly rated club on yelp and the people’s favourite.

 If your type of crowd consists of African American people, then this is the place to go as it is very popular amongst the black community.


  • 333 NE 79th St., Miami
  • Phone number: 305-603-7294

Final Words

There are a lot of strip clubs in Miami that you might want to check out if you happen to be there. Strip clubs have adult entertainment and can serve liquor as well as give nude dances and sexually enticing performances. Amongst all these things, one thing that we must keep in mind is to stay within the governing rules of the club.

It's important for the people working at them to feel respected by their guests. It's also important not to behave inappropriately with performers while getting entertained.

Any great social place has many important aspects to it such as ambience, food, music and most importantly the crowd. It is quirky that the clubs in Miami have a very mixed and global crowd, which is what is unique about Miami. You will find all types of the crowd here, from blonde valley girls on the beaches, to the Latino taco stall owners, Miami has it all.

As the strip-club capital of the United States, you don’t have to restrict yourself to partying in just one place, as you can hop from place to place and there is no shortage of that. There are lots of high-quality venues to get your lust fed, and the local gentlemen’s club ain’t gonna cut it. It is quite a boon to have a lot of places to go to, as it creates competition, and there is no shortage of that amongst the strippers. 

In Miami, you won’t see naked girls dancing for entertainment, but you will witness gorgeous performances. Due to the high competition for getting incentives, the dancers are on edge at all times and are rewarded accordingly by the club owners. People say that strip clubs in Miami are something to die for, and that the dancers and staff are treated even better than in Las Vegas or Dallas. 

It is not only the drunk sexual predators that you will find in Miami’s strip clubs, as there are places here where you will find well-suited gentlemen having lunch in the daytime with a glass of wine and enjoying a view.

Strip clubs are a type of enjoyment that can be had by both men and women. With the increasing availability of male strip clubs, the women's gathering has also increased. Not only that but due to homosexuality being normalized, you can find many gay bars and clubs around the city. People from all walks of life can take advantage of the availability of options to fulfil their sexual desires visually. Let’s take a look at some of the best strip clubs in Miami!

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