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Top 10 Red Light Areas in India in 2022

Looking for the best red light area near my location?

India is known for its culture. India taught the art of sex to the whole world which is explained in Kamasutra.

 From ancient times, India has been  hosting many red light areas in almost every district. In these red light areas, you can find any type of woman you would dream of.

Whether it be a young college girl or busty thick MILF, money makes everything possible in these red light areas.

In this article we have listed 10 most famous red light areas in India. Make sure you give it a careful read, boys! 

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Top 10 Red Light Area Near My Location - India (2022) - [With price list]

1. Sonagachi, Kolkata

Sonagachi is known as Asia’s largest red light area with more than 50000 sex workers living in multi story brothels. It is situated in the northern part of Kolkata near the famous marble palace.

In Bengali, Sona Gachi translates to The Tree of Gold. It indeed is a Tree full of bodies like gold. You can find sex workers of all ages and body types in a single place.

Whether you are looking for beautiful young brown women or  A Sexy MILF filled with horniness, you will find your type in Sonagachi. Do visit this notorious place if you ever go to Kolkata.

2. Kamathipura, Mumbai

Kamathipura is India's second largest red light area situated in mumbai. Kamathipura got its name from Kamath, the labourers who used to work at different construction sites.

 In 1992 there were 45000 sex workers residing in Kamathipura. 

But due to the AIDS spread in 1990s, the government started to give jobs to many sex workers which resulted in their migration. In 2018, the number of sex workers was counted to be 500. 

If you want to explore more about Kamathipura you can also watch Alia Bhatt’s recent movie called Gangubai Kathiawadi which shows the absolute description of prostitution in kamathipura.

3. GB Road, Delhi

GB Road, Delhi is India’s third largest red light area with more than 1000 sex workers living in multi story kothas which open at night after all the shops shut down.

The name GB road was changed to Swami Shraddhanand Marg by the government in 1996.GB road, Delhi’s largest red light area, has all types of prostitutes including female, male and transgender sex workers. If you ever visit Delhi, you can try exploring GB road for fun.

 You can see different sex workers calling you in thier little room known as kotha for sex. They might call you with different names and designations. It is indeed a fun experience even if you are not into sex with prostitutes. 

4. Meergunj, Allahabad

Meergunj is a red light area in Allahabad city. Recently the city has been renamed as Prayagraj. The area is a bit shady. It looks like a slum where all these prostitutes live in small houses.

It is badly known for illegal trafficking as many of the prostitutes there can be identified as underage or illegally brought into the business. So even if you plan to visit Meergunj, make sure you don’t carry any cash or other expensive accessories other than your hard cock!

 Also get yourself some good quality condoms as the prostitutes use condoms provided by government or NGOs. They are cheap and without lubricant. Sometimes they might not even fit on your cock.  

5. Budhwar Peth, Pune

Budhwar peth is a famous area which lies in the old city of Pune. This area has two sides. One which is famous for electronic stores, books and other items where as other is known for the beautiful prostitutes of all ages and bodytypes. Budhwar peth

red light area is known as one of the India’s largest active red light area which is known to have more than 5000 prostitutes.

 The area is near the famous dagdusheth ganpati mandir. Try and visit budhwar peth next time pune calls you in! 

6. Chaturbhujsthan, Muzzaffarpur

Have you ever heard of some red light areas getting their name derived from the name of a temple?

Chaturbhujsthan is the famous red light area situated in Muzaffarpur, Bihar which got its name from Chaturbhujsthan temple in that area.

 This is the biggest red light area in North Bihar. With more than 1000 prostitutes Chaturbhujsthan has been serving it’s sex workers from an ancient times.

7. Shivdaspur, Varanasi

Varanasi, the holy city of Ganga, also known as kashi or banaras has a bit of a notorious side too. And that is the red light area situated in Shivdaspur.

In olden time, the red light area in Kashi was in Dalamandi near Kashi Vishwanath Temple but then it got shifted to Shivdaspur, near the periphery of district.

Due to the fear of HIV, many sex workers are leaving shivdaspur and the red light area is declining in number of prostitutes.

There have been constant demands from locals and politicians for the area to be closed. 

8. Itwari, Nagpur

Other than oranges, Nagpur is also famous for one more thing…It’s famous red light area called as Ganga-Jamuna. Ganga-Jamuna is an old red light area situated in Itwari, Nagpur.

 It is one of the most outrageous areas in Nagpur known as gangster’s den. The prostitutes in Itwari are kinda aggresive. They wait for their horny customers right in front of their doors. They call you in and provide the services you demand in need of money.

 An additional tip we will recommend to you that please carry your own condoms as the prostitutes use cheap government condoms.Recently the government has issued a total ban on prostituion at Ganga Jamuna.

9. Majestic, Bangalore

Although many cities in India have their designated Red Light areas, Bangalore is different. The area near the bus stand, also called as majestic, serves as a transit for many women who come there to find customers for them.

They take them to the lodges and fullfill their sexual desires in return of money and by the evening, many of them return to their routine normal life. Bangalore is known for its lush life and many youngers these days have fantasies for hookers or prostitutes.

 They even invite such hookers at their birthday or bachelor's party. That’s the mainreason why the prostitution is booming in banglore!

10. Reshampura, Gwalior

Reshampura is one of the old red light areas in the city of Gwalior. Now a days, the area is witnessing a modern form of prostituiton where the clients book their favourite models using internet and they get the delivery location of their beautiful package! 

You can also get young college girls and foreign models if you have a good budget. Make sure to visit Reshampura next time you visit Gwalior. 

Final Words

We have listed the top 10 red light areas in India which will help you satisfy your sexual needs, fantasies and kinky dreams. All these red light areas are constantly monitored by various government and non government bodies. Make sure you take all the precautions while visiting any red light area. 

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