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India is a country of the ultimate guide to sex, Kama Sutra. This shows how much interested we Indians are, in sex.

Though talking about sex is considered taboo by many in India, doing it and watching others people do it is something what people resort to, in order to take care of their sexual tension.

As the gender ratio in India is not very good, many people in the country are single and don’t have a partner with whom they can explore their sexual fantasies.

Hence, people resort to watching soft porn that is easily available on OTT platforms nowadays.

Today, we are going to tell you about 10 hottest Indian web series that you can enjoy when you are alone and have a good time.

Top 10 Hottest Indian Web Series (2022): List & Names

1. Gandi Baat

There is no discussion on an Indian web series that does not mention the show Gandi Baat.

The show was one of the first sex-based adult shows that became popular all over India and paved the way for other adult shows that were made after watching the success of Gandi Baat.

In the show, random sex stories from rural India are shown that are full of thrill and drama.

The show is produced by Balaji Telefilms owned by Ekta Kapoor. Hence, it is bound to have some drama in the stories. The show has extremely sexy scenes that people often fantasise about.

The scenes will titillate you and arouse you without showing full nudity but with enough sexual scenes.

  • Where to watch- JioCinema, ALTBalaji
  • Cast- Kunwar Vikram Soni, Mridula Mahajan, Shravani Goswami, Anveshi Jain
  • No. of Season- 6

2. Wanna have a good time

Wanna have a good time is another amazing and hot web series you can enjoy when you are alone. The series has been made by Ullu, and unlike any other erotic shows, it is sexy and funny at the same time.

The show has stories where you will see story of a guy who calls a prostitute home when her wife is away.

There is also a story where a businessman meets a girl who is a spoiled brat. They end up having sex and the story revolves around the same.

Both the stories are sexy and funny at the same time.Ullu has got a super fun erotic show under its banner that appeals to the youth and their fantasies.

So, if you enjoy sex comedies, then this show is a good choice for you. 

  • Where to watch- Ullu app
  • Cast- Flora Saini, Manish Raisinghan, Aarav Choudhary, Esha Vengurlekar, 
Roshmi Banik, Raj Bedi
  • No. of Season- 2

3. Dev DD

Dev DD is a modern day rendition of the hit movie Devdas. The show is full of drama and steamy scenes that will make you go drooling.

The show revolves around the life of a girl who lives life with no conditions and has loads of fun with the opposite sex in the show.

The story is similar to Devdas movie, and you will love it when you will watch the show.

The story has a gender swap from the original story, but that does not take away the fun ride this show is. Along with it, the show also has steamy lesbian scenes that will surely up your libido.

It is another hit show by Balaji Telefilms that you will love and enjoy.

  • Where to watch- Mxplayer app, JioCinema app, Zee5 app
  • Cast- Akhil Kapur, Asheema Vardaan, Rashmi Agdekar, Sandeep Pandey, Jason Shah, Sanjay Suri, Deepika Amin, Suneel Sinha, Rumana Molla, Haseen Mastaan Mirza
  • No. of Season- 2

4. XXX:Uncensored

XXX:Uncensored is one of the hottest shows on this list. The show is as fun as its name is. The show features a short story in each episode.

These stories are full of erotic scenes that are going to raise your temperatures and other things as well.

The show has some amazing hot scenes that will make you lock your room and play with your toy for hours.

The show features different kinds of stories and each one is unique. The common thing in all the episodes being the high level of eroticism.

This show truly lives up to the uncensored tag with its name. The fact that the show has famous TV actors in it makes it even more interesting and fun to watch.

Where to watch- ALTBalaji app
Cast- Rithvik Dhanjani, Kyra Dutt, Aadar Malik, Nehal Shah, Aparna Bajpai, Ankit Gera, Aparna Sharma, Shantanu Maheshwari
No. of Season- 2

5. Four More Shots Please

If you think that erotic shows are just for men, then you are wrong. We bring you the award winning show from Amazon Prime that shook the OTT world when it was released. Yes, “Four More Shots Please” it is. The story involves around 4 female friends whose life revolves around romance, work-life conflicts, anxieties and ambitions.
The series shows life of a modern women in India and the sexual adventures they have while managing their daily life routine.
The show has numerous dirty scenes involving straight as well as lesbian scenes. You will also enjoy how the people in the show talk about sex so casually, without worrying about the people around.
The show is arousing as well as empowering, and tries to normalise the discussions about sex that we generally don’t do.
  • Where to watch- Amazon Prime Video
  • Cast- Sayani Gupta, Gurbani, Manvi Gagroo, Kirti Kulhari
  • No. of Season- 2

6. Love, Lust and Confusion

Love Lust And Confusion is a fun and bold show from Viu. The show is a story about a girl who loves to explore her sexuality, and in pursuit of the same, she hooks up with multiple males, and a female.
The story involves and shows the main character shenanigans and takes you through the hottest moments the girl has been in.
The show is based in a city and is also funny. The hot makeout scenes in the show will make you lusty and you will be fantasising about a similar situation in your life.
The show does not have any kind of heavy drama and you will be in a happy mood throughout the show. While some moments may make you chuckle, some will take your hands inside your pants.
  • Where to watch-
  • Cast- Tara-Alisha Berry, Rajat Barmecha, Meiyang Chang, Meghana Kaushik.
  • No. of Season- 2

7. One Night Stand

One Night Stand is a Bengali web series that is one of the hottest ones you will ever see. The show is created by Addatimes and is a a superb thing to watch.
The story involves around a narcissistic girl who gets involved in sexual activities with a guy. The story has drama, thrill and all the hot scenes to heat up the moment.
As the show is in Bengali, the language used in the show is very sweet and you will be turned on by the way the people speak only.
The show is super sexy and the Bong beauties in the show are the ones to die for. If you like Bengali culture and find Bengali women sexy, then this show should be the one you should check out.
  • Where to watch-
  • Cast- Saurav Das,SOFIA CHATTOPADHYAY,Diya Das.
  • No. of Season- 1

8. Twisted

Twisted is a web series that takes a different route from any other shows on this list. The show is a crime thriller with a story involving a murder and rape of a woman who is the wife of a famous electronic business tycoon.
The show involves two CID officers who investigate the case and try to solve the mystery.
The show has some steamy scenes involving the sizzling-hot Nia Sharma. Nia is the sexiest woman in the show and you will be completely perplexed when she appears on the screen.
She has multiple hot scenes in the show that will take care of your horny self. This is a show that shows the prowess of Vikram Bhatt when it comes to making thriller shows. 
  • Where to watch- YouTube,  VB On The Web App
  • Cast- Nia Sharma, Namit Khanna, Tia Bajpai, Tanvi Vyas and Rahul Raj
  • No. of Season- 3

9. Ragini MMS Returns

Ragini MMS Returns is another hit show from ALTBalaji that made waves across the internet because of the steamy scenes in the show.
The show is a horror drama which is set in a college where a girl dies in the college’s laboratory.
The story takes a turn when students in the college start experiencing paranormal activities and start affecting the life of the college students.
The show has a lot of steamy scenes, and most of them involve our beloved beauty, Karishma Sharma. There is also a super-hot lesbian scene at the series end that will be something you can watch the series till the end.
So, if you like a good horror story with some tantallising sex scenes, then the series is just for you.
  • Where to watch- JioCinema, ALTBalaji
  • Cast- Divya Agarwal, Varun Sood, Sneha Namanandi, Karishma Sharma, Raquib Arshad, Nishkarsh Arora
  • No. of Season- 2

10. Sacred Games

Sacred Games is one the most popular and celebrated web series in India. The show was superbly written and had a cast that included actors like Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Radhika Apte and much more.
The show was included in “The 30 Best International TV Shows of the Decade" list by The New York Times.
The show involves around the story of an inspector who gets a phone call regarding the bomb planted in the city.
The show has lots of thrill and drama, and has some quench-thirsting hot scenes involving Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Kubbra Sait and are a treat to watch. So, if you want to watch some quality content, Sacred Games is the best option on this list.
  • Where to watch- Netflix
  • Cast- Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Neeraj Kabi, Jatin Sarna, Radhika Apte, Kubbra Sait
  • No. of Season- 2

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which is the best Hottest Indian Web Series?

If you are thinking which is the best hottest Indian web series that you can watch, then we would like to tell you that there are two hottest Indian web series that you can watch. The first is Gandii Baat, the show is filled with sex scenes that are sultry enough to allure you and make you go to the bathroom. Apart from this, XXX: Uncensored is another super-hot series that you can watch. The show, as mentioned earlier also, has some of the hottest scenes you will see on an Indian web series and is an absolute treat to watch.

Where can we watch hot Indian web series for free?

There are a lot of platforms that you can watch Indian web series on. Most of the OTT platforms require you to get a subscription using which you would be able to watch the shows. However, some shows on the list are available on some free video platforms such as JioCinema and MxPlayer. So, if you want to watch some of the shows on the list for free, then JioCinema and MxPlayer are the best options for you.

Which app is the best to watch sexy Indian web series?

As previously stated, there are many apps where Indian web series are available. But if you ask us the best app to watch sexy Indian web series, then ALTBalaji is absolutely the best. The platform has three out of the ten shows mentioned in the list. You can watch Gandii Baat, XXX: Uncensored and Ragini MMS Returns on this app without any ads, and that is what makes it the best app from the list.

How can we download Indian web series for free?

The Indian web series we have talked about are not free to download. For some of the web series mentioned, you need to get a subscription if you want to watch them. But, if you want to download them and watch them for free, you will have to resort to piracy. We do not promote piracy but the only way you can download Indian web series for free is through torrents and Telegram channels where you will get downloadable files for each episode and season.

Final Words

So, this was the list of all the amazing and hottest Indian web series that you can enjoy when you are alone at home. While some series are story driven and gives you an actual content, some of them are purely made keeping sex scenes in mind. In such shows, the story takes a backseat and all the focus is put on the erotic and sensual scenes that will grab the highest number of eyeballs.If you love to watch shows with actual good stories, and some hot scenes, then shows like Sacred Games and Twisted would work for you. Gandii Baat also has some episodes that will make you chip your nails while watching, because of the drama-filled story. For anything else, all other shows would suffice.

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