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Top 20 Hottest Indian Models On Instagram

Looking for the Hottest Indian Instagram Models?

You are at the right place.

India is a country with lots of natural beauty. From people to places, everything about India is beautiful in itself.

It is not that Indians promote themselves as beautiful and intelligent, the world also agrees with it. Time and time, Indians have proved to the world that one need not have a fair skin to look beautiful.

 The greatest examples of this are the Indian beauties who have won numerous international beauty contests.

There are many beauties such as Aishwarya Rai, Sushmita Sen, Lara Dutta and many more who have won international hearts with their beauty and intelligence.

Today, we have brought you 20 hottest Indian models that you should follow on Instagram.

 These models are sizzling, each in their own way, let’s explore and see how.

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Top 20 Hottest Indian Instagram Model (2022): Hot Models List

1. Neha Malik

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Neha Malik is a beauty hailing from Mumbai, Maharashtra.

She is 30 years old but has maintained herself pretty well. She has superb looks and has appeared in a number of music videos. 

One of the most popular music videos of hers is Sakhiyaan where she appeared with Maninder Buttar.

 Her beauty is something everyone admires, and her simple and down-to-earth personality is something that will melt your heart.

 She has 3.1 million followers on Instagram, and this shows how popular she is. Follow her and start your day with one of the most beautiful smiles in the world.

2. Erika Packard

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Erika is a petite beauty who is the daughter of famous 90s villain, Gavin Packard.

She has beautiful brown skin and looks stunning. She has been working as a model for the past few years and has 1,80,000 followers on Instagram. 

Though she has no immediate plans of joining Bollywood, she regularly posts funny videos on her Instagram account.

 If you like to watch beauties with a funny bone, Erika is the one to follow.

3. Anveshi Jain

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Anveshi Jain is one of the hottest females we have on this list of ours.

 She has a curvy image and people love her for it.

She has been working as an actor for the past few years and has gained some steady following because of the same.

She was part of the “Gandi Baat” web series and that made many men her fan, because of her bold image

. She has a whopping 5 million followers and we would say that she is much more than body. Follow her and you will know what we meant.

4. Nidhi Sunil

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Nidhi Sunil is an amazing diva hailing from Kerala with dark skin. 

One of the most beautiful and attractive features about her is her dark skin.

She was a recipient of Vogue India's Model of the year award and is currently one of the L’Oréal's global ambassadors.

She has 1,19,000 followers on Instagram.

While many people think fair skin is needed to go big in the modelling industry, Nidhi proves it wrong hands down.

5. Angela Jonsson

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Angela Jonsson is a super simple beauty with Icelandic origin.

She has a really cute smile that will melt you up when you see her. She has a pretty slim and fit body and she works hard for it.

Her turning point in life was Kingfisher Calendar in which she was featured in 2011.

Follow her if you love to watch a simple and beautiful babe with the most heartwarming smile.

6. Ketika Sharma

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Ketika Sharma is a beauty from the centre of India, that is Delhi.

She currently works in the South Indian film industry and also likes to sing songs.

She is an amazing actor who also sings pretty well. 

Apart from all this, what actually made her viral tch was her dance on Laal Bindi song.

 If you love to watch beauties killing it on the floor, Ketika is the one to watch for.

7. Shivani Narayan

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Shivani is one of the youngest hotties on this list, and is only 20 years old as of now.

 At such a young age, she has gained a lot of popularity in the South Indian movie industry.

She was active in the television industry where she worked on Tamil shows and gained recognition for the same. S

he has fair skin and beautiful features that attract many.

 The 3.5 million followers agree with us and you can too, if you follow her on Instagram.

8. Elena Fernandes

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Elena is a tall beauty with brains who geeks on books and takes them everywhere she goes.

 She is a supermodel with killer looks, gorgeous smile and a fit body. She loves modelling and her amazing modelling career includes working for several international brands like Adidas, Filas, Westside and many more.

 Along with her modelling, she also writes for esteemed magazines such as Harpers, GQ, Vogue and many more.

 Her social media is filled with her amazing clicks and you are going to love what she has to show.

9. Amy Jackson

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Amy Jackson is a popular face in the Indian film industry.

She has worked in movies of different languages in India. She has a British origin and is a former Miss Teen world.

 She has worked with many world famous designers such as Hugo Boss, Carolina Herrera, Bvlgari and many more.

She has beautiful grey eyes and a super innocent face that makes her irresistible.

Mix that with some sex appeal, and what you get is God’s marvel with 10.9 million followers on Instagram.

10. Sofia Ansari

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With 8.9 million followers on Instagram, then Sofia Ansari is here to prove you wrong.

 A pretty and innocent face along with a curvy body.

Her sexy mole above the lips gives her a sexy touch and suits her bold personality.

 She loves being in front of the camera and you will find her posting funny content regularly on Instagram that will make you chuckle up and appreciate her funny side.

11. Garima Chaurasia

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While reading the name, you will think that she is just another regular girl with a regular life.

 But that is not true, this cutie is a popular social media influencer who along with her looks and awesome work, made millions of people her fans.

She has almost 14 million followers on Instagram which is humongous and amazing.

 Her simplicity and beauty is something that makes people fall in love with her.

12. Ashika Pratt

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Ashika is a true petite beauty who was born to an Indian mother and Fijian father.

She has the looks and personality of a supermodel and does regular photoshoots for many international brands.

Her Indian origin helped her land some deals with Vogue and Femina in India.

Follow her if you want to follow a hot and sizzling Indian petite diva.

13. Paloma Monappa

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Paloma Monappa is an Indian actor who got fame because of her Malayalam films.

She is a petite beauty who has looks to kill. She is a petite beauty with a perfect combo of hotness and simplicity.

You can call her simply hot. Apart from this, she is a really good actress and has featured in multiple movies.

Follow her and treat yourself with some dusky and natural Indian beauty.

14. Neelam Gill

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Neelam Gill is one of the hottest girls from India who has been slaying it in the world.

She is a British Punjabi, and you will instantly get that bubbly Punjabi girl from her when you see her.

She has large eyes that are mysterious and gorgeous.

 Her petite body is super sexy and has worked with popular brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, Burberry and many more.

15. Carla Dennis

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If you like beautiful smiles that can brighten up your mood, then Carla Dennis is the one who will take care of it.

 Don’t let the name fool you, this diva is from Mumbai and is a popular content creator as well as model.

 She has green eyes and that mixed with that amazing smile is a killer combo.

16. Rikee Chatterjee

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Rikee Chatterjee is the perfect personality who you often see in fashion weeks.

She has the  looks, walk and personality of a model.

Check her Instagram and you will see how awesome she is at posing.

 Her short hair and serious looks while getting clicked gives her a perfect model personality.

17. Nayanika Chatterjee

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Nayanika Chatterjee is a gorgeous beauty who is not just a pretty face but is a powerhouse.

She is a model, a groomer, a hair stylist and a pageant trainer. She does it all, and excels in it.

 Her deep eyes are something that many people get attracted to, and get lost in.

 Follow her and enjoy her beautifully dressed pics that will make you fall in love with her

18. Manushi Chillar

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Manushi Chillar is a beauty that needs no introduction.

She won the Femina Miss India in 2017 and has been a popular face in India since then.

This 24 year old beauty hails from Haryana and will soon be seen in a Hindi movie.

She is not only beautiful but has a lot of brains.

She cleared the NEET exam in her first attempt.

Follow her and treat yourself with a smile from one of the most beautiful girls in the world.

19. Harnaaz Sandhu

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If you thought Manushi Chillar is the best we got, hold on, because Harnaaz Sandhu is here.

 She is the current Miss Universe 2021 who again proved that Indians are not only brains but beautiful too.

This 21 year old beauty was the most recent talked-about beauty who hails from Punjab and her amazing personality gives that vibe.

20. Zoya Afroz

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Zoya Afroz is another amazing Diva from India who won Miss India International 2021.

 Her deep and gorgeous eyes perfectly complement each other and you will be in awe of her looks before you even notice it.

Hailing from Lucknow city, she has been active in the film industry since she was three.

She has been working longer than the age of some of the beauties mentioned here.

Follow her and get your daily dose of that gorgeous smiling face.

21. Manasa Varanasi

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Another amazing beauty on this list of ours is Manasa Varanasi.

 This beauty is one of the cutest ones you will see and was Femina Miss India World 2020.

She hails from Hyderabad and has an amazing smile.

She is fairly tall and has looks that will make you feel happy when you get even a glimpse of hers. 

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