Top 20 Best Free Dating Sites in USA (2020) – Reviews & Comparison

Online dating makes it easy for people to meet a potential partner. As we are moving away from social conventions, our relationships tend to get affected by this.

It becomes difficult to go on a date or meet new people. Daily life is becoming hectic day by day. 

Dating sites ensure that we keep up with the changing times. You can find like-minded people on the internet. Many people get their soulmates through these dating sites.

It has become effortless to search for a partner from the vicinity of our homes. Your date can be just a click away.

Here are some of the best dating sites in the USA.

Top 20 Best Free Dating Sites in USA

Top 10 Best Free Dating Sites In USA









plenty of fish-min


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Estimated Visits – 36.07M Last month

Established in 1995, has a fan following among the youngsters of the past decades. You can sign up on for free and enjoy its services.

The site will note down your details and will ask you some questions related to your personality. Its interface will then show all the possible matches.

It is the biggest player of this game(niche). Its offices are in various parts of America including Sans Francisco, West Hollywood but their headquarters is in Texas.

You can find a lot of profiles out there in which maybe you have one for whom you were waiting for years.

The site has a good prospect in overall views like performance, site functionality and all other facts are in favour of the website and make it one of the best dating website.


  • Match Daily: This site offers five potential matches each day.
  • Search engine: The webpage has an accurate search engine that allows you to discover consequences based on things you need.


  • Profile update:  To view your profile in the Site you have to Submit your profile data.
  • Pay site: This site is an expensive site.

Estimated visits - 59.78K Last month

There are a number of features you can get in free at this site. It is one of the most popular dating sites in the U.S and Canada as well.

Where you can find the personality which can sound interesting to you.

It is more likely that this site can give you a good life partner who can make your life enjoy worthy and can impact your all aspects of life by his positive energy. 

One of the interesting parts of this site is you can message or check anyone's profile.

It also offers a variety in which people are interested in relationships, casual dating or intimate encounters. The choice is totally up to you.

Popular in both the USA and Canada, Lavalife is a free dating app. You can message the person of your interest and browse through profiles without any cost.

People will go through your detailed profile, and the interested members will message you to connect. 


  • Signing up: Signing up on this web page is very effortless.
  • Customer service: This website has exceptional customer support.


  • Privacy: There is no privacy anyone can check the profiles.
  • Average format: This site has an average format which can also disappoint the users.

Estimated Visits – 83.33M Last month

If you have checked all other websites but still didn't get your perfect one, then this site can give an extra from others.

It is totally free, but there is toughness in this also you have to send too many messages in order to get a handful of replies. 

This website too has a paid version like others which unlocks many other interesting features like checking who have read your message. 

Who has watched your profile or recently checked your profile? 

Maybe this site can save your energy when you feel burnt out after trying a lot of fake dating sites on the internet.

With huge visitors every month, Plenty of Fish has become a great matchmaker for desperate singles. You will have to send multiple text messages on this site to receive a genuine reply. 

The initial version of the app is free to use, but like Tinder, you can purchase the paid version and enjoy some upgrades.


  • Variety of features: This site has a variety of features such as online Chatting, Video chat etc.
  •  Accurate Details: This site provides accurate details.


  • Premium site: This site is not free you have to pay to get access to this site.
  • Basic layout: The layout is fundamental as compared to other websites.

Estimated Visits – 5.32M Last month

One of the best dating sites in the world, eHarmony, has become popular among couples. This site is responsible for many successful relationships across the globe.

It has a straightforward interface that makes it comfortable for users to use this app. Eharmony came into existence in 2000.

This site also offers amazing features in its free plan, and it can be better from the states I stated in this list of 20 sites.

This site is popular in both countries including the U.S. and Canada.

You can find many of the profiles from the different part of the world and can choose anyone who fits perfect for you.

As like other websites this site, too have subscription services for which you have to pay to get unlocked few of its smart features which include seeing the profiles you interested more than wasting time in watching some useless old profiles. 


  • Profile advertisement: This site will help you to find a perfect match by advertising your profile.
  • Quick Matching making: The site is fast for matchmaking rather than other sites.


  • Signing Process: Signing Process is complex than other sites.
  • Expensive site: This web page is Expensive comparing to other sites.

Estimated Visits – 34.37M Last month

The site has a huge number of membership accounts, but its low point is you hardly get any reply from those beautiful girls or handsome males.

It too sounds try worthy as a last or second one from last option.

This site has slow functionality as well.

There are a few problems in their joining procedure as well, but if you try carefully, you can be one of those who was luckiest in getting their best ones.

This dating site sees one of the maximum numbers of visits per month. Due to heavy traffic on the website, it may take longer to load sometimes.

Because it has more subscribers, OkCupid ensures more chances of finding a match.


  • Advertisement facilities: Advertisements of your profile is provided in this site.
  • Proper Details: You can find accurate details. 


  • Mobile Uncompatible: This website doesn't support your mobile device.
  • Poor Design: The design and layout of this site are not satisfactory.

#6. BB People Meet

Estimated Visits: 1.25M Last month

If you don't understand the BB then here is its full form- Big and Beautiful- but after adding W, it becomes Big and Beautiful Women.

If you're one of those people in this world who has plus sized, then it can sound relevant to you.

There are too many members who have plus-size and can become your better – half.


  • Customise: you can customise your settings, and block unwanted users from your search results.
  • Niche dating site: This internet website draws a totally specific crowd that share all the identical interest.


  • No mobile app: This site does not offer a mobile app.
  • Fake users: There are many junk mail users who are simply pretending to be geeky.

Estimated Visits: 999.67K Last month

With its extremely clean interface, this site has a stunning presence and behaves exactly like its name big and beautiful.

Cupid media sites have put a lot of efforts in this site in order to make it one of its kinds.

This site too has a plus-sized membership community with too many members on this site.

A single query on this site can give you more than 1000 results if you type for a particular area.


  • Easy operation - The website online is easy to perform and may be very person-friendly.
  • Free registration – You Don't need to pay for registration, and it's free.


  • Pay for full access – You have to be a paying member to get access to features like instantmessaging and video.
  • Non-exclusive – The site is not only for American singles.

#8. Chemistry

Estimated Visits: 104.80K Last months.

Tough sign up process with lots of queries makes it very great for those who are interested in serious relationships.

This website is the helping site of, but it has a significant number of users in comparison with other sister sites of popular dating sites.

It is a site which often remains full of motivated and dedicated people who are interested in starting a new course of life with a person and free from all those spammers.

This dating app is apt for those who seek a genuine relationship instead of a fling. The registration part is complicated as it requires a lot of details from the user's side.

Because the website is honest and safe, people do not hesitate to provide their details to


  • Communication – If you are a member on the site, you can communicate all the members.
  • Automated matching system – If you select the criteria in your match, the system will find a suitable match for you.


  • Expensive – The site is expensive as compared to other American dating sites.
  • Poor layout – The site should work on its design and layout to lure potential users.

#9. Black People Meet

Estimated Visits: 3.79M Last month

There are too many sites on the internet which offers the same feature and same niche- single black people, but most of them are no less than junk because you hardly get a reply from all his members and profiles you saw.

Maybe it sounds some weird, but if you don't want to waste on your valuable time and money, you can enjoy this free website. 

As the name suggests, this site is suitable for biracial people. Even if you are of any other color, you can register for free on Black People Meet.

The site has an algorithm that will match your profile with the most suitable contender.


  • Plenty of users – The site has plenty of users.
  • Free – This site is free to use, so you don't have to worry about spending any money.


  • Non-exclusive – You can find people from a different background other than Americans.
  • Need to upgrade- This site has a poor layout, so this site needs to be upgraded. 

#10. Afro introductions

Estimated Videos: 3.19M Last month

If you seek a partner from the African continent, Afro Introductions will help you. Not only Africans but a lot of American singles are also available on this dating site.

The site is gaining popularity in the American continent recently.

It also is free of cost. If again you have checked most of those dating sites who have a huge number of single black people then it can give you a sigh of relief.

It does have members from Africa, but it is quite famous in America as well.

It is a great option for those who are seeking black partners. It is free of cost.


  • Easy to operate – You will find the site to be easy while operating the system.
  • Trustworthy – The site is reliable and trustworthy when it comes to dating.


  • Limited features – The website lacks search and discovery options.
  • Does not guarantee – The website does not guarantee to locate the fit match for you.

#11. GayCupid

Estimated Visits: 294.66K Last months

Cupid media sites launched this site special for the gay.

Most of the sites have fake profiles this is a simple hack to increase traffic and number of memberships, but this site has unique identification method which makes it extraordinary from others.

This site meets the hope of gay people who are seeking a true and long-lasting relationship.

There is also an option of one night or any type of relationship which sounds better to you.


  • Audio/Video chat – This site has a feature of live audio/video chat.
  • Free membership – Anyone can have a membership for free but with limited facilities.


  • Limited message – In this site, you can send only limited messages if you are not a paid member.
  • Pop-ups – Pop-ups adds can annoy you.

#12. Christian Mingle

Estimated Videos: 1M Last month

If somewhere in your deep heart your religion has deep roots and you're concerned about making a relationship with the people who are from your religion then this site can be fruitful for you provided that you're a Christian. 

This site has a range of features, and it is pretty much older than most of the dating sites there. There is a significant number of visitors and users of this site. 

This dating site is exclusively for the followers of Christian belief. Its seamless user interface makes Christian Mingle famous among Americans. 

You can register for free, and the app will not charge you anything for a majority of services. You can browse freely, but there is a specific per month fee.


  • updates – The site is updated frequently.
  • User-friendly – The browsing is more user-friendly.


  • Simple layout – The design of the site it will not impress you at the first look.
  • No mobile apps – There are no mobile apps available on this site.

#13. Christian Café

Estimated Visits: 464.52K Last month

If you did not find any right match on first Christian site, then this can give a little more extra benefits of finding persons who sound quite interesting to you and your personality.

In technical terms site has a good user interface and a super quick registration process.


  • Quick registration – In this site the registration is quick.
  • Free Review – In this site the review for your matches is free.


  • Pop-ups – You will have to face lots of pop-ups add which can upset your mood.
  • No apps on the phone: Your mobile will not support this site.

Estimated Visits: 228.15K Last months.

Cupid media sites launched this site to make the dating process very easy and great for the persons who are facing difficulties in finding the great option for them in this religion. 

If you find nothing on the above two sites then maybe you can get your right one on this site.


  • Easy to use: This site is easy to use and navigate.
  • Perfect layout – The site has a Perfect layout which attracts the users.


  • No app for IOS users – Only Android users have the facility of using the mobile app.
  • Unwanted adds: Lots of adds may piss you off.

Estimated Visits:567.28K Last month

Cupid media sites made this site for lesbians there.

If you are a lesbian and had some problems in finding your perfect match, then this site can end up your searching journey by giving you a great option. 

This site too has a paid version as well. By purchasing its paid version, you instant can review your match's profile and can send them a message directly.


  • Lesbians: If you are searching for a lesbian then this site would be the best one to get it.
  • Cupid Media Network – Since the site is a part of Cupid Network Media, and it's highly reliableand trustworthy


  • Limited access – To send a message, you have to pay to be a premium member.
  • No app for IOS users – Only Android have the facility of using this mobile app.

#16. Interracial Match

Estimated Visits: 145.05K Last months

Started in 2001 this site has a large number of users and its subscribers as other websites this website has its free version with very limited features.

You can simply signup, but there are many things you should consider while having a relationship beyond races and its verification method and other privacy secrets makes it most secure site when it comes to dating beyond the colour and races.

If you're one who wants to have a partner from a different race, then you can go for this site.


  • Lots of Interracial – You will find many Interracial singles from America.
  • Awesome Design – The design of this site is awesome.


  • No mobile apps – If you want to check the site you can browse on the desktop since they don’t have mobile apps.
  • Not available is some countries – This sites might not work in some countries.

#17. Interracial Cupid

Estimated Videos: 407.34K Last month

It is also a website from cupid media which again offers few things in free, but if you really want to have a perfect match, then you should buy one of its plans which will help you in getting an actual person which you are seeking of.

It has two plans Gold and Platinum which has their own speciality in limits.


  • Cupid Media – It's highly trustworthy and reliable because the site is a part of Cupid Network Media
  • Instant chat – Once you register, you can instantly chat with other members
  • It records clear videos
  • It has a good audio quality
  • It is reliable


  • Advertisements – Plenty of advertisements may upset your mood.
  • Primitive design – The layout of the site is the same since it’s started. It may be boring for you.

#18. Jdate

Estimated Videos: 532.75k Last month

It is one of the largest and most used Jewish dating sites on the internet you can come up with.

There are many other sites who offer religion filter by which you can get people of a particular religion.


  • Free sign up - You can sign up and place your profile for free.
  • Simple and decent layout – The Design of the site is simple and descent.


  • Old design format – The layout of the site is the same since it’s started which may be boring for you.
  • No mobile apps – This site doesn't have mobile apps.

#19. Latin American Cupid

Estimated visits: 3.13M Last month

If you have ever watched the movies or videos of latin people, then you should realise it how much beautiful and attractive they are. 

This is again a site which is run by cupid media sites, and it has a larger user base in many cities of America including New York. 

This Dating portal is quite famous outside of America as well. If you are a South American looking for a perfect partner, Latin American Cupid will get the job done. 

As the USA has many Latin American citizens, this dating site is gaining popularity in the states rapidly.


  • Free sign up - You can sign up the site for free and even browse the profiles of all the members.
  • Long-term relationship – The site focuses on long-term relationship rather than a casual date.


  • Pop-ups – You will encounter pop-ups which can irritate you.
  • Poor layout – The layout of the site is poor, not satisfied.

#20. Amigos

Estimated Visits: 187.77K Last Month

This is one of the old players in the game, and if you're concerned for Latinos, then this should leave you amazed by its popularity and too many latino profiles.

It is also helpful if you are wondering to move the city Mexico. 


  • Cupid Network – You can share your details on this site because Cupid Network Media is trustworthy.
  • Free Review – You can review your matches for free.


  • Paid membership – You have to be a member if you want to use all the features available on the site.
  • Unsatisfied layout – The layout of the site is Unsatisfied.


We hope that these dating sites will benefit you in finding love. Even if you are not looking for anything serious, give these sites a try. You will be amazed by the singles available on them.

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