Top 20 Best Teen Dating Sites – 2019 – (Reviews & Comparison)

"Dating Teens" can be controversial term as most of the teens (except the girls and boys who are 18 and 19 years old) are not considered to be mature enough to date but these teens can certainly get to know each other and form friendships which can further blossom into relations once they cross their adolescent age.

Anyone who is between 13 to 19 years of age is considered to be a teen except for those who consider themselves as teens even after 30. 

There are even some dating sites which are specially meant for the teens under 19 years of age, and therefore they prove to be a great site for students who are attending schools and colleges.

Today we are discussing those sites which are best for the teens. Some of these sites are dedicated teen sites whereas the others have a huge teen database to satiate the dating requirements of teens.

Let us see these top teen dating sites in detail:

Top 10 best teen dating sites




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my lol

My Lol


our teen network

Our Teen Network


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#1. Match

Estimated visits last month – 28.4K might not be specially made for teens, but considering the millions of youngsters registered on its network, it will not be a hard guess that there are countless teens here who are willing to date and mingle with someone they find attractive.

Also, it is a premium dating site that does not bother you with adverts and unnecessary pop-ups.

For 12, 6 and three months subscription plan you need to pay $20.99, $23.99 & $26.99 per month respectively.



  • It is an international dating site, and therefore you would be able to spot teens from all over the world here.
  • The site looks decent and is user-friendly as well.
  • Millions of registered members mean you have a lot of options to choose from.
  • It is not a dedicated teen dating site and more suitable for mature individuals who wish to date serious candidates and future spouses.
  • It is a premium site and therefore a costly proposition especially to the teens.

#2. My Lol

Estimated visits last month –  1 million

My Lol is a cool dating site meant especially for the teens and the icing on the cake is that it is a free dating site.

Therefore, it is an ideal proposition for teens who do have much pocket money to waste on a premium dating site.



  • Sign-up can be done through your Facebook or Twitter account to register on the site quickly.
  • It is available in the app form on the App Store and the Google Play store, and therefore you can be in touch with your friends and love interests from any corner of the world.
  • They provide a private messaging feature to those who would like to take their friendship to another level.
  • The navigation of the site could be better.

#3. Our Teen Network

Estimated visits last month – 383.7K

Our Teen Network is another free dating site for young and naive teens who wish to meet someone who is similar to them.

This site is loaded with many interesting features and searching options which make it much more desirable.



  • You can see profiles sorted according to their Snap chat id which is an interesting way to meet young teens.
  • It comes with an engaging forum which allows like-minded teens to share their ideas and interests.
  • This dating site is completely free to use.
  • The layout of the website is ordinary.
  • The adverts on the site can be a nuisance sometimes.

#4. Crush Zone

Estimated visits last month – 103.9K

We all know that teenagers have the highest number of crashes than anyone and this is a site meant for such teenagers who are most open to online relationships and friendships.

Finding an ideal friend or date is an easy year, and moreover, it is a free teen dating site as well. It is a free dating site as well.



  • The site is meant for straight, gay, lesbian and bisexuals as well.
  • This site also targets unique dating niches such as anime lovers, gaming enthusiasts, nerds and much more as groups are available for each one of them.
  • This site is ideal for those who are looking to chat and also for those who are seeking serious relationships.
  • There are quite a few disturbing ads on this site.
  • The design and overall layout of this site are not impressive.

#5. Teenber

Estimated visits last month – NA

Teenber is the perfect dating site where you get to choose your matches by swiping right, and you can also swipe left if you do not like the profile.

After doing that you become friends and then you can get more close through private messaging and chats.

The three-month premium pack comes at 135$ approximately.



  • This site ensures that there are no additional charges levied randomly to the registered users.
  • All the members here are between 18 to 24 years of age, and therefore it won't find anyone above that age.
  • It is a perfect mix of social networking and dating site which is also available for smartphones and iPhones.
  • The design and layout especially of the homepage are too plain and simple.

#6. Skout

Estimated visits last month – 2.2 million

Skout is one of those sites which does not charge you for anything.

Moreover, it is compatible with desktop, tablets, smartphone, and iPhone, as well as users, can download its app from the respective app stores.

Though the site is for free, you can access some premium features at 9.99 dollars per month.



  • It is a 100 per cent free dating site, and most of the members here are teenagers and youngsters.
  • They try to make your dating experience up close and personal by providing you with many interesting features.
  • Skout has millions of registered users from different corners of the world. Therefore you can date both local teens and international teens here.
  • The site gets a bit slow at times.

#7. Teens Town

Estimated visits last month – NA

If you want a secure and discreet dating site to have fun, then Teens Town is one site which provides you with both these aspects.

Also, it is made for both casual date lovers and serious date seekers.



  • Most of the basic features are available at zero cost on this site.
  • You can mark those individuals as a favourite who manages to impress you.
  • Adult content is strictly prohibited on this site which makes it ideal for budding teens.
  • It is not a completely free dating site.
  • There are few ads on this site.

#8. Teen Chat

Estimated visits last month – 196.8K

Teen Chat is perfect for those individuals who are decent and do not like abusive or flattering comments as well.

This site has a unique system that recognises genuine members and eliminates or suspends the account of those who are just there for trolling and abusing.

It is a completely free site to use.



  • This site was developed and is operated by teen techies, and therefore they know what it takes to impress the teens.
  • There are a lot of chat rooms categorised according to gender, age, origins and much more which provide an opportunity for teens to find their right match easily.
  • It is ideal for both casual and serious dating.
  • This site can confuse new users.

#9. Fun Date City

Estimated visits last month – NA

Fun Date City is a perfect dating site for the teens who wish to enjoy and have fun during their dating experience.

They are among the few dating sites that seriously consider the suggestions and feedbacks of their members and implement the necessary changes.



  • It is suitable for all types of teens such as gay, lesbian, transgender, straight, and bisexual as well.
  • They have a special matchmaking system that suggests best matches to you according to your interests and preferences.
  • Registering on this site is free.
  • The site remains slow or down sometimes due to maintenance, and that be frustrating for the members who use the site regularly.

#10. Teen Dating Site

Estimated visits last month – 84.6K

Teen Dating Site is a dedicated teen dating site which was launched in 2010 and is one of the well-known teen dating sites across the world.

What makes it unique is its feature through which you can connect your Twitter and Facebook account on the site to make it make it more happening and worthwhile to you.

It is a free site as well!



  • You can download its app for free on App Store and Google Play Store
  • You can register your profile with a cool or hot nickname on this site.
  • The registration process is super fast and easy on Teen Dating Site.
  • The layout of the website is simple and needs to be changed a bit.
  • The homepage lacks any of the vital information on it which can work against it.

#11. Coffee Meets Bagel

Estimated visits last month –  218.2K

CMB is a great site for teens who are 18 and above.

Also, it is a completely free dating site which does not charge you for a damn thing.

It does not bother you with endless suggestions and therefore does not force you to keep swiping all the time.

The charges for a monthly premium account is 34.99, for three monthly is74.99 and six months is 119.99 dollars 



  • It suggests a handful of matches every day after gauging your interests and preferences with precision.
  • It suggests interesting and unique icebreakers which prove to be ideal for starting a conversation with someone you like.
  • This site is perfect for those who are looking for long-term and serious relationships.
  • It is not a dedicated teen dating site.
  • Teens under 18 are not allowed to be a member of this site.
  • Some anonymous accounts can bother you. However, you can report their profiles to get rid of them as soon as possible.

#12. Taffy

Estimated visits last month – NA

Taffy is a cool dating site meant for the teens of age 17 and above.

The design and overall appeal of this site make it tempting, and it is also available for the iPhone users in the form of an app. It is available free of cost at App Store.


  • The profile pictures are kept blurry so that you do not swipe left and reject the matches just by looking at their pictures and mind you pictures are deceptive most of the times.
  • It is for the teens above 17, but it also does not feature any upper age limit which means that you can use this site when you grow old as well.
  • The iPhone app of this site is interesting and user-friendly.


  • The site is relatively new, and therefore there aren't many members registered on this site.

#13. YUBO

Estimated visits last month – 74.7K

YUBO is a perfect dating app as it allows teens of age 12 and above.

There are only a few dating sites that support ages as well which makes it pretty special.

 The app of this site looks a bit like Tinder and a bit like Snap Chat which make it unique. It is a free dating app.



  • You can access this app on smartphone and iPhone as well.
  • It is ideal for friendship and casual dating.
  • It provides a secure and private dating platform to the teens.
  • It is not available as an app for the desktop.
  • The customer support service of this site needs to be buck up and respond quickly.

#14. Bumble

Estimated visits last month – 1.8 million

Bumble is an impressive free dating site perfect for the teens 17 and above.

It is not a dedicated teen dating site, but it has thousands of teens registered on it who make it an ideal teen dating site.

The membership fees are none, but you can boost your profile by spending a minimal amount of 9.99 dollars. 



  • It is a women-oriented site as the chats can be initiated only by the women.
  • It is a free dating site which will never ask you for your credit card details.
  • The men need to respond before the expiry period which is 24 hours.
  • This site is not suitable for men who like to break the ice and women who like to be approached by men.

#15. Chatpit

Estimated visits last month – NA

If you are a teen who is younger than 18, then Chatpit is a perfect site for you since most of its members are at least 18 or below 18.

One unique and impressive feature of this site is that the teenagers need to take permission of their parents to date, someone. Moreover, it is a free dating site.



  • It is a genuine website and does not contain fake profiles at all.
  • The verification tools of this site are quite powerful which makes it a safe site for teenagers.
  • It looks like a decent and appealing dating portal meant specifically for the teens.
  • The member base of this site is quite less as compared to other dating sites.

#16. Knuddles

Estimated visits last month – NA

Knuddles is a superb dating site for the teens those who are looking for casual flings and friendships. \

You can play online billiard, participate in quizzes and do much more on this site which makes it quite special. Also, it is a free dating site.



  • Most of the users registered on this site are teens.
  • Most of the users registered on this site are teens.
  • You can rate the pictures of someone who like or find interesting.
  • It is not a dedicated teen dating site.
  • The design and overall appeal of this dating site can be improved.

#17. Meet Me

Estimated visits last month – 12.9 million

Meet Me is an ideal dating site meant for those who look for new friends and casual relationships.

The dating process of this site is quite easy and filled with fun which makes it a unique dating site.

For accessing premium services, you will have to spend credits, and 625 credits will cost 9.99 dollars (US) to you.



  • Thousands of teen boys and girls have registered themselves on this site.
  • This site has a public chat portal which means that you can also use it as a social media site
  • Meeting new friends and dates is made quite easy on this site.
  • It is not a dedicated site for teenagers.
  • Meet Me is not suitable for serious daters.

#18. Teen Say

Estimated visits last month – NA

Teen Say is a site which is not a dating portal but a forum where you will find teens belonging to every race and age group.

Therefore, it is a perfect dating portal for those individuals who are tired of the typical dating sites. Also, it is a free dating site.



  • On its forum, you can find numerous teens who think like you and have interests that match yours.
  • It is a dedicated teen dating site which supports both friendship and dating.
  • It is an ideal dating site for those who are looking to build a relationship slowly.
  • Casual and fast dating lovers will find it unappealing.

#19. Chemistry

Estimated visits last month – 104.8K is an ideal site meant for those who are decent and look to date someone special.

Its teen database is huge which makes it suitable for teenagers as well.

One month membership will cost you $34.99, three-month membership will cost you $68.98, and six-month membership will cost you $77.94.



  • It has a cool and user-friendly interface.
  • Sign-up is free and pretty easy on this dating site.
  • They provide safe dating tips for the members who make it preferable for teens as well.
  • It is not a dedicated teen dating site.
  • The homepage could have been more impressive and informative.

#20. Elite Singles

Estimated visits last month – 469.4K

When you are looking for teen singles, few sites can get better than elite singles.

This site has some of the best teen singles who are from reputed colleges and schools and who lie between the age group of 18 to 24.

It is also one of the safer dating sites on the internet which makes it a good choice for teenagers as well.

You will have to pay $59.95 for one month, $104.85 for three months, $149.70 for six months and $215.40 for 12-month subscription plan on this site.



  • Teens those who register on it can use this account in future as well as it is also ideal for matchmaking and mature dating.
  • Most of the matches here are genuine and from decent backgrounds.
  • The portal is user-friendly and easy to understand for the new members as well.
  • It is not a dedicated teen dating site.
  • It is not meant for the teens under 18 years of age.

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