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Best Ullu Best Web Series

Looking for the best ullu web series ?

The platform Ullu is a popular streaming channel that provides a variety of short films, web series, videos, songs, and different language content clips. 

This streaming platform becomes digitally known because of its variety of genres of content that include suspense, horror, thriller, comedy, drama, etc. 

The platform was widely used during the lockdown as people were looking for some entertaining and unique content that they haven’t seen before.

To watch episodes on Ullu viewers need to take the premium subscription plan. Only two episodes are given free to watch but for streaming all the episodes you should have a premium. 

Ullu become extremely widespread among people because of its bold and engaging content. The web series available on this platform features a good star cast from the TV and Film industry.

There are plenty of web series that can be accessible from the Ullu App or Ullu TV. You can also find many adult web series that have an erotic theme as well as the punch of suspense story.

Few are some best web series available on Ullu that shouldn’t be missed:

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Top 12 Best ULLU Web Series Name List (2022): Hottest & Sexiest | Ullu Cast

1. Kavita Bhabhi

It is among the most popular web series on the Ullu App. Kavita Bhabhi is in Hindi Language featuring a woman known as Kavita Radheshyam. She is the lead character of this series.

Recently the third season of this show has been released by the makers. The first two seasons were blockbusters which encouraged them to present the third one with more bold content than the previous two. In season 3 of Kavita Bhabhi, the lead plays a crucial role and Nishant Radheyshyam is the supporting character. 

The lead actor Kavita started her career in acting with the Film Uljhan which was directed by Vikram Bhatt. She gained a lot of fame and popularity after this and get many roles in films and series as well as shows.

 The series narrates the story of a young girl living in a city who used to seek lifelong advice through phone calls. She used to sort out most of the problems of men that they are facing in their physical lives. Viewers are always curious to watch new episodes of this series as the content is bold and sensual. 

Rating: 4.7

2. January 26

The web series January 26 depicts the story of an ATS officer who is in a fix. He has to choose between his commitment and affection. The series features popular actors like Madhurima Tuli and Krunal Jain.

The genre of this series is particularly Romance, Thriller, and Suspense.  This story will give you a power-packed box of emotions, action, enthusiasm, and tension. The lead male doesn’t lose his balance and is multitasking. 

 The plot of the series is quite similar to the superstar Salman Khan’s movie Ek Tha Tiger. As was shown in the film that Katrina and Salman are enemies but unintentionally fall in love with each other.

Similarly in this series, the ATS officer Veda and Insia got attracted to each other and their love gets blooming. Later the officer gets to know that Insia is associated with the connections involved in the war. Therefore, they need to go either for their duty or choose to be in love. 

Rating: 4.3

3. Halala

This web show on Ullu TV shows the story of a lady who is supposed to pass every preliminary test taken by Nick Halal because her decent friend gave her Triple Talaq.

The cast of the series includes Shafak Naaz, Eijaz Khan, Ravi Bhatia, Deepika Singh Goyal, and Nilima Azim. The categorization of this series is Romance and Adult. 

People who are not familiar with the concept of Halal can understand this by a simple explanation that it is a training period in which a lady who has broken up with Triple Talaq. In this plot Afza and Raahil are married and they are happily living together but one day in rage he gives Triple Talaq to Afza. 

Later he realizes that he has done wrong and needs to sort this out. But things can’t be the same again as once somebody who has been given triple talaq can’t marry the same person again as per the custom of the religion. They can be married together only after Halal Nikah.

Rating: 7.7

4. Tandoor

This web series is one of the most trending ones on the Ullu App. Tandoor is among the web shows that were publicized the most and the audience was waiting for it eagerly.

The reason behind this eager wait is none other than the popular actor Rashmi Desai. She is the most known face of the TV industry and has gained immense love from the audience in past few years. She has earned a lot of fame and a name from Bigg Boss season 12 where she was always in the headlines with Siddharth Shukla. 

As soon as the teaser of Tandoor was out on Ullu’s official YouTube Channel, the hype was created for the show as people were so excited to see their favorite actor in the web series. 

Coming to the show, along with Rashmi Desai we will be seeing Tanuj Virwani in the lead role, and this series is an investigation-based thriller in which Rashmi is playing the role of an aspiring politician Palak who has married her lover secretly.

Rating: 5.4

5. Bribe

This series is also a very popular one on the Ullu App. The cast of this web series Bribe includes Harshita Gaur, Hemant Chaudhary, Megha Gupta, and Dev Vyas in lead roles.

The web series is based on the story of a poor and helpless widow. Her husband passed away in an accident and she needs to do something to earn a living for her family. Therefore, she approached the government to request a widow’s pension from the government officials. 

The widow, Padma, is being forced by her brother to sleep with different men. Padma’s brother ensures Padma that if she will do the same then he will get her pension sanctioned. The story shows the emotional side of a widow and her compulsions. It narrates the cruelty of society and greed for money and power. 

The series revolves around Padma and the way she is being tested because of her helplessness and the responsibility of running her family.

Rating: 6.2

6. Panchali

This series of Ullu is based on the story of the epic holy book Mahabharata. As depicted in the book Draupadi was married to the five Pandava brothers. A similar plot is shown in this series Panchali. This Ullu series has gained a lot of success because of its eroticism and adult content. 


The tradition that is centuries-old necessitates that all brothers of the same family can marry only one woman and everyone is ready for this but the youngest of all the brothers denies following this old practice. He doesn’t want himself to be part of this kind of illogical belief. 


In this series Panchali, the woman has married the four brothers already and is now attempting to convince and win the fifth brother with the power of manipulation, jealousy, and greed. The plot will definitely let you hold your seats and sit back to binge-watch this erotic story full of adventure and fun.


Rating: 4.7

7. Khul Ja Sim Sim

This show on Ullu App is dedicated to all the people who are newlywed. Its first season was a hit and the second season was launched after 1 month with a slight change in the story. This famous web series features Nikita Chopra as Simran. It is a comedy and it has plenty of bold and comic scenes.

The story of the series shows Katta Bhaiya who is going to marry Simran. Unfortunately, he is opposed by Simran’s to be husband. Later after the wedding, Simran gets to know about her husband’s physical problems and she feels unsatisfied. So, to fulfill her needs she looks for men who can satisfy her completely. 

Simran is followed by many men of the village as she is attractive and seductive. Later in the story, there is a twist, it is that Simran finds Katta Bhaiya as the person who will satisfy her and this changes the whole thing. 

The series is a blend of comedy and boldness and will entertain you hard in the best possible way. 

Rating: 5.0

8. Mona Home Delivery

This Ullu app’s web show features the story of a young poor woman who wants to live a lavish life and ultimately comes into the business of prostitution. The genre of this series is erotic and drama. The cast of this web series Mona Home Delivery has actors like Kangna Sharma, Vijay Raaz, Pratima Kazmi, Rajpal Yadav, and Raju Kher. The actor Kangna Sharma also starred in the film Tu Suraj Main Sanj Piyaji. 


Mona is a young girl who had a life full of disaffection and she doesn’t want to continue living her life in the same manner. So, she decides to make use of her body to fulfill her needs and accomplish her goals. The whole story revolves around the incidents that happen in the prostitute Mona’s life. She takes this opportunity as a challenge and climbs the stairs of success.


She narrates that while working as a prostitute all men she met weren’t the same, some of them were friendly and some were extremely ridiculous. The plot of the series is very different as being a story of a prostitute the series must be full of bold and erotic scenes but this is not the fact. The makers have intelligently framed the series and arranged the comeback of intense sensual scenes where they are actually required. 


Rating: 5.8

9. #MeToo

The Ullu App’s web series #MeToo talks about a gentleman who is recognized as Karan Mathur. He is a young, well-settled investment banker in Mumbai. He plans to marry his beloved Avantika Sharma who works in his office.

The story takes a sharp turn when at Karan’s wedding Sana who is Karan’s friend attempts to suicide. May be Sana was not happy to see Karan marrying someone else therefore she can’t tolerate the condition of losing her love. 

 It is not sure whether Sana tries to Suicide for this reason or if there was something else that let Sana take such a huge step. The whole mystery is unsolved and Karan tries to figure out the entire incident that occurred at his wedding. His war to find out the real culprit of this whole act began from this moment.

The story is a suspense and thriller and features actors such as Vivan Bhathena, Gehna Vashisht, Amit Behl, Isha Anand Sharma, Sikandar Harband, etc.

 Rating: Not Rated

10. Prabha Ki Diary

This is Ullu App’s most exciting web series and the makers of this show have launched a total of two seasons of this amazing series. This series features numerous actors as stars cast in the lead roles.

The series narrates a unique plot that captures the attention of the audience. And since this series gained a lot of popularity that is the reason why the makers announced its second season. 

Prabha ki Diary web series revolves around the story of a woman who wants to gain attention and win the affection and love of her husband and unfortunately, she fails in doing so. Later in the plot, the woman meets a stranger, and then she gets attracted to him. She starts to spend time with him very often. 

This web series has received a very positive review from the critics and the audience. The show has many popular stars like Pamela Mandal, Dinesh Soni, Prashant Gupta, and Anupam Parkash in the lead roles. 


Rating: 6.8

11. The Bull of Dalal Street

The plot of this Ullu App series is based on the real-life story of Harshad Mehta. The series narrates the story of a bankrupt person who later became the overgenerous stockbroker of Mumbai. The series is a corporate-based adult genre. The cast of this witty adult series includes Shyamraj Patil, Naina Chhabra, Sandeep Chatterjee, and Aparna Sharma. 


It is totally depicting the plot of the Harshad Mehta case, the way he gambles away his complete will and fortune in the share market, and how he uses the power of his personality and his immoral ways of thinking dynamically and executing them to ace the things. In a very less time, he became the big bull of the share market and established his name. But we all are aware of the fact that big success brings big consequences. 


The same happened in this story, the road of unfair means doesn’t go too far. The man who climbs the ladder of success from rags to riches soon faces a big smash.


Rating: 5.6

12. Innocent

This is an incredible web series available on the Ullu App. The plot of this show is really interesting and comes with a lot of twists and turns. The storyline of this series spins around the role of a reliable guy who looks innocent. But later the real face of the house help guy is exposed and then it is known what a sinner he is in reality. 

The plot becomes immensely interesting when the turn of blackmailing starts. The guy who was innocent in the starting has now started capturing private clippings of the couples and with the purpose of earning money, he starts leaking those clips. He is into something that is taking away his innocence and letting him commit a shameful act of destroying the lives of many people. Because of shame and fear of humiliation, they are blackmailed by the house help guy and this is his new way of robbing people to make money.

Rating: 8.1

Final Words

Due to the upsurge in the cases of Covid-19 followed by worldwide lockdown the usage of the digital streaming platforms like Ullu App or Ullu TV has risen. People have become extremely interested in watching new and unique content. Their demand for the latest stuff is increasing day by day and this is encouraging the makers of web shows and TV series to come up with new and innovative storylines to win the heart of the audience.

 The directors and producers of web series are investing a lot of time in the making of these series to keep their audience entertained and engaged. It is likely to be noticed that people are becoming fond of bold and erotic content and this is forcing the makers to plot the story in an interesting way that includes a blend of suspense and sensual scenes. 

 Adult comedy is also being liked by the viewers. The above-mentioned web series that can be easily accessed by the Ullu App is the best in their category and have gained a lot of popularity.

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