The best deepfake deepnude telegram bots and how to use them

According to a recent research, it has been found that a network of  deepfake Telegram bots are becoming quite popular among youth.

These bots are specifically used for generating nude deepfakes in exchange of arbitary photographs of women and girls.

There is this very renowned security firm called Sensity which foucses on the spread of deepfakes.

According to its research report, it was found that more than 100,000 images were generated using these deepfakes bots on Telegram up to July 2020. 

These telegram bots are gaining remarkable popularity as they are easy to access and no such technical skills are required to generate these deepfakes. The most shocking fact is that most clients are not interested in generating nude photos of celebrities, instead, they are asking for deepfakes of their own aquaintances. 

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What are the deepfake bots on the telegram?

The technology has advanced a lot in all these years and there have been many different innovations that are happening in this industry. Out of all the innovations, there is one that is becoming quite popular these days and that are bots on the telegram.

There have been many types of bots on the telegram. Some of them have been quite helpful regarding various Telegram activities, on the other hand, there are some like deepfake bots that have created controversial debates.   

Deepfake bots on the telegram use Artificial Intelligence to strip images of women and generate their nudes. Major percentage of the population are using these bots to get nudes of their colleagues, acquaintences, friends, and celebrities. 

Popular deepfake telegram bots

Most developers have brought down their bots after the controversy spread rregarding how people are using these deepfake bots to generate nudes of women and underage girls. 

However, there are some popular deepfake telegram bots that still exist. 

  • BikiniBot- This bot can easily remove clothing from any picture, leaving behind only the bare essentials. It is quite popular among people for generating high-quality nudes in less than 20 seconds. You get the first nude for free, and after you need to pay USD 60 cents for every picture. 

  • DeepNudeChat_Bot

  • Deep-nudesbot- This bot gives you high-quality nudes at price starting from $3

  • Fakenudes3bot

How to use the Deepfake bots on telegram?

Since the time when even photoshop was not introduced, people used to create non-consensual fake nudes of women. Now, there are many forums and websites that share nudes of both celebrities and the general public using non-AI tools.

However, with deepfakes, people are getting ultra-realistic nude images that are really difficult to compare with the real ones. On top of that, automating this process via Telegram Deepfake bots has made generating fake nudes as easy as sending and recieving pictures. 

You must have seen many deepfake bots on Telegram these days and you can choose the best among all of them based on your needs.

There were many deepfake bots that were closed by the developers after the controversy of how people are using these bots to create deepfake nudes of women and especially underage girls to harm them. 

However, there are still some bots running on telegram that generate deepfake nudes and you can search them online easily. 

These are the easy steps that you can follow to use any deepfake bot on telegram:

Step 1: Start with opening the Telegram app on your device. Telegram app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Along with this, it is also compatible for use on desktops and laptops

Step 2: Once you open the app, click on the Search icon that you will find on the top right side of the interface

Step 3: In the Search tab, type the name of the deepfake bot that you want to use

Step 4: Once it appears on the results, click on it to open it

Step 5: After this, you will be directed to the bot’s page, tap on the Start option which is at the bottom of the page

Step 6: You can run the “/help” command to get the instructions on how to use the specific bot in telegram

Step 7: Upload any target image that you want to generate nude of from your device and use the “/run” command on it

Step 8: In a matter of few seconds, you will get the output as the nude picture

Now, either you can save the image on your device or share it on other Telegram groups.



What does Telegram deepfakes mean?

Telegram deepfakes are generally the bots on the app that let people use AI tools to generate nudes of people. On these bots, you can get fake nudes of celebrities and even your aquantainces.

The most popular example of these Deepfake bots is Deepnude bots. 

Is it ethical to use a deepfake app?

Using a deepfake app is ethncal or not totally depends on your intentions.

Like for example, it is not at all ethical to use a deepfake app for the purpose of creating a false narrative about someone. Generating some fake nudes of a woman or a girl can be dangerous and cause harm to the invidual and society at large. 

Why men uses deepfake app?

Most men use deepfake app to get nudes of their acquaintances or their collegaues.

Some of them are also interesting in watching nude images of their favorite celebrities and fulfilling their dark fantasies. 

Who are they most likely to undress on deepfake app?

According to survey, 63% of the people are most likely to undress those women whom they know in real life. 16% were interested in undressing stars, celebrities, actresses and singers. 8% were interested in famous Instagram influencers that they follow. 


Deepfake technology has advanced a lot and is now been widely used for making realistic videos and photos. However, it has also led to a controversy of how people is using this tool to create fake nudes of women just to cause harm to them.

Hence, this deepfake technology is all good and valuable until it is used for entertainment purposes with good intentions.  

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