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Top 10+ Best Apps that Removes Clothes of 2023

Looking for the best apps that removes clothes in 2023?

Recent headlines have thrust this innovative yet contentious technology of dress remover AI into the limelight, portraying it as both a playful tool for humorous creations and a potential catalyst for privacy violations and misuse. 

At its essence, Dress Remover AI wields the capabilities of deep learning algorithms to achieve a remarkable task – seamlessly removing clothing from images through the process of artificial intelligence. 

By drawing insights from vast and diverse datasets, these algorithms have acquired the aptitude to discern and eliminate clothing elements from images depicting individuals, shaping intriguing possibilities and ethical dilemmas alike.

At a Glance:

Best AI Apps that Remove Clothes of 2023

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1. Undress Ai

Undress AI utilizes deep learning for virtually removing clothing from images, primarily within the adult industry and NSFW content creation.

It raises ethical concerns due to potential misuse and privacy violations.


  • Undress AI employs deep learning to virtually remove clothing from images, particularly in adult and NSFW content creation, with potential ethical concerns due to non-consensual explicit content. 
  • It uses AI algorithms for image manipulation, accessible through web and Telegram, and sparks controversy regarding consent and misuse.

Link to Access: https://undress.app/ 


Standard Plan: $15.99/month, 500 images/month watermark-free.

Pro Plan: $37.99/month, unlimited images/month watermark-free.

2. Magic Eraser

DressUp AI is an innovative AI-powered application focused on virtual outfit customization.

With an extensive wardrobe database and cutting-edge algorithms, it transforms your photos by adding stylish attire and accessories.


  • DressUp AI utilizes advanced AI technology to intelligently select and apply virtual outfits to your photos, allowing you to experiment with various styles effortlessly. 
  • It provides a vast collection of clothing items, accessories, and customization options for realistic and personalized results.

Link to Access: https://magicstudio.com/magiceraser/ 

Price: DressUp AI offers a range of subscription plans, starting at $9.99 per month, providing unlimited access to outfit customization and premium attire collections.

3. DeepSukebe.io

Deepsukebe is an advanced AI technology developed by Japanese researchers, designed to remove clothing from images and create realistic nude photos using convolutional neural networks (CNNs), a type of AI commonly used for image recognition tasks.


  • Deepsukebe boasts a diverse feature set, encompassing universal clothing removal that works with all clothing types for generating nude images
  • gender-inclusivity catering to various body types and ages, and a sophisticated AI engine that precisely envisions unclothed subjects without the need for reference images.

Link to Access: https://deepsukebe.io/en 

Price: "Hope" at $1.99, "Basic" at $9.99 (100 API), and "Volume" at $39.99 (500 API).

Features include enhanced results and priority processing.

04. Remover ZMO Ai

Remover ZMO provides a powerful solution for effortlessly erasing objects, people, or any undesired elements from your photos.

Its advanced settings ensure accurate image correction and enhancement, while the user-friendly AI technology enables swift and efficient photo retouching.

Upload your photo, manually remove elements using the brush tool or utilize automatic mode, and let the AI seamlessly calculate and remove chosen elements.

Simplify complex photo editing tasks with professional-level results in seconds. Boost your creativity without hidden fees, as Remover ZMO is entirely free to use.


  • Remover ZMO provides universal object removal, precise editing, 
  • user-friendly AI, and efficient one-click retouching for seamless image enhancement.

Link to Access: https://remover.zmo.ai/ 

Price: Free to use.

05. Soulgen

SoulGen is an innovative AI-driven solution designed to transform image customization.

It offers advanced clothing removal capabilities, enabling users to tailor images to their preferences effortlessly.

With its exceptional text-to-image technology, speed, and versatility across various scenarios, SoulGen stands out as a leader in AI clothing removal.


  • SoulGen's standout feature, "Edit Image," empowers users to generate high-quality, lifelike images. 
  • By simply uploading images and specifying "Remove Clothes," users experience the platform's advanced capabilities. 
  • The uniqueness lies in the user's ability to precisely control image attributes using just a few keywords.

Link to Access: https://www.soulgen.net/ 

Price: Explore a range of pricing options to unlock enhanced features and benefits, tailored to your image customization needs.

06. Retouchme

RetouchMe is a mobile app designed to empower users with the ability to enhance their photos effortlessly.

It offers a comprehensive suite of retouching services and distinguishes itself through its team of skilled Photoshop designers dedicated to perfecting images.

Key Features:

  • RetouchMe excels in user accessibility through a friendly interface, offering human-handled retouching by skilled designers. 
  • With over 250 editing options, it caters to diverse enhancements, enabling easy image comparisons, ratings, sharing on social media, and convenient saving.

Link to Access: https://retouchme.com/ 


Commencing from a mere $1, RetouchMe extends a comprehensive retouching services encompassing body enhancements, facial adjustments, makeup refinements, and meticulous photo corrections.

07. DeepNudeNow  

DeepNude gained notoriety as a leading AI clothes remover, utilizing deep learning algorithms to transform clothed images of women into explicit nude depictions.

However, its emergence has sparked profound ethical concerns, particularly revolving around privacy, consent, and potential misuse.


  • DeepNude operates on deepfake technology, employing neural networks and AI to create highly realistic nude images from clothed photographs. 
  • Its technical intricacies remain undisclosed, raising questions about its training data. 
  • The unethical application of DeepNude for creating non-consensual explicit content led to its prompt closure by its creators in response to public outcry.

Link to Access: https://deepnudenow.com/ 

Price: Free nudes with a limit of 100 images.

08. Slazzer

Slazzer is an advanced AI-powered tool designed for effortless background removal from images.

Its versatile capabilities extend beyond clothing removal, offering an array of features for creative projects, e-commerce enhancement, photography, advertising, and more.


  • Slazzer's fully automated process seamlessly removes backgrounds from images. Users can access the tool through an online platform, desktop app, or API. 
  • The Slazzer Infinity Desktop App provides unlimited background removals for Windows and Linux users. 
  • The Slazzer On-Premises tool offers unlimited image processing and API access, while ensuring 100% GDPR compliance.

Link to Access: https://www.slazzer.com/ 

Price: Free plan available; additional pricing varies based on usage and features.

09. DeepSwap.ai 

Deepswap is an innovative online AI face swap app designed to effortlessly create realistic and entertaining faceswap videos, photos, and GIFs.

With Deepswap, you can transform your appearance by swapping faces with a wide range of subjects, from celebrities and historical figures to animals and cartoon characters.


  • This AI tool offers diverse features: morph into movie characters for social media, 
  • create funny gender face swaps,
  • craft expressive memes and GIFs, and personalize anime images with an AI girl generator.

Link to Access: https://www.deepswap.ai/ 

Price: Various subscription plans available, including a 7-day free trial period.

10. Waifu XL

Waifu XL is an advanced online virtual companion platform designed to offer companionship to individuals seeking meaningful connections.

Our diverse virtual companions, ranging from robots to anime characters, provide lifelike interactions and respond to voice commands.

Users can personalize features like attire and expressions for a tailored experience. Ideal for singles or those desiring companionship, Waifu XL brings lifelike companionship directly to your home.


Engage in realistic conversations using voice commands, 

customize companion appearances, 

enjoy companionship from home.

Link to Access: https://waifuxl.com/ 

Price: Free basic access; Premium plans starting at $19.99/month.

What is a cloth removing app and how does it work?

A cloth removing app functions through a series of intricate steps:

Image Input: Users upload a photo containing a person or object with clothing to the app.

AI Analysis: Advanced AI algorithms, often utilizing deep learning and neural networks, analyze the image. The AI identifies the subject's body, clothing, and background.

Segmentation: The AI algorithm divides the image into parts, like the person, clothing, and background. It pinpoints clothing boundaries, recognizing textures, colors, and shapes.

Clothing Removal: Using sophisticated image manipulation techniques, the AI digitally eliminates clothing. It replaces clothing pixels with surrounding area pixels, creating the illusion of nudity.

Image Enhancement: Some apps offer extra features, like skin smoothing, lighting adjustments, or effects, to enhance the altered image.

Output: The app produces a modified image with removed clothing. Users can save, share, or download the altered image.


While these apps showcase the remarkable capabilities of artificial intelligence in image processing, they also underscore the importance of ethical considerations and responsible usage.

As technology blurs the lines between creativity and potential harm, it becomes imperative to approach such tools with sensitivity and respect for individual privacy and consent.


Which AI can remove clothes from a photo?

Various AI-powered applications, often utilizing advanced algorithms based on deep learning and neural networks, have the ability to remove clothes from photos. These apps use image segmentation and manipulation techniques to achieve this effect.

What is the AI bot for cloth removing?

AI bots designed for cloth removing utilize sophisticated algorithms to analyze and alter images. These bots can digitally remove clothing from pictures, often with the aim of creating artistic or creative effects.

Is it possible to remove clothes from a picture?

Yes, with the advent of AI-driven technology, it is possible to digitally remove clothes from a picture. AI algorithms can analyze and manipulate images to create the illusion of nudity by replacing clothing pixels with surrounding textures.

Is there any app that removes clothes?

Yes, there are apps available that use AI technology to remove clothes from images. These apps offer users the ability to alter and enhance pictures by applying advanced image processing techniques, including clothing removal.

Bottom line
Here are the Best Apps that Removes Clothes apps revisited:
  • Undress Ai
  • Magic Eraser
  • DeepSukebe.io
  • Remover ZMO Ai
  • Soulgen

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