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Deepswap Review [2023]

Our comprehensive deepswap review covers everything about this site. We bought and tested it for one month before writing this tried and tested review.

The world has seen changes that no one would have imagined a decade ago.

AI is becoming the next big thing because of the vast capacities it offers and eases the jobs of multiple people in other domains.

Deepswap is one such state-of-the-art application that enables its users to make deepfake videos of their favorite star or person and watch them with a realistic voice and the background of your choice.

The experience is so realistic that it makes it hard for us to identify the difference between the two videos. Also check our article on best deepswap alternatives

What is Deepswap app, when it was launched and who made it?

In 2021 Jana Doe led a team of creative AI developers and went on to make one of the most creative and demanding apps of the decade.

Deepswap is a deepfake video generation platform where people can make fake videos of people with other persons face or even voice; allowing them to satisfy their fetishes without any hassle.

This advanced tool uses deep learning processes to replace the face in the actual video with the face you want opening up the world of newer creatives and innovations.

Best Deepswap Review in 2023: How to use Deepswap? 

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How to use Deepswap?

  • Upload video: Start by uploading the video you want to edit; choose any format as Deeswa supports multiple formats.
  • Choose the target face: You can choose the target face that will replace the face in the video from a photo or video.
  • Adjust a bit: You can edit your video from multiple editing options that Deeswa provides. Some of them are filters, tone setting, voice mimicry, face blending and much more. 
  • Preview: Take a final look to make last minute changes before finalizing.
  • Download: Deepswap offers you the option to download your video for sharing or further edit.

Features of Deepswap? 

  • Voice synchronization: The website offers an excellent voice synthesis system for the best videography experience.
  • Background Change: It also offers an option to modify and make changes in the background of the video once the face is being replaced.
  • Advance face mapping: The face mapping technology is so advanced that it makes the video realistic.
  • High Quality videos: The videos downloaded from the website are of high quality that does not hinder your watching experience later.
  • Real time previews: It offers an interesting feature to review your video before you finalize the video for download or any other purpose.

What are the Pros and Cons of Deepswap?


  • Dynamic usage: The website offers multiple usage options where you can carry various tasks ranging from filmmaking to making creative projects and many more options to explore.
  • Regular updates: Team of Deepswap constantly provides updates to fix bugs, add features and make the website more convenient. 
  • Easy to use: The website provides an easy to go interface for convenient user experience without any complex methods.
  • Excellent output: It gives great experience in terms of editing and the final output of the video; providing a realistic experience.


  • Processing time:  Some video or photographs might take time ranging from 10 minutes to 30 minutes to process. 
  • Cost: While the basic version is free you’ll have to pay for the premium membership that provides options to access more features.
  • Ethical concerns: As the basic version is available for free there might arise the question of misuse of pictures or video leading to ethical concerns.
  • Legal matters: Users will have to be more cautious about what message the video is spreading and whether or not it complies with the law of the land to avoid any legal conflict.

What are the applications of Deepswap and who gets the benefit?

Deepswap has multiple applications that are useful for individuals from multiple domains such as content creators, influencers, filmmakers and AI enthusiasts.

The application of the website has a vast range starting from filmmaking, video editing, creating deepfake videos, entertainment, education, research and many more such things in the array of video editing.

These are the people that benefited from the website but not exclusively; some users are just there to satisfy their personal fetishes and urges; which is completely fine as you get an opportunity to see your favorite face doing things that you would never ever imagine watching doing those stuff.

How Deepswap works?

The website utilizes advanced deep learning techniques using deep neural networks for the analysis and smooth transitioning of the face in the source videos.

It offers seamless integration of the face and video by frame-to-frame adjustment of the video providing an extremely realistic video.

The AI manages all the frame-to-frame adjustments and identification of the target face from the storage along with synchronizing of the voice with the original video or face.


The basic version of the website is available for free that offers fewer benefits compared to any other premium version of the website; while you will have to pay $19.99 per month and $99.99 per year in order to access extra features of the website that offers unlimited features and exclusive experiences.

Are there any alternatives to Deepswap?

There are alternatives available if someone is not satisfied with Deepswap, some of them are Reface, wombo or Deepart, Reface is infamous for its ability to replace the face of the target in the source video, whereas wombo offers fabulous lip syncing roving real time experience.

Lately Deep art provides multiple features depending upon the choices you make and personal references of the person and unique selling price on the website; ultimately providing you a near alternative to Deepswap that is better compared to anything else.


To conclude the website offers a wide range of options in the domain of video editing that were seen before, revolutionizing the video editing industry.

It is a golden chick for the domains like filmmakers and influencers. Ultimately one can use it for education purposes and another one can satisfy his/her fetish depending upon the needs.


  1. Can you use Deepswap without paying?

Yes, there is an option to access the basic version for free, without any hidden charges.

  1. How long does Deepswap take?

The website might take a while for the final output that ranges from a few minutes to hours depending upon the video quality and the type of changes that are being made along with the size of the file.

  1. How much is Deepswap credit?

The Deepswap plan for the premium version is $19.99 per month and $99.99 per year.

  1. What is the best deep fake AI?

Every AI tool has its specification and feature; the best can be any depending upon the choices of the person. Though we are naming a few other than Deepswap i.e., reface, wambo and deep art along with many others available only on the internet for free as well the paid versions.

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