Top 10+ Best Gay Discords Servers in 2023

Looking for the best Gay Porn discord servers to watch HD gay porn?

Gay Discord servers are online communities that cater to the LGBTQ+ community. These virtual hotspots are where the LGBTQ+ community comes to slay. 

You'll find fabulous people from all walks of life, sharing their experiences, spilling the tea, and just generally having a gay old time.

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Best Gay Discord Servers in 2023 : Top 10 Best XYZ Discord servers [2023]

1. /The Bro Cove

The ultimate hangout spot for bros of all persuasions. This server provides a community of like-minded guys where you can chat, game, and share memes with bro vibes and camaraderie.

No. of members: 3000+

Tags for server: gay, bros, gaming, memes

2. /prettyboy

Join PrettyBoy Discord server to explore a paradise for beauty admirers, share photos and videos of all kinds of pretty boys, and discuss fashion and beauty.

No. of members: 2500+

Tags for server: selfie, abs, nsfw-access

3. /Daddy

Daddy's Den is a Discord server designed for mature men to explore their sexuality in a vanilla or kink-friendly environment. Connect with like-minded individuals and share experiences in a safe and welcoming community.

No. of members: 6200+

Tags for server: dicks, ass, body

4. The afterparty 18+

The Afterparty 18+ is a fun and relaxed Discord server with a party atmosphere for adults. The global community of diverse members discusses gaming, music, and relationships, providing a space for fun and relaxation.

No. of members: 26,680

Tags for server: gay, 18+, party, international, gaming, music.

5. The Horny House (Gay)

The Horny House is a steamy and NSFW server where you can explore your wildest fantasies and connect with like-minded individuals. Join the community and indulge in all the horny goodness it has to offer.

No. of members: 3562

Tags for server: gay, gay-nsfw, erotic, fantasy, horny.

6. Beulenfun18+

Beulenfun18+ is an 18+ gay Discord server dedicated to fetishes related to bulges, muscles, and leather. Join the community to connect with like-minded individuals and explore your desires.

No. of members: 7551

Tags for server: gay, fetish, bulges, muscles, leather.

7. Dick mania (Gay)

Dick Mania is a community for male anatomy enthusiasts who enjoy NSFW content and want to celebrate the beauty of the male form.

No. of members: 1000

Tags for server: gay, gay-porn, gay-nsfw, male-anatomy

8. Legit Balls

Legit Balls is a vibrant and inclusive Discord community that offers engaging conversations, exciting events, and a friendly atmosphere for chatting and gaming.

No. of members: 5688

Tags for server: gay, LGBTQ+, chat, gaming, events

9. Gay all day

Gay All Day is a server with a diverse community and a variety of discussion topics. Members can engage in lighthearted banter or serious discussions.

No. of members: 9003

Tags for server: gay, LGBT, chat, social, community

10. GayFuse (18+)

GayFuse is an inclusive LGBTQ+ community that offers a safe and active space for members to make friends, participate in community events, and connect with others while having fun.

No. of members: 4707

Tags for server: gay, LGBTQ+, social, friendly, active, safe, inclusive, fun.

11. GayNights

Looking for a welcoming LGBTQ+ community where you can make new friends, play games, and watch movies? Check out GayNights – a safe and inclusive space for all.

No. of members: 15,248

Tags for server: LGBTQ+, socialising, gaming, movie nights

12. Sexxxed up

Sexxxed Up is a server where you can explore your sexual fantasies and kinks through a variety of channels with like-minded individuals.

No. of members: 1000+

Tags for server: gay, gay-porn, gay-nsfw, kink, fetish, roleplay, hookups.

13. /stud

Stud is a community of muscular men who share images and videos of their workouts and nutrition, while embracing their love for muscles in an active and supportive community.

No. of members: 5555

Tags for server: gay, muscle, fitness, physique, hunk.

14. /sexFantasy

Sexparadise is an adult-oriented Discord server for sexual exploration, NSFW content, role-playing, matchmaking, and connecting with like-minded individuals.

No. of members: 2893

Tags for server: gay, gay-porn, gay-nsfw, roleplay, matchmaking.


  • Are NSFW servers allowed on Discord? 

NSFW servers are permitted on Discord as long as they adhere to guidelines and are marked as such. Access is limited to users 18 and older, and prohibited content includes child pornography, gore, and illegal activities.

  • How do you find hookups on Discord? 

Join adult-oriented servers for hookups, marked with "dating," "hookup," or "NSFW," but never engage in illegal activity with minors.

  • What is an 18 plus channel Discord? 

An 18 plus channel on Discord is a channel that is restricted to users who are 18 years or older. These channels may contain adult-oriented content, such as sexual discussions and explicit imagery.

  • What are considered NSFW Discord servers? 

NSFW Discord servers are servers that contain adult-oriented content, including but not limited to sexual discussions, explicit imagery, and mature themes. These servers may include tags such as "NSFW," "18+," or "adults only."


Discord servers offer a virtual space for gay individuals to connect, share experiences, and indulge in their interests. From casual conversation to more explicit content, there are various types of servers available catering to different preferences.

However, it is important to exercise caution and respect boundaries while engaging with others on these servers.

Here are the best Gay Discord Servers: 

  • /The Bro Cove
  • /prettyboy
  • /Daddy
  • The afterparty 18+
  • The Horny House (Gay)
  • Beulenfun18+
  • Dick mania (Gay)
  • Legit Balls
  • Gay all day
  • GayFuse (18+)

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