How does Discord make money?

The Discord server is a community hub where users can display relevant content to the server's community, and users are able to stream events online. Essentially, the Discord server acts as a channel for bringing users relevant content.

It is the owner of the server who moderates the community according to their whim. There is a chat feature in the app allowing the community to chat with one another during the event.

Currently, the Discord chat application is being used by live streamers and gamers who are interested in interacting with their community in the form of voice chats, text messages, and video chats as a method of communication. Community communication in Discord is provided through voice chats, texts, and video calls.

At present, Discord is available for Android and iOS devices as well as all major gaming platforms such as Macs, PCs, Xboxes, and PlayStations.

There are some similarities between Discord and Slack, including the possibility of filling the server with several channels for discussing and commenting on different topics. As you can imagine, Discord lets its users organize themselves in communities called servers.

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How Does Discord Make Money? (2023)

1. History of Discord

As a voice-over internet protocol (VoIP) side project from its humble beginnings in 1999 to today, Discord has made a long journey, and it is known as the largest chat platform among gamers.

Jason Citron, who is also known for co-founding OpenFeint, a gaming social network that uses iPhones to connect players, founded the social gaming platform, which was launched last year.

Stanislav Vishnevskiy came to the realization that game developers who spent their day's building games for Hammer and Chisel at the time were struggling to come up with playful concepts for the PC, particularly when it comes to working with VoIP options.

Citron will have to remove Fates Forever from the market because of its failure to make money, and concentrate on developing its chat application. Citron took the helm as the CEO of the company, while Vishnevskiy was given the role of Chief Technology Officer.

There was an official release of Discord for the public in May of 2015. It is based on Citron's passion for video games, which motivated Citron to create Discord.

During the early years of his career, when there were some mishaps, the course of things might have been different, but he refused to give up on his career.

Citron claimed that Discord would continue to provide excellent customer service in the long run and will continue to explore more ways to improve its services in order to remain strong in the long run.

As of today, Discord is three years old and has 130 million users. It is hard to imagine that three years have passed since it celebrated its third birthday.

2. Who Owns Discord?

Discord, a tech company based in San Francisco, has been around since 2015. IGTV had over 100 million active users as of May 2016, and the number has continued to grow throughout the year as the platform continues to gain traction within the global gaming and live-streaming community.

 Discord operates over 6.7 million servers and is compatible with many types of devices, such as iPhones, Androids, Macs, PlayStations, Xboxes, and PCs.

Despite the talks with companies such as Microsoft about acquiring Discord, Discord remains a privately held business.

A couple of years ago, Alexey Vishnevsky, founder of the social gaming platform Guildwork, came up with the idea for Discord with Jason Citron.

Citroen co-founded OpenFeint, a social gaming platform that was founded by Citron.

Citron has founded Hammer & Chisel game development studio, which he established after selling his OpenFeint business in 2011 for $104 million, according to TechCrunch.

3. Discord App Features

Possibly the most interesting aspect of this company is that they are based on a freemium model, which basically means that the services are free and the premium features are available at a cost.

In the following list, we have listed some of the most important features that you can use for free from Discord:

  • 100% free communication
  • Friends List
  • Custom hotkeys
  • IP & DDoS Protection
  • Smart push notifications
  • Convenience for PC or mobile use
  • In-game overlay
  • Multiple channels
  • Low latency
  • Modern text chat
  • Direct messaging
  • Minimal CPU usage
  • Permissions

In addition to the one mentioned above, many other features have been added or updated to the app through the years, some of which include the following:

  1. A new page was added to Discord's website in April 2016, called Discord StreamKit, which caters to streamers. In the Discord server setup page, you will find a list of all of the possible tools and integrations you could use to stream your content, such as Nightbot, YouTube, Twitch, and Muxy, that can be added to your Discord server.

     As of today, a lot of new apps have been added, such as Patreon, GameWisp, OBS, and a lot more.
  2. Throughout November 2017, Discord released a new feature that allows users to integrate gaming seamlessly with Discord.

    This feature allows players to jump into games and start playing with friends, watch and spectate matches, and invite their fellow gamers to keep the game going throughout the year.

4. Future growth engine

It is Discord's intention to gradually expand its Nitro Package with additional services and functionalities in the years to come.

Well, they think they're not going anywhere because they continue to offer the chat and messaging services for free.

The purpose of the launch of GameBridge was to improve the company's service offering and revenue model, but Discord opted to withdraw it after a few months.

 Despite this, nevertheless, the company wants to reintroduce GameBridge with an improved offering.

As Discord develops and expands its gaming platform, it will look to lure developers and users to its platform with a new revenue-sharing model that rewards developers that bring new games and new users to Discord.

 Discord wants to attract developers and users who will bring new games and new users to Discord.

5. Competitors

Discord, the world's most popular gaming, as well as live streaming application, is growing rapidly. However, things can change very quickly in the world of technology and trends can change in a flash.

It's a good idea for gamers and live streamers to consider backups for their business that would be similar to Discord. Some are better, some are not. It's a good idea to consider backups for business in case Discord or another service fails.

There are several companies comparable to Discord that offer similar services. The following are a few.

In order to participate in online gaming, you must use the TeamSpeak - VoIP communication system.

  • Troops Messenger is a comprehensive application that lets you communicate via instant messaging.
  • A chanty is a collaborative tool used by teams to work together.
  • HelloSpace lets you manage your tasks, chat, and schedule with task management, chat, and scheduling software.
  • A messaging application that connects people in different groups via channels is called Slack.
  • Mumble - a voice chat client designed for gaming enthusiasts that use open-source software.

6. How does Discord make money?

Optional Cosmetic Items

Additionally, Discord is similar to League of Legends, another popular online game that you can use for free, but it does offer you a variety of features that can be purchased at a price, such as sound packs, stickers, skins, and emojis that you can customize to your liking.

There is no real advantage to purchasing these items if you are not interested in playing the game, and you do not gain any significant advantages from purchasing them if you do.

Discord Merchandise Store

As part of the discord convenience package, a wide range of merchandise items are available, including t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and sweatshirts, which feature the company's logo and generate revenue for the company.

The buy-back program lets discord reward its loyal fans with items such as shirts, hoodies, and sweaters.

The company is able to earn from its product because of its effective marketing strategy and its effective method of promoting the product. They do not charge users any money to use their app, so it is not necessary for users to pay for it.

However, users should be encouraged to purchase their merchandise and cosmetics in order to help support the app by supporting it through their purchases.

Server boosts

The company has therefore decided to add another subscription-based service to its already lengthy service portfolio - the provision of server boosting.

Furthermore, for the Discord servers, you have the option to enhance their functionality as well as their performance with the option of paying for that.

With the option to boost the server to three levels, users will have the ability to view and enjoy unique perks associated with each level. A server boost is available for $4.99 a month from Discord.

 Nitro subscribers receive a 30% discount on their server boost if they have active Nitro subscriptions.

When a user has two users paying a subscription fee on their server, they unlock level 1. The user must purchase 15 boosts in order to reach Level 2, and 30 boosts in order to reach Level 3.

 There is still the possibility, however, to utilize some of the premium features, if you are not paying for the services on the Discord server.

Game distribution

Earlier this year, Discord launched a similar service to Steam for online video games distribution.

Into The Breach and Dead Cells are exclusive to Discord and are available exclusively at the store. Unfortunately, the model did not meet our expectations.

As a result of how Discord has partnered with game developers to become their exclusive distributor on the Discord platform in the early part of the past decade, they have adapted it to what they are doing now.

7. Discord’s Future Revenue Strategies

Discord does not intend to change its core feature, which is free communication through voice; this is Consenting Record's greatest strength.

 In order for Discord to continue to survive in the long run, it still has to adopt new methods of generating revenue so that it will be able to earn money.

In the future, the use of NiTRO as a revenue source will have much more potential than it does today as a monetization strategy. For instance, NiTRO can be used for the following purposes:   

1) GameBridge

By integrating NiTRO into the game, GameBridge offers easy integration of the app with the game.

At the beginning of the month following its release, this feature was made available for free but was soon rolled back.

 A representative of the company stated that it may return, though in a different form, at a later date. Among the perks available to users of the GameBridge are:

  • It will automatically match players within a voice channel.
  • In-game worlds and guilds can be created automatically by creating permanent or temporary servers.
  • You can take screenshots, create GIFs, and upload videos.

2) Game Revenue Sharing

It is a great option that Discord can offer to game developers in the future.

It is possible for them to receive extra income when they successfully refer users, which means a small amount of cash can be received when the users end up buying a game or extra feature.  

A few weeks ago, Spotify announced a partnership with Discord. This means that Spotify users are now able to link their Spotify accounts with their Discord accounts.

Besides sharing their music taste on their Discord profiles, they'll also be able to listen to music simultaneously on a server at the same time.

Having partnerships like these will help keep gamers engaged with the platform for a longer period of time.

In addition to focusing on the arts, the company can also expand into other spheres such as corporate events or events involving the arts.

3) Discord is Launching a Game Store

This game chat app announced in August of 2018 that it will soon be launching a store where users can shop for games.

Initial people from Canada were offered the chance to try out the game store by means of a beta program. In early October, the store was rolled out to everyone, regardless of their country of residence.

Now, Discord is selling games directly on its chat platform as well as offering its Nitro subscription subscribers perks of exclusivity.

The team behind Discord has also launched a set of exclusive games which they call - "First on Discord" games, extending their reach even further. During the first few months after the game's launch, Discord will be offering indie games that will only be accessible during the first few months following their launch.  

As a result of its new monetization strategy and the launch of a number of new products, this gaming chat startup is likely to grow even further in the coming years.

 There are currently a lot of positive things being said about it, and I believe that they can implement more innovative ways to expand the use of this service to many other platforms.

8. Is Discord Making Money?

Discord's profitability is perhaps one of the most important questions that remain, however.

While Demord may be using a freemium business model, it appears that the company is earning enough money, or even more for it to be able to operate.

 This can be seen from its amazing record of achievement in the past few years.

Therefore, the fact that the company is so well positioned to attract gaming firms such as Index Funds and Greylock Ventures to invest large sums of money in the company in 2017 has become a major factor in the company's success.

Since its launch in 2015, the company has attracted the attention of numerous companies in the gaming market.

 The success that they have achieved is not a reflection of the amount of money that they have received from large companies alone, but rather a reflection of their success for the basic reason of how they have achieved it.

In fact, Discord has grown so considerably in the past three years from 25 million users in 2016 to an impressive 200 million active users at the end of last year.

While they might only be earning little revenue from cosmetics, merchandise, and subscription plans, Discord has a wide audience that more than covers its operating costs even after taking into consideration the company's slight loss.

I think it's not wrong to say that one can easily predict Discord's continued success in their competitive field of the market since they have experimented with new marketing strategies, such as the Discord game store and the 90/10 revenue split, last year.


In the 21st century, gamers now have the convenience of an app created especially for them. In one single app, all the functionality is combined with numerous customization options to suit your individual needs.

Discord has always been a favorite among game developers, so I love the fact that Discord is leaning towards their side. There will be many game developers who will find this 90/10 revenue split really valuable - and that is particularly true for those getting right off the bat in this industry.

This market plan will also give Discord a lot of benefits from the fact that millions of users will use their Discord app if this proves a success.

There is still time for you to give Discord a try if you're a gamer and you've never tried it before. Go to and create a free account and start playing.


  • How does Discord earn revenue?
    There is also a personal game store at the Discord platform that contains the games that developers sell on a global basis. Several game developers can take advantage of this opportunity to self-publish a game on the store and get a 90% cut of the total revenue generated by the game. DiscORD charges an additional 10% to distribute games on its platform.
  • How much profit does Discord make?
    Discord does not appear to be very profitable at the moment. In part, this is the result of the company's design. Rather than capitalize on potentially more lucrative opportunities to sell advertisements or user data, the company prefers to rely primarily on optional premium subscriptions (though the majority of its features are freely available).
  • Who is the CEO of Discord?
    CEO / Founder of Discord, Jason Citron, serves as the company's CEO / Founder. 
  • Who was the first Discord user?
    Vind, a user on Discord who goes by the name of Vind, was part of Discord's earliest cohort of participants. It was right as his Battlefield 4 playing friends, who were also going beyond just talking about Battlefield, that they ditched TeamSpeak and began using the app instead.

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