Simple Ways to Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom

Being a stay-at-home mom is not an easy exercise. When you balance your household responsibilities while taking care of your children, time flies quickly.

Fortunately, making money stay-at-home mom is simpler than it once was, with more online and flexible work opportunities.

A mother can make money whenever you have extra moments, such as when her children are hanging out with others, taking a nap, or off at school. 

Today, independent employment is expanding in the maximum sectors of the economy. According to a study conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, the ratio of self-employed workers may grow by 8 per cent by the end of 2026.

Whether you need a steady source of income or want to make some extra pocket change, here is how you can put your resources and skill to work and be a self-independent woman.

Making additional income as a stay-at-home mom not helps you earn extra income but also builds confidence within. Now let's look at how you can make your way to making money as a stay-at-home mom. 

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22 Ways on How to Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom

Types of job Industry Wise for Stay-at-home Mom

If you are searching for ways to earn additional income and balance your household responsibilities, consider working in the below-mentioned industries. These industries will surely suggest ways to identify ideas that will assist you in making money as a stay-at-home mom. 

1. Writing: Writing is a perfect job for stay-at-home moms. If you have a good command over writing, editing, or proofreading, you can either do freelancing, part-time or full-time work in industries that offer you such lucrative opportunities. Apart from it, you can also self-publish e-books via digital platforms. 

2. Education: Women who already are in the teaching field have multiple work-from-home options. Perhaps, even if you are not a trained educator and have expertise in dance, art, or music, you can still teach your students ways to perform those skills.
The global pandemic has taught everyone the importance of online education and discovering digital opportunities. As a stay-at-home mom, you can begin teaching lessons, formal tutoring, and homework help to students. 

3. Art and design: Artists, illustrators, and graphic designers can earn additional income at home by designing and selling their artwork online. Creating journals, custom scrapbooks, and logo designs for businesses are great options in this field. 

4. Entrepreneurial: An entrepreneurial-minded mother can enjoy the benefits of several niche markets to commence their start-up. Occupations like event management and party planning are things to do at home by simply using a cell phone and website. Whatever your skills are, you can discover ways to examine your knowledge and experience. 

5. Industry expert: A work-from-home coaching business can be profitable for moms passionate about leadership and training. As many people in the world look for advisors and personal guidance to expand their business growth or resolve family issues, the work-from coaching business comes to their aid. 

6. Business: Today, businesses are becoming more globally focused, and the ability to perform tasks and telework during office time is universal. As a work-from-home mom, you can handle the work like data entry or sales from home. 

7. Finance: If you have good command over numbers, you can benefit from the money and finance-related job options like bookkeeper and accountant. Besides, you can also make money independently when thinking of working from home. 

8. Commerce: Selling in-person or online is an easy task to earn additional income. You can look around for things at your home that you no longer need and create a business where you sell refurbished goods at a profit. 

9. Information technology: It is very easy to perform several tasks related to IT and computers remotely. Suppose you have enough knowledge and experience creating websites, coding, and social media marketing. In that case, you can search for work-from-home opportunities such as web designer, video editor, online video channel, etc. 

10. Food Service: A good cook can always earn additional income by selling their goods for parties. You can start selling your delicious items at a local shop or online if you love baking or cooking. 

11. Childcare: Watching kids formally is an excellent job for stay-at-home moms to earn additional income. However, it is quite easy to add more and make it a job when you already have kids. 

Ways to make money as a stay-at-home mom

If you are confused about how you can work as a stay-at-home mom, then you can follow the checklist mentioned below and discover in which position you can deliver your best- 

1. Virtual Assistant

Working as a virtual assistant is an ideal job for work-from-home moms. The task of a virtual assistant includes handling computer programs and other social media channels. Providing virtual assistance to people doesn't need certification. It only requires a good knowledge of computers and social media. 

It is a great option for moms to create their work schedules and search for companies that can work according to their schedules. Google Hangouts and Skype are one such platforms. However, for a flexible experience, you should always set a block of time and a quiet workspace. 

With many companies offering remote positions, one can easily work at a convenient time while accommodating their children's needs. Not only for women who like working on the computer, but the role of a virtual assistant is also good for those with clerical experience and who have good knowledge of accounts receivable and payable. 

To work as a virtual assistant, you should have verbal and communication skills, prior experience as an administrative assistant, and Microsoft Office proficiency. Consider creating your portfolio for women who do not have prior experience in this field. A person who all stands up to these criteria gets an average salary of $67,115 annually. 

2. Digital Marketer

Small firms often search for better ways to promote their business when they do not have the sufficient budget to hire any marketing agency. You might have received calls from such digital marketers trying to sell bundled internet or alternative electricity. People often hang up their calls, but the bright side of the job role is a good work-from-home option, especially for moms. 

Whether it's about writing newsletters, updating websites, or handling social media campaigns, digital marketing is another way to earn additional income. The work hours are often in shift, allowing you to complete your little work in the time distance. The website of Upwork will take you to your potential clients. 

The eligibility criteria for the job role are relatively, and so is the entrance barrier. Although, if you have any prior experience in sales, that will be a plus point for you. A digital marketer can make $10.50 per hour on average.

Thus, to discover if you are interested in working in this position, you can get jobs via websites like FlexJobs, Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor, and Upwork. Type in Digital marketing in the search box. Meanwhile, you can also market yourself in your area to small businesses. 

3. Blogs and Freelance Writing

Do you love sharing stories, gardening tips, DIY ideas, or parenting experiences with a large number of audiences? Blogging and freelance writing can be good avenues for expertise in gardening, travelling, cooking, baking, knitting, etc.

With so many websites and blogs searching for content, those with grammatical and passion knows to discover ideas online. 

Along with the travelling and cooking ideas, Moms with high professional degrees such as social science, medicine, law, accounting, and grant writing can create their profiles in expertise marketplaces where the client can either bid you for work or select your services. 

Some platforms where you can sell your work include Upwork, Amazon Home Services, Amazon's Mechanical Turk, and Fiverr. All these platforms vary in the range of pay per assignment and required expertise. 

Another way the stay-at-home moms can earn additional income is by conducting an online class in their area of expertise, including recording video lectures, coming up with assignments, etc. Platforms where you can share your work Skillshare and Uscreen, and Zeqr. Here also, the Pay scale varies depending on the views on your videos. 

4.  Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is the best option when you do not have your products for promotion and earning. Affiliate marketing allows promoting other people's products and services and receiving a portion of the selling price. Yes, you heard it right!

All you need is a fixed amount of time to spend on your work. There is no need to have your inventory, customer assistance, or delivery of the products. The best part of the job is to promote the product or services wherever you want, such as on your blog, social media handle, etc. 

The popular networks that promote productions and earn additional income include Amazon, Shareasale, Clickbank, JVZoo, and Rakuten Linkshare. Again the pay range will vary depending on the selling price of the product; you only need to be sure that you can conduct the promotion in the right way. 

5.  Course Creator

 Do you have an expertise or qualification in a specific subject? Then, you can use convert that knowledge into money and begin your online course creation now. Yes, it is true. Many platforms invite applications for people who can create a course on a particular subject and sell it to people all across the globe. 

If you are interested in selling the course you have expertise in, you should research the topic to provide updated information to people. The earning potential of a course creator is generally thousands of dollars in a month. Therefore, the task's only requirement is a few efforts and research on the subject. 

Meanwhile, considering the platform on which you wish to sell your course is also important, as it will help you know the amount of money you will make through it.

Looking upon such criteria and earning potential, Udemy fits in the frame. It is the best platform for course creators to earn additional income while sitting at home.

You can also promote your work on social media handles like Facebook, blogs, or your website. Since if you publish the course on your website, consider promoting it with paid advertisements.  

6. Editing and Proofreading

The way blogging and freelancing is an ideal job for stay-at-home moms, the same way editing and proofreading is also perfect job. As some mothers think writing requires too much research and time.

Though if this is what concerns you also, you can dive into its next process, which is the editing and proofreading. Writing, editing, and proofreading are also good for working from home. 

Moms who pay acute attention to the given information and know grammar and punctuation marks can opt for proofreading and editing. An editor checks grammar, accuracy, plagiarism, and readability in a document.

However, the editors need to abide by certain industry-related guides like The Chicago Manual of Style and AP Stylebook. The average income of a web copy editor is between $28-$37. 

The job role may not require too much certification, but it will add a plus point to your candidature if you have one. Still, if you need a certification of your expertise, you can take an online test via recognized online institutions.

However, acquiring a full-time editing job is rare. Most companies today hire contract workers or freelancers for the job role. LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Upwork, and Monster are some platforms where you can find the editor's job. 

7. Set Up an Online Store & Sell your art

Do you make good crafts? Then, you can sell your designs in an online marketplace such as Amazon Handmade, Zibbet, Aftcra, Bonanza, Etsy, and DaWanda. The maximum sites mentioned charge a very small amount to display your craft on their page but later on deducts their five per cent from the selling amount. 

 Thus, if you wish to sell your craft on the marketplace, do not just select one; instead, go ahead with various marketplaces. In this way, you can sell more and more of your craft, as selling crafts at a single marketplace can be very competitive. 

Another way you can sell your craft by yourself is by building your marketplace, i.e., an e-commerce platform. 

 To set up your e-commerce platform, you will have to pay monthly subscription charges and plan to set up the store. The task can be very difficult for people who are not tech-Greek. Thus, you can use online platforms like Big Cartel and eCrater and earn additional income from home. 

 The benefit of online selling is that once you list the craft you want to sell and store it at a place, the sales process turns passive. However, the income earned from this platform varies. Hence be sure while investing the money in items. You can also see if any local craft boutique wishes to sell your materials.  

8.  Voice-over actor

Being a voice-over actor is an amazing profession, and the upside of the profession is that you can even do it from home. Precisely, it's an ideal profession for work from home moms.

When the global pandemic hit the world, remote work became mundane. The only thing you need to do in a voice-over is to record your voice-overs and add special effects while sitting at home. 

According to you, a platform like Fiverr is a perfect platform for connecting with clients directly and receiving the median pay. In addition, building your portfolio gives you the additional benefit of deciding your work schedule. 

9. Direct Sales Positions for Stay-at-Home Moms

Do you know that you can make direct sales as part of your additional money-making process?

Yes, it is true; many Multi-level marketing companies offer the work from home opportunity of working in a direct sales position. 

The only thing you need to do is sign up with a company and prepare the business model with them. It is the best way to receive discounted products. 

10. Cake designer

If you are interested in baking and have the skills to make simple to fancy cakes, you can start your venture sitting at home. Undoubtedly, cakes signify a party, event or any function.

The best part of being a cake designer is that you do not have to step out of your home to be in the profession. You can simply create your blog and start promoting your art. The clients will connect with you directly, and you can let them know the deadline on which you deliver the cake to them. 

It is the best work option for stay-at-home moms. Plus, the work doesn't require any certification, which means anyone who has artistic skills in cake designing can commence the venture right from their home. 

Meanwhile, if you are searching for platforms that can sign up with Shopify and sell your cakes online, the average pay for the cakes will depend upon the time spent making the cakes, cost of the ingredients you have put in the cakes, size, flavour design etc. With this business, you can easily get up to $25,711 annually. 

11. Tutoring

 Online tutoring is the best way for work-from-home moms to work as per their schedules and use their skills and knowledge in various subjects. As a stay-at-home mom, you can use platforms like Google Hangout, Skype or Facetime, or any other application for teaching your students. 

Maximum companies hiring online tutors ask for a bachelor's degree and a demo of your expertise via assessment or exam. In addition, some organizations provide online training modules for the newly joined person, which is a great beginning and experience one wishes to have in a company. 

The hourly pay scale for an online tutor is $23.23. However, if you have any other expectations from a company, you can research in your area which company is offering the wage that suits your preference. For example, the Maths, Science, and English online tutors are always in high demand.

Meanwhile, you can also build your profile so that clients of tutoring companies can bid upon you or contact you directly. Some tutoring companies are Course Hero, Revolution Prep, Tutor, and Wyzant. You can pick up any of these to establish yourself as a successful online tutor and begin teaching accordingly. 

12. Telemarketing/Customer Service Representative

The Customer Service Representative has a relatively low entrance barrier for moms who don't have extra time for training and education and wish to work from home. The responsibility of a customer service representative is to assist customers by taking inbound calls. 

As the job's work hours, the role is often in a shift that needs to communicate with people and handle queries, which often frustrates an individual. Thus, a person willing to work as a customer service representative needs to be friendly, calm, and problem-solving when interacting with people. 

The job role requires a year of experience. Thus, make sure to describe your experience in this field.

This will help the organization your ability to assist the customers. Maximum customer service representative jobs provide training and give an average pay of $13.30 per hour.

If you are confident of the job role and satisfied with the median pay, Kick off your search with job titles like customer success specialist, client success specialist, etc. in your web browser. 

13.  Stock Image Seller

Photographers with various skill levels are in high demand today. As a stay-at-home mom searching for job options to earn additional income, stock image selling is the best choice.

From large corporations and medium and small-scale organizations to publishers, marketers, graphic designers and bloggers, everyone uses images online for their respective works. 

Busy woman trying to work with laptop while babysitting two kids

Perhaps the job doesn't need any certification, but it adds a plus point to your resume if you have one. The only thing you need is creativity and good knowledge of the graphics, pixels etc.

As per your convenient schedule, you can work remotely only if you have created your blog or website for selling your work online. If you wish to work with an organization that can coordinate the tasks as per your schedule, you will have to conduct research for it. 

A platform like ZipRecruiter provides an opportunity to sell images in stocks online. The average pay a stock image seller receives from this profession is $38,441 annually. However, if you think of earning more than that, you can build your portfolio and decide the prices of the image on your own. 

14.  Book Keeper

If you have a good command of numbers and the ability to pay acute attention to detailed information, then a bookkeeper is an ideal job for you as a stay-at-home mom job.

The responsibilities of the job role generally include reviewing the financial statement of a company and updating the records accordingly. You will also have to communicate with the client during work hours.

Meanwhile, the remaining work of the data entry can be done anytime on a day you find appropriate. 

You can use your child's bed or nap time to complete your assignment to earn an additional income of up to $18 per hour.

The person belonging to a stream other than commerce or business needs to have strong command over the numbers and basic knowledge of the account handling to keep accuracy in the data. Usually, companies ask for a year's experience for people who do not have an accounting background to ensure that you can live up to their expectations. 

To get the job of a bookkeeper, you can post your resume on LinkedIn or make your portfolio on Fiverr so that people can connect with you there and bid upon you and the service you provide. 

15.  Travel Agent

Working as a Travel agent from home gives you freedom, flexibility and an opportunity to earn additional income. The job role of a travel agent includes helping out clients planning vacations. In addition, you have to sell your clients' transportation, trips, and accommodation online. Also, you are to do the booking on behalf of your clients, for which you receive a commission. 

If you have a good network of people who work in the same field and know the tourist places, flights, trains., travel time, etc., then this is the right profession for you. 

If you have all the skills, knowledge and the ability to work as a travel agent, you can begin your search on LinkedIn, where you can post your resume or apply to a company.

The median for a travel agent is $19.92 per hour, which may vary according to your experience and the quality of service you provide to the clients.

Easy and Conventional Ways to make money as a stay-at-home mom

1.  Monetize an Empty Garage or Storage Space

Did you realize that your storage space has not been used for a long period? And you wish to park your vehicle to earn additional income by creating a space at the storage? If yes, this is the right time to rent out that space to people who need storage space.

You can take the help of a company to offer an empty room, loft, basement, or garage for storage.

As a next process, you will have to sign up with the company so that they will take suggest to you the list of people in your locality who are searching for additional space.

2.  Make money from unused gifts.

Ever got a gift that you have never used? Or didn't have enough time to visit any nearby store and shop? Whichever is the case, do not just waste the gifts keeping them at home, especially when you think they are not for your use.

The best you can do in the situation is a search on websites or online stores where you can sell those gits and earn some extra money. 

3. Offer your car for advertising

Do you know that you can earn some additional income with minimal effort on your car? Yes, you heard it right; some companies pay to utilize your car for their advertisement strategies via an application known as Wrapify. 

The company wraps your car for its marketing goal. The best part of this deal is that the more you drive your car, the more money you will receive. In this way, you will get $200-$400 every month. 

4.  Offer your car for rent

You can also register your spare vehicle for various car rental services platforms to make a second cash flow. It is the best option to consider, as offering the services will give you an extra $700 monthly.

Then, the only thing you need to do is search for a reliable car rental service company that offers you the best rent amount and insurance in case of an accident or theft. 

5.  On-Air DJ

Suppose you are passionate about working as Disc Jockey and like to entertain people with news, music, or other interesting subjects between the breaks in songs at home. In that case, an On-air DJ is a right opportunity for you.

However, you have to work according to the office hours for this job role. The best part of this job is that you can also entertain your audience and the children simultaneously by sharing interesting stories.

Your portfolio will also help you to reach your desired organizations. 

6. Babysitter

Babysitting is something any mother can do. If you have a good network of friends who have been asking you about a daycare, you can be that provider. Usually, a babysitter earns up to $13-$18 per child in an hour.

However, this does not mean that you will have to step out of your home. As a stay-at-home mom, you can also provide babysitting services from home and earn money. The best part of the case is that your child will also get friends to play with. 

7. Wedding Planner

Not all wedding planners need to step out of their homes to make the event successful. However, one can still assist their team sitting at home. To begin with the process, you will have to receive formal training for it and gain experience.

Next, choose the type of wedding and promote your offers and services and the prices. What next? Build your portfolio and let the clients connect with you. 

8. Seamstress

A seamstress is a person who has expertise in needle handling and alteration to invite clients at home comfortably. When the client hand over clothes for alteration, you can give them a deadline on which you will complete their work.

You can alter as per your schedule and do the rest household chores simultaneously. Meanwhile, you can reach out to other clients and inform them that you are taking work now. 

Things to remember when looking for a stay-at-home mom job

Now that you have understood the easy and convenient ways to work from home while handling household responsibilities, you will have to make some effort to enjoy the perks associated with it. If you wish to work in the industries above and earn additional income, you will have to invest dedicated time in your part-time or full-time work.

Think about the skillset you have to contribute the most to your work. You will be surprised to know that you can complete your whole day's work before the assigned time. 

 At last, think about the benefits you are receiving from the work-from-home job. The prime advantage of the job will be you can easily take care of the child and earn additional income simultaneously. Once you form a balance between your personal and professional life, you will be successful in both things.


Being a working mom is not an easy feat, especially when your little one is just 4-5 years old or maybe less than that. Sometimes, the workload and your responsibilities as a mother get unbalanced, and you scramble all day. 

Working from home is a good option through which you can form a balance between your personal and professional life. It all starts from knowing the industries where you can easily work from home, searching for convenient ways to work according to the schedule, and following the same thing every day. A mom who will follow the things above can surely discover the opportunities that fit their lifestyle and interest. 


1.  How can a stay-at-home mom make money in 2022?

There are several ways a stay-at-home mom can make money in 2022. It includes starting a blog, being a bookkeeper, virtual assistant, babysitter, transcriber, and translator and selling unused home stuff at online portals. 

2. How can I make 2000 extra a month?

One can share their car, rent a storage space, work as a copyeditor, freelance on fiver, do graphic design, work as social media manager or conduct spoken English classes online to earn 2000 extra in a month.  

3.  What's a good side hustle?

A good side hustle is an activity to earn additional income apart from what you earn every day. A side hustle is a part-time job that involves building a business yourself.  

4. How can I get paid for taking care of my baby?

If you wish to earn additional income by taking care of your baby, you can apply to Medicaid programs, where you can get paid for taking care of your family member or baby. However, not all states have the criteria; you must check if your locality has the facility. 

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