Top 25 Online Sex Toy Stores (2020)

Sex toys have become a necessity these days because they reveal the optimum level of pleasure that we can experience while masturbating.

Also, many individuals use sex toys with their partners to add an element of fun and kinkiness to their lovemaking sessions.

However, you will need to visit an online sex toy store irrespective of whether you are searching for a strapless vibrating dildo or a male masturbator.

Numerous online sex shops have emerged in the market today.

Some of them have also managed to become the top-selling points of sex toys through relentless marketing and by delivering top-notch services to customers.

Top 25 Online Sex Toy Stores

It is better to purchase sex toys from online stores rather than local stores. This is because the local stores do not focus on quality and often sell  cheap sex toys that are almost useless.

Moreover, you won't have to experience any awkwardness while enquiring about sex toys in online stores. However, you must keep in mind a few things before ordering your preferred sex toys from an online sex store.

They are as follows:

Educational materials

  • You may be using a sex toy for the first time in your life. Therefore, an online store must also provide the necessary information and guidelines in the form of blogs, articles, and other educational materials on their site.
  • Sex toys have become quite advanced these days and many of them use digital and electronic technologies to provide the ultimate pleasure to the users.
  • Most of them come with user guides but they are not enough, especially when you know about its mechanics but are not able to use it to its full potential.
  • Reading materials that are uploaded on the online sex stores come to your rescue at such times as they provide deep insights about the product and its use.

Understanding your body

  • Everyone cannot use a similar brand and type of sex toys because each one of us has different capacities and sensitivity levels. For example, a woman who is using a pegging dildo for the first time cannot buy a dildo of a massive size because it will cause serious injuries.
  • Similarly, using vibrating dildos or fleshlight that are programmed for higher speed and intensity levels aren't useful for those who have highly sensitive private parts. Some stores promote and sell only high-end products that might not be feasible for a beginner.
  • Therefore, one must consider these aspects before choosing an online sex store.

Accompanying accessories

  • Before purchasing a sex toy from a particular sex store, you must also be aware of the accessories and other products that are required to make it work better. For example, you can’t use a sex toy without lubricants as it can get inconvenient at times to use them without proper lubrication.
  • Your ideal online sex store must also sell the necessary accessories such as lubes, spare parts, chargers, etc., so that you don't have to switch to another seller afterward.

Top 25 Online Sex Toy Stores of 2020

Now that we’ve considered  these key points we can proceed to take a look at some of the best online sex toy stores. Our research team has analyzed each aspect of numerous sex stores to compile the  top names in this market segment. Let us see them in detail now:

Sex Store



Sex toys, male masturbators, lubes, accessories

Bondage accessories & gear

Sex toys for couples, rampant rabbits

Male masturbators, pulse do, sex toys

Love eggs, anal sex toys, vibrators

Sex toys and lingerie

Bondage restraining gear, anal toys, dildos, male masturbators

Shemale sex dolls, tranny sex toys, trans sex toys

Vibrators, dildos, strap-on dildos

Gay sex toys, underwear

Vibrators, sex toys, lubes, accessories

Dildos, bullet vibrators

Sex toys for women, sex toys for couples

BDSM kits, vibrators, sex toys

Sex toys for men, vibrating sex toys, fetish, and bondage accessories & gear

Sexual wellness and adult toys

Vibrators, sex toys for men, women, and couples

Sexual wellness and sex toys

Sex toys, erotic e-books, porn movies

Male masturbators, bondage toys, vibrators

Vibrators, couple toys, dildos

Butt plugs, lingerie, vibrators, dildos, etc.

Dildos, Sex toys

Rimming plug, trio plug, novice plug, vibrating anal toys

Dick enlarger, male strokers, Cyberskin masturbators

1. Love Honey

Love Honey is undoubtedly one of the best online sex stores in the market right now.

It has almost anything and everything that one would need in his/her bedroom locker.

You can use it to purchase everything right from male masturbators to hot lingerie, and from different types of dildos to crazy sex dolls.

It has its blog, forum, sex toy reviews, and even podcasts that provide great insight to buyers.

Love Honey
  • Numerous payment methods like credit cards, PayPal, debit cards, etc. are provided for the convenience of the customers.
  • The support team is ready to tackle all your issues and concerns 24/7. You can reach out to them via phone, email, or live chat.
  • All the toys and accessories are separated into respective categories. For example, if you are a BDSM fan, then you can check the sex toys and accessories that are provided in the 'Bondage' menu.
  • Love Honey has a clean and user-friendly website.
  • A basic search option is provided that is capable of fetching results for all your keywords.
  • Special discounts and offers are provided for those who are interested in bagging top-notch products at cost-effective rates.
  • The website does not look chic and modern.
  • Some items can be quite expensive.

2. Bondara

It is a special place for people who are interested in BDSM and bondage sex.

However, they also specialize in a lot of other sex toys such as male sex toys, sex aids, lubes, anal toys, vibrating dildos, etc.

The best part about this store is that it allows you to explore the sex toys from a list of top brands.

  • Newly arrived, popular products, and other special mentions are displayed right on the homepage to lure the customers.
  • A basic search tool is provided for making it easier for visitors.
  • For exploring the discount offers, you can check the ‘Special Offers’ webpage.
  • You can sign up for their emails if you want to be notified about the latest product launches and special discounts.
  • A special section is reserved for bondage and fetish sex toys that include blindfolds, handcuffs, gags, and much more.
  • This online store can also be used for purchasing sexy lingerie and underwear for both men and women.
  • It lacks a community as we did not find any page dedicated to blogs, forums, and other community features.
  • The website design and layout are not perfect.

3. Ann Summers

Ann Summers is an ideal choice for men and women who are into role-playing.

It also has a special section reserved for sexy gifts and bondage accessories.

Moreover, it provides international delivery at affordable shipping charges.

Ann Summers
  • Girls and women who are looking to buy some sexy lingerie to impress their partners can visit this site.
  • Fancy dress of specific themes such as nurses, police, maids, etc. can be explored by those who are into role-play activities.
  • A search tool is offered to provide a hassle-free shopping experience to the buyers.
  • It has a special section named 'Help & Advice' that provides sex toy guides, blogs, customer service, and other community features.
  • The website looks cool and happening.
  • Dedicated customer support and FAQs are provided to help the customers in resolving their issues and queries.
  • New users might need some time to understand all the benefits and features offered by this online store.

4. Hot Octopuss

Hot Octopuss became popular around the world when it introduced

Guybrator, a male masturbator that can give ultimate pleasure to the men without the use of hands.

However, it also specializes in all kinds of sex toys that are used for women.

Hot Octopuss
  • It has a dedicated blog section that covers interesting articles on the topics related to sex and pleasure.
  • Hot Ocotpuss offers sex toys for trans and queer individuals as well.
  • You can subscribe to their newsletter or follow them on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for their latest updates.
  • This portal allows you to choose your gender identity as binary or non-binary for sorting the products accordingly.
  • ‘Our Tech’ is a page where you will find information on all the technologies that they have integrated to make their sex toys better.
  • A basic search option is provided to facilitate the smooth searching of sex toys and related products.
  • New visitors might find it a bit hard to explore the products initially.

5. Coco De Mer

Coco De Mer is a shopping platform that provides awesome deals on

kinky costumes, sexy lingerie, vibrators, massage oils, wax candles, and much more.

Men can use it to purchase gifts and nightwear to seduce their partners.

Coco De Mer
  • Press on the 'heart' icon to save your favorite sex toys or any other product in your wish list.
  • Its basic search tool gathers results for most of the relevant keywords.
  • The website design is very appealing.
  • You can buy tickets for sensual salon sessions through this shopping portal.
  • You can subscribe to their newsletter to get notified about the latest events and happenings in the world of sex toys.
  • It looks more like a fashion store and less like a sex toy store.
  • Some items can be a bit overpriced.
  • Blogs, forums, and other community-based features aren't available on this site.

6. Harmony

Harmony engages in premium sex toys and sexy lingerie.

It also provides unique sex toys and costumes for plus-size women.

Many people use it for buying sexy gifts, adult dice, and board games as well.

Accessories useful for easing sex, and for cleaning sex toys are also available on this portal.

  • Men can use it for buying condoms, performance enhancers, and many other sex-enhancing items.
  • Massage oils are also provided for those who are interested in giving and receiving sensual massages.
  • This store is known for excellent quality products that are offered at competitive prices.
  • A section is reserved for the latest news and blogs that cover sex-related topics.
  • You can contact its support team through phone and email for any resolving any queries or issues.
  • The website lacks a modern and appealing design.
  • Limited offers and discounts are available here if you compare it with some other sex toy stores.

7. Uberkinky

As its name suggests, Uberkinky specializes in kinky sex toys that satisfy the fantasies of BDSM and fetish lovers.

You will find a wide range of crotchless lingerie, seductive costumes, nipple clamps, sex toys, and much more on this site.

Lubricants, personal cleaners, and other accessories are also featured on this site.

  • International delivery charges are quite reasonable.
  • Multiple currencies and methods are allowed for processing the payment.
  • Newly launched sex toys and accessories can be found in the ‘New’ webpage.
  • The items are packaged in safe and sturdy packaging boxes.
  • If you are not satisfied with the products you can return them within thirty days from the date of delivery.
  • Live chat services are provided for resolving the queries of customers in real-time.
  • Weird and flashy banners spoil the overall look of this site.
  • The layout of this sex store could be better.

8. Trantoys

Transtoys is an online sex store that specializes in the costumes and sex toys of trans-community.

It caters to the requirements of cross-dressers as well.

It has a wide range of realistic dildos that are made to look and feel like a real penis.

  • The website has a neat layout and smooth navigation.
  • A basic search tool is available for searching for your preferred sex toys directly.
  • All the sex toys, lubes, and accessories are sorted in their respective categories.
  • Complete sets of toys and accessories are provided to trans women and men that fulfill their requirements.
  • It features a separate section for the best selling items, and provides different types of lubes and accessories.
  • Artificial breast forms and accessories such as boots, lingerie, and other items are provided for the people who are interested in cross-dressing.
  • This shopping portal cannot be used by men and women.
  • It does not manufacture its product but merely earns a commission by selling third-party products and toys.

9. Sex Toys

Sex Toys is a perfect shopping portal for individuals who like to go through dozens of sex toys before purchasing.

Sex toys for men, women, and couples are offered here at a competitive price range.

It also provides bondage gear and accessories, lingerie, sex games, gifts, and many other products.

Sex Toys
  • They have uploaded many blogs that cover different topics related to sex toys and sex in general.
  • The ‘Sale’ page ensures that you can buy premium quality products at cost-effective rates.
  • You can explore the sex toys of top brands on this portal.
  • Customers can contact their support team via call or email.
  • A sex toy is sold every couple of minutes on this site. They also notify the latest purchases to the visitors via pop-up messages.
  • You can subscribe to their email newsletter to avail of a 15 percent discount on all the orders.
  • The website design and layout could be improved.
  • Unnecessary self promotion via pop-up ads can be frustrating for some customers.

10. Prowler

Prowler is a dedicated shopping portal that offers sex toys, underwear, lubes, accessories, and other lifestyle products for gay men.

It also excels in high quality fetish and bondage accessories and toys.

  • A blog section can be found on the top left corner of the site. It has great articles on gay relationships and sex.
  • Detailed reviews of sex toys such as male masturbators, lubes, and much more can be found in a section called ‘Reviews’.
  • Payment can be processed via PayPal or credit card.
  • It has a page called 'Sex Tips' which provides great insights on how to use these toys. It is  a part of the blog section.
  • Photos and videos from their Instagram shows are posted on the site regularly. These videos and photos reveal nice bits of information on the gay lifestyle.
  • The packaging is done discreetly. Order tracking for the items from the store to all the way to your doorstep is provided.
  • The navigation can get a bit confusing at times.
  • New users will require some time in understanding all the menus and sections.

11. Unbound

Unbound is a US-based online sex store that ships its items internationally with the help of the shopping portal.

It offers sleek and modern looking sex toys, accessories, gift sets, and much more for fashionable women and girls.

It has an exclusive range of jewelry items that are actually sex accessories and toys.

Therefore, you can now wear your favorite sex toys without anyone noticing it.

  • If you want to read erotic articles on porn, sex toys, and relationships, you can explore its online magazine.
  • Unique and sexy gifts can be purchased for your partner from this store.
  • It runs a referral system in which you can refer this site to your friend by sharing its link via SMS, Facebook, etc. After that, you will both get a $10 discount on your purchases above $50.
  • Waterproof vibrators, lubes, benders, pegging dildos, and a lot more can be purchased from this portal.
  • Trending and pricing filters are provided to improve your online shopping experience.
  • Free delivery on domestic US shipping is provided on orders above $65.
  • The subtle retro look of this site might not impress everyone.
  • Some items are really expensive.

12. Buzz Pinky

Buzz Pinky is a shopping portal that caters to the requirements and preferences of beginners.

There are very few online stores that dedicate themselves completely to the needs of prudes and Buzz Pinky is one of the best among them.

It has a huge collection of sex toys for singles and also provides a separate section for the sex toys for couples.

Buzz Pinky
  • You can browse the sex toys and accessories from popular brands here. A separate section is reserved for brands, where you can explore all the items of a particular brand.
  • Men can use it to purchase fleshlights, condoms, cock rings, butt plugs, underwear, etc.
  • Women can use this site for buying nipple suckers, sexy lingerie, vibrators, dildos, dongs, and much more.
  • It provides a basic search option to expedite your searches.
  • The blogs feature various articles on sex positions, dating apps, and much more.
  • Anyone can learn how to use this site quickly without any confusion.
  • The website looks like it is a children’s toy store.
  • The variety is limited when compared to some other sex toy stores.

13. Lelo

Lelo caters to the preferences of men and women who like to own impeccably stylish things.

This online shopping portal has some of the kinkiest items that look stunning and elegant.

The site can be operated in 13 languages. This provides convenience to users who do not understand English.

  • You will find vibrators that can be controlled via Bluetooth, G-spot stimulators, clitoral vibrators, and much more on this portal.
  • Sex toys for couples include wearable vibrators, cock rings, etc. .
  • Massage oils, water-based lubes, BDSM sex toys and gear, and other accessories are also available here.
  • This site focuses on quality rather than quantity.
  • Male masturbators that look like speakers or digital items are offered for men who like to be discreet.
  • A separate section is provided for the best selling sex toys on this shopping store.
  • Limited number of items are available in each category.
  • Features like forums, sex guides, blogs, etc., seem to be missing.

14. Goop

Gwyneth Paltrow is a popular Hollywood actress and businesswoman.

The sex toys that are featured on Goop are hand-selected by her.

Couple massage rings, bondage gloves, handcuffs, oral care, work out accessories and much more can be purchased from this store.

  • Beauty products, general wellness products, vitamins, supplements, etc., are also offered by Goop.
  • Aromatherapy diffusers, essential oils, etc., are provided for setting up the mood before a crazy sex session.
  • A basic search tool is available for searching for the preferred items conveniently.
  • You can connect with this site’s social media pages of Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, Twitter, etc. to keep in touch with their latest product launches and events.
  • Videos, blogs, and tips related to sex and health can be easily found on Goop.
  • Products are offered at fair and competitive rates.
  • It is not dedicated to only sex toys.
  • Too many items and options will only confuse visitors.

15. Simply Pleasure

Simply Pleasure offers a wide range of products and accessories for men who want to enter a world of pure pleasure.

It offers toys that are designed for prostate stimulation and strengthening of penile muscles.

Women and girls can use it to purchase sexy lingerie, sex toys, fetish wear, clubwear, provoking costumes, etc.

Simply Pleasure
  • It provides free delivery on all the domestic orders that are priced over $10.
  • Discreet packaging saves you from judgment.
  • If you are not satisfied with their product you can return it within 30 days.
  • Complete tracking of the ordered products is ensured.
  • Sex toys for both, single men and women can be purchased from this portal. Sex toys that are meant for couples are also available.
  • It has around 25 physical stores in the United Kingdom. Therefore, you can visit one of these stores to check all their products and offerings.
  • None

16. Amazon

Amazon is the first choice for many individuals when it comes to sex toys.

We can find almost anything on Amazon and the quality of their products never fails to impress us.

Leather and latex items and accessories, sex enhancement products,

sexy lingerie and clothing, and massage products can be easily found on Amazon.

  • Amazon outlets are available in all the major countries and cities. Therefore, you will not have to pay international shipping charges.
  • The products on Amazon largely cater to the requirements of the masses. As a result, the products are always offered at reasonable prices.
  • All the key features and cautions are mentioned along with the product details.
  • The payment procedure is safe and smooth.
  • Discreet packaging of items makes it a convenient option for everyone.
  • Similar products of other brands help you to compare their features, quality, and pricing in real-time.
  • Amazon is not a dedicated online store for sex toys.
  • Some exclusive sex toys and accessories are not sold on Amazon.

17. Adam&Eve

Adam&Eve is a noteworthy mention in this list of sex toy stores. It has a huge collection of sex toys  for men, women, and couples.

A separate section is reserved for bondage toys and accessories. 

You can also buy elegant and sensuous lingerie from this site.
  • A large collection of adult movies can be explored in a section called ‘Movies’. Gay, straight, lesbian, and other categories can be purchased easily from this section on erotic movies.
  • A separate category is provided for vibrators as well. You can find rabbit vibrators, bullet vibrators, G-spot stimulators, finger vibrators, and many other types of vibrators here.
  • The 'BDSM' section is limited but it has some kinky accessories and toys.
  • The advice of sexual experts can be availed through this site.
  • It offers relationship advice, sex tips, and much more for those who need it.
  • Reviews and sex guides can be explored to find a sex toy that can satiate your sexual urges.
  • The website looks old-fashioned.
  • Some categories have a few items whereas some categories are stuffed with sex toys.

18. Verishop

Verishop specializes in sex toys and accessories that can be used discreetly. It also sells apparel for men, women, and kids.

You can find dildos and vibrators that look like lipsticks and other cosmetic products on this site.

Therefore, women can carry them easily in their purse or luggage while traveling.

  • Special categories and subcategories are provided to make your search smooth and easy.
  • A basic toolbar allows you to fetch results on your preferred keywords.
  • The navigation, design, and layout of Verishop are quite decent.
  • Special discount offers and deals are featured on the homepage. These offers can be used to buy products at a cheaper price.
  • 24/7 customer support service is offered to the customers.
  • The sex toys are slightly on the expensive side.
  • It is not a dedicated shopping portal for sex toys.

19. Babeland

Babeland dedicates itself to the sex toys that are designed for women of all ages.

It has some discreet and stimulating anal and vaginal vibrators.

You can also find vibrators designed like lipsticks, hair clips, etc. here. These sex toys help women who like to use and carry sex toys secretly.

  • Workshops and events are organized to have fun and to educate men and women about sex toys. Women can attend these events alone or with a partner.
  • Useful tips on sex toys and sex postures are uploaded for those women who want to improve their sex life.
  • Babeland functions as an active community and provides many insightful details about sex toys and related accessories.
  • Porn DVDs and movies can be bought from the ‘Babeland Movies’ page. You can either buy it or rent it for a few days.
  • Massage products, BDSM accessories and gear, etc., are also available on this shopping portal.
  • You can also use this portal to purchase a sexy gift for your partner.
  • Babeland has four physical stores in the United States. You can visit these stores to check out their entire collection of sex toys.
  • The layout of the site is quite ordinary.
  • The overall look and impact of the site aren't very appealing.

20. PinkCherry

PinkCherry is an exclusive shopping store that provides offers and deals

on vibrators, dildos, strap-on harnesses, ultra-realistic sex toys, and a lot more.

You can check their clearance stock if you want to purchase sex toys at cheap rates.

  • The deal of the day is usually flashed on the site’s homepage to attract the visitors.
  • Orders over $49 do not attract delivery charges.
  • It offers sexy costumes and lingerie for plus-sized women as well.
  • Blogs and articles on sex toys, advice on sex positions, and toys, etc., are uploaded to guide buyers.
  • The customer service section contains FAQs and shipping information for the convenience of customers.
  • Top sex toys categories are provided to help to explore your favorite sex toys.
  • The site’s layout is too cluttered.

21. B Boutique

B Boutique was introduced as a porn website but it got eventually transformed into a sex toy boutique.

It specializes in vibrators and other types of sex toys.

Moreover, you can find adult e-books, anal plugs, male masturbators, and much more on this portal.

B Boutique
  • High-quality merchandise from famous sex toy brands are also available here. You can buy them on a page called 'Merch'.
  • Blogs related to menstrual health, relationship, and sex-life are uploaded on the site regularly.
  • A search toolbar can be found at the top right corner of the site. It can be used to search for your favorite sex toys directly.
  • Both sex toys and lubes can be purchased from this store.
  • The website looks decent and has a nice layout.
  • Live help and support services are offered to resolve your queries and issues.
  • Blogs are the only source of interaction on this portal as it doesn’t have any other community feature.

22. LoveDreamer focuses on high-quality products that can provide maximum joy and pleasure to users.

It has lingerie and nightdresses for every type of woman, including plus-sized women.

This portal was launched in 2003, and the company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

  • Customers can earn DreamReward points on each of their purchases. These points can be redeemed to purchase gifts and other products.
  • Sex toys and accessories of top brands are available in this store.
  • Customers can subscribe to their newsletters or follow their social media pages for getting updates of their latest products and events.
  • A live chat option can be used to resolve your queries in real-time.
  • It specializes in all kinds of undergarments of women. Therefore, you can pick a classy lingerie set or sexy stockings for your partner from this store.
  • It has some hot looking full-sized sex dolls as well.
  • The layout and overall design of this portal are quite ordinary.
  • Many products are pricey.

23. Eden Fantasy

Eden Fantasy sex toy store can make most of your kinky fantasies come true through its collection of sex toys.

It provides offers such as free delivery on purchases of $50 and above, to lure potential customers.

Eden Fantasy
  • Quick delivery and even same-day deliveries are provided in some regions.
  • Deals that provide up to 80% discounts are usually displayed on the site's homepage.
  • It also provides reviews of sex toys that can be used to gain complete knowledge about different types of sex toys.
  • It has an active sex forum and magazine that can be used to interact with other users,as well as sexual experts.
  • Separate sections are devoted for sex toys for men, women, and couples.
  • They have also provided a separate sub-section of sex toys meant for the use of beginners.
  • The website could have been designed in a better way.

24. B-Vibe

B-Vibe has a huge collection of anal sex toys.

Their toy collection includes anal plugs, prostate vibrators, lubes, and much more.

Subscribing to its newsletter will fetch you a 20% discount on all its products.

B Vibe
  • It provides complete guidance on anal pleasure activities and toys.
  • It is a haven for individuals and couples who are crazy about anal sex.
  • It offers anal toys for men, women, and couples.
  • Many sex and health magazines like Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, etc., have praised their products highly.
  • You can browse the sex toys by their categories and subcategories.
  • It offers FAQs and dedicated customer service to customers.
  • It only focuses on anal sex toys.

25. Fleshlight

Fleshlight is a dedicated portal that offers different types of male masturbators.

It also provides sex toys for couples and women.

Members can create an account to enjoy more benefits and discounts.

  • The site is secure from spams and viruses. Moreover, you can track the status of your order from the store to your doorstep.
  • Blogs and forum discussions allow you to interact with other members.
  • Some fleshlight sleeves are designed to resemble the vaginas of famous pornstars like Mia Malkova, Riley Reid, etc.
  • The sleeve of the fleshlight is made to mimic the texture and feel of a real vagina. Therefore, you can experience shuddering orgasms with the help of these male masturbators.
  • It provides a great option for men who are deprived of active sex life. Moreover, it also helps them to stay away from unprotected sex and STDs.
  • The website is designed to look appealing and promising.
  • Discreet packaging and billing are done to safeguard the privacy and convenience of the customers.
  • Limited options are available for women.

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