Best Sex Blogs in 2020 that MUST be Checked Out!

Are you searching for the best sex blogs and top sex bloggers?

In this article we cover the absolute best and amazing sex blogs on the internet. Check them out, follow them and i can guarantee that you will find some amazing blogs and bloggers today from this article

Please Note: The blogs featured here are arranged in no particular order. We are big fans of all of them.

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Best Sex Blogs in 2020 that MUST be Checked Out!

Below we have shared the best and top sex blogs on the internet. For easy navigation we have created this TOC, so just click on any link and directly jump to that location. We even created this Award badge to show our appreciation for the work these amazing bloggers have put in into their blog.


"oh joy sex toy" - Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan’s

If you're looking for authentic free sex education  then oh joy sex toy is the best  webcomic website. 

And it updates every Tuesday to bring you the latest review about sex industry.

It covers everything about sex-  from sex toy to workshop to birth control to sex life and much more. the sex industry, to toys, workshops, birth control and much more. 

With the aid of guest author  OJST give many perspectives as possible. It cover wide variety of genders, body types, and sexualities as well.


"Hey Epiphora" - Epiphora

For over nine year, Epiphora has been testing sex toy and reviews them honestly. Epiphora is a trusted voice in the sex toy industry. 

She has been published in Best Sex Writing of the year, volume 1 and storerotica, also featured in XBIZ Premiere magazine, playboy, slate, Bitch, Vice,

The Secrets of Great G-Spot Orgasms and Female Ejaculation, Kinkly top sex bloggers and quoted in Tristan Taomino's book.

She also offers consulting service to sex shops, manufacture and bloggers.

Hey Epiphora is all about  honest sex toy reviews, sex blogging tips, industry critiques,  masturbation journals and many more.


"Sugarbutch" - Sinclair Smith

Sinclair Sexsmith is the best-known butch erotica writer and teacher.

For over ten years, he has been writing honest sex toy reviews, erotic stories, essays, advice and many more.

 His short story Sweet & Rough: Queer kink Erotica was a 2016 Finalist for the Lambda Literacy award.

SugarButch blog posts contains BDSM, gender explorations, kink and explicit sex queer sex. 

#4. GIRL ON THE NET - Touch me .. Yeah, like that.

"Girl On THe Net"  is the Biggest sex blog in the UK and she's writing about sex on the internet.

She has been blogging since 2011 about sex, dirty fantasies,Real life sex stories, fun rants about gender and sexual problems.

Her latest book - How A Bad Girl Fell In Love - was published via Blink published.

#5. SofiaGray Blog

The Sofia Gray Blog provides the most in depth stories, guides and news on everything sex, kink and fetish related.

Part of the Sofia Gray (the largest used underwear marketplace) company, the blog has been created to talk about the taboo transparently.

Creating whopping guides and reports, The Sofia Gray Blog has quickly become one of the leading kink and fetish blogs around.


FoXXXy - an online platform where you can read authentic stories of sex workers from around the world. 

Written in a diary-like format, the stories depict the good, the bad, and the ugly in the escort industry. 

Some of the diaries are funny, while others are witty. But they all are incredibly sexy and genuine

#7. The Redhead Bedhead

"Redhead Bedhead" - Joellen Notte

Joellen Notte, known to the blogging industry as The Redhead Bedhead. She's a writer, speaker, researcher and talks about sex toy, online dating. 

For over 6 years, she has been writing  about sex toy and sex life.  She has also been featured on daily dot and kinkly.

She's a certified sex educator through "planned parenthood of Massachusetts sexuality education certification series".


"Sex & psychology" - Justin lehmiller

If you're looking for sex life advice and want to know more about sex, relationship and psychology then you are at the right blog.

Dr, Justin lehmiller is a sex researcher, author and social psychologist. 

His Blog posts are mainly focused on sexual health, latest news, Information and research about sex life, healthy romantic sex life and relationship.

His articles are also featured on major websites like Huffington post, Mens health, Business Insider and ThoughtCatalog.

#9. GIRL BONER - AugustMclaughin

"Girl Bonner" - August McLaughlin

August is a sex blogger, who writes about health and sexuality.

Her work is featured on the Huffington post , Dame magazine, livestrong and more. Her first novel " in her shadow" a national indie award finalist.

Girl boner is known for writing about women sexual empowerment.


"Lady cheeky" - Elle Chase

IF you're searching for image sex blog, then you've come at the right place.

Elle chase is a sex educator, speaker, writer and a coach. 

She's a sex curator.  

Lady cheeky is primarily focused on the sensual images that outlines real passion and desire with a strong emphasis towards positive body pictures.

Lady cheeky has been featured on and many more.

Lady cheek is an award winning blog  - LA weekly award (2013) for Best sex blog, The best of thumb porn, winner of Domi dolls true tales of erotica competition. 

Lady cheeky is all about women sexual empowerment,  women desires and passion images. 


"Cara Sutra" - If you want to explore the sex toy product then you must check out this blog. 

Cara sutra is a multi award winning sex blog from the best erotica journalist. 

It contains thousand of sex related articles, from sex advice, erotica guide, BDSM guide andfemdom advice. 

You can also check out thousand of honest sex toy reviews by Cara sutra.

Care sutra aims to provide a fun, accurate information  and educational sex blog.


"Slutty girl problems" - Lorrae Bradbury

If you're searching for any sex related  advice or solution to such problems then this blog is the best for you. 

It aims to educate young women generation, empowering young women, talk openly about sex lives and feel confident.

Slutty girl problems provide you with complete sex guides, accurate sex toy reviews, dating and relationships tips and many more. 

You'll definitely love SGP content, they write engaging and interactive post, the reader connects themselves easily.

SGP and its founder Lorrae bradbury have been featured on Cosmopoltian, Maxim, playboy, elite daily and many more. 


"Sensational!" -  Caitlin Murphy

Caitlin, the person behind this blog, has lots of experience.

Caitlin worked in multiple adul store and also work as a consultant. 

Caitline started this blog in 2012 and for many years, has been writing honest adult product reviews. 

Sexational is mainly focused on sex education, empowering women and honest sex toy reviews. 


"Walker Thornton" - She is a sex goddess, published author, passionate about reading and is also a proud grandmother. 

Walker Thornton is mainly focused on women's midlife sexuality, aging, menopause and other life phases that impact on sexuality. 

This blog helps women to educate them and give a direction to live their life confidently and happily.

You will definitely enjoy spending time and getting to know useful tips at Red Lip Rover and you should try too.

Walker Thornton is the best blog for aging women. 

#15. MY TINY SECRETS - Advice for women from women

"Mytinysecrets"- Adina River

Adina river is a founder of mytinysecrets and consider herself a life- scientist. 

Mytinysecrets have mission to educate and empower all people about intimate health & beauty, sexuality, relationships and self love.

This blog mainly focused on women sexual and psychological problems.

Her youtube channel is insanely popular and you must subscribe for some amazing knowledgeble videos.


"Lorax of sex" - Lorax

Lorax is a sex utensil savant, writer, educator and proudly queer. 

Lorax of sex delivers best sex education guide, tested and honest sex toy reviews.


"Christina Mandara" - Christina Mandara is a UK base blogger.

She loves traveling, cycling and water sports. 

Christina Mandara writes about BDSM, erotica, bondage and more.

Her "ROUGH RIDE" has been nominated  by the BDSM Writers convention as BDSM Book of the year 2014. 


"Pucker up" - Tristan Taormino

Tristan is an award winning Writer, sex educator, speaker, columnist, radio host,  and feminist pornogarpher.

She's the author of eight books, has her own production company and has directed 25 adult films. 

Pucker up is a resource for information about relationships, sexuality, kink and BDSM, LGBT issues, feminist pornography.

It's a place where people connect with other sex nerds, sex educator, ethical porn maker and writers.  This site frequently features new interviews, sex toy reviews and sex and relationship advice.


"The Dot Spot" - Dorothy Black

Dorothy black is a writer, columnist, blogger and journalist.

She writes a regular column for and the Balanced life magazine.

The dot spot is a NSFW blog.

It's provide a better platform for sex education, relationship, love, sex and LGBT Community issues. 

For honest sex toy review you also check out this informative blog. 


"Emmeline peaches reviews" - Emmeline Peaches

Emmeline peaches is queer and with her own sexual experiences, she has started  this blog. 

Emmeline Peaches reviews is an adult product review site.

It provides informative  sex toy review and honesty is certainly the policy when it comes to product reviews.

Its a buyer's friendly website that suggest you correct sex toy to buy.


"Future of sex" as the name itself suggests this blog is dedicated to human sex and sexuality

And how technology affects human sex life. 

It feed you the latest information about sex and technology. 

This blog is all about giving you updated and reliable information on latest sex toy and technology. 

If you're searching for virtual sex, sexbots and sex tech then you've come at the right place, this website gives you complete information and guide you. 


"Pegging Paradise" - Ruby Ryder

The name of pegging paradise  already gives you outline about the blog. 

Pegging, strap-on sex. The women strap it on and the man takes it.

Ruby Ryder start this blog after her 50th birthday,

Although she starts writing later, but her 50 years experience is helping her a lot. 

At pegging paradise you can find out all about pegging, erotica stories, tips, equipments and more. 


"In the bed with married women" - Jill Hamilton

Jill Hamilton is a Southern California based blogger. She's a writer for cosmopolitan and more.

In Bed with Married Women

The blog that hops into your bed, staring rudely and taking notes.

#24. ASIBDSM - A Submissiv's Initiative

"ASIBDSM" - Jessica

Jessica is an owner and author at ASI. 

ASI is an educational website that offers complete information about several topics covering BDSM, Sexual education, LGBT issues and mental health with a focus on alternative lifestyles.


"Kaylalords" - kayalords is a submissive woman, dominated baby girl with a loving and sadistic partner.

She's an erotic writer and contributor to kinkly,, submissive guide and other. 

This blog mainly focused on BDSM and submissive relationship. 


"Girly Juice" - Kate Sloan

Kate Sloan is a blogger, journalist, speaker and educator. She has been writing about sex for over four years. 

She writes about sex, kink, relationship, beauty, fashion  and self improvement.

She has been featured in the daily mail, daily Xtra, Dame and more.

And voted for sex blogging superhero. 

Girly juice is primarily about honest sex toy reviews by Kate. 


"Sunny Megatron" - is a blogger, adult sexuality educator, sex and relationship writer. 

Sunny Megatron covers a wide range of topics including : how to give a world class blowjob, BDSM,

Networking for kinky people, electric play, sex toy review and more.

Sunny Megatron also featured in playboy, fleshbot and playgirl magazine.


Penny is a Texas based blogger and photographer.

She has been writing sex review for 6+ years and her work featured on

This blog is mix erotic stories, sex toy reviews , fancy sex toy images,  sexuality opinion and more.

The main mission of penny blog is to normalize sex, nudity and sex toy in society.


"Lady laid bare" - Jillian Boyd

Jillian Boyd is a London based blogger.

She's an erotica author and freelancer write. She has been writing this blog since 2011. 

Lady laid bare blog is mix of erotic fiction, personal sex stories, history of sex and its various appearances in culture.  


"Molly daily kiss" - Molly Moore

Molly Moore is a blogger, public speaker, photographer, author and podcaster. She writes openly and frankly about sex , relationship, kinks and sex toy reviews.  And she also writes erotic fiction.

Her blog was winner of top 100 sex bloggers 2012 . 


"Marlin James" - Malin James is a blogger, essayist, and  story writer.

Her work has featured in Electric Literature, Bust Magazine, MUTHA, Queen Mob’s Tea House and Medium. 

If you're searching for erotic stories or short sex stories then read this amazing blog. 


The blogger that I am going to mention today is not just a sex blogger, but also a sex educator, coach, columnist for leafly.

The blogger I am talking about is Ashley manta from San Diego. 

Her mission to empower relational and sexual growth of human being.

She helps others to take control  of their lives and help them grow in their personal life journey. 

Ashley manta is a website where you can share your personal stories, discuss your idea openly and learn from one another. 


"Toy sex meets reviews" - Dizzy girl

She is one of the most famous toy sex review  blogger of America. She's a sex toy geek and write her review.

All you'll get - upright  sex reviews without all the bullshit.

#34. JIZ LEE

"Jiz Lee" - Gender queer porn star jiz lee has worked in adult industry for many years. It also won the AVN and XBIZ awards and Feminist porn Awards.

This adult blog was started in 2007.

Jiz Lee writing has since featured in Best sex writing, The Feminist Porn Book and Global Society watch. The blog has also been featured on many websites and magazine. 

JizLee is exploring sex as social change on the blog.


"Venus o'hara's" - she's the most influential sex blogger in Spain.

She started reviews of sex toys in 2013 and since then she has written a variety of sex toy reviews. 

She's a fetish model, "La-sex expert"in A3media tv and sex toy tester and designer. 

Her blog incorporates a Fetish glossary  featuring 50 kinks, fetishism without photoshop and honest sex toy reviews.


"Casual sex project" - Dr. Zhana

The person behind the casual sex project is Dr. Zhana. She's a NYC- based sex researcher, educator and professor.

The causal Sex project is an online platform where people share their real sex stories, one night stand, hookup stories, paid sex, sex with her ex friend with benefits  and all good and bad stories in one place. 

If you're searching the internet for real sex stories and share own, then you can explore this blog. 


"Charlie Clickman" is a blog that was started by Charlie. 

He's a sexual and relationship coach, certified sex educator, writer, teacher and speaker.

And author of the ultimate guide of prostate pleasure.

His blog all about sex education, relationship tips, sex- positivity  and helping people to increase the joy and pleasure in their life. 

#38. CARNAL QUEEN - Sex Toy Review And Musings

"Carnal Queen" - Carnal queen is a UK bases blogger.

She started her blog in 2014, initially she was writing about sex toy reviews but later she started reviewing  all adult products, as well as guide and musing.

Her blog was listed two times on kinkly's top 100 sex blogger. 

Here you'll only find honest and unbiased  sex reviews. 


"Slutish" -Kristen Korvette 

Kristen Korvette is a sex positive feminist blogger,  was founded in 2013. 

Slutish aim to end the intersection between sex, sexuality and feminism in art, entertainment, gender, occults and politics. 

The blog was also featured on the Huffington post (2015), The village voice (2015), Bust magazine 2013 and many more. 


"We love good sex" - Lucie blush

This blog is started by feminist pornographer Lucie blush and live in Berlin. 

If you're searching for porn for female then go for this website. 

We love good sex is mainly focused on good porn, eye candy videos, erotics videos and images, from a girls point of you. 


"A Femmecock" - Artemisia femmecock

She's a queer, kinky, photographer and a writer and this blog is full of  sex talks and sex toys.

This blog is mix of toy sex review , sex tips, personal care and also ultimate guide about  sex.

#42. EMandLO

"EMandLO" - Emma Taylor and Lorelei Sharke.

EMandLo is a daily dose about sex , love and everything in between. It's a collaboration of doctors and researchers. 

It covers almost every topic related to sexual health, relationship, dating, LGBTQ rights, feminism, sex education,

Sex toy, pop culture  and adult product by their contributing doctors.  

I personally suggest this website, it's very helpful for our society. 


"Griity Woman"- she's a writer and photographer and began her leading sex blog "gritty woman" in 2013,

Here she shares her experience of sex, BDSM, kink, sexuality and body positivity. 

On her blog you'll find educational guides, honest sex reviews, erotic sex stories and her erotic photography. 

This blog helps you to  enjoy a healthier, happier sex life.


"Life on the swingset" Cooper Beckett

Copper Beckett is a writer, graphic & web  designer and co- founder of Life on the swingset. 

This blog is best for the newbie, here you'll find a collective information about lifestyle, relationship, sex toy reviews, sex education and more.


"Big Gay Review" - David

David is a happily married gay guy who lives somewhere in the UK. 

This blog is mainly focused on male sex life, talks about sex and sex toys. 

If you're looking for honest sex toy reviews for man then you've come at the  right place. 

The big gay reviews provide you complete information  about adult products, guides for the newbie and advice for safe sex. 


"A Good Woman's Dirty Mind" - Bobbie Morgan

She started this blog in 2012.  She shares her relationship and love experiences here . 

A good woman's dirty mind talked openly about sex , dating tips , sex stories , sex toy ,

adult sex education and relationship .

And gives her opinion about healthy sex life. 


"Sex & Lodon city"- Nixalina

Multi-Award winning London based blogger also is featured multiple times in cosmopolitan, daily mail, metro, capital FM and glamour and more. 

The blogger I am talking about is Nixalina and who started her blog in 2011. 

Sex & London city is a mix of dating, fashion, beauty and lingerie as well as she also writes articles about the ingenious and the harsh truth about single women looking  for love. 

She is a number one Sex and dating expert in London. 

P.S - Best blog for girls. 


"BexTalksSex" - Bex Caputo

Bex is a queer, sex educator, speaker, blogger, dildo peddler and podcaster.

They  also featured on sex city radio and The bed post podcast. 

Here you'll get accurate and honest information about sex toy review, Dating and relationships tips, sex education and adult product reviews.


"Princess Previews" - Grace

Australia based sex blogger grace started her blog princess previews  who wants to help people to know about sex and relationship. 

If you're sex positivity person then you've come at right place. 

She mainly focused on feminisim , sex education , honest and better sex toy review. 


"I'm still Josh" - josh Robbins

Josh Robbins starts his blog after he learned about HIV POSTIVE in 2012. 

This is a multi-award blog, health accurate and mention by leading national media ABC news, Huffington post, headlines and more.

This blog  encourages those people who are fighting with HIV virus and help them. 


"Ninja Sexology" - Lunabelle

Lunabelle is founder of ninja sexology, dildo specialist, erotica writer and a mother. 

If you're a sex positive person then you've come at right place, where you'll find some erotic stories about ninja sex and honest adult product reviews. 


"Miss Ruby Reviews"- Miss Ruby

Miss Ruby is a Canada based feminist, sex toy  reviewer, writer and she love cats.  

She tested every sex toy and review them. Her reviews are 100% honest, frank and unbiased.

Here you'll find the ultimate guide for sex toy review , tips and advice for sex and sex toys. 

Why I Started a Blog About Sex


The combination of sex and comics is as killer as the combination of ice and vodka. The funnily designed and animated comics not only take away the dirtiness of a sex story to some extent but is also makes it kinkier in a way.

There is a huge fan base of adult comics in the world and some of them also feature famous cartoon and comic book characters. \

The comic book style of sex blogs can also make them more informative and illustrations can be used for emphasizing the importance of sex education to the masses.

Here are some of the best sex blogs that use this style for their blogs:

  • Oh joy sex toy – Erotic stories covered in comic book style
  • Lady Cheeky – Erotica with mind blowing illustrations

Educational & Informative Sex Blogs

Most of the sex blogs are informative in nature. This means that they mostly talk about the topics related to sex like the clitoral stimulation, penis extension tools, G-spot, birth control, etc.

However, some blogs blend this information with the reviews of newly launched sex toys to flare up the sex lives of their readers. They also give various tips related to sexual health and pregnancy.

Such blogs also talk about other subjects like online dating, parenthood, LGBT rights, relationships, etc.

Here are some of the top sex blogs that are informative in nature:

  • Hey Epiphora – It is a blog related to tips for a better sex and honest sex toy reviews.
  • The Redhead Bedhead – Joellen Notte has written some good articles on online dating, sex toys, love life, etc. that are published on this site.
  • Sex & Psychology – Lehmiller – The author of this blog Justin Miller has penned down informative articles on sex health, relationships, latest news, and much more.
  • Sexational – Catlin Murphy discusses topics related to sex education, women empowerment, etc. on this blog.
  • Lorax of Sex – Visit this blog for reading interesting sex toy reviews and topics related to sexual health and education.
  • Future of Sex – A blog that unfolds new avenues like virtual sex, sex tech, etc. for the readers.
  • Ashley Manta – Ashley Manta is a blog where you can share your personal experience and read informative stuff related to sexual health.
  • Charlie Glickman – A blog that covers topics related to sex education, relationships, and much more.
  • EmandLo – A blog where you can find articles related to feminism, LGBT rights, dating, etc.
  • Life on the Swingset – It is an ideal blog for beginners who want to learn more about sex and relationships.
  • List Element

Sex Toy Reviews

While we had already mentioned some of the sex toy reviewing blogs in the above section, there are some blogs that are only dedicated for reviewing sex toys. Therefore, you can visit this blogs if you are only interested in reading reviews of sex toys.

Here are some sex blogs that we have included in this category:

  • Emmeline Peaches Reviews – A blog that publishes reviews of a lot of adult sex products
  • Toy Sex Meets Girl Reviews – Get insights on sex toys from Dizzy Girl, a well-known sex toy reviewer of US.
  • Bex Talks Sex – You can explore this site for reading reviews of sex products and tips for leading a happy sex life.
  • Miss Ruby Reviews – A feminist who gives blunt sex reviews
  • A Femmecock – You will find articles related to personal care, sex toys, and much more on this blog.

Covering Gender Perspectives

Some of the blogs only publish articles that cover the perspective of one gender. These are actually informative blogs but they are centered around the problems of one gender or age group.

For example, mostly publishes articles related to sexual issues of men. Similarly there are many sex blogs that are written from a woman’s point of view.

Such blogs also focus on subjects like sexual exploitation at work, women empowerment, and much more. This category of blogs might also focus only on the sexual problems of aging women. They might also talk about fashion, lingerie, dating tips for single women, etc.

For example, Walker Thorton is one of the blogs that talks about midlife sexual crisis, menopause, and other related topics.

Here are some of the blogs that are written from the perspective of women:

  • Walker Thorton – Issues faced by middle aged women are discussed on this platform
  • Slutty Girl Problems – Here you will find blogs that talk openly about the sexual problems faced by girls and women.
  • My Tiny Secrets – The author Adina River has tried to highlight mental and sexual issues faced by women through this blog.
  • Girly Juice – Kate Sloan has published some worth reading stuff about fashion, self-motivation, sex, etc. on this blog.
  • Jiz Lee – A perspective where the author tries to show how improved sex lives can bring a social change.
  • Slutist – Kristen Korvette has discussed the role of feminism in sex, art, and various aspects of life on this blog.
  • Sex & London City – Nixalina has published blogs on topics like beauty, fashion, online dating, etc. on this site.
  • We love good sex – It is a blog that focuses on what a woman expects from sex.
  • Princess Previews – Princess Previews has blogs on topics like sex education and it provides sex toy reviews as well.

Here are some of the blogs that are written from the perspective of gay men:

  • Pegging Paradise – Ruby Ryder shares some kinky insights on pegging through this blog.
  • The Big Gay Review – It mainly covers sex toy reviews that are meant for gay men.

Sex Stories

This is perhaps the most popular category when it comes to sex blogs. Most people prefer to read sex stories as they are sometimes more stimulating than the adult videos and photos.

Moreover, this category can cover various adult niches such as BDSM, taboo, lesbian, gay, etc. through various stories and interesting plots. The site that uploads erotic stories might also promote sex toys through reviews and might publish essays and sex tips at times.

However, the main focus of these sites is to provide entertainment via seductive pieces of literature.

Here are some of the best sex blogs that fall under this category:

  • Sugar Butch – Sinclair Smith has published a lot erotic stories, relationship tips, and much more in this blog.
  • Girl on the Net – Launched in 2011, it is filled with dirty fantasies, sexy stories, and real life adventures.
  • – You can visit this site for funny, adventurous and kinky sex stories. It also has some stories of the escort industry.
  • Penny for Dirty Thoughts – On this blog, you will find lustful sex stories here and funny pictures of sex toys as well.
  • Lady Laid Bare – It is a good place to read erotic fiction and cultural implications of sex and its history.
  • Malin James – Visit this blog for reading short sex stories and erotic fantasies.
  • The Casual Sex Project – A place where the readers can submit their own sexual encounters and stories.


Some sex blogs follow a magazine style. These blogs do not cover sex issues and neither they talk about sex toys. They only talk about the sex for all its good and bad things. Such blogs can be enjoyed with a cup of coffee in your leisure time.

Therefore, we have created a special category for such blogs.

Here are the sites that can be included in this category:

  • In Bed With Married Women – A fun place to read about illicit affairs of married women.
  • Molly’s Daily Kiss – Molly Moore has highlighted important sexual issues and kinks through this blog.
  • A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind – Explore what a woman really craves for by reading the blogs of this site.

BDSM (Domination & Submission)

Many blogs talk extensively about BDSM, dominating, and submissive roles. They also cover different types of fetishes that can provide a great reading experience to those who enjoy or are curious about these fetishes.

We have decided to classify such blogs separately as they cater the reading preference of a particular group of readers. These are some blogs that we would like to place below this section:

  • Kayla Lords – A blog that is dedicated to submissive relationships, and pros/cons of such relationships.
  • Christina Mandara – Christina Mandara, the author of this blog has provided explicit details about BDSM, bondage, and other fetishes for the people who are interested in such stuff.
  • ASIBDSM – It is a blog that talks only on the various niches and types of BDSM and fetishes.
  • Venus O’Hara’s – Venus O’Hara’s is a place to explore the power of kink and fetishes.
  • The Gritty Woman – The author has discussed her own sexual experience related to BDSM and various fetishes on this blog.
  • Cara Sutra – Sex toy reviews, femdom tips, BDSM tips, sex guides, etc. can be found on this blog.
  • Sofia Gray Blog – A blog that talks about taboo and discussed various kinks and fetishes in detail.

  • Sunny Megatron – The blogger Sunny M. has insights on BDSM, blowjobs, and kinks.

Sexual Health

Some blogs talk mainly about sexual health, STDs, HIV, and other sex related diseases. Though there aren’t many forums based on such topics, we have brought some blogs that can prove to be more than helpful.

These are the sites that we have decided to include in this category:

  • I’m Still Josh – An Ideal Place to ponder topics such as marriage, sex life, sex toys, etc.
  • Girl Boner – The author August McLaughlin speaks about health, women empowerment, and sexuality in this blog.

LGBT Issues

Few blogs cover topics on LGBT issues extensively and therefore, we have decided to mention them separately. These are the sites that you must refer to in case you support LGBT rights and activists:

  • Pucker Up – The author Tristan Taormino has shed light on various topics such as LGBT issues, sex related issues, BDSM, and much more through this blog.
  • The Dot Spot – A blog that has articles on sex education, love life, sex, LGBT problems and much more.

Phew, finally the list ends :D. Well not now, we will keep updating this list of best and top sex blogger for even more categories in the future. So bookmark this page and keep checking back for new updates.

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