Top 20 Best Male Condoms for Better Sex Experience (2020)

Condoms are one of the simplest tools for birth control. But with so many options out there, making your very first pick can be pretty daunting.

Whether it’s the texture or the size; lubrication or the material- there are several things that you need to consider. And that’s not all!

You’ll also have to browse through hundreds of products to figure out which one works best for you. But isn’t there any way to simplify your choices?

Isn’t there any way to make a simple and informed decision? Well, that is exactly where our reviews and buying guides come to play.

In the following section, we’ve reviewed that best condoms available online. Simply browse through the sections for a more detailed insight on their overview, features, pros and cons.

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Best Condoms for Better Sex Experience


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Trojan ENZ Condom

Trojan ENZ Condom

(Editor's Choice)

Premium latex

Trojan Sensitivity Bareskin

Trojan Sensitivity Bareskin


DurexPerfomax Intense Natural Condom

DurexPerfomax Intense Natural Condom


#1. Trojan ENZ Condom

When it comes to high quality condoms, you just can’t go wrong with Trojan! It's the best condom to use.

ENZ is one of the best feeling condoms to buy from the brand and it totally lives up to the brand value with its consistent comfort and excellent quality. 

Like every other condom from the brand, this one too is made from the highest grade of latex.

And that’s not all! It is also tested electronically to ensure proper reliability.

The condom comes with a silky smooth lubricant that enhances intimacy and helps you get closer to your partner.

This lubricant aids in quicker insertion and gives you a sensation almost similar to direct skin-feel.

The condom, with its perfect finish also comes with a special reservoir that enhances the overall safety.

So if you’re looking for a safe, high quality, affordable condom- this is definitely one of the best products out there.


  • Made from high quality latex.
  • Manufactured and made in the US.
  • Crafted from high quality latex that reduces the impending risk of unwanted pregnancy and/STDs.
  • Comes with a silky, smooth lubricant that enhances your sensitivity. 
  • Features a perfectly classic design.
  • Comes with a reservoir tip for extra safety.
  • Electronically tested to ensure proper reliability.


  • Some people find the base material to be a bit too hard.

#2. Trojan Sensitivity Bareskin

This is yet another product from Trojan that is best known for the reliability and comfort it offers.

Going by its name, the Bareskin turns out to be 40% thinner than the regular condoms from the brand.Thus making it one of the best thin condom in the brand.

This thin material enhances your sensations and offers an amazing experience to both you and your partner.

Like every other condom from Trojan, Bareskin too is made from the best grade of latex which is electronically tested to ensure further reliability.

In addition, it also comes with a perfectly smooth lubricant that makes it easier for you to insert your penis.

This lubricant will enhance your sexual experience and help you make the most out of it. 


  • 40% thinner than the regular condoms from Trojan. 
  • Comes with a silky smooth lubricant that enhances your stimulation.
  • Reservoir tip offers added safety.
  • Goes through rigorous electronic tests for better reliability.
  • Made from the best grade of latex.
  • Reservoir safety tip enhances the overall protection


  • According to some users, the condom tears off with little stress. 

#3. DurexPerfomax Intense Natural Condom

With over 80 years of experience in the industry, Durex is one of the leading condom manufacturing brands across the globe and one of the best condoms to use.

The Performax is the newest variant from the brand and it is best known for its real feel and ribbed structure.

This condom is incredibly viable for both the guy and the girl.

While it’ll stimulate the guy with its heat activated climax control (on the inside), it turns out to be equally sensual for the girl with its ribbed and dotted texture.

This texture offers added sensation and pleases the girl to the core.

The Perfomax also comes with a fruity smelling lubricant that not only simplifies penetration but also enhances the couple’s mood.

Interestingly, this lubricant also prolongs the sexual performance and renders a more intense experience for both the girl and the guy.

The condom is made from the highest grade of latex, and is rigorously tested to ensure quality and reliability.


  • The ribbed texture will enhance your sensations.
  • The lubricant prolongs the sexual encounter.
  • Simple shape makes it easier for you to wear the condom.
  • Condoms are sourced from the highest grade of latex.
  • Every condom is electronically tested for proper quality.
  • The condoms smell exceptionally pleasant. 


  • The fruity smell might seem overwhelming for many.

#4. Trojan Ultra Ribbed Lubricated Condom

If you’re looking for a condom that looks, feels and smells great- the ultra ribbed condoms from Trojan is one of the best condoms to buy.

These condoms work great, fit easily in an average-big sized dick; does the job exceptionally well and holds the load perfectly.

Customers love this product because it specifically ensures that there are no spillovers.

Unlike many other condoms from the brand, Trojan is backed bydeep and pronounced ribs for added stimulation.

These ribs will particularly please the woman and stimulate them like never before.

When it comes to craftsmanship, like every other product from the brand, this one too is made from the best grade of latex.

In addition, there’s a reservoir tip in the end to avoid in possibilities of spillovers.


  • Made from the best quality latex.
  • Manufactured and produced in the US. 
  • Comes with deep and pronounced ribs for added stimulation.
  • Premium quality latex reduces any possibilities of risk.
  • Silky smooth lubricant enhances sensitivity and comfort.
  • Tapered base will offer a perfectly secure fit.
  • Electronically tested for better and more consistent reliability. 


  • The smell appears to be overwhelming for some users.

#5. Lelo Original hexagonal condoms

Lelo’s HEX is an exceptional condom that delivers consistent strength, proper thinness and enhanced sensations through its hexagonal structure.

The product is designed to offer you amazing, safe and prolonged sex.

With its unique structural design and added thinness you will definitely experience the difference.

This condom is structurally unique because it comes with a unique hexagonal web along the latex.

This in turn, makes it look and perform better than any other condom you’ve seen or used.

When you start using Lelo’s Hex, you’ll also find that the condom comes with an added lubricant.

This lubricant is extremely viable for easy, hassle free penetration.

In addition, the light fragrance will stimulate your mood pep up your sex life. 


  • The well-engineered hexagonal structure will improve your grip and reduce any possible slippage.
  • Comes with a hexagonal web that gives it the strength to perfectly contain a condom.
  • This hexagonal web reduces any possibility of wear and tear. 
  • The unique design gives you the strength of thick condom and the stimulations of a thin one. 
  • The design and structure is heavily inspired by geometric laws. 


  • This new hexagonal design might not be comfortable for everyone. 

#6. Durex Real Feel Non Latex Condoms

The Real Feel non-latex condom from Durex is a super-thin, ultra-fine, lubricated condom that is specifically designed to provide a perfect skin-on-skin feeling.

Unlike leading condom brands, durex makes its condoms from highly engineered non-latex material.

This ensures that the condom doesn’t exude a weird smell and that it lasts long enough.

Each of the condoms, are specifically tested for added reliability.

Due to this reason the condoms from Durex not merely reach the global quality standards but end up exceeding them.

As you start wearing the condom, you’ll feel extremely comfortable and while the condom itself will prolong your sexual encounter, lubricant will aid in easier penetration. 


  • The condom is free from polyisoprene latex.
  • It is ultra thin and gives you a perfect skin-on-skin feeling. 
  • The simple shape makes the condom easier to wear.
  • Comes with a mild, pleasant scent.
  • Every condom is specifically tested for elasticity and reliability.


  • Some users have reported that the condom doesn’t feel as thin as advertised.

#7. Lifestyles Skyn condoms

If you’re looking for absolute comfort and added value- you can’t go wrong with Skyn condoms.

These condoms offer a great fit and with their ultra thin material, they stimulate you like never before.

The condom comes with a superb lubricant hat helps you last up to 40% more.

 This not only enhances your sexual experience but also stimulates you and offers added sensations.

We were also impressed by the deep studs on the condom. This provides a wave like pattern for stimulating the most erogenous areas of your partner.

 Skyn condoms are sourced and made from Skynfeel, which is a soft, non-latex material designed to render skin-on-skin feeling.

The material is hardly noticeable, but it’ll turn out as exceptionally strong as premium grade latex.

The Skyn Condoms are also electronically tested for meeting the best standards of safety and reliability. 


  • Made from a high quality non-latex material that is not super strong but also offers a skin-on-skin sensation.
  • The deep studs provide a wave like pattern that stimulates the most erogenous zones of your partner.
  • Easy to wear and extremely comfortable.
  • The lubricant ensures that you end up lasting 40% more than usual.
  • The condoms are rigorously tested for meeting the highest standards of quality.


  • According to some users, the condom is slightly smaller than the regular sized ones.

#8. Skyn Elite Condoms

Lifestyle Skyn Elite condoms totally live up to their brand value, both in terms of consistency as well as performance.

These non-latex condoms, made from Skynfeel material’ are unbelievably comfortable.

So irrespective of your size, these condoms will perfectly fit you. 

The polyisoprene present in the skynfeel material’ will combine the strength of conventional latex and the stimulation of incredibly thin condoms.

Yes! These condoms are almost 20% thinner than any other variant from the brand.

They also come lubricated with a lasting silicone based material which works amazingly for sensitive skin.

In addition, the natural color of the condom will definitely please your girl. 


  • Made from high quality Skynfeel material that offers skin-to skin contact.
  • Designed to provide intense pleasure like none other.
  • Thinner than the usual variants of condoms.
  • 20% thinner than the condoms from the brand itself.
  • The material is barely noticeable, but it’s as strong as high grade latex.
  • Lubricated with high quality lubricant which is perfect for people with allergies. 
  • Comes in a straight shape and a reservoir based end.


  • Some users weren’t comfortable with the shape.

#9. Trojan Ecstasy Condoms

If you’re looking for condoms that’ll help you feel pleasure instead of the condom- these ecstasy condoms from Trojan will definitely make the cut.

Crafted from premium grade latex, this condom reduces any and every risk of unwanted pregnancy/ STDs.

The condoms also come in a comfortable shape that lets you freely move your penis according to your discretion.

This automatically renders a perfectly natural experience.

The Ecstasy condoms have been trusted for several years and are widely popular as the #1 condom brand of America.

They are easy to put on, comfortable and exceptionally reliable. You’d love them even more for their skin on skin feel.


  • Offers longer lasting, safer sex.
  • Made from completely transparent and natural rubber-based latex.
  • Ultra smooth lubricant intensifies the experience for both the guy and the girl.
  • Ultra ribbed ecstasy will offer a perfectly smooth experience.
  • Ribs inside for deeper stimulation.
  • Dual action lubricant offers both warming and tingling sensations.
  • Tested electronically to ensure proper safety and reliability.


  • Doesn’t smell as great as you’d want it to.

#10. Durex Extended Pleasure

Extended Pleasure from Durex totally lives up to its name in enhancing and stimulating your pleasure more than before.

Unlike leading condom brands, durex makes its condoms from highly engineered non-latex material.

This ensures that the condom doesn’t exude a weird smell and that it lasts long enough.

Each of the condoms, are specifically tested for added reliability.

Customers love this product because it specifically ensures that there are no spillovers.

Unlike many other condoms from the brand, Extended Pleasure is backed by deep and pronounced ribs for added stimulation.

These ribs will particularly please the woman and stimulate them like never before.


  • Offers longer lasting, safer sex.
  • Made from completely transparent and natural rubber-based latex. 
  • Ultra smooth lubricant intensifies the experience for both the guy and the girl.
  • Silky smooth lubricant enhances sensitivity and comfort. 
  • Tapered base will offer a perfectly secure fit. 
  • Electronically tested for better and more consistent reliability.


  • Some users find the taste of the condom to be pretty unusual.

#11. Durex Pleasure me condoms

Coming with a nominal width of 56mm, the Pleasure Me condoms from Durex are probably one of the best products from the brand.

These condoms come with a uniquely structured rib and raised dotted texture that maximizes stimulation for both you and your girl.

The simple design, along with its easy to wear shape ensures that you get to enjoy the highest level of pleasure and intensity.

These condoms come in a pack of twelve, and every one of them, are transparent, perfectly shaped and coated with natural latex.

This natural latex is not only exceptionally strong, but it also aids in simpler penetration.

The condom is also coated with copious amounts of high quality lubricant that enhances your pleasure.

Unlike any other product, the ribs of this condom are placed right at the bottom for perfect clitoral stimulation. 


  • Comes in a pack of 12.
  • With a 56mm width, it’ll perfectly fit regular-large penises.
  • The ribbed texture enhances the stimulation.
  • Ribs positioned along the bottom part maximize clitoral stimulation. 
  • Made from high quality, natural grade latex.
  • With a thickness of 0.85mm, this condom is pretty thin. 


  • Doesn’t exude any pleasant smell. 

#12. Durex Thin Feel Condoms

Are you fond of ultra thin condoms?

Are you looking for a condom that’ll not only stimulate you but also heighten your sensitivity?

In that case, the Thin Feel condoms from Durex, is exactly what you need.

Living by its name, the thin feel condoms are perfectly shaped and easy to wear.

In addition, they also provide perfect comfort and better feel during your love making sessions.

When we brought these condoms for reviewing, we were also impressed by its proper lubrication.

This lubrication enhances your pleasure and prolongs your sexual encounter.

Like many other condoms from durex, this one too is teat-ended and perfectly safe to use.

So if you’re looking for proper peace of mind during your intimate time- this is one product that’ll never disappoint you. 


  • Made from high quality, natural latex.
  • Easy to put on and easier to pull out. 
  • Being lubricated, it enhances your pleasure and prolongs your sexual encounter. 
  • Perfectly shaped for better fit and enhanced stimulations during lovemaking.
  • Ribbed edges enhance your stimulation.
  • Teat ended and safe to use. 
  • Made from hypoallergenic material.


  • Some users have reported that the condom doesn’t feel natural.

#13. Trojan Magnum Ribbed Condoms

If you’re looking for condoms that’ll heighten the stimulation for both you and your partner- the Magnum Ribbed condoms from Trojan, will definitely make the cut.

These condoms come with a special ribbing along the tip which perfectly enhances stimulation along the most erogenous zones of both you and your partner.

When you start using this, you’ll also find a spiral ribbing along the open end.

This one is specifically designed to enhance sensations along the most sensitive zones of your lady. 

So if you’re looking for a condom that’ll not only offer protection, but will also enhance your sexual encounter- this is one of the best products to vouch on. 


  • Made from excellent quality, natural grade latex.
  • Larger than the regular sized condoms.
  • Spiral ribbing along the tip and the open end enhances stimulation along the most sensitive areas of both you and your partner. 
  • Provides added comfort.
  • Smooth lubricant increases sensitivity and comfort. 
  • Completely hypoallergenic and safe. 
  • Electronically tested for added safety.


  • Not the best product for men with smaller assets. 

#14. Durex Intimate Feel Condoms

If you’re looking for an ultra fine condom with added stimulation- the Initimate Feel Condoms from Durex will definitely make the cut.

These condoms will heighten your sensitivity and specifically ensure that both you and your partner enjoy an amazing love making session.

The product is also shaped perfectly so that you get to put them on easily.

Durex Intimate feel is not just incredibly comfortable, but it also protects you and your partner from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Use them to pep up your sex life like never before.


  • Ultra fine condoms offer a skin-to-skin feel.
  • Added lubrication not just enhances pleasure but also aids in hassle free penetration.
  • Made from premium quality, natural grade latex. 
  • Perfectly shaped for better comfort and proper fit.
  • Easy to wear and easier to pull out.


  • The condom exudes a subtle smell which makes things uncomfortable for a couple of users.

#15. Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive condoms

If you’re looking for a classic, latex condom which offers ample skin-to-skin contact- these ultra sensitive condoms from Lifestyles, will definitely make the cut.

These condoms enhance your sensitivity and offer a more natural and tad more pleasurable feel.

When you got this condom, we were particularly impressed by its flared shape.

This shape not only enhances the sensitivity but also offers a more natural feel.

In addition to every other feature, it also comes with special lubrication that heightens your pleasure.

The latex scent is relatively less and the product truly lives by its brand name for being ultra sensitive. 


  • Made from high quality, natural, hypoallergenic latex
  • Offers proper skin-to-skin touch.
  • Flared touch will enhance your sensitivity for a perfectly natural feel.
  • Latex scent is relatively low.
  • Stimulates the most erogenous zones.
  • Comfortable to wear. 
  • Prolongs the duration of your sexual encounter.
  • Affordable and safe.
  • Lasts long.


  • Packaging can be better. 

#16. Durex Performa Intense Condoms

If you’re looking for a mutual pleasure condom- the Performa Intense from Durex will definitely make the cut.

This condom will enhance the pleasure for both you and your partner, and help you enjoy a mutual climax.

Interestingly, unlike any other product, this condom from durex delays your ejaculation and stimulates your partner with its dotted texture.

Your ejaculation is delayed because the condom contains 5% benzocain which acts as an excellent stimulant to enhance and prolong your sexual encounter.

The condoms are crafted in a simple design and are incredibly easy to put on.

They also come with a teat-ended tip that offers extra comfort to both you and your partner.

The condoms have light lubrication that offers added enjoy.

You can also use it with some water based lube for increasing the slippery sensations.


  • Designed to offer mutual pleasure.
  • Contains benzocaine coating that helps you last longer. 
  • Ribbed texture enhances pleasure for your partner.
  • Teat-ended structure ensures safe sex.
  • Perfectly lubricated for smooth sensations. 
  • Comes at a decent width of 56mm.


  • Some users have complained about the lack of any subtle smell.

#17. Skins Ultra Thin condoms

If you’re looking for a condom that is incredibly thin and almost feels like skin- the Ultra Thin Condoms from the brand is a great pick.

These condoms are odorless, clear and they offer a truly natural and intimate experience.

The condoms are sourced from high quality latex that not only enhances the strength but also enhances your pleasure.

The added lubrication is equally viable in this regard.

The condoms are safe, hypoallergenic and come with a perfect fit for everyone.


  • Extremely thin condoms from the brand.
  • Odourless, yet perfectly clear in the color. 
  • The natural feel offers uninterrupted pleasure. 
  • Added lubrication heightens your sensations.
  • Available as a pack of 16.
  • Safe and hypo allergenic.


#18. Mates Skyn Extra Lube

If you’re looking to enjoy enhanced pleasure during your sexual encounters, the extra lube condoms from Mates are a great option.

These condoms are free from latex and extra slippery for better and more pronounced stimulations.

They use 40% more lubrication and offer softer and tad more natural feel with greater sensitivity.

In addition to offering you the best kind of stimulations, these condoms are also pretty strong and durable.

They have excellent and long lasting elasticity which truly makes them a viable option.

These condoms are ideal for anyone who is allergic to rubber or latex.


  • Latex free condoms.
  • Comes with a regular fit.
  • Added lubrication ensures slippery pleasure.
  • Crafted from high quality skynfeel material which is an excellent alternative to the regular latex condoms.
  • 40% more lube enhances your pleasure.
  • Ultra thin texture makes it seem like you’re not wearing a condom in the first place.
  • Doesn’t exude the terrible smell of latex.
  • Safe and hypoallergenic.


  • Some users have reported that the condom is prone to breaking.

#19. Skins dotted condoms

If you’re looking to stimulate your partner in her most erogenous zones, this is one of the best condoms out there.

These condoms come with 16 textures and a latex base that not only stimulates your partner but also heightens your overall pleasure.

The condoms are clear, strong and slathered with copious amounts of lubricants.

And that’s not all! You’ll also find them in some of the best textures.

So if you’re looking out to enjoy safe and truly pleasurable sex- this can be your go-to condom. 


  • Comes with perfect textures.
  • Made from high quality hypoallergenic latex. 
  • Coated with generous amounts of lubricants for better penetration. 
  • Comes with premium length and thickness.
  • Safe and easy to use. 
  • Affordable.


  • Isn’t available in flavored variants.

#20. EXS Flavored condoms

If you’re particularly fond of flavored condoms, this pack of 144 condoms from EXS will definitely make the cut.

These condoms come with copious amounts of lubrication from a wide range of flavored lubes.

So whether its cola, blueberry or chocolate that you’re fond of; you’ll find all of it here.

Each of the condoms comes with a standardized comfortable fit from the brand.

They measure 56mm along the base and 65mm along the flared tip.

The condoms comply with international standards and also come kitmarked.


  • Made from extremely high quality latex.
  • Condoms are well-coated with delicious flavors of lube.
  • Comes with four different flavors and in two new colors. 
  • Perfect fit with a flared tip for added comfort.
  • Lubricated with high quality, hypoallergenic silicone. 


  • The smell can be slightly overwhelming for many. 

Buyer's Guide - How to Purchase Condoms

If you're buying a condom for the first time, the multitude of choices and options can make things overwhelming for you. And that's not all!

There are also a couple of things you need to ensure so that you end up buying a product that totally lives up to your requirements and expectations. In case you're absolutely clueless about how to start out- here are a couple of guidelines that'll definitely help you.

Types of Condoms 

There are so many types of condoms that I can dedicate an entire article to it. However, let's focus on the main types so that you don't get confused between them. These are some of the popular condom types that you must be aware of:

  • Textured condoms – For rough sex

It is a well-known fact that textured condoms provide a better experience than the plain ones.

There are ribbed condoms, condoms with texture, condoms with medium-sized dots, big dots, and much more. Textured condoms offer more pleasure because they increase the friction and hit the right spots inside the vaginal cavity.

  • Ultra-thin – For a more realistic experience

Some men and even women do not like to wear condoms because they find the direct contact of the penis and vagina more stimulating. However, such people can wear ultra-thin condoms that feel like real skin.

  • Oral Sex condoms – Best for preventing STDs

Using condoms for oral sex might sound hilarious to some people but sexually transmitted diseases i.e. STDs can be transferred from the genitals to mouth easily. However, plain condoms are pretty much tasteless and can impact your overall blowjob experience.

Therefore, flavored condoms are the best for minimizing the risk of transmission whereas their delicious flavor might take your experience to a whole new level.

  • Flavored condoms – For masking the awful smell

These days, condoms come in a variety of flavors. It is as if you have entered an ice cream parlor as you can purchase condoms with chocolate, litchi, strawberry, cherry, and many other delectable flavors.

A flavored condom is mostly preferred for BJs but it can even be used by those who are not interested in blowjobs.

For instance, many women do not like the smell of their partner's genitals. Such women can use flavored condoms to mask the awful smell and therefore, these condoms help them to enjoy sex without any distraction.

  • Pre-lubricated - for a friction-free experience

Some condoms are pre-lubricated with lubes so that you don't have to purchase a lube additionally. These condoms facilitate smooth and hassle-free insertion and are preferred by many couples.

  • Designed condoms – For visual stimulation

Will you buy a condom that is visually appealing? Of course, you will because it is attractive and might also stimulate you visually. Many brands offer designed condoms that come in attractive colors and designs.

  • For big guys – For enclosing huge penises

If a guy has a huge penis then the normal condom might not cover it up completely. Also, if a dick is fatter than usual then it might tear a regular condom easily. Thankfully, many brands manufacture extra-large condoms for bigger and well-endowed guys.

  • For smaller guys – Designed for smaller penises

A guy who has a small dick might find the regular condoms too loose.

This might create an embarrassing situation especially if his girlfriend mocks him due to this. Therefore, to save such guys from an unpleasant situation, many brands have also come up with smaller condoms that fit-in tiny cocks perfectly.

Editor’s choice

Best Condoms for Prolonging the Night

For a long night, you would need a condom that is durable and long-lasting. Therefore, you should go for premium quality condoms that are good enough to bear rough pounding and thrusts. For instance, the Lelo Original Hexagonal Condoms is designed for prolonged sex.

Moreover, its unique design helps you to introduce an element of surprise in your pounding session.

If you want to buy a condom that ensures complete safety from STDs and pregnancy then you can go for the Trojan Ecstasy Condoms that are made from high-quality latex. It is also comfortable and stable enough to provide you a longer lovemaking session.

However, I prefer Durex Performax Intense Condoms that are designed to provide a satisfying experience for both the partners. Its dotted design will stimulate your partner whereas the presence of benzocaine (5%) improves your timing by delaying ejaculation.

Therefore, it is perfect for a long and fulfilling experience.

Best condoms for experiencing unusual sensations

The unique design and texture of some condoms enable you and your partner to enjoy a different kind of sensation. These sensations not only enhance the pleasure but also allow you to relish a different kind of experience each time.

These are the condoms that I would personally prefer for experiencing unique & unusual sensations:

  • Trojan Magnum Ribbed Condom is not like the usually ribbed condoms as it contains a unique ribbed pattern across the tip that can introduce an unusual sensation for both you and your partner. It also has a spiral design at its open end that can stimulate your partner externally as well especially while enjoying a kinky session of anal sex.
  • Durex Pleasure Me Condoms also have a special structure that will surprise your partner and make her feel ecstatic while you are pounding her hard. It has a ribbed design with raised dots that create different kinds of sensation. Moreover, it is also lubed up sufficiently to provide the ultimate experience to the users.
  • Skin dotted condoms introduced by Dots & Ribs is a packet that contains condoms of 16 different textures. Moreover, each of these condoms has been designed with latex at the base to provide a special kind of sensation when you dig deeper into your partner's love hole.

The dots are designed to target the erogenous parts whereas the ribs provide sufficient friction for a raunchy and rough fucking session.

However, you don’t have to worry about the friction as it is filled with sufficient amounts of lubricant as well. I would personally prefer this set of condoms if I want to experience unusual sensations while banging my girl.

Best condoms that can be used in an emergency

In an emergency, you should purchase condoms that are reliable, safe, and easy to wear. I would recommend these condoms for those who are unable to resist their urges and want to start intercourse in a hurry:

  • Durex Intimate Feel Condoms are designed ingeniously so that you can wear them quickly whenever there is an emergency. Moreover, they are also made from high-quality material that is comfortable and ideal for safe sex.
  • Durex Thin Feel Condoms are ultra-thin condoms that are easy to wear. However, it doesn't mean that these condoms compromise on quality and comfort. These condoms are designed with a teat end to ensure complete safety and a spill-proof guarantee to the users.

How to choose the best condom for you and your partner? There is no single condom that can prove to be the best in all situations. Therefore, your decision must be based on your immediate preferences and requirements.

For example, your partner wants a condom that is perfect for oral sex. Now, you will choose a flavored set of condoms that comes in exciting flavors. However, you must ensure that the lube that is filled in is edible, especially if it is coated with lube from outside as well.

Also, you must discuss certain things with your partner before buying in advance to ensure that you are investing in the right quality and material. For instance, some women are allergic to latex whereas some women do not like dotted or ribbed condoms.

Therefore, you should clear such things with your partner before buying a set of condoms. Also, some individuals like to wrap a condom around their sex toys to avoid extensive cleaning of the sex toy after its use. The condom also increases their longevity to some extent.

However, you should ensure whether the condoms that you are buying can be used with your sex toys or not.

For example, some sex toys made from silicone cannot be used with condoms. Also, the lube that is used with condoms might not be suitable for some sex toys. Moreover, the condom that you have purchased might not fit the size of your sex toy perfectly if you do not consider the measurements.

In all of the above examples, you can check that it is important to consult your partner before choosing a condom. Also, if you are going through certain complications like sexually transmitted infections then you can also consult a doctor who is an expert in sexual matters before investing in a condom.

What type of condom should I choose?

Yes! When you're buying a condom for the first time, this is one of the primary factors that'll come to play. Usually most condoms are available in polyurethane and latex variants. Among them, latex turns out to be the most popular variant.

Latex condoms are strong, durable and thick. Usually, the ones coming from the best condom brands are also resistant to wear and tear. However, although latex turns out to be an excellent and the most widely used material, many people can't use it as they are allergic to it.

In addition, latex condoms are also infamous for being thick and hard. So if you're looking for a thinner and non-latex based material, polyurethanewill be a great option.Polyethylene condoms are best known for enhancing stimulations and offering a skin-to-skin-esque feeling.

They are both durable and thin enough for comfortable, long lasting penetration.

Tacytlon is another, relatively less known material that goes into making condoms. They have greater elasticity and are best known for their durable finesse. However, despite being widely lauded, tacytlon based condoms are expensive and difficult to find.

What size should I go for?

Size doesn't really matter when you're looking to impress your partner, but when you're buying your first condom, size is one of the primary considerations that you cannot overlook. Usually the most common condom size is between 4-7 inches.

So if you're slightly smaller or bigger, you have to manually choose the size. In case you're really big and close to 9 inches, try getting the XL condoms.

Why is proper lubrication important while buying a condom?

This is yet another factor that you have to consider while you choose your first condom. While most of the leading condoms come with enough lubrication, it's still necessary to check the features to specifically ensure that youaren't going wrong.

A well lubricated condom will make it easier for you to penetrate. In addition, it'll also prolong your sexual encounter and help you last longer than usual. 

What kinds of textures work best?

Most condoms are available in plain and ribbed variants.

While the plain ones work great for first-timers, the ribbed ones are equally viable in terms of stimulation. They are ideal for teasing the most erogenous zones of your partner. So if you want your girl to have fun, ditch the plain ones and make her crave you even more with the ribbed/dotted condoms.

What are flavored condoms?

Certain condoms also come with different flavors. As you browse online, you'll be inundated with hundreds of unique and innovative flavors.

These flavours also exude a pleasant smell that enhances your mood during the action. So if there's some specific flavour your partner is fond of, get hold of it to make the most of your sexual encounter. 

So which one should you buy?

Although every product mentioned on our list is top notch and high quality, we’d recommend you to go for Trojan ENZ. This is an excellent product for both newbies and the more experienced individuals.

It is made from high quality latex, and is natural, safe and completely hypoallergenic.

Besides that, the condom also comes with added lubrication that helps you last longer. So if you’re looking for a classic condom that’ll meet your purpose and stimulate your partner just the way you want- this is one product that’ll never disappoint you.

Final Thoughts

Well, now that you know everything about the best condoms on board, what are you waiting for? Explore your options, choose your preferred size (and texture) and use it during your intimate time to have the best sex of your life!

The right condom will not only heighten your pleasure but also stimulate your partner like never before. 

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