Top 20 Best Massage Oil for Sensual Foreplay in 2022

Looking for the best sexual massage oils ?

You are at the right place.

Are you bored of daily sex with your partner and looking for some excitement? Then you should add up certain things to your routine like you can use sex toys or can try BDSM. 

 However, massage is also the best option to stimulate the sensation of your partner and get back the same excitement in the bed as earlier.     

Everyone loves the massage. Moreover, it will help to reduce your stress and pain and make you feel free and energetic.

Moreover, the massage oil will add more value to your results. 

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Top 20 Best Sexual Massage Oil (2022)

1. Maple Holistics Sensual Massage Oil

You will find mixed almond oil, lavender oil, and jojoba oil inside this Maple Holistic Sensual Massage Oil.

These ingredients will give you the pleasurable and sensual massage experience that you are looking for.

 Moreover, this oil has a number of aromatic compounds in it that will pique your sensual experience.

This is highly absorbent massage oil and also nutrient-rich which is healthy for skincare.

Moreover, it is also the best to enhance the connection between couples and you have the best time with your partner in the bedroom.

Click on the given link to order this sensual oil online. 

2. Majestic Pure Lavender Massage Oil

Do you like the lavender scent? If yes, then this massage oil is specially made for you.

This is a natural soothing and calming massage oil that is also good for your skin nourishment.

 Moreover, the oil also has a mixture of premium ingredients such as grapeseed oil, lavender essential oil, and sweet almond oil.

This oil also has vitamin E which is good for skin care.

 Click on the link to order this online and get the best results out of it.

The calming aroma makes the mood light and will be good for your partner in bed.  

3. Shea Moisture Daily Hydration Body Oil

If you are looking for a multipurpose massage oil that will smell amazing and also restore the skin tone then you must try Shea Moisture Daily Hydration Body Oil.

Shea butter, coconut oil, and hibiscus oil are the main ingredients of this oil.

Shea oil and coconut oil nourish the dry skin and provide a protective layer, while hibiscus oil works for the skin tone using essential elements.

After the combination of these oils, you will get fantastic massage oil with the best results.

Click on the link to buy this oil and have a foreplay massage. 

4. Lovehoney Oh! Cherry Kissable Massage Oil 

If you want to take an exploratory step into the world of sensual massage then Lovehoney Oh Cherry Kissable Massage Oil is the best for beginners.

 Moreover, this oil works to nourish your skin and create a sensual atmosphere that you and your partner can enjoy.

This is an edible oil so you don't have to worry about it getting into the mouth, you can kiss all the parts of your partner where you massaged.

Click on the link to purchase this product and have the best time with your partner. 

5. Flickering Touch Massage Candle

You will get three aromas to choose from in the Flickering Touch Massage Candle which is a treat for your skin.

There is no chemical in it, made up of all-natural ingredients. Moreover, it is a non-greasy and long-lasting oil absorbs into the skin.

It is clean, safe, and eco-friendly to use. You can choose Vanilla & Creme De Cacao, Snow Pear & Cedarwood, and Black Pepper & Pomegranate.

 Click on the link to purchase this product and you will have the best time with your partner.

These aromas will make your mood in the bedroom and you will have the best foreplay massage with your partner. 

6. Bloomi Massage Oil

If you have a sensitive nose and are looking for an oil that is scent and fragrance-free then this is the best oil for you.

The ingredients in it are sunflower seed oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, pumpkin seed oil, and hemp extract.

 It helps to relax the body and soothe the sore muscles to make you feel good.

Click on the link to purchase this oil and have the best time with your partner.

Sensual foreplay massage is the best way to bring new excitement to your relationship and this oil will help you to give you the best massage experience. 

7. TheraOne Soothe CBD Massage Oil

This oil has a lovely lavender scent moreover it can melt away any pressure and stress on your muscles.

 It contains organic turmeric, Biosorb hemp oil blend, organic eucalyptus oil, organic lavender oil, and other nourishing ingredients.

 Click on the link to purchase this product and get relief from your pain. 

8. Love honey Earthly Body Hemp Seed Massage Oil

This oil comes in a set of three with enhanced sensual massage and aromatic bliss.

 Moreover, you will get three scents in it: Guavalava, Skinny Dip, and Naked in the Woods.

This oil has been made from 100% natural essential oil and it is nutrient-rich which is also good for skin care.

 It also does not leave a greasy residue and it is vegan-friendly, free from mineral oils.

 Click on the link to purchase this product and have the best time with your partner.

 Sensual roleplay massage can also increase the bond between you and your partner. 

9. NOW Solutions Sweet Almond Oil

If you are tired of finding a massage oil with your favorite scent then this Now Solutions Sweet Almond Oil is the best to make a custom aroma.

It has almond oil which is ideal for massage oil base. Moreover, it is unscented and moisturizing.

Almond oil is easy to absorb and won't clog pores, moreover, it promotes clear, healthy, and soft skin.

 Once you will use this oil for a massage you will get health support, sleep support, and mood support.

Click on the given link to purchase this product and lighten up your and your partner's mood. 

10. Sahajan Ritual Body Oil

In addition to your body this oil has been made to nourish your face, hair, and scalp however it is made up of several grounding oils like sesame, jojoba, and coconut.

Click on the link to purchase this oil and have the best sensual foreplay massage with your partner. 

11. Fox Envy Massage Oil

This sensual oil is formulated with coconut oil, jojoba oil, safflower oil, and vanilla to give you the best sensual massage experience moreover this sensual oil awakens the mind at the same time and makes it hyper-aware of bodily sensations and relaxes soothing sore muscles.

This oil is the best for deep tissue massage and it gives an extra boost to your body.

 Moreover, it does not have any harsh chemicals and is completely paraben-free.

Click on the link to get this product at your doorstep and have the best time with your partner.

This is a high-quality product that you can use with full trust. 

12. Maude oil no. 0

If you want to give a silky, smooth experience to your partner then get Maude oil no. 0 and start using it.

This is a hydrating oil and will bring essential oil like jojoba, coconut, castor, and argan into the skin and will make the body softer.

 It also gives a fantastic experience in a bubble bath and will make your skin replenished.

 This oil has natural ingredients and it has the best results.

Click on the link and order this oil online. You will have the best time with your partner. 

13. Nooky Orange Blossom Massage Oil

This oil is made for romantic and fun massage.

Moreover, it has a sweet, aromatic fragrance that makes your mood pleasant.

Moreover, it will also fill your room with a scent that will make the room atmosphere relaxing during the massage, and the orange blossom formula in it helps to rejuvenate and relax the skin. 

This oil has been made up of 100% natural ingredients and will give you the best results. It is also suitable for sensitive skins.

Click on the link to get this fantastic product and have the best massage foreplay with your partner. 

14. Realm Concept Market Bourban Vanilla Argan Oil

Here is another best product on the list. It has a rich vanilla scent that will soothe your body.

 It is made up of 100% pure organic argan oil and bourbon vanilla essential oil.

 Moreover, argan oil absorbs easily and gives a radiant glow to the skin.

It is a beautiful and exotic oil with so many benefits to the skin.

 Click on the link to get the product and get the best massage using this oil.

Also, give the massage to your partner with this oil.

You both have the best time in bed and will have a sensual night. 

15. Dame Sex Oil

Are you looking for a safe oil with high results then Dame Sex Oil is the best option for you?

 Moreover, it has a sexy sandalwood and cardamom scent that will excite you more in the bed and make your time one of the best. 

Try out this oil for sensual massage.

If you are able to do it in the proper way then this will give you good results and you will start regular foreplay after using it.

Click on the link to order this oil online, you will love this product once you will get the desired results. 

16. Tracey Cox Supersex Massage Oil

If you are thinking that there is no best sensual massage oil on the market then you haven't come across Tracey Cox Supersex Massage oil yet.

 This massage oil is paraben-free and is ideal for sensual massage.

Moreover, it is made up of natural ingredients that help to nourish your skin.

It has a sandalwood and patchouli scent that will stimulate your desire and you will have an erotic time with your partner.

Click on the link and get this sensual oil to get the sensual experience in the bed.  

17. Weleda Muscle Massage Oil

The company has got so much fame for its skin food moisturizer product and now they are again in the market with the new product which is Weleda Muscle Massage oil.

The most suitable time to use this oil is when you have rigorous exercise.

Moreover, this massage oil contains arnica that warms and protects your muscles. Arnica is a plant that has 150 active ingredients which are helpful to ease tired muscles and reduce pain.

Click on the link to order this product online and have the best time with your partner.

 Get relief from all your pain and have a sensual night. 

18. Alo glow system head-to-toe glow oil

You may think that the massage oil has a glow in its name but when you will use it and get the results then you will get to know.

The citrus scent in it is awakening and turmeric will make your skin glow more than when you went to bed, which means that it is giving double benefits.

Don't get surprised if you end up buying this product again and again. Click on the link to buy this product online and have the best erotic massage with your partner. 

19. M3 Naturals Ylang Ylang and Ginger Massage Oil

This ginger massage oil has the highest rating on Amazon.

If you are looking for an oil that will reduce your pain, relax muscle tightness or want a fun night with your partner then this is the best oil for you.

 This oil has the highest quality ingredients and essential oil that will help to soothe and relieve your skin condition.

Click on the link to get this product as this is one of the high-quality products which is a choice of professionals and amateur masseuses. 

20. Kama Sutra Massage indulgence

If you are tired of regular sex with your partner or looking to try something erotic or massage is the regular part of your role play then in both situations, this is the best massage oil that you can try.

This is a pack of five from Adam and Eve and it is the perfect addition to your bedroom.

 Click on the link to get this product and have a fantastic experience. In a pack of five, each oil has a different soothing scent such as tropical mango and strawberry dreams.

 This oil has plenty of vitamin E in it that will nourish your skin. 

21. Tata Harper Revitalzing Body Oil

Here is another best massage oil on the list that you can use to get the best results.

 This revitalizing body oil has been made from the best ingredients that you can find in any oil.

Moreover, the calming camellia oil scent in this product has a double benefit, one is rich in vitamins,  and the other is extra nourishing.

Click on the link to order this massage oil online and have the best time with your partner. 

22. Brookethorne Naturals Refresh Massage Oil

Brookethrone naturals refresh massage oil is made up of pure ingredients moreover it is also paraben-free, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic which is why it is the best for sensitive skin.

However, you will get a silky smooth feel on every inch of your body.

Moreover, this oil includes coconut oil, jojoba oil, and peppermint essential oil to give you the best experience in any type of massage whether it is a general massage or foreplay.

 Click on the link and get this product at your doorstep and have some best sensual moments with your partner. 

Final Words

Buying Guide:

  • What to look for in a Massage Oil 

While selecting the massage oil for you, you have to look at so many things. Massage oils are made up of base oils and additives for aroma, like essential oils. In order to select the best massage oil for you that will be the best for your skin and would not cause any irritation to the skin, you should choose the oil which is based on the base oil. Below we have listed the most popular base oils that you should look for in the massage oil. 

Coconut oil:  coconut can provide a moisturizing experience to the skin moreover it is delightful and can retain the tropical scent of the coconut. 

Almond oil: is one of the most popular base oil in the spas in the world and it has so many benefits. It is easy to glide and non-allergenic. 

Avocado oil: it is not for people who have sensitivity to latex, it is made up of avocado fruit and is good for a longer massage. Moreover, it is also used with almond oil for balanced viscosity. 

Apricot kernel oil: this oil is easily absorbed into the skin and is almost similar to almond oil but is a little expensive. Moreover, it is the best for people with nut allergies. 

Jojoba oil: if you don't take regular massage then this is the best oil for you as it has a long-shelf oil. Moreover, it is best for people with skin maladies or prone to acne. 

Olive oil: as every household has olive oil in its cupboard moreover it can be used for a massage when needed. 

  • How to give the Best Sensual Massage 

A good massage is that which lights up your mood, and you can get it even at your home without going to the spa if you know the techniques. Here are a few tips that you can try to give the best massage to your partner. 

First shoulders: as the shoulders and neck are the main parts where most people feel the pain that is why it is best to start with the shoulder. 

Go slow: while giving a sensual massage you should go slow that will help to build the anticipation moreover you can tease around areas, in erotic massage building the sexual tension is the most important. 

Get on the lower back: as tons of nerve ends at the base of the spine or sacrum, so get your palms on this area, and more importantly, don't use your thumb or fingers. 

Now it's legs: some pleasure points are around the lower leg and try to massage the back of the knee with your tongue if still your partner not feeling good then old fashioned foot massage is the best. 

Palm pleasure: give the pleasure of your palm to your partner, it feels so good when you rub your palm. 

Ending with the abdomen and sides: rub the circles around the stomach but don't forget too much pressure otherwise, it will create tickles with two fingers gently tap between the area of the belly button and fun zone it will indicate the end of the massage. 

  • How to pick the best massage oil 

As there are several massage oils are in the market it is a tough task to select the best one but while choosing the massage oil you should focus on the thing that you want out of it like whether you only want to stimulate yourself or your partner or want more such as relaxation, dryness, muscle soreness and many more? 

If you don't want much skin revitalization and want to focus on the sexual completion then you should buy a soothing scent that will lead your mind straight to the finish line and you and your partner will have the best sexual time. 

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