Top 17 Best Delay Spray For Men (Review & Comparison) – 2020

All of us love sex. It is one of those things that we all would love a little more of, given that we are but humans driven by hormones which make us do crazy, wild things to satiate our hunger for affection, love and intimacy.

While that is the case, sometimes sex doesn’t just last long enough to fully enjoy it and experience the magic as it unfolds.This is a common phenomena with both men and women.

Due to stress, anxiety and performance-related issues, most men tend to ejaculate sooner than they would like during copulation.

Premature ejaculation is a very widely discussed problem that can leave deep psychological and physical impact and hence, must be cured with methods like proper medication, psychotherapy and counselling, or even delay sprays, which are amongst the common remedies that’s often suggested when a person experiences the problem of premature ejaculation. 

To make matter worse people try to use different types of sex stamina supplements which does not suit all of them and can have some side effects on their brain and health as well.

So how do these guys deal with such a situation where they are not able to sustain in the bed for a longer time?

The answer is very simple; men can use delay sprays that minimise the sensitivity of your penis for some time which improves your control, and you can last longer.

Delay sprays are used to reduce sensitivity in the most sensitive parts of the penis which helps in delaying ejaculation.

These products are known as premature ejaculation sprays, penis desensitizing sprays and a host of other names, usually having the same purpose and sometimes even the same ingredients which are used to make them.

What’s even better is that almost all of these sprays are made up of desensitizing agents such as lidocaine or benzocaine among others, which are pretty effective and condom-friendly, helping you actually feel the difference after you use them on a regular basis.

Using them, you can focus fully on having the best sex of your life without a worry about ejaculation-related issues cropping up, thereby making you more relaxed and tension-free. 

How to Use Endurance/Delay Sprays?

Making use of a delay spray in your day to day life is pretty simple and non-complicated. For the best and fuss-free results, always carefully read up on the usage instructions that accompany the package. Since different sprays have different features and capabilities, it must be noted that your research will help you make the correct buying decision as per your choice and requirement at that point of time. 

Here’s how you can use an endurance/delay spray to ramp up your sexual life

1. Apply the spray

In order to first use the product, you have to understand the process of applying it on your penis. While different sprays can be applied differently, most of the sprays use the below mentioned process - 

  • Shake the spray bottle a little gently
  • Hold the nozzle of the application bottle closer to your penis 
  • Press the spray nozzle as gradually as you can to release the spray on your genitals. 

For using them with a condom, you should check if the delay spray you’ve bought is condom-friendly or not. Spraying the liquid on your penis before putting on the condom is important since it not only conceals the fact that you’ve used a delay spray but also because it prevents any sort of numbing agent to be transferred from your penis to the anus, vagina or mouth of your partner. 

2. Leave Enough Time for the Spray to Take Effect

After you’ve put on the spray, wait for some time even as the ingredients take their time to kick in. It must be noted that the time taken for the spray to turn effective varies from product to product, and most creams take between 5 to 15 minutes for this, so you must time it well enough to achieve best results, and make sure you rub it well enough for no other foreign agents to be dripping from the tip of your penis. 

3. Get into the action

After you’ve applied the spray, rubbed it and waited (engaging in foreplay, obviously!), it is time for you to bring alive the confidence in you even as you engage in some steamy sex with your partner. Some of these products have different sensations post numbing, which you are going to enjoy thoroughly during the time of intercourse. 

4. Wash it, wash it!

While its a tempting proposition to go off and sleep post all the good stuff you’ve done, but I would rather let you know that if you don’t wash the spray off post sex and leave it overnight, there is a risk of either getting a rash or an irritating sensation on your penis, which is obviously not the most ideal thing you would want to happen. 

Are Delay Sprays Safe to Use/Are There Any Side Effects?

Frankly speaking, there is not much information about how safe a particular brand/desensitizing agent or spray is, although there hasn’t been any story in the media that screamed out about how your penis might fall off by using these sprays (pun intended) or any regulatory warnings issued from people in the public health departments across the globe, so we would like to believe that there’s no such side effects if you end up using any of the delay sprays in the market. 

Please note that you’re not allergic to the ingredients of such sprays and also do not use it on a daily basis because then you might become dependent on external stimuli for your ejaculation. If you have any health problems that might be triggered by usage of such products, it is always advisable to have the opinion of your doctor before taking the plunge to use the product. 

What are the Top 17 Best Delay Sprays For Men?

We understand that with all the information around, it must be difficult to gauge which one is the best delay spray brand for you to use. Keeping in mind the same thing, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best delay sprays for men to use. Let’s start!




System JO Prolonger Delay Spray 0.06 fl oz-min

This spray can be used during both masturbation and actual intercourse.

Adam & Eve Marathon Delay Spray 2 fl. Oz-min

It is a powerful desensitiser formulated especially for the male sex organ.

Promescent delay sprays-min

They can be used with condoms as well.

You must check all our article on the best sex toys to spice up your sex life. 

Are you facing the issue of fast ejaculation?

Do not worry as this delay spray is formulated to desensitise your penis so that it holds on for a prolonged duration.

Enjoy sex with your partner like never before and feel an instant improvement in your stamina by using this delay spray.

It comes in a stylish bottle that can be easily carried in your pockets while travelling to any place.




  • Spraying a little bit of this spray is enough to increase your lovemaking capacity by several minutes.
  • It comes in a compact bottle which can be carried discreetly while travelling.
  • This spray can be used during both masturbation and actual intercourse.


  • System JO Prolonger Delay Spray comes at an affordable price.
  • The spraying technique of this bottle is ingenious, and it allows you to apply it precisely in the targeted area, i.e. the head of the male sex organ.
  • It can be used with latex condoms as well.
  • Its Benzocaine formula helps you to increase your sexual prowess.


  • Overuse of such sprays is not good for your sexual health as they are not organic.

Do you want your member to stay hard for a longer time?

Do you face the issue of quick ejaculation and lack of stamina?

If yes, then you do not worry now as Adam& Eve have an impressive collection of delay sprays and this spray is one amongst them.

It reduces the sensitivity of the skin on your penis for a short time which allows you to have more control over your urge to cum. This delay spray is reliable, safe and effective.



  • It is a powerful desensitiser formulated especially for the male sex organ.
  • It comes in an easy-to-use bottle and also is known to improve the erections.
  • This spray helps you sustain longer in bed and can also be used to enhance the masturbation time.


  • It does not make the skin completely numb so that you can enjoy the pleasures of intercourse as you did earlier.
  • The spraying mechanism of this bottle is quite easy and convenient to handle.
  • It is completely portable and can even be carried in the small pockets of your trousers.


  • It can be oily and messy if not used carefully.

Probably amongst the most famous names in the market today, Promescent is effective, doctor-recommended and doesn’t have any side effects as well.

Also known to increase stamina and is suitable for oral sex. 

Most of the men who have used it have experienced 3 to 4 times increase in the stamina which is quite a noticeable thing for any spray to achieve.



  • Weight/quantity - Lasts upto 20 sprays
  • Price - $22.95
  • Number of hours of effectivity - 1 hour
  • Snippets of user reviews - “Extremely safe to use. A little expensive, but quality is gold.”
  • It postpones your ejaculation time by desensitising your penis, but that does not hamper your ability to enjoy the intercourse nor does it have any negative effect on your erection.
  • Promscent delay spray is suitable for oral sex as well and its ability to get absorbed instantly reduces the chances of the solution getting transferred to your partner’s genitals.
  • They can be used with condoms as well.


  • This spray helps people to deal with premature ejaculation.
  • It is manufactured by a trustworthy company and therefore one of the most secure sprays to use.
  • If you have any queries or complaints, you can always contact their dedicated customer support team.
  • This spray needs to be applied before 10-12 minutes of having sex.
  • Comes with TargetZone technology
  •  FDA compliant, doctor-recommended
  •  Condom-friendly 


  • It is one of the most expensive delay sprays in the market.
  • If you start using this spray too much, it can seriously impact your sensitivity.
  • Has slight cooling sensation 

One of the oldest products in the category, it kinda pioneered the concept of delay sprays in the 70s. While the product has been the pioneer in their niche, they haven’t revamped either their branding or their product offering.

It's still the 40+ years old product it was back then. No major changes have been seen in it, which makes it odd to know. 

It is one of the most buyable delay sprays due to its affordable cost, effectiveness, safety features and much more.

The spray can be retrieved through the metered pump and enhances the sexual ability by several minutes.

It gets quickly absorbed by the skin and therefore does not rub on your partner's genitals.

It's a bit of a turn off for people who want strong and prolonged numb sensation at the start and therefore is more feasible for the people who already have average stamina.



  • Weight/quantity - 12 ml
  • Price - $10.94 onwards
  • Number of hours of effectivity - 5 to 10 minutes 
  • Stud 100 can be used for oral sex, during intercourse and also for masturbation.
  • It does not have any side effects which makes it a desirable product to have.
  • It can enhance your stamina by a great extent and also help you to get an erection at a faster rate.


  • It is a completely affordable product.
  • Stud 100 comes in a travel-friendly bottle.
  • It comes with an FDA approval as well which makes it safe to use.
  • Time-tested formula
  •  Popular brand


  • One has to get the proportion right for achieving better results through this spray.
  • Hard to open
  • Can be transferred to partner during oral sex
  • No innovation  

This amazing spray from Sliquid not only improves your sexual stamina but also helps you to increase your erection seamlessly.

Not only that, it has a perfect formulation which means that it also lets you enjoy longer sessions of foreplay.

It is formulated by natural ingredients which makes it safe and better than most of the non-organic sprays available in the market.

Only a small amount of spray is enough to double or triple your sexual stamina during the intercourse.


  • The bottle of this delay spray is designed for quick use, and its discreet appearance and compact size make it convenient to carry while travelling to outdoor locations.
  • Due to the presence of natural ingredients, the numbing effect is also safe and effective.
  • It delays the ejaculation effectively and helps you to stay harder and longer in the bed.
  • It contains Aloe Vera extracts which are good for the health of the skin.


  • The numb sensation is only for a few seconds, and you start enjoying the sexual intimacy thereafter.
  • The bottle comes with a long cap that protects the spray completely from misuse and spilling.
  • You need to apply a few squirts of the spray and wait for few more minutes to gain maximum benefits.


  • It cannot be used while having sex with a pregnant woman.

No one wants to ejaculate quickly while having sex with their partner.

However, if you can't help it, you can use the Dock Johnson's prolonging spray that enables the men to perform like a professional and stay hard and intact for a long time while having sex.

It is odourless and tasteless and increases the sexual stamina by desensitising the skin of your penis.



  • This delay spray is more effective than most of the sprays you would get in the market because it consists of active anaesthetic which has a deep numbing effect on your skin and senses.
  • This spray does not contain sugar or parabens and therefore is safe for your health and body.
  • Just a small amount of spray on the tip of your penis is enough to make you last longer.


  • With its unique bottle, spraying becomes a lot easier.
  • It allows you to enjoy sex without any stress or worries of faster ejaculation.
  • The bottle is small and travel-friendly.


  • There are no bad things to say about this product except that it could have been packaged in a bigger package with greater proportions.

Transform into a beast and do not spill your sex beans that easily by using this Climax Elite His delay spray.

It has a rapid action formula that allows you to start intercourse within 5 minutes of the application.

This spray hits the over-sensitive part of your penis’s skin and turns it numb to enhance your sexual stamina to a whole new level.

Moreover, it comes at an excellent price which makes it all the more buyable.



  • It makes your member more erect, longer and harder which satisfies your partner and improves your relationship with her as well.
  • You need to apply this spray both on the shaft and tip of your penis, and after waiting for 5 minutes, you can start having sex with your wife or lover.
  • Most of the men who have used this product have experienced a noticeable increase in their stamina and vitality.


  • It comes at a budget-friendly price.
  • It is ideal for men who have a hypersensitive penis.
  • The compact-sized spray bottle is portable and discreet.


  • Some men have found it to be less effective.

Be the strong guy your woman always wanted you to be and please her in the bed by having a hard, throbbing and arousing erection for a long time.

To have it just apply few spurts of spray on your tip and shaft and transform yourself into a sex machine.

Its unique Benzocaine formula is good enough to numb your sensations for a while after which you start experiencing a revitalised sexual appetite and stamina.



  • It comes in a spill-free bottle which is both easy and hassle-free to use.
  • It gets absorbed on your skin quickly, and you are set to go after a few minutes.
  • This delay spray can be used with latex condom as well.
  • A small quantity is good enough to last for an entire session. Therefore, the bottle can be used on multiple occasions with ease.


  • Experience erection and control like never before by using just a couple of sprays.
  • You can use it for both anal and vaginal sex.
  • The effect of this delay spray is long lasting.


  • Many men dream of having a bigger bottle of this enigma.

True to its name, this one is a powerful and effective spray that helps men enhance sexual stamina and improve performance. It also helps in improving erectile dysfunction and you can experiment with different positions and pace while having sex. 

It is formulated with lidocaine and is tested to be safe for your skin and body.

It enhances the sexual pleasure slowly allowing you to enjoy longer lovemaking sessions with your partner.

Therefore, men dealing with premature ejaculation can use it to enhance their sexual stamina and vigour.



  • Weight/quantity - 15 ml
  • Price - $40
  • Number of hours of effectivity - 10-20 minutes
  • Snippets of user reviews - “Unleashed my inner beast! The sex drive feeling though!”
  • It comes with a safe bottle that can be locked tight to keep it safe from children.
  • It is clinically proven to be safe for your skin and does not cause any inconvenience or irritation.
  • The bottle is manufactured in the USA and desensitises your prick to provide a prolonged pleasure to the sex partners.


  • It is a highly concentrated formula which makes it more effective and useful to sustain the erection for a long period.
  • You need to apply this product on the shaft and tip of your penis just 5 minutes before having sex. Also, do not forget to wash your genitals after the intercourse.
  • It is compatible with both regular and latex condoms.
  • Clinically tested, FDA compliant
  • Safe and effective
    Non-irritating, long-lasting performance
  •  Childproof bottle
  • Doesn’t make penis numb


  • It should not be used more often as it can affect your sexual health.
  • Contains high amount of lidocaine
  •  Might transfer to partner 

If you are facing issues of quick ejaculation or lack of erection and stamina, then you must use this delay spray invented by Doc Johnson.

It is only for external use and can be applied on the shaft and head of your penis.

The powerful concentration of Lidocaine makes this spray more effective and reliable.


  • It is completely odourless and tasteless which make it convenient to use.
  • It numbs the sensitivity of your penis slightly and allows you to enjoy longer bouts of sex with your lover or wife.
  • Just a small amount of about three sprays is enough to increase your stamina to a great extent.
  • It comes with an easy-to-use bottle and does not contain any harmful chemicals that may cause irritation or inflammation.


  • This spray is formulated to make your penis last longer during intercourse.
  • The bottle is designed to be travel-friendly and discreet.
  • It can be used for both masturbation and while having sex.


  • It desensitizes the penis slightly.

#11. Tauro Extra Strong Delay Spray for Men

True to its name, Tauro’s Extra Strong Delay Spray claims to last longer than other sprays in the market.

The product is pretty good for people who have been experiencing premature ejaculation as well as for those who want to engage in longer-lasting sexual intercourse and is free from any kind of anesthetics, apart from having natural properties that reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. 


  • Weight/quantity - 5 ml
  • Price - 28.95 euros
  • Number of hours of effectivity - close to 30 minutes
  • Snippets of user reviews -“Takes a few minutes to kick in, but very effective.” “Always had an issue with pre-ejaculation. Experimented with a few, this one works the best for me!”  


  • Made of herbal material
  • Reduces risk of STIs
  • Long-lasting
  • Condom-friendly
  • Free from lidocaine or benzocaine and other anesthetics


  • Herbal ingredients might not appeal to some users
  • Takes 30 minutes to be effective, which is a bit longer for most people 

#12. ForHims PEJ Spray 

Manufactured by Hims, a popular male sexual wellness products maker, the forHims PEJ Spray starts showing its effectiveness in about 5-10 minutes at the maximum. Composed of lidocaine formula, this one is equally good for anal, vaginal, or oral sex. 


  • Weight/quantity - 10 mg per spray 
  • Price - $29+shipping 
  • Number of hours of effectivity - 60 minutes
  • Snippets of user reviews - “Totally love it. Premium quality product”


  • Uses a safe, known anesthetic formula - lidocaine
    Reasonably priced, premium quality product
  • Long-lasting
  • Suitable for anal, vaginal and oral sex
  • Discreet shipping available
  • Compatible with condoms and lube 


  • Plain taste, might be a turn off for folks whose partners love engaging in flavored, oral sex without condoms

#13. VigRX Delay Spray

Known for making male enhancement pills which help in erections, VigRX’s latest delay spray addresses the problem of premature ejaculation in men.

The active ingredient involved is benzocaine and while there is not enough information about how effective the product is, many customers have sent out positive reviews for this spray. 



  • Weight/quantity - 1.1 ounces
  • Price - $79.95
  • Number of hours of effectivity - 10 minutes
  • Snippets of user reviews - “Quickly absorbs into the skin.”


  • Made with benzocaine
  • Watch your partner climax
  •  Increases stamina
  • Body-safe
  • Condom-compatible
  • Extends pressure
  • Manufactured in industry compliant standards
  •  Money back guarantee upto 67 days 


  • Limited information about the product available
  •  Might cause irritation or intolerance to anesthetics
  • Lasts for only 10 minutes 

#14. ProSolution Gel 

This gel is a topical performance enhancement solution which has been developed specifically for folks with sexual performance, ejaculation and erection related issues.

Developed by the same brand which produces pills and other products under the ‘Prosolution’ brand name, it is a spin-off from the original set of products.



  • Weight/quantity- N/A
  • Price - $50
  • Number of hours of effectivity - N/A
  • Snippets of user reviews - “Great product. Works pretty well!”


  • Instant erections
  • Long-lasting erections are a plus
  • Increases orgasm intensity
  • Works well with condoms
  • Safe-to-eat
  • Addresses erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation 


  • Not easily available, can be ordered only from their official website
  • No clarity over eligibility of money-back guarantee. 

#15. Duration Spray for Men, K-Y Male Genital Desensitizer

 Famous for its KY Jelly, this product is from the same company that is known for making sexual aids and sexual wellness products for adults. 

It packs on nearly 100 years of experience, so that’s some serious business for you here, which actually knows what it takes to survive and build consumer trust.

Once on your penis, please ensure you wipe it off after use. 


  • Weight/quantity - 2.2 ounces 
  • Price - $20
  • Number of hours of effectivity - 15-20 minutes
  • Snippets of user reviews - “Little goes a long way. Wife’s the happiest!”


  • Made of lidocaine, up to 9.6%
  • Minimal to no transference to partner


  • Not condom-friendly
  • The bottle is pretty small 

#16. Boners Last Longer Delay Spray 

Pretty straightforward with their branding, we like how they’ve come straight to the point without wandering off blabbering nonsensical claims and unlike other competitors claims to have a nice, welcoming smell.

It surely makes your boners last longer, lol! 


  • Weight/quantity - 15 ml
  • Number of hours of effectivity - N/A
  • Snippets of user reviews - “Can feel the difference. Has pretty much helped me last a bit longer.”


  • Composed of lidocaine
  •  Nice, welcoming smell
  •  Absorbs pretty nicely
  • Odorless 


  • Not sure if it is condom-friendly or not 

#17. Shunga Dragon Virility Cream

A fresh entrant in the market, Shunga brings a breath of fresh air in this segment with its Far-East branding, this product claims to help men achieve more during sex with its all-natural, herb-based ingredients. This one is particularly good if you have sensitive skin. 



  • Weight/quantity - 15 ml
  • Price - $40
  • Number of hours of effectivity - 10-20 minutes
  • Snippets of user reviews - “Unleashed my inner beast! The sex drive feeling though!”


  • Numbs quickly
  • Nice branding
  • Produces warm yet cooling sensation


  • A little too costly
  • Cleaning up is difficult 

Final Thoughts

That was it from our list of 17 best delay sprays for men. We hope you liked the article and found it useful to make your next purchase.

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