Tantaly Britney Review 2022: Understanding the experience of this Sex Doll Torso

Are you looking for the review of the most real like sex doll torso in the adult toy market, then Tantaly Britney 28.6LB Huge Tit Best Male Masturbator Review 2022, is the best read for you.

This article answers all the questions that you might have regarding the newly famous Tantaly Britney 28.6LB Huge Tit Best Male Masturbator Sex Doll Torso. The Tantaly Britney torso can be a perfect new playmate here if you are not planning on buying a full-body doll because they are expensive, aren't they? 

This impeccable creation should be one of the top considerations you should make if you are planning and buying a doll soon. With a very realistic and raw feeling, the doll feels like the one you have been looking for so long! Britney Tantaly's ass and boobs bounce as you enjoy the well-designed anal or vaginal sleeve. It's a great first sex doll for anyone wanting to move past a basic male masturbator or sleeve.

What Is Tantaly Britney? What is Tantaly

The Tantaly Britney is a realistically pleasing sex doll torso with a soft vaginal and anal orifice, and a perfect set of tits that will help you recreate an intimate quality time. The doll will help you meet all your animal urges and surely give you a good time. . The incredibly lifelike torso doll has realistic 32B cup breasts that are just too perfect.

The doll is perfect for those looking for their first sex doll; it's smaller than life-sized but with enough weight to feel great while you get busy with her.

Tantaly is a company based in California that specializes in making realistic sex doll torsos for you to enjoy! It is a company that ensures that its customers receive high-quality products that are not stiff or of the wrong size. It has been widely known for providing quality products to its users.

Tantaly is a world-leading sex toy manufacturer specializing in designing and producing incredibly realistic, premium-quality torso sex dolls. Their range features everything from smaller ass models to full-sized thigh-neck dolls; Britney is one such beauty! The company has outdone itself by providing it's customers with loops cleaners accessories as well as clothes to fit the torso dolls.

Features of the Tantaly Britney 28.6LB Huge Tit Best Male Masturbator

Build Specifications

The doll itself is made out of thermoplastic elastomers and silicone for the breast region.

It weighs 28.6 lbs, and the length of the body is 19.09 inches. It has two significant openings for you to enjoy, the vagina and the Anus. 

The vaginal length is 7in, and the Anus length is 6.22 Inches. It is completely waterproof and is also made of a material that does not allow dust very quickly.

Britney has a lifelike vagina and anus to rival any sex toy you have that adorns two uniquely textured, real-feel inner sleeves for variable fun. 

The waist is 18.9 inches, and her chest is 29.53 inches, giving her a 32C bust size.


If you are contemplating an embarrassing few minutes with your delivery guy, there's not much for you to worry about. Gets delivered to your home step in a discrete brown box with little to give out.

The product's weight and height will not make anyone question; they will only think it's a new electronic gadget in town. The product comes in a secured box. Inside, you can find a form rap package to give even more protection to the beauty. The Britney is delivered to you in an airfield to layer plastic rap but keeps it clean and away from potential dust.

The packaging also included one drawing stick paperwork maintenance of the doll and a guide of the product. The package has been made with great effort towards quality, and the company has put in particular thought towards what their users might need to enjoy. 

Types of Sleeves and their Texture

Tantaly has tactfully given the vagina and the anus of the sex torso different sleeve textures. This is to keep the experience unique depending on which orifice you plan on using. The company has paid great attention to detail and effect towards designing the sleeves. The vagina sleeve is one that is a tight fit leading to chambers of pleasure.

The first one is more open and immersive with a few bumps around the side. The you go into the sleeve, you will find its tighter twisting sensation in comparison to the first chamber, as it has circular ridges and dimples at the right places! It's all yours to push it in and out to edge yourself for as long as you want.

The next area feels like a bump that pushes you up into the sleeve more, and this area is very tight and covered with more minor bumps. Thrusting at the proper depth, here hits that perfect sensitive spot between the head and shaft on the top of my penis, which gets me ready for an orgasm every time. After that, plunging in even deeper, the last section of the deep thick hole has a few spiral ridges that stimulate the wet tip of your cock.

It is a sport to control the depth of your thrusts, feeling and experiencing how the different areas of this sleeve feel, and quickly change sensations. It is hard not to orgasm at this point. 

Next is the Anal sleeve! The ones who have done it before will know that entering the ass feels a little tight initially and requires a bit more pressure than usual. The Tantaly Britney 28.6LB Huge Tit Best Male Masturbator has replicated this feeling to its best possible level. The anal sleeve is filled with prominent ridges and broader chambers. 

As the regions are mostly angled towards the top, it's a magical feeling pulling the dick back after thrusting it in. Britney's Ass has a lot of pleasure to give if you are someone who enjoys anal sex. Two deeper chambers have bumps and ridges and some narrower openings separating these chambers.

How to use this new Tantaly Britney doll?

Tantaly Britney doll is one of the most realistic sex doll available in the market that one can get. There are multiple ways through which you can use this sex doll for your pleasure. The Tantaly Britney doll comes with two holes, one for the vagina and one for the anus, thus giving you the pleasure of both vaginal as well as anal sex.

The product offered here is a 28.6LB big boobs sex doll, thus giving you the pleasure of enjoying the fun of playing with some big juicy boobs as well. Choosing a sex doll is a personal choice and every male have their own personal preference regarding the type of sex doll that they wish to buy and play with. Hence we won't bore you with the type of sex doll that you should buy instead, we will help you understand the different ways to use a sex doll for your pleasure. 

The first way in which you can use the Tantaly Britney's doll is for vaginal sex. This is the most common way for which people choose to buy a sex doll. The Tantaly Britney's doll provides a pretty realistic and detailed pussy and tunnel for their customers, which provides a realistic sensation of having sex. Men can try all their favourite positions of vaginal sex with the Tantaly Britney doll and live their wildest sexual fantasies. The Tantaly Britney doll has a softer wrinkled texture which makes the vagina of the doll pretty realistic. 

You just need to put your dick inside, and you'll immediately get the feeling of having sex with a hot girl with a close to perfect vagina. All possible positions like missionary, cowboy, reverse cowboy and many more can be done with the Tantaly Britney doll while having a very realistic feeling of having sex with a girl. The Tantaly Britney doll is made with human like skin which gives a sensation of holding a girl in your hands and giving her and yourself the pleasure of life. 

The next use of the Tantaly Britney 28.6LB Huge Tit Best Male Masturbator doll is for having anal sex. Since the Tantaly Britney doll comes with two holes, one for the vagina and one for the anus, the hole for the anus can be used to have anal sex. Not all girls are willing to have anal sex due to the pain it causes to them, but there are a lot of men that want and love to have anal sex. This doll is the solution for your craving for anal sex. 

Just grab this doll and fuck all her holes as much as you want. Also, this doll will never say no to anal sex and will be ready to have sex in spite of what time of the month it is and what the mood is. The inner tunnel of this doll is made very realistic as it contains bumps and ridges to provide a life like texture, thus making it the best thing to fulfil your fantasies of having anal sex.

The inner tunnel is made of elastic which means that dicks of all sizes would fit easily. So go nuts with the doll and fulfil all your sex fantasies. However, just like in real life, do make sure to use lubricant and start off slow. Lasting long is the key.

You can actually cum inside the doll without having a fear of pregnancy. Just penetrate her and release inside the doll, but you would obviously have to clean it properly after you are done having sex. 

Describe the experience

A number of users of the Tantaly Britney 28.6LB Huge Tit Best Male Masturbator doll have shared their experiences and have given an average rating of 4.8 stars out of five. Around 286 people have shared their experience on the website, indicating how they felt about the doll and what they found interesting and what they didn't however, most of the experiences shared by the users were found to be positive. 

One user of the Tantaly Britney doll by the name of Anonymous said that the build and quality of the doll are very realistic. The weight of the doll also feels like holding an actual girl, which creates a realistic sensation. The build and quality of the doll play a very important role in enhancing the fantasies of having sex to a large extent.

The user pointed out one drawback, which was that the cleaning procedure of the doll was a bit tedious. This user also said that the skin of the doll and the depth of the vagina and anus are good, in fact, better than expected, thus making it possible for people of different dick sizes to use this doll easily.

Also, the boobs of the doll are not like a perfectly implanted breast which adds a realistic touch to the doll and makes it feel real while tit fuck and sucking those big milky boobs of the doll. 

Another user by the name Ethan said that the breasts of the doll were big and vivid, thus making it fun to play with and fuck them. Apart from the vagina and anal sex, tit fuck with the doll is also a lot of fun. The inside of the vagina and anus of the Tantaly Britney doll is made in a way that provides a very realistic feel to the users.

The outer skin of the vagina of the Tantaly Britney doll also was very realistic, which provided most of the users the pleasure of licking an actual vagina and living their fantasies. This user also indicated that it is fun to dress up this doll in lingerie and have sex and finger it as long as you can, depending on the stamina of every individual.

Ethan also said that he loves to lick the doll and have sex with it all the time, as the Tantaly Britney doll provides a very realistic feeling of having sex with a girl. This user had no negative experience to share. 

Most of the experiences that were shared by the users of Tantaly Britney doll indicated similar experiences wherein they indicated that the material and build quality of the doll was very good and was successful in providing a very realistic feeling of making out with a girl. The size of the boobs, the build of the vagina and anus and the inside of the vagina and anus were very realistic and pretty close to what an actual girl has.

This made the Tantaly Britney doll a favourite amongst the users of a sex dolls. The only drawback which was very evident from the experiences and reviews of users of the Tantaly Britney doll was that the cleaning process of this doll is very tiring and requires a lot of patience. 

Pros and Cons

When discussing the pros and cons of this amazing Sex torso, there's a lot to take into consideration.

The pros

  • Visually the sex torso is a fabulous one and will make you feel horny in seconds. 
  • It's incredibly realistic and is tight and soft in the right places, giving you a feel of your lifetime.
  • The breasts are lifelike and will make you obsessed with them. If you are someone who enjoys fiddling, grounding or even pinchings the tits while you are at it, then this is the real deal for you. Play all you want with those voluptuous and perfect breasts that jiggle when you fuck the torso. 
  • Britney has back dimples and goosebumps on her supple skin that gives you that raw touch.
  • This one is a weighty premium sex torso that's simply perfect for beginners or intermediates. 
  • There are a lot of positions that you can try out with this sex doll torso without hesitation.
  • There is company merchandise available for you to dress her according to what you want to give the act tomorrow a realistic feeling.
  • In general, the weight of the doll is perfect for the size that it comes in.

The cons

  • It is not lightweight and easily movable when and where you want it.
  • The doll is particularly busty and round. If you are someone who enjoys smaller proportions in your doll, that is might not be the best option for you. 
  • If you are looking for a life-size doll with limbs, this one is not what you want. want.
  • In comparison, the dog poses to be on the more expensive side of toys than the other brands who sell it for lesser. However, the feel is just so fantastic that your money is not going to waste, and that's for sure!
  • After washing, the doll takes a long while to clean and dry out properly.
  • You need an adequately hidden chamber or enough room for safely storing the doll. It does take up space which is a little problematic if you don't have your own closet. 
  • The packaging does not come with a storage bag and bus either you have to buy one or wrap the doll in sheets before hiding it away.


All in all, the Tantaly Britney Sex doll torso is one that is s very versatile and can make anyone and everyone pleased. The way that the doll is so realistic and it makes you immerse in the experience that it promises in just a few seconds is divine. Every curve, texture ridge, dimple or fold in the body has been carved out to perfection.

If you are someone who particularly enjoys boobs a lot, then this doll is for you! The big bust sways, jiggles, bounces, and gives you an experience you wouldn't want to miss out on.  

What this divine piece of sexual pleasure bomb office you is a realistic, plum skin feel that's just too hard to resist. To provide the doll with a firm grip, it has a metal skeleton that keeps it straight and maintains its weight. In a word, it's a breathtaking experience, and you should totally be getting it soon!


1. Where to buy the Tantaly Britney doll?

The Tantaly Britney doll is easy to buy as it is easily available on the official website of Tantaly. The Tantaly Britney doll is also easily available on Amazon, and customers interested in this doll can easily go on these two websites and search for this doll. A number of options based on the size and type of doll will be available, and users can choose the one they like based on their requirements. 

2. Who should buy the Tantaly Britney doll?

This doll is best for people who are bored of their solo masturbation sessions every day and wants to get a more realistic feeling of having sex.

Also, for people who do not have a wild imagination or who are facing difficulty in imaging their fantasies and masturbating, the Tantaly Britney doll is the best option for them as they get a realistic feeling of sex and eliminates the need to imagine wild sexual scenarios as they can actually live it with their dolls. 

3. Who shouldn't buy the Tantaly Britney doll?

The people who want something discreet or who do not have enough storage space should avoid buying this product as the size of this product is really big. Also, those who do not want to carry 30 lbs or face challenges in lifting such weight should not go for the Tantaly Britney doll.

Lazy asses who would find it tough to clean the doll every time they cum inside it should also not buy this product as even though it provides a real experience and you can cum inside it, you also would need to clean it. 

4. How to clean the Tantaly Britney doll?

The cleaning process of the Tantaly Britney doll is very easy as it is waterproof; hence you can just rinse and get rid of the lube and everything that you have used. If you cum inside the doll, cleaning would take time but cleaning the outer skin is a very easy process. Just put it under water or clean it with a wet cloth, and you are good to fuck the doll again.

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