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Top 20 Best Adult Anime of all time

Looking for the best adult anime ?

You are at the right place.

As the third decade of the 21st century has been marked by the rise of niche streaming services catering to a specific niche audience, anime has been rediscovered by a new generation of fans.

 The rise of the internet has led to the flourishing of online communities, and anime is no exception. 

Thanks to the existence of online streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, more people than ever before have easy access to classic anime series.

Many of these old favourites have been rediscovered by a new generation of fans, and with that new audience comes a greater demand for quality content.

Moreover, the variety of shows available has also expanded. The result? We have access to more anime than ever before. With that in mind, here’s a list of 10 great adult anime series you should be watching.

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Top 20 Best Adult Anime of all time (Upd 2022) : Sexy erotic 18+ anime

High School DxD is an anime series based on a light novel that has been produced by TNK studios, which also created the popular Kuroko's Basketball series.

The protagonist, Issei Hyoudo, begins as a human high school student before becoming revived into being a devil under Rias Gremory's care to serve her and her family of devils.

Whether or not you’ve watched the show, it is one of those adult anime shows that has a lot of sex-related scenes that really play with viewers' imagination.


This is basically a story about a perfect couple struggling to keep their personal feelings hidden from one another.

When they encounter each other and see the pain in their eyes, they realize that together-even if it's not love or attraction-they can be a family of two.

They eventually find themselves living with one another because no one else wants to take them in.

The first episode starts with how one of them falls in love with the other and later on ends up being rejected for an unexpected reason. There are many subtle ways to influence people through media like stories which make it easy for us to see just how much control we have over our lives.


If you loved Game of Thrones but hated the sexual content that was abundant in it, then Queen’s Blade is a show for you.

While the action-packed series introduces viewers to a ruthless world filled with bloodshed and power struggles, characters flaunting their bodies and resorting to semi-naked wrestling matches make this an ecchi anime strictly meant for adult fans only. 

The anime series introduces viewers to a world of action and brutality in which the queen is chosen by a competition between warriors.

The show has been labelled as strictly adult, with characters that are voluptuous and compete in semi-naked wrestling matches.

The basic summary goes like this: The battle to find the supreme Sekirei continues, but there are still some fighters who refuse to participate and their masters too.

The reason for this is that participating in the fight means losing their partners forever! Some of them just use them as tools, while others care about their pairing.

More importantly, a bigger threat approaches from outside and it's about to bring pain and suffering to those who love or care for their on-site.

The story is about a shy and clumsy high-school student who meets an alien princess that wants to marry him.

The alien from the planet Deviluke, a.k.a Haruhi Suzumiya, meets Yuuki Rito on Earth and falls in love with him right away! But she's not his type-he's just too boring for her! Watch as they fight to see who will be the next king of Earth while being forced to bicker constantly.


It's been announced that the new boy Demon Lord Toujo Basara, who was just a high school student, has two beautiful step-sisters he unexpectedly inherited from his dad.

Little does he know though that Mio and Maria are proper newbies in the demon lord business?

Despite the obvious efforts that went into developing a good story and animation, ecchi was their main focus.

On the other hand, this anime became an instant success for adult anime lovers who just loved seeing hot girls with no clothes on.

Kiss x Sis is one of the best adult anime to connect with a mature audience.

It has a disturbing, yet fair concept which might seem weird for some people but it will surprise you with too many depraved relationships and personas that may not be appropriate for younger audiences.


Though Keijo has fan service, it still looks like an anime that would not be one of the best adult anime out there.

The characters, animation, story and production did a good job in making this series. You should watch this one since it is worth checking out!

Some anime are just simply not appreciated even though they're brilliant because of the way that it approaches things.

However, if you can see past this and look at what it's worth-some these series have been truly inspirational.

When Kiyoshi, who is one of five boys to enrol in the all-girls school Hachimitsu Academy, was caught peeping and sent to the prison within its building, he eagerly awaited his punishment.

For this violation of school rules at a co-ed institution where any number of students can be punished for breaking them (not just males), Kiyoshi's punishment was carried out by being strapped down on a narrow bed with handcuffs around each wrist and ankle.

Prison School is an adult-oriented series with a very unique plot, which makes it feel like something much more intense.

The show truly delivers some good dialogue and characters that you'll enjoy watching from beginning to end.


The show is not only women-centric, but it also features adult content that should be watched by a mature audience.

 Ikkitousen is based on a manga series of the same name which follows Hakufu Sonsaku as she works to bring peace and stability to an ongoing turf war between different high schools because her mother wants to do this for her just before she dies. 

The show has seven main characters who are all fighting against each other with the Ayame from their respective school trying to keep them together and make sure those who have started killing don’t kill another person again.


Technically, Golden Boy is an OVA. However, the show still qualifies on this list as it is considered a classic and released back in 1995 despite being of modern video-era releases.

The show follows Kintarou Ooe who believes in learning by doing instead of just reading books from textbooks at school - Although he does often find himself talking to women (and sometimes even taking sexual turns).

"Golden Boy" is one of the few shows on this list which not only has an interesting premise but also depicts sexual encounters that add value to the overall narrative.


One of the sexiest adult anime, ‘The Future Diary’ is an interesting and complex work with several steamy scenes.

The majority of ecchi or harem series have sparsely drawn semi-nude scenes that are merely there to be eye candy for the audience, but in this anime, they add to an already fascinating plot.

In contrast, these overtly sexual moments only serve as an additional stimulus for the viewer's brain rather than detracting from it.


In this ecchi romantic comedy anime, the story revolves around Kio Kakazu.

He's a compassionate young boy living an uninspiring life without any ambitions or drives to do anything special with his time. That is until he goes to a memorial service for one of his ancestors and meets Eris, a voluptuous girl with cat ears who has no qualms about her present state in front of him and she's half-naked too! From then on things get interesting for both Kio and Eris as they find themselves thrown into all sorts of scenarios which include lots of nudity (sexual tension off the roof)

14.  Nana

"Nana" is a fantastic anime to watch, as it has so many elements that will leave you speechless. One of the best things about this show is that there are characters in Nana who can resemble themselves.

This means if you want some good adult anime to get your hands on, "Nana" should be the first choice for yourself!

The premise of the story goes; two opposite women, both named Nana, become roommates in Tokyo and grow to be inseparable friends.

However, as the harsh realities of adult life take shape they struggle to find happiness together and grapple with feelings of betrayal as their lives take different paths.


Perfect Blue is one of those masterpieces to come in the late 90s.

 There isn’t a single minute you can afford to miss out on, as everything that happens affects how life changes for anyone watching it. 

While "entertaining" people with its mature themes are put aside most of the time, Perfect Blue will influence viewers dramatically and subtly about what their lives could be like if they made just one decision differently.


The main theme in The Comic Artist and His Assistants is the harem comedy concept. What makes this show so great? It has a wonderful cast of characters, beautiful art and animation, engaging plots, and interesting story arcs that are both necessary to tell its tale but also contribute greatly to what would otherwise be a very bland narrative. 

As you might expect with seinen anime like these which feature perverted males who get girls into bed at every opportunity it falls under the category of "harem" type content- but without all the sexual aspects present in some other genres such as ecchi!

Highschool of the Dead recounts humanity's struggle to survive in a world full of zombies.

While clinging on to shreds of hope, people fight back using their means and force. 

The series has an exciting premise with plenty of drama and action that will keep you hooked for hours… but maybe not because its hot characters might get your mind wrapped around some erotic moments!

If you're looking for a good anime that has all the elements of your typical manga series, then this is certainly one.

It includes character development and an exciting storyline.

This is most likely the best adult-oriented show on our list if you view it from that perspective.

The story begins with Izumi running to be student council president.

But when a girl comes up and promises the liberalization of love while flinging condoms into the audience, he loses to her and becomes vice-president instead. 

At the meeting, a new President is elected who invites herself over at once - she promptly announces that they are now married due to this agreement which was made between their parents when they were only 3 years old!

Tsugumomo’ is an ecchi anime about a boy named Kazuya who meets the spirit Kiriha when he is attacked by some sort of supernatural being.

he introduces him to her world and helps him learn more about Japanese folklore as well as find his true identity through sex scenes.


Final Words

Anime is a diverse world of art, culture and a wide variety of themes. The genre has grown large and has different sub-genres and types of anime. These sub-genres have different themes, characters and plots. With such a large and expansive world of anime, one might wonder why it has become so popular. 

Throughout why adult anime may catch you off-guard. It has captivated audiences everywhere. Adult anime is not just popular in Japan and other Asian countries. It has also become popular in Western countries and many other parts of the world. There are several reasons why adult anime are so entertaining, and if you follow this list, you will know exactly why.

With anime being a global phenomenon, and with nudity in manga quickly becoming more frequent, it's getting harder to find good material that actually has nudity as the primary theme. And when you do find one, you don't even want to watch it because of how common it is! Luckily for all of us here, we've compiled this list of some great anime that feature naked characters or scenes whereas they're not just shown gratuitously. 

For example, Elfen Lied is German for "song of the elves" and tells a story about an estranged group who have been forced into hiding due to their mutation which gives them invisible arms called vectors-which also happens to look like long hair-and horns but otherwise seems close enough human beings so as not raise suspicion by regular people who lived amongst humans before now actively hunting them down while believing they are monsters too dangerous even if milder than what was seen earlier in history against races such as elves.

With that said, here is the best selection of adult anime that you can find:


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