Male Masturbation : How to masturbate for men– 10 Tips for solo orgasm

Masturbation is not a modern way of relieving sexual energies and urges but it has been practised ever since man knew the art of having sex. Therefore, most of us do not have to learn it as we understand how to do it when we reach a certain age.

This phenomenon is quite captivating as adolescent men and women who are never exposed to sex or porn also understand how to masturbate naturally since it has been running in the genetics of humans for thousands of years.

However, the art of masturbation remains primal due to the shyness and awkwardness associated with it.

Male Masturbation: Masturbation Hacks for Men

Since time immemorial, masturbation has been considered as a taboo in various cultures, and therefore most people still do not openly admit that they are used to masturbating frequently. All these factors have contributed a huge ignorance especially when it comes to male masturbation techniques.

However, thankfully with time people have started admitting and accepting masturbation as part and parcel of life which has also allowed men to explore new techniques and methods associated with it.

Today we will let you know about various new methods and techniques which help men to masturbate in a better way. These methods enable men to satiate their sexual tension and urge perfectly which also act as a stress buster for those who are deprived of sex.



Advice #1 Do NOT Rush


Most guys jerk off in a hurry as if they have to catch a train or bus right after masturbating. It helps you to release your load, but then it does not satiate your built-up sexual tension which is often a cause of frustration in men.

To avoid all these things all you need to do is slow down the things considerably. Let the stimulations cross every nerve of your body and if you still do not feel like spurting let it wait as long as it gets unbearable to resist.

Try to explore the masturbation a bit more as you can learn to hold your stamina and urges during masturbation which will also prove to be helpful while having intercourse.


Advice #2 Use Porn Wisely


While it becomes necessary to watch porn to reach an excited state quickly, most of the doctors and sex therapists advice to keep it at bay. The reason for this is porn transports you to the world of sexual fantasy, and you forget about your own body.

This reduces your body's ability to react to the fine sensations that tickle your sexual arousal. As a result, you get stiffer and disoriented while watching porn which has a direct negative impact on your sexual health.

Therefore, do watch porn but keep it as minimum as possible to be receptive to your own body's signals and stimulations. We recommend you to keep your mind as blank as possible and concentrate only on your genitals to experience a real high while masturbating. 

This will not only transport you to the higher levels of pleasure but it will also dramatically transform your sexual energies, and you will start feeling better and confident about yourself both while masturbating and while having sex.


Advice #3 Do NOT Stick to a Single Technique

Masturbation is not a vehicle which needs fuel and maintenance to keep running, but it is like a wonderful car which has a mind of its own.

Therefore, it also reacts differently to different approaches, and if you manage to impress your sexual urges with a new technique or method, then you actually might experience pleasure like never before.

Therefore, we recommend you to keep changing your methods and techniques and give your sex life a real breather when it comes to masturbation.

Do not stick to the same age-old method of using your left or right hand but also learn how just running fingers through your entire length can make you feel and how massaging the balls rightly has its advantages.

These little things will change your masturbation technique every time, and you will feel rejuvenated after each of your explosive orgasms.

The first and the foremost thing is to change your masturbating hand. Most guys use only one of their hand to masturbate but why to stick to one hand when God has given you two.

Explore the warmth and feel of your right hand if you have been using the left hand since ages and similarly practice masturbation from your left hand if you have been right-hander throughout your life.

You will realise that even your other hand feel different and this will trigger your mind to explore a whole lot of things when it comes to masturbating with your hand and fingers.  


Advice #4 Use Your Fingers


Fingers are more sensitive than you think and this you can experience while using them while masturbating. Give your palms a rest and try masturbating just with your fingers. Use your thumb and index finger, thumb and middle finger or thumb and ring finger and see how different it feels each time.

Do not use your little finger and thumb because it will take years to masturbate like that. Also, keep in mind that you do not have to use fingers all the way. You can get hold of your pecker once in a while when it needs a hard whacking.

Otherwise, use your fingers, and there is no need to use it on your entire length, hold the head of your penis by your fingers and stroke them. You will find that the combination of thumb and ring finger is the most effective and can make you reach the pinnacle of pleasure in no time!


Advice #5 Use Both Hands


Now let me make this clear to everyone that this technique is not for all the men. It is only meant for those who have super long snakes that are big enough to accommodate the grip of both of your hands.

While using both of their hands to stroke their pecker, men have to remember that they need not clasp both their hands on the same side. This will make things a lot harder and inconvenient for them.

On the contrary, they should clasp one side of their private member by one hand, and the other hand's clasp should be on the other side of the penis.

This will not only make the things a lot comfortable and convenient but like this, you will also be able to maintain your rhythm and speed, and it will also help you control your speed while stroking your member.

You can also clasp the top of your penis's head from below with one hand, and the other hand can be used to hold the lower base of your penis from above. Both these techniques are effective and powerful and allow one to explore huge orgasms in a quick time.

However, while using both your hands make sure that your dick is sufficiently lubricated or else the sensitive skin might feel the burn and rashes due to the heat generated by your hands.


Advice #6 Massage Your Balls

massage balls

Testicles are the source of your sexual potency, and therefore they must never be neglected when it comes to sexual health. Some men have only one testicle by birth or due to surgery, and such people should be more caring and sensitive towards their only testicle.

Some babies have one or even both of their testicles undescended, and they have to correct it surgically at a very young age to prevent complications in their later life. However, men with one testicle do not have to worry as it does not have any significant effect on their sexual stamina and vigour.

Men should massage their balls regularly irrespective of whether they have one or two testicles. It not only helps to build their sexual stamina but also calms them and makes them stress-free while masturbating or having sex and therefore can enjoy masturbation in a much better way as compared to others.

You need not use any oil or lubricant while massaging your testicles. All you need to do it use your fingers to support your testicles from the base and gently rub on the sides without pressing the testicles on the full.

This will make your testicles much stronger, and they will naturally get a bit lower in a position which is good for your sexual health. Masturbating the testicles regularly also has a good effect on the production of testosterone which is the fuel that drives your sexual stamina and vigour.


Advice #7 Sway Your Hips

Using the hips to support your to-and-fro motion while masturbating is a good way to prolong the duration of your masturbation. It helps you experience different sensations while masturbating as well.

Gyrating, swinging your hips and following the motion of your hand with your hips all have different effects on masturbation, and you should explore each one of them.

You can use your hips to slow down things when it is getting too hot to resist, and you can also use it to add some fresh vigour and strength while reaching towards the climax.


Advice #8 Try Different Strokes


Most of the men stroke in only one way and most of the times they stroke only upside down. However, to experience the highest levels of pleasures while masturbating one needs to experiment with different stroking techniques, pressures, and even speeds.

Long strokes can be replaced by shorter strokes. You can make the strokes shorter increase the pace as you reach towards an orgasm. Stroking your dick in a twisting manner can also generate a lot of stimulation as it stretches out your nerve endings to their fullest limit.

You can also rotate your penis in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction to increase the duration and sensations while masturbating.


Advice #9 Stimulate the Head


The head of your penis is sensitive and needs to be stimulated the most if you want to experience an explosive orgasm. You can run your fingertips around its circumference to tickle and stimulate it, and by doing so, you can also make sensations run from the tip to the base of your penis.

The nerve endings of your penis are populated more in the head and therefore touching it will arouse your penis more than anything, and you cannot ignore this aspect while masturbating at all.


Advice #10 Stimulate the Shaft


While the head of your penis is its most sensitive part, there are many places on your shaft that are sensitive and get quickly stimulated. Therefore, you need to run your hand and stimulate these spots as well if you want to experience a full-fledged orgasm.

Run your fingers from the tip to the base of your penis and experience a thrill run down through your spine. Press the fingers of your one hand on the base of your pecker and use another hand to stimulate the tip of your penis.

Experiment this with a different type of strokes and experience the thrill like never before.


Advice #11 Stimulate the Prostate


You can stimulate your prostate gland to give a rejuvenating experience to your penis which will only help you to reach a much powerful orgasm than ever! The area between your testicles and anus is often neglected during masturbation which leaves you feeling dissatisfied.

However, if you try and rub that area, you will able to stimulate your prostate which is also good for the health of your penis in the long run.


Advice #12 Explore the Anus


Some men are afraid of touching the anus as they feel it directly negatively impacts their manhood. However, this is just a taboo and nothing else and exploring anus both from the inside and outside has not a negative effect on your sexuality, and it does not make your gay or straight either.

Use your fingers to circle over the opening of your anal cavity and do not shy away from inserting a finger in it if you feel the urge to do so.

Many men who stimulate and finger their anus during masturbating will tell how much they enjoyed the whole masturbation session only after they fingered their anus and this can be a new way of masturbating for sure.

Most men like to insert anal plugs and vibrating dildos inside their anus but do not go that far unless your wish to offer your anal cavity to your partner in future.


Advice #13 Use Lube


Many men have stopped masturbating because the skin on their penis is too sensitive to handle even a regular beating. Some men also prefer to use shampoos and soaps to form a thick lather so that they could stroke their member without subjecting it to any friction.

However, most of the soaps and shampoos are harsh and frequent usage can make the skin of your penis more sensitive and rough than before which will only complicate things further for you.

Therefore, it is always advisable to use lube or lubricant as they not only reduce the friction and make it sexy and slippery to work for your hand along, but they are also skin-friendly and help your penis remain healthy, soft and smooth.

There are two types of lubes available in the market today, one which is made from water soluble materials and the other one is made from silicone.

The silicone-based lubes are thick and sustain longer but they are hard to remove after their use, and you might have to spend some time under your shower for cleaning your penis after masturbation.

However, they help you during longer sessions and therefore are mostly preferred by men. On the other hand, water-based lubricants are more thin and watery.

They are more skin-friendly as compared to the silicone based lubes but they also get dry quickly and therefore you have to use generous amounts of this lube to sustain longer masturbation sessions.

You can use either of them according to your comfort and convenience, and they will only make it much easier for you to reduce friction and go for longer and faster strokes.


Advice #14 Consider Sex Toys


Sex toys have evolved so much is today's time that you no longer need to hurt your shoulders and hands while masturbating.

Male masturbators and fleshlights have come into play today, and therefore you can explore the real pleasure of masturbating even without spoiling the hygiene of your palm and fingers.

Fleshlights are artificial openings that come in the form of both anal and vaginal openings and are arousing enough to make you ride them with ecstasy. Some of the male masturbators are also integrated with the ability to vibrate which make them capable enough to stimulate your penis and generate new sensations like never before.

These sex toys are designed to replicate the look and feel of a female vagina or anus, and therefore they stimulate you visually as well. Therefore, if you are bored of using your hands, you can certainly try shagging with these male masturbators.

Note: Some men prefer to get their penis oiled up and lubricated while using male masturbators. However, they must be careful while using lubes as it can affect their quality and performance as well.

Silicone lubes must be strictly not used in this case as they are made from silicone, and most of the male masturbators are made from silicone too and therefore these they can react together and even cause discomfort to your private parts.

One can also use a massager to stimulate and massage their prostate which will take your masturbation to the next level.


Advice #15 Masturbate with Your Partner


Masturbating with your partner is something special especially since you are not using your hand for the purpose. Therefore, you can always ask your partner to give you a hand job, and in your turn, you can finger her to orgasm.

Some people might question that why will I masturbate with my partner when I can have sex with her. 

It is true, but sometimes you should masturbate with your partner as it gets more intense and then you can always remember the touch and feel of your partner's hand which will certainly fuel your imagination the next time when you are compelled to use your hand. 

You and your partner can even masturbate in front of each other and resist the temptation of touching each other as long as possible and see how it works like magic for both of you.

Masturbating is not a compulsion, but it is more of an expression to your kinky desires. Sex is always better than masturbation, but masturbating has its benefits too if you practice it in a controlled way.

Most men who indulge in sex regularly masturbate as much as men who are deprived of sex, and this is good enough to prove the fact that masturbation is inevitable.

Conclusive Thoughts

These were some of the techniques that the men can explore and learn. All of them are pretty simple and if one has a little bit of determination and ability to shoo out all the cries of "taboo and pervert" then they will be able to enjoy masturbation to the fullest.

If you know about more such techniques feel free to share them with us. Enjoy masturbating and give yourself a heck of time by mastering the art of masturbation!

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