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XBooru Review


If you are searching for a porn website whose niche lies in hentai but diversifies to provide you with the best of other porn forms as well; XBooru is the perfect destination for you.


  • XBooru offers its entire content without any membership prices; it is 100% free of cost.
  • The website is a storehouse of top hentai images apart from videos and offers a forum to interact with other people about them.


  • However, the site has an uninteresting layout which could be boring for the viewers.
  • There is a lot of variation in the quality of the content, with some content having really poor quality.

The rest of the review will give you more precise knowledge about its functionality.

XBooru is a different kind of website with a fantastic design, it caters to a vast variety of porn genres that people look for. Generally, Xbooru websites feature hentai porn, which is typically a perverse and animated porn style that has been loved by people around the world for more than a decade.

However, if we say that XBooru only features hentai porn, then it won’t be right because the site has some other animated as well as real porn content featuring some typical model photos, some mixed-up videos, and much more.

As people say about Rule 34, the site offers a lot of things for the porn lovers out there. Rule 34 is a typical internet meme which means that internet pornography exists concerning every other topic. This is what XBooru probably deals in. 

However, when you first visit this site, you would not be able to figure out what it is all about. You need to visit the platform and the site will slowly pave the way to what it provides to it’s users.


This is the reason why we are here to give you a full detailed review of XBooru and tell you whether it passes your expectation or not. A lot of users have asked us about why XBooru is widespread, and we will answer such questions using our review.

The thing that makes XBooru unique from other porn sites in a similar niche around the world is that most of the typical porn on XBooru porn site is hentai based and it does have a lot of pretty weird impressions; be it in terms of content or the display site.

These categories can be easily found because they are present on a separate tag list on the home page. The first page of XBooru does not offer quite a lot, and it is merely a search bar containing a few links which can take you to the other pages. The site is easy to navigate and offers some vivid content.

This is indeed a good score and we really think you should give XBooru a try. However, there is a lot left in this review in case you want to sit back and see how this site turns out.

Site Statistics

  • Most Popular Exclusive Alias - Boobs (444), Tits (735), Dick (267), Chest (323), Boobies (29), Butt (3917), Fakes (722), Blowjob (601), along with the other categories and more.
  • Total number of clips - 5000+
  • The average length of clips - 9 minutes
  • The average length of clips - 9 minutes
  • Download limit - No
  • Total number of photosets - 300,000+
  • Photo slideshows - Yes
  • Watermark on Photos - No
  • Maximum resolution of photos - 800 x 600 pixels (Variation in quality)
  • DRM protection - No

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Website Design


Content Updates


Quality of Videos










Value for Money


Exclusivity of Videos


User-Interface & Layout


Overall Score



Website Address: www.xbooru.com

XBooru has always been a fucking mystery even with the site being around for nearly a decade now.

As per the counter present on the website, it has 157,413,763 visitors so far, which highlights its immense popularity.

When we visited the site for the first time, it did not give any clue of what it is all about.

The landing page features an anime nude girl lying on a set of pillows. 


Upon closer inspection, she possesses the features of cat ears, some fucked-up feet, a flowing horse-like tail, and no tits. There’s a search bar and above it lies all the links to Posts, Comments, Forum and My Account.

XBooru seems to a little type of sex-themed imageboard. However, it might be utterly confusing to some people who are only used to free tubes, traditional forums and premium sites. The “Posts” page is everything that you are looking for and serves as the meat of the corresponding website.

One thing that disappoints a lot is its user engagement. Although a lot of users have visited the site, the comments section is there to serve the comments from the posts as well as the forum is completely dead. XBooru’s layout is quite simple to use and almost ugly to look at.

However, the full bag of dirty content lure you to come back to the website. The “Posts” page has a sidebar completely equipped with category tags and tons of pornographic images where you will get to see giant titties, as well as horny babes, shivering with the sheer force of cock cumming into them.

xbooru porn 2-min

As you will be continuing the site’s tour, you will get to understand that XBooru is half of the anime bitches completely undressed and another half is a typical porn site with a lot of photos scattered in the website. There are even a few porn clips to keep you going.

When you click on a thumbnail, it will open it in enlarged form. These images do not seem to contain any stats or comments.

The tags present on the left sidebar contain the Xbooru’s most popular categories and there are a lot of tags nearly 140k filed under the top, against wall, 1-girl, and many more along with some unusual ones.

Like Break a Booty Back as well. If you have been an avid porn-lover, then you must surely check this site out because it offers all of its content for free. This is the reason why there are no complaints whatsoever.


The adult industry has seen significant growth in the last 20 years along with some of the fierce competition among the top sites. The world has witnessed all the technological advances in the world of porn and has seen a lot of porn in different niches out there.

XBooru is much like anime porn website but also offers some usual porn stuff as well. With some simple navigation tools as well as the presence of tags, the site makes it easy for users to explore the website.

However, XBooru also has a lot of competition which we talked about because they feature a mix of usual porn as well as anime porn. Competitors of anime niche such as Sankaku Complex, Hentai Foundry, Gel Booru, etc., XBooru has to do a lot of things if it wants to take their competitors out.


  • Out of all, the fact that XBooru offers its entire content without any membership prices is a unique factor in itself. It is 100% free.
  • XBooru is quite famous and 157,415,301 visitors have already been there on the website as per the counter on their landing page.
  • XBooru provides a ton of content with a lot of varieties such as anime with a mix of usual pornographic image content.
  • The website is a storehouse of top hentai images covering almost everything like Rule 34. It has images of all the content possible.
  • The site comes with a great porn forum that allows you to interact with other people who are looking for the best hentai porn out there.
  • XBooru offers iCame system, which is quite awesome.
  • The team always keep on updating the content to engage their users all the time.
  • The navigation offered on the website is easy, thanks to a simple layout with a mere search bar button and tons of different category tags to help you find the content that you need.
  • XBooru works on all platforms including desktop, laptops, mobiles and tablets. 


  • The website is a bit confusing on the landing page. It does not say something about what the viewers will get to see once they visit the page.
  • Besides a ton of hentai and regular images, the site offers some unusual layout which makes the experience a  bit boring. Everything seems to be scattered on the website.
  • There are no hentai porn movies on the website. If you are looking for some action videos then, just stay away.
  • There is no support team to help you with any assistance you need. However, there are some FAQs available to help yourself.
  • The content is not at all well equipped with the quality. It has a lot of variation in quality.


XBooru hands you everything it has  and you can go a lot ahead in a world full of porn as the website offers everything at 100% free of cost with absolutely no hidden charges.

With XBooru, you can get to see thousands of photo galleries with anime as well as usual hot babes showcasing their tight tits, firm pussies, dick thrust action, several video clips, and much more at zero cost.

This is how XBooru enhances your experience and is a million times better than many competitors working in the same niche and providing similar content.

xbooru porn-min


XBooru does not possess any customercare. The site offers you some incredible pornographic content based on some anime themes as well as usual hot and raunchy babes as well without any registration fee and subscription.

You go to XBooru, click on X, and start searching and exploring with the help of tags and categories given. Apart from these, the site does offer a Help page where it gives you subcategories such as Help, Ratings, Cheatsheet, Pools, Forum as well as some tools as API Documentation.

Final Verdict

If you are one of those million people who are looking for some of the best hentai porn websites, then you should check out XBooru to see how it fits your expectation.

You will get tons of enjoyment with all the pictures, iCame system, a Discord Chat and a full network of the best porn websites.

The website also offers some usual porn stuff that can make you jerk off within seconds.

xbooru mascot

And, Finally...

Certainly, after a long list of statistics and facts, we have finally concluded the detailed review of XBooru. The site offers some of the greatest hentai porn collection that dares to fulfil your expectations. We recommend you all to give this site a try and tell us your experiences in the comment box.

Also, if you want us to review any more of such websites or have some names in your mind, do send us your query and we will surely take care of them. Thanks for reading our XBooru review and we will see you next time! 

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