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SexLikeReal Review


If you are searching for an adult site which offers High-quality porn videos where you can endlessly stream in HD and 4k, SexLikeReal would indeed prove to be an exciting choice.


  • Users can choose multiple resolutions while streaming and downloading the VR porn scenes. 
  • The site is smooth upon navigating, and its design is quite user-friendly features.


  • However, the site does not provide advanced search options for the videos. 
  • Moreover, there are too many standard and non- exclusive videos on this site. 

This review shall provide a comprehensive overview of the characteristic features of the website and offer you a better understanding of its performance.

The long and tedious process of signing up on a porn site can be frustrating at times.

Therefore, we all are looking for porn sites that either allow us to watch or download clips without registration or provide a simple, free, and quick procedure for registration.

SexLikeReal is one such site that has a quick and free process for registration. Moreover, you can watch and download sex clips without paying anything.

Also, numerous VR sex clips provide a stimulating experience to the users. However, you will need to pay for watching these scenes.

sex like real second page

A good thing about SexLikeReal is that you pay only for the porn content that appeals to you. Each niche has some exclusive content that can be viewed only after paying for it. As a result, you don't have to subscribe to any periodic plans like monthly, quarterly or yearly.

This is undoubtedly one of the best features of SexLikeReal that make it appealing and inviting.

The design of the site is not exceptional, but there is nothing to crib about it as the website is user-friendly and simple to use. SexLikeReal is dedicated to VR sex scenes, but the good thing is that only some of them are exclusive.

Therefore, you will get to watch some VR porn clips even if you do not pay or subscribe to them. Moreover, this site offers two options to the users. They can either pay for the premium videos individually, or they can pick a premium plan that provides access to all the videos.

As a result, users can choose which method is more convenient for them. SexLikeReal has a huge collection of VR scenes (almost 5300), and these videos and clips are sorted into different niches and categories.

Therefore, you get a good number of VR porn in all of your preferred niches. Some niches have more videos than others, but overall the videos are evenly distributed among the popular niches or categories.

What makes SexLikeReal a lucrative porn site?

SexLikeReal is not like any other porn site as it promotes and delivers only HD quality content. All the videos are either true HD or 4K videos that mean that you don't have to compromise on quality when you explore the niches on this site.

Also, this site provides a free demo by allowing you to watch some content (usually up to 6 VR videos) without paying anything. This gives you an idea about the quality and content of the site. If you like what you are seeing, then you can choose a premium plan, or you may prefer to stick to the free plan by paying only for the videos that appeal to you.

There are some free videos that you can watch even without registering on the site, and after registration, you get access to selected full-length VR videos and movies. There are very few sites, especially among those that provide exclusive and premium content and offer so many free clips and movies to the users.

There are some unique niches or categories on this site that you might not find on any other porn site. For example, Korean, Extreme Hair, Timestop, etc. are some of the unique and special categories that this site offers. Also, there are popular categories like blowjobs, American, Facials, Doggy Style, Anal, Hardcore, etc.

As a result, this site offers some rare niches and some general categories as well. Another exciting feature that makes this site lucrative is that it uploads fresh videos on multiple occasions daily. Therefore, you will find some new stuff every time you log in on this site.

Moreover, the site is mobile-friendly and works pretty well on all kinds of mobile devices. Most of the videos are at least 4K, but we also found some videos that were uploaded in 5K and 6K. Therefore, the site does not provide a single chance to complain about the quality of the VR clips.

SexLikeReal - The BEST Virtual Reality Adult App

Also, you can download the videos in multiple qualities according to your choice. For example, you can either choose a comparatively low 3K resolution, an impressive 4K resolution or stunning 6K resolution while downloading the videos and the size of the downloaded files will change accordingly.

Each video comes with an 'About' section which tells you about the specifications of the video, the leading porn actress of the video, the studio where it has been made, the release date of the video, and the tags where you can find it.

After that, there will be the 'Downloads' section where you will be able to download the videos in multiple resolutions.

Each video also comes with a separate section called 'Photos' in which multiple photos of each video are uploaded. These are merely screengrabs, but they give you a good idea about the content of the video. Therefore, you can see the photos before deciding whether you need to download or watch them.

You will need a VR headset to enjoy these videos to the fullest. Some are 2D videos, while the premium ones are mostly 3D and POV (Point of View) videos. The site also describes the best position for watching a particular video, especially when the clip is not captured in the POV style.

These were some of the exciting features that make SexLikeReal a perfect site for porn lovers.

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Website Design


Content Updates


Quality of Videos




Download Options






Value for Money


Exclusivity of Videos


User-Interface & Layout


Overall Score


Site Statistics 

  • Most popular porn stars (Female) – Nancy A, Riley Reid, Liya Silver
  • Most popular pages – Asian (1624+ movies), Creampie (543+ movies), British (369+ movies), Shaved pussy (3363+)
  • Total number of videos – 5K +
  • The average length of movies – 30 minutes
  • Maximum resolution of videos – 6K
  • Download limit – No download limit
  • Total number of photosets – 5K+
  • Are photo slideshows Available? – No 
  • Watermarks on Photos – No
  • Maximum resolution of photos – 720 pixels
  • DRM protection – NO
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Website addresshttps://www.sexlikereal.com

Average visits per month – 1 million

The website design of SexLikeReal might not be very impressive, but it does not disappoint you as well.

When you enter the site, you will find some options provided in the form of individual web pages at the top, and to the extreme right corner of your screen, you will find the option to either register for free or to directly subscribe to a premium plan.

The site looks and feels premium right from the start, and therefore you don't expect much free content from it. To access all the free content of the site, you will have to register first. The registration process is completely free and does not take much time.

The first web page named as 'Scenes' has all the hot scenes of the site. The premium scenes will have a diamond symbol on it, whereas the free ones do not carry that particular symbol. The frame rate, viewing angle, and the length of the video are given along with the studio name and resolution.

The number of instances on which the users have liked the video can also be seen beside the 'heart' icon.

You can explore these videos based on three filter options, i.e. 'Hottest', 'Most Watched', and 'Most Favourite'. There is also an option to view the 'Recent' videos of the site which you only discover when you click on 'Most Favourite' or 'Most Watched' sections.

There is also a webpage by the name 'Pornstars' in which you will find all the VR models who are featured on this site.

You can also explore these porn stars based on the studios in which they work. On clicking on these models, you will find their date of birth, height, weight, a small bio, their nicknames or aliases, country, and their social media profile.

After this information, you will find the total number of scenes in which that particular model has acted in and below that you will find all the scenes presented in the form of thumbnails. The same sorting options that we had discussed above are available here as well.

When you click on each of the individual pages, you will find a basic search option that you can use to enter your favourite niche, porn star, the title of the video, etc. However, there are no advanced search options available on this website which is a bit upsetting.

In the 'Studios' section, you will find all the studios from which the videos are procured. There are in total 115 studios right now, and they are sorted into filters viz. 'Alphabetically', 'Hottest', and 'More scenes'.

By clicking on 'Niches', you can explore the various niches that are offered by this site. Besides each niche, the number of scenes that are available in that particular category is mentioned. You can explore these niches either alphabetically or according to the 'Grouped' niches.

After the niches, there is an option to download the mobile app of SexLikeReal. The app is free and is capable of providing an immersive VR experience to the users. After that, there is a section that showcases premium videos and their features.

The registration procedure is pretty simple as you only need to select a username, email id, and password to create your account. In the 'Go Premium' page, you will find options to select the premium packages during registration directly. The option of paying through Bitcoins is also available.

In the individual pages, you will notice the option to choose straight, gay or shemale videos at the top left corner of your screen. Then on the left side of the screen, you will find an option 'Pay per Video' in which you can pay only for the videos that you feel like watching or downloading.

In the 'Sale' section, you will find the hottest and most affordable deals, i.e. the best PPVs (Pay Per Videos) offered by SexLikeReal.

The rest of the options are similar to the ones that we had discussed earlier. Moreover, the site allows you to filter the content of the site as per the frame rates of 90 and 120 FPS, 5K, and 360-degree viewing angle so that you can enjoy the best videos of the site.

At the bottom of the site, you will find a 'Blog' section where you will find interesting articles and blogs on VR porn. Then there is a redirect link to another website 'How to watch or stream porn in VR' where you will find useful information about VR devices and their types.

There is also a page dedicated to the forums where you can create and discuss various topics, including trending VR topics and general topics. These are the overall features, benefits, and some drawbacks of this site.


The site can be registered for free. After signing up for free, you can watch the premium videos of the site by paying for them individually. The price of the videos can lie anywhere from $1 to $15.

The monthly premium plan is offered at $29.99. If you want to subscribe to a monthly premium plan for only once then the site provides a separate premium plan for it which is priced at $34.99.

The annual plan that comes at $249.99 is the most affordable package since it charges you only $20.83 per month.

SexLikeReal offers three payment options to the users. Visa and MasterCard cardholders can choose to pay either at Epoch or at Verotel. These are nothing but separate billing associate firms that also have their billing support sections which we will discuss later.

Individuals who want to pay through Bitcoins, Ethereum or other methods can choose the third payment option.



Monthly plan

$29.99 per month (recurring plan)

Monthly plan

$37.99 per month (one-time payment)

Annual plan


Lifetime plan


Payment Options

  • Epoch - MasterCard & Visa 
  • Verotel - MasterCard & Visa
  • Other options - Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

Benefits of premium subscription are as follows:

  • Access to over 9,2K VR scenes
  • Monthly updates of over 220
  • Download up to 50 high quality VR scenes in 72 hours
  • Unlimited streaming through SLR app and DeoVR


  • All the videos are uploaded in HD quality. There are multiple resolutions to choose from while streaming and downloading the VR porn scenes.
  • The site has a smooth navigation and has many user-friendly features as well. The basic search option is quite effective, and there are numerous filters to explore the content on this site.
  • The premium plans are quite reasonable, especially since you get high-quality content.
  • The site gets updated with fresh videos daily. There are approximately 200 new uploads every month which is a great count for a premium adult site.
  • SexLikeReal provides multiple free videos to users. You can go through some videos before registering and after registering you get access to some lengthy videos.
  • The average length of the videos is quite impressive. The average length of the VR scenes is 30 minutes which is perfect for VR videos.
  • You will find the content of famous porn celebrities on this site, and there are many new professionals as well.


  • The site does not provide advanced search options.
  • The adult images that accompany every upload are nothing but screen grabs. Also, you cannot download them all in a zip file.
  • There are lots of non-exclusive videos on this site. Therefore, you don't find as much exclusive content as you expect from a premium site.
  • SexLikeReal does not provide bonus content at all. Therefore, if you are used to enjoying bonus videos of premium sites, then you will get disappointed.

User reviews

Santonio Davids 

User ratings :

I was not really into VR porn at first but decided to try SexLikeReal as its homepage seemed to be promising. Also, frankly speaking, I was kind of bored from the regular porn stuff.

Therefore, I decided to give it a shot as the premium plans of SexLikeReal are only as much as any other regular porn site. They have a huge collection of over 9K scenes which are uploaded in high resolution.

I thought there must be somewhere around 300-400 scenes but I was completely wrong. Today, I can enjoy all the porn niches on my VR headset which definitely provides a more stimulating experience. Porn never thrilled me as much as it does now thanks to SLR! 

Revandra Pal

User ratings :

VR porn is the best thing that has happened to my sex life as I get to see things more clearly and vividly thanks to the innovative technologies like VR.

SexLikeReal has always been my first preference when it comes to VR sex scenes because of its sizeable collection and it allows me to download up to 50 scenes in 72 hours as per their fair usage policy.

This helps me to download the scenes to watch them whenever I have free time. Also, all the VR models are stunning and extra voluptuous as well. 

Reviews from other websites

It's not that only we have rated the sex scenes of SexLikeReal high. Popular review sites like PornInspector and Honest Porn reviews have also provided them with great ratings. These are the ratings provided by them:


Honest Porn Reviews

This makes their average ratings 8.9 out of 10 or 89 out of 100 which is quite a good score. 


There are many sites on the internet that provide high definition VR content. The best sites among them are VR Bangers, BaDoinkVR, Reality Lovers, etc. VR Bangers scores over SexLikeReal when it comes to the exclusivity of the content.

Moreover, it also provides the PPV option like SexLikeReal, and therefore, it proves to be a tough competitor.

BaDoink VR provides premium plans which are almost 50 per cent cheaper than the plans of SexLikeReal. Its content is also completely exclusive, and the streaming speed is excellent. Therefore, SexLikeReal has to work on some of these aspects to achieve a competitive edge over other VR sites.

Customer Support

There are two separate billing support pages on SexLikeReal. The people who have paid through EPOCH can use this link - https://epoch.com/billingsupport/ if they have any complaints or queries regarding the billing.

The people who have paid via Verotel can use this link https://www.vtsup.com/en if they have any billing complaints or issues.

For technical queries and issues, you can either use their 'Contact Us' page, or you can also go through the 'Blogs' section as it has informative and useful information. You can also seek guidance from the members of the forum.

Final verdict

SexLikeReal is one of the best VR sites on the internet. It provides a lot of free content, and the exclusive VR scenes are hot and erotic.

The premium plans are also reasonable, and the streaming player is nothing but exceptional. Therefore, we recommend this site to all the porn lovers who crave to see VR porn.

Parting words

Few sites are as special as SexLikeReal when it comes to VR adult content. The design and layout of the site are also quite impressive. Moreover, the site does not bombard pop-up ads and redirects. As a result, the overall experience of the users gets enhanced seamlessly.

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