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Granddadz Review


If you are crazy about the old guys fucking young teens in a hot steamy setting, then Granddadz is a perfect site specially made for you.


  • The site has an amazing collection of sex videos of featuring tons of videos and images combined together in high quality format.
  • Granddadz has a great collection of popular tags and brilliant navigation options to make it a fulfilling platform for its users.


  • The site does not offer any trial packs.
  • There are no bonus content on the website.

Read this review and you will get to know whether this site has the audacity to fill your expectations or not.

This review will give an insight and our expert’s recommendation about the site.

We often see that old men like attention, especially from the younger generation.

Also, we cannot deny the fact that countless people on this planet are attracted to older members of the same or opposite sex.

Some of you might also fantasize about giving head to older men or nailing older women in your wildest dreams. Granddadz is a site that makes all your kinky dreams come true.

Many sites have special categories dedicated to sex scenes between a matured and a younger individual.

granddadz landing page

However, this site is only dedicated to steamy scenes between older guys and sexy girls. To make it more fun, they have uploaded all their videos and movies in HD quality. Also, there are sex scenes featuring couples of different age groups and ethnicities.

This site also provides you with the liberty of watching free live cams. These cams include plenty of categories like couple sex, masturbation, Milf cams, teen cams, and much more. Granddadz also gives you access to sexy games that you can play whenever you feel lonely.

Most of the babes on this site are of European origin. Therefore, you might find it a bit upsetting if you want to see Asian or African babes. However, the babes are sexy enough to give you a boner and the girls who fantasize about older men would find this site worth subscribing for.

The only thing that can bother you is that it is not a free site. However, expecting HD videos without spending a buck is a crime these days and with access to dozens of sites and bonus content, the premium plans provide complete value for your money.

The latest videos are getting uploaded in 4K resolution which means that you get to experience cinematic porn once you subscribe to this channel.

Some bonus videos can be downloaded whereas some of them can just be streamed via high-quality video streams. Moreover, both amateur and professional adult stars and models can be seen performing on this site which means that this site provides exceptional content for everyone.

What makes Granddadz so hot and steamy?

Everyone might not prefer to see an older guy nail a younger chick but you cannot deny the fact that these videos are extremely kinky and give an instant hard-on to the users. If you too get aroused after watching such videos then Granddadz is a perfect adult site for you.

On Granddadz, the videos can be watched or downloaded in high-definition. Moreover, you will see a new oldie with a fresh face in every new upload which means that you don't have to watch the same guys performing in different videos.

Also, the design and layout of the site are user-friendly and simple. The navigation is also smooth enough to accentuate your experience while watching the steamy videos. The site is mobile-friendly as well and offers many exciting features to the users.

Sample Video Content in Granddadz:

Premium users of this site can leave their comments below the videos they like or can even mark their favorite videos. Moreover, there are plenty of tags and sorting choices along with the basic search. These features provide convenience to users.

Granddadz uploads a set of pictures with every scene. You can download these photos in zip files easily. These steamy pictures are uploaded in high-resolution and therefore you don’t have to worry about their quality.

The video collection of this site might not be huge as compared to the other sites but you must also consider the fact that this site is dedicated to only a single porn niche. Most of the scenes are hardcore in nature and you might also find a few make-out clips every now and then to tease your sexual instincts.

The movies and porn scenes are captured in cinematic quality and the appealing storyline of the scenes makes them even more stimulating. The size of the movies can be anywhere between 1GB to 5GB depending on their quality and length.

The videos can also be downloaded and the downloading speed is pretty excellent as well. The max download speed offered by this site is 8.4 minutes which makes it quite easy for you to download a 5GB movie within a couple of minutes.

There are a few banner ads on this site but they don't pop-up on your face and therefore they don't alter your experience. Overall, the site is filled with excellent features that make it one of the best-dedicated porn niche sites on the internet today!

Performance Score (out of 10)

Website Design


Content Updates


Quality of Videos










Value for Money


Exclusivity of Videos


User-Interface & Layout


Overall Score


Site Statistics 

  • Most popular porn stars (Female) – Lily Ray, Jill Kassidy, Ava Black, Roxy Sky
  • Most popular features – Live sex cams, Sexy Games, Exclusive old-young scenes
  • Total number of videos – 13K+ (Including bonus content)
  • The average length of videos – 20 minutes
  • Maximum resolution of videos – 4K
  • Download limit – No download limit
  • Total number of photosets – 200+
  • Photo slideshows - Available
  • Watermarks on Photos – No
  • Maximum resolution of photos – 1920 * 1080 pixels
  • DRM protection – NO


Website addresshttps://www.granddadz.com/

Average visits per month – 46.40K

The site greets you with high-quality pictures showcasing old guys making out with sizzling hotties. These pictures are good enough to impress you and you will be forced to imagine the content that is uploaded inside.

As you scroll downwards, you will see the features that you get with the membership plans. The site boasts to have over 115 exclusive scenes but we think that the count will be much higher today as the site gets updated at least a couple of times every week.

It also offers you more than 12,750 bonus clips and videos. 

A good thing about this site is that it is secured through HTTPS security encryption and provides complete customer support services to its users. The bonus content comes through the few sister sites like GrandparentsX, GrandMams, Cclub seventeen, etc.

After that, you will see the latest videos of Granddadz sorted on the basis of their upload dates. There are 60 latest videos uploaded on the homepage itself which means that they present a substantial part of their collection right then and there.

It also gets inconvenient to scroll through these videos to use the features that are displayed below especially since the thumbnails are quite big.

We observed that on an average the video length is somewhere around 20 minutes which is not as impressive especially since we know that their video collection is not huge if we do not consider the bonus content.

Once you scroll through these videos you will find live sex cams and chats. However, creating an account on these sites is completely free and they won’t ask for your credit or debit card details.

Video Descriptions

If you are curious about what the videos that are uploaded on Granddadz look like then you can take a look at the thumbnails of the videos that are recently uploaded on this site by visiting this link. The thumbnails are big enough to assist you in guessing the quality and kind of scenes that you will find here.

However, as the site doesn’t provide any samples or previews to the visitors, we have provided a sample video of a movie below that features hot action between a young chick and an oldie. This is just for your reference as the videos that are uploaded on Granddadz are much more erotic, hardcore, and passionate.

On Granddadz, videos that feature hot teens sucking the dick of grandpas, older guys banging milfs on the couch, erotic outdoor fucking sessions featuring mature men and college-going teens, anal sex on the bed, passionate kissing scenes between younger women and an older guy are common.

Also, all of these scenes are exclusive which means that there are no means to watch or download them from porn tube sites or other premium sites. Apart from these exclusive scenes, you will also get more than 12.5K bonus clips for free on subscribing to a premium plan of Granddadz.

You will have a great time watching these scenes as they are only uploaded in 4K or full HD quality.

Sample Video Quality in Granddadz:

The activation link gets sent in the spam folder sometimes which might raise suspicion in the minds of the users. However, a good thing is that as a free user you can chat with sexy girls and make them strip.

Whenever you click on any video of Granddadz, you will automatically be directed to the user registration page if you are a new user. You will have to provide a payment method after selecting a premium plan. Therefore, there is no way to check the demo video of the site which can be quite upsetting for some new users.

The billing support, customer support page, privacy terms and conditions, and a few other pages are mentioned at the bottom of the site. Overall, the site is good but it lacks some features and advanced search methods.


The premium plans for this site start at 27.95 Euros which is a bit on the expensive side. The plans get less expensive as you choose the subscriptions with longer tenors. The three month and yearly subscriptions will cost you 19.95 and 9.95 Euros respectively which makes them quite affordable for everyone.

You can pay via Visa, Mastercard or Maestro credit card or you can also pay from your PayPal account. There are other payment alternatives as well which you can check on this link https://www.granddadz.com/join.php.

These are the premium plans that Granddadz offers:



Monthly Recurring Plan

$29.52 or €27.95

3-month Recurring Plan

$63.31 or €59.94

1-year Recurring Plan

$126.12 or €119.40

Even though the prices of the premium plans are provided in euros on this site, you can make the payment via a credit card that you have availed in the United States.

You can also pay via PayPal. 'Epoch' which is one of the best internet payment service providers can also be used as an alternative while making payment.

However, we recommend you to verify whether the site cross-sells extra offers by checking if there are any pre-checked offers by default. If you find them please do uncheck these offers to avoid additional costs. As per our knowledge, the site offers one pre-checked offer to the subscribers.


  • If you looking to explore a high-quality mature or old-young type of videos then this is the site that you must subscribe to. Most of the videos and clips are uploaded in full HD quality to provide you an immersive experience.
  • The banner ads are few and they do not disturb you while navigating or streaming the videos.
  • The interface of this site is user-friendly and simple to use.
  • You will find videos or amateur videos and also movies of professional models here. There are chubby ones, skinny models, and a milfs to give your private parts a joyful experience on Granddadz.
  • The site is mobile-responsive and therefore you can browse, watch, and download videos on your cell phones.
  • The site has limited stock right now but it has recently released. Therefore, you can expect a bigger collection of videos in the future.
  • The scenes are erotic and fun to watch. Most of them are hardcore porn scenes that are carefully scripted. Therefore, you don't find anything forced or odd while watching the videos.


  • This site is mostly dedicated to only one type of porn. Therefore, you won’t find it much amusing if the particular niche doesn’t appeal much to you.
  • The site does not offer a trial period at all. This is a major drawback especially since most of the premium porn sites are offering a free trial or a paid trial with minimum charges.
  • The bonus videos do not adhere to the Old-Young theme of this site. Therefore, there is limited content to explore if you are looking only for this type of movie.
  • The videos are not categorized according to porn actors or actresses. Moreover, there is no model index to search for movies and videos of particular models.
  • There are no options meant for advanced searches on this site. Therefore, you will have to stick to the filters and the basic search option of this site.
  • The average length of the videos can be better.


Frankly speaking, there aren’t many sites around that are known for portraying sex scenes between an older guy and a younger woman. However, there are plenty of sites that have a separate category to showcase such videos. One such site is YouPorn which has plenty of such videos.

The quality of the videos on YouPorn might not be as good if we compare it with the cinematic quality of Granddadz but it offers porn videos for free which is a huge bonus. People who subscribe to premium plans do not mind spending money only if they get to explore various niches and access to additionally bundled-up sites.

However, considering the limited quantity of videos and limited bonus content offered by Granddadz, it is not much of a threat to the other premium porn sites. Therefore, the actual competitors of this site are the ones that provide free mature porn.

Customer Support

If you have any queries regarding the payment procedure or billing then you will have to connect via the billing support page of this site. Granddadz partners with the Epoch billing support team and they provide you complete guidance regarding your billing queries and complaints.

There are also some FAQs answered on this page which will enable you to understand and resolve some of the basic billing issues of this site. For more information, you can click on this link - https://epoch.com/billingsupport/

Sadly, there isn’t a dedicated customer support page for technical and other queries. However, you can send an email on info@granddadz.com if you face any issues while using this site.

Final Verdict

We found the site to be excellent and full of HD content.

Most of the videos are in true HD quality whereas some videos have been recently uploaded in 4K quality. Even the photosets feature excellent quality and you can download them easily in zip sets. Therefore, you don't have anything to complain about when it comes to quality.

One thing which is the most impressive about this site is the free sex cams it allows you to enjoy. Some premium features like one-on-one chats might cost you a few credits at times but most of the streams are free and the girls are real. They respond to your questions and queries and seem to oblige.

We checked the bonus live cam named as SecretFriends which we found on the homepage of Granddadz and we found it to be interesting. We recommend you to check this live sex cam site by clicking on this link - https://www.secretfriends.com/

Apart from that, the quality of the videos is quite impressive on Granddadz. The videos get downloaded in a jiffy and the streaming quality is exceptional as well. The updates are a tad slow but we hope that they will improve with time. The photos are crisp and hot and you can download the entire photosets in zip files.

The bonus videos are also erotic and we loved the hardcore scenes that were featured in them. The site is compatible with mobiles and tablets and the sorting options are fairly nice. Therefore, we would recommend this site to anyone who is ok with the limited porn niches that this site offers.

Parting Words

This is not a free site and everything comes with a price tag here. Granddadz does not provide you with a free trial or even a basic trial with a negligible fee. This is one thing where they can improve. Also, the overall design and features of this site are not as good as compared to some of the other premium sites.

Moreover, they should also upload content on a more regular basis as their video collection is already quite limited if we ignore the bonus sites. However, if you want to enjoy a well-hung oldie having time of his life with a hot slut then you will cherish this site forever!

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