eHarmony Review


In the busy schedules of the modern generation, are you looking for an online platform which allows you to meet new people and go on dates the old-school style? If so, E-harmony will cater to all your needs.


  • There are more than 6 million members registered on the site.
  • The platform is frequently updated to ensure that the platform remains active and users find enough matches — a one-stop-shop for connecting with people for serious relationships.


  • However, features are limited for the free user; most of the essential features are only available for paid members.
  • The search tools are not impressive, and subscription is expensive.

The characteristics of the website will be discussed at length in the review.

Finding love in the 21st century can be really tough as the youngsters in this generation have a mixture of old-school and modern love ideologies.

This mix can be both harmonious and inharmonious as half of them are looking for something serious and genuine and others are looking for non-committing casual dates or hookups.

To top it are the busy schedules of the younger generation and the addiction to technology which makes it impossible for them to meet new people and go on dates the old-school style.

There are many dating sites that help provide a platform to connect youngsters today, to find love and eharmony is one of the very few dating sites available in the dating-site market, that lets the users find a partner for serious relationship or casual dating.

But is it worth using? Let’s go through a review of the site.

What makes eHarmony popular?

There are multiple platforms today that are helping strangers to meet each other to find companionship. eharmony is a platform that has about 16,000,000 members active every week. This shows that the platform has a lot of registered users and is also popular amongst them.

But what exactly makes eharmony popular amongst its users? One of the significant highlights of eharmony is that it is a platform where strangers can connect, with the intent of entering into a serious relationship.

While most dating platforms allow the users to choose between multiple dating options, both casual and serious, eharmony is strongly inclined towards promoting serious dating amongst its users.

On the other hand, eharmony is popular amongst its users because it uses a dedicated algorithm that matches such people with one another who would be compatible and good matches for each other. The accuracy of the site and the success of finding suitable matches is what makes the site popular.


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Estimated Weekly Logins – 16,000,000

eharmony is a dating platform that was launched in the year 2000 which means that it has  been in operation for almost two decades.

Even after two decades, the platform is popular amongst its users, and many of them are active regularly.

eHarmony is not just a platform where the users can find other users with similar preferences in a relationship, but instead, a platform where they are matched with one another by eharmony based on their possible compatibility, while making use of algorithms and matching systems that are advanced and useful. 

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Hence, the users can successfully find such matches that might be their ideal matches and leave the site after actually finding their soulmates. eharmony is better than many other dating sites because it was launched by a clinical psychologist named Dr Neil Clark Warren.

The experience in psychology helped Dr Neil to create a platform and a system that can match the right people. The site claims that they help in generating a large number of matches each day, which counts to about 15 million a day.

Also, eharmony claims that about 600,000 couples have so far gotten married after being matched and connected by the site.

eharmony is not a simple dating site, moreover it has been created based on an understanding of how serious relationships happen and what makes them successful.

Based on such an understanding and the amalgamation of the right technology, eharmony can connect more and more people successfully. The gender proportion at eharmony is almost equal as male members are slightly more active than female members.

Such members have signed up over the site from across the world and mostly belong to the age group of 25-34 years.

There are a few features that are available on the site to connect the users such as sending likes and winks, or even the automated questions that have been provided in advance by the platform. The free members do not have many options available to be used to contact others and chat freely.

The profiles that can be created at eharmony are relatively detailed, with a lot of questions and details required to be filled in. The platform requires you to answer a few questions based on your approach towards a serious relationship and the attitudes and characteristics that you likely carry.

eHarmony.Com Review

These characteristics can range from emotional intimacy to physical intimacy, social and religious values, relationship values, romance and affection, affection and altruism, etc.

Such a questionnaire allows the platform to read your characteristics and match you with suitable profiles. eharmony does have an online application that consists of all the features that have been provided over the site.

It is available for both platforms – iOS and Android and is a clean and easy-to-navigate application. The design of the site is also clean and minimalist, with only the main features and options visible in a clear format.

The site does have a few ads, which are limited to the promotions of the site itself or their premium membership, but no external or excessive ads are visible on the site. Most features of the site are only available for the premium members and not the free members.

Also, the premium membership is heavily priced as compared to many other dating platforms.


eharmony has several features available to its users but most of these features are paid and users are required to buy the premium membership to access them. The users who use the site for free can create their profiles after the registration process.

They can also show interest in the profiles that they may have liked by sending them winks.

They have the accessibility to view profiles of other users and members at eharmony. To communicate with another user, they can choose and send one of the five questions that are automated and have been provided by the platform.

Lastly, free members can also browse through the list of members who are not within their preference. As evident, these features are not essential for the chatting process and connecting with a new match. Such essential features are available to the users who have paid for memberships.

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The paid members of the platform can also view the pictures of other users, send messages without any restriction and continue the chats and browse through the list of users anonymously. The paid users can also see which of the users have viewed them and favourited them.

Lastly, while free users can browse through the list of users outside their preference, the paid users can also match with them and start a conversation.

The membership of eharmony is available for 6-months, 12-months and 24-months. The per month cost of membership decreases if the users choose a bigger plan. The six-month membership costs USD 209.82, which is almost $35 per month.

The 12-month plan costs $275.64, which is approximately $22.97 for each month. The last 24-month plan for eharmony membership costs a total of $431.28, which is $17.97 per month. These three plans have been termed as lite, plus and extra respectively.

The members can make payments through PayPal or Credit Cards. The users can avail discounts and offers through some coupons or through the offers that eharmony offers from time to time, especially in the holiday season.

Site Statistics

  • More than 6 million users registered on the site
  • More than 16,000,000 active users on a weekly basis
  • Most registered users fall in the age group of 25-34 years
  • Slightly more male users (53%) than female users (47%)
  • The users at the site are from all across the world
  • Most users are looking for a serious relationship
  • 29,000,000 members of the site belong to USA

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Competitors of eHarmony

eharmony has been operating in the dating industry for almost two decades now. The platform has some competitors that have emerged over the years as strong dating platforms. Some of the popular platforms that are competitors of eharmony are OkCupid, Bumble, Tinder, Hinge and Coffee meets Bagel.

These platforms are most popular amongst their users as well. But, eharmony has an advantage over most platforms because of its focus upon serious dating as well as the advanced systems that are used for matching the users with each other.

Bumble vs. eHarmony - Which is the Better Dating App?

Despite so many competitors, eharmony has been popular amongst its users over the past two decades.

This shows that satisfaction amongst its users is essentially high. A few factors may keep the other platforms above eharmony such as pricing or the preferences towards a causal relationship as opposed to a serious one. Otherwise, eharmony is as reputable and successful as other platforms.


  • Launched in the year 2000, eharmony knows the preferences of its users and keeps updating its platform to ensure that they achieve what they wish to through the site.
  • More than 6 million members have registered on the site
  • About 16,000,000 members are active daily from across the world
  • Detailed profiles and questionnaires need to be answered so that suitable matches can be found for each individual
  • The matching system is capable of delivering effective results in matching different users based on their personalities reflected by questions answered by them
  • A one-stop site for users who are looking for serious relationships. As a result, the users do not have to come across other users who may not be looking for serious relationships and end up wasting their time.
  • Users can show interest in profiles by sending likes or winks or even favoriting the profiles.
  • The advanced system of matching profiles is based on psychology and has been successful in matching the right people
  • More than 600,000 couples have married after finding their matches on eharmony
  • The site layout is simple and not cluttered
  • Mobile applications are available for both platforms and are smooth in use.
  • Understand the requirements of establishing serious relationships and amalgamates that understanding with technology to offer matches
  • Allows users to look for other profiles beyond their interests and preferences


  • Most of the essential features are only available for paid users.
  • The search tools are not extensive to allow users to look for matches by shuffling their preferences whenever they might wish to
  • The subscription is expensive as compared to most of the other dating platforms
  • The site is limited to users looking for serious relationships and does not offer much scope for those looking for a casual date or other dating preferences
  • The site is also specific to heterosexual users and is not welcoming towards members who recognize themselves with different sexualities.


eharmony has been operating in the dating market for several years now. eharmony realizes that multiple issues are likely to be faced by their users from time to time.

As a result, they provide various channels of communications through which the users can communicate with the executives at eharmony and resolve their issues.

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The first channel of communication is the help section of the site, where multiple questions that commonly bother the users are answered. These questions and their responses can be easily accessed by the users to resolve their queries.

The second channel of communication is email, wherein the users can email their queries and questions to the team of eharmony and receive the solutions in the form of emails only.

The third and last channel of communication is through the customer care number that has been provided by the platform. While the customer care services through email are available round the clock, the number can only be used to contact them in the weekdays, between 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

This shows that eharmony is dedicated to provide their members with all possible assistance while using the platform so that they can receive the best possible experience.

The support page of the site can be accessed at - Apart from the support page and customer care number of eharmony, the company is also available at several social media platforms.

Final Verdict

eharmony is one of the many dating sites but also one of the oldest sites that was created to allow people to connect and find love. The founder of eharmony created the platform solely to use psychology to match people with one another and help them find serious relationships.

The platform claims to be a part of the marriages of 600,000 couples who met their partners on eharmony itself.

The users are by and large looking for serious relationships, have good educational backgrounds and can be considered as quality matches. eharmony is an excellent platform for people who wish to get into serious relationships only because they get a chance to access a pool of users who have the same relationship preference as theirs.

Also, the matching system of the platform is useful in matching people effectively, based on the number of questions that are asked to post the signing-up process.

eHarmony Tips on How to Get a Date QUICK!

We realized that the process of answering these questions is preferably a tiring and boring one, but if this process can help you find your soulmate, would you not want to take a chance?

We also realized that the membership at eharmony is slightly expensive as compared to many other platforms that are even available for free, not just at low costs.

But, eharmony also implements measures and matching systems that are advanced and helpful in letting the users match with one another, take the conversations forward and eventually enter into serious relationships.

Should you join eharmony? We say yes, provided you are looking for a serious relationship, and won’t mind paying a slightly higher fee to get a membership at the site. There is nothing better than dedicated technology matching people to enter into serious relationships.

Hence, give eharmony a chance to find your soulmate.

Parting Words

eHarmony is the ultimate dating platform for people looking for serious relationships. You may have thought of joining the platform multiple times but chose not to consider the expensive membership of the site. We hope that we can resolve your queries and doubts related to the platform. 

We come up with reviews of various dating sites to make your dating life slightly more comfortable. We hope that this review was worth your time and you would take in consideration our review while deciding whether to join or not.

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