Chaos Men Review

Chaos Men

Online gay porn has immensely became popular because of the outside world keeps on judging those men who have the sexual preferences of same genders.

Chaos Men is a classic porn site that deals in the same niche and provides tons of videos and photos in the best quality.

The site has good design and layout to enhance your experience.

This review highlights all the things related to the site’s statistics, best features, pros and cons, performance score, and our expert recommendation point, which will help you choose the best platform for yourself. 


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Chaos Men is a one-stop solution for the growing needs of gay porn videos across the porn industry. Established in 2009, the website offers a significantly extensive collection of gay pornography and related content and is mostly in demand across a certain group of individual viewers.

The website features several good-looking, hot jocks and well-built guys who are engaged in different segments of pornography and are integrated with providing better search results for the related porn searches. This website is largely popular across the gay porn sector.

It has been a huge source of information, for several individuals who are associated with gay pornography or want to enjoy the similar genre.

The website features a variety in terms of types and designs of videos that are available under different strings and attributes. These strings and attributes are based on promoting a specific ideology and approach for disintegrating resources and applying suitable services for the related website visitors.

The visitors across this website are regular and are based on selecting a certain type and nature of gay pornography based on their desire and significance.

This segment of pornography is based on describing the provided attributes that are based on the availability of certain requirements which can be enhanced for the overall satisfaction of the individual members.

These members are provided with a specific amount of gay pornography materials which has been constantly in demand across the pornography industry.

What makes Chaos Men popular?

The fact that there has been a more extensive section of viewers who are aligned towards gay pornography has provided a better option for them to establish a better approach.

The Chaos Men has a collection of a large number of good quality gay porn videos which makes it a widely popular option in this niche of pornography.

The increasing dependencies and expectations across the website are based on promoting better results in related searches and attract a better outreach for its visitors.

The site offers a huge collection of more than 2200 videos, and this list gets a regular update three days a week. 

chaosmen porn 1-min

This makes the structure a more suitable and profound structure and initiates better outcomes based on the related possibilities.

The entire structural obligation that supports this website is carried out through accomplishing satisfaction and thus has been primarily supported by the visitors for this website. The update is rolled out on every Monday, 

Wednesday and Friday across the week to facilitate a better outreach to its existing customers and provide the existing as well as newly engaged visitors with suitable content across the website.

This website is also supported with image-based galleries which are another major attraction. These image-based galleries are suitable for distribution of different modes and activities that are associated with a gay pornography segment.

The website features over more than 800 male models which helps in supporting the huge demand possibilities available across the operational design. The site offers excellent quality and less sized videos that are very much supported and accepted by the available resources.


Website address:

Estimated visits last month: 70 thousand

Chaos Men website offers a large number of suitable approaches and attributes which are based on promoting better outcomes throughout the entire process.

This helps in guiding the overall usability that is linked with satisfaction and lust of the visitors for the available resources.

The videos offered across this channel are of excellent quality and are present in more significant numbers.

These numbers are based on managing the outcomes and attracting a more specific section of viewership for the relative users.

chaosmen porn 2-min

The categories provided across this section are based on determining better as well as satisfactory needs-driven approaches which are suitable for defining the desired goals across its available users.

With a video strength of over 2200 videos, the website is primarily based on promoting the gay pornography culture and attracts a better outreach for the related attributes.

This possibility is also segmented with defining better awareness and withstanding suitable approaches for managing the interventions across the channels. The videos sections presented for each of the two available sets of actions are based on digitally supported stills and screencaps.

These two sections are an additional service-based attribute which are associated with the included video sections of the website.

The popularity index for this website is also based on the quality of models which are available across its videos and the amount of intensity that is provided with the nature and type of videos.

The images provided are suitable for download as well as online surfing based on the needs and requirements of the users. The downloading features are available for both individuals as well as group pictures across the website.

It is suitable for forming better outreach and on-boarding the initiatives for managing the need-based ideology across its users.

ChaosMen.Com featuring Rylan & Vander in "Road Trip?"

The site also offers mini segments which are highly beneficial for the users as they provide an inner preview of the entire video section and attract a more information-driven attribute for the visitors.

Specification as the whole of services are constructive in such a manner that it can be ideally placed and expectations can be formalized to attract better outcomes and initiatives for satisfactory services across the gay porn video requirements.

These samples gifs are a significant attraction and initiate an ideal approach for understanding the available resources inside each of the sections. The website is also one of the prominent suppliers of genuine and exclusive content across its website.

It limits the use of duplicated content across its gay porn video sections up to a specific extent. This possibility is put in to place for acknowledging the fact that there are justified approaches for integrating better acceptability for good quality gay porn videos.

The fact that this website provides an option to sort and categorize its searches provides its users with a tailored and expectations based operational design. This design is based on promoting the type and requirement of every individual visitor.

ChaosMen.Com Behind the Scenes #2

The website also provides a search box, which is quite useful for accepting better results through common keywords based search algorithm. This facility is an important inclusion and are justified by the less available time across these platforms.

The entire operability factor is based on determining significant goals and justifications for the whole process and association of its users with a suitable force to tackle the growing needs and demand of potential users.

These sections based designs are associated with different porn sequences such as rimming men, facial cumshots, flip-flop fucking and massages with a happy ending. These sections have been capable of gaining a much intensive approach for attracting better results all along the process.

In addition to this, the website also offers a series of DVDs which are an add-on for the members and contain specific niches based gay porn videos related to twinks, bareback, big cocks and Latin guys.


Chaos Men website provides efficient membership packages for its potential users. The membership packages are quite economical and are liable to promote active participation from different sections of the process.

The available pricing which is associated with the process is based on describing the desired network and attributes related to segments which are highly efficient and justified with supportive operational designs for the entire process.

The overall acceptability index is also supportive as it helps in managing the economic point of view across this website and its usage.

The membership packages for this website include two monthly, one quarterly and one yearly package for its subscription process. As the time segment for each of these subscription packages differs, there is a different recurring nature attached to each one of the membership packages.

The first monthly membership costs, £24.95. The validity for this plan is for 30 days, and after this is over, the member is charged with a recurring cost of £19.95. The second membership package over a monthly basis is for £29.95.

The validity for this package is for 30 days, too, but the recurring factor across the process does not support it. It is liable to distribute a better service based design which is highly popular across the users of this website.

Since the initial amount charged for this website is more than the other one, the recurring factor is largely unavailable.

Another major package which is associated with this website membership is the quarterly membership plan. It comes for £59.95.

The whole validity for this factor is 90 days, and this is too non-recurring in nature. The yearly membership plan for this website comes at the pricing of £119.95. 

chaosmen logo-min

It covers the operations for the entire year that is for the whole 365 days. This plan is recurring in nature and is suitable to recur after each 365-day duration. These membership plans are exclusive and are liable to operate on the set guidelines by the website.

The users are eligible for accessing different sets of quality images for the whooping 4400+ gay porn pictures across the available galleries. These membership plans and their respective fees are exclusive access to every segment across the website.

They have been largely liable to promote better outcomes for providing the customers with cost specific services. These paid packages for subscription provide users with unlimited access to the available resources in the form of pictures and videos from different sections.

For more details related to pricing and payment related issues, please visit:

Site statistics 

  • No of videos: 2200 +
  • Body Types: smooth muscle men, hairy guys, tattooed amateurs, slender boyish hotties
  • Total Number of images: 4400 +
  • Average Video Length: 20 minutes
  • Formats supported: MP4, HD, FHD
  • Bandwidth: Multiple Bandwidths available
  • Image Quantity: 487+ galleries with 400 images for each
  • Live Cam: Yes (not free)
  • File Size: small
  • Buffer: 1 – 2 seconds
  • Download Limits: None available
  • High Resolution: Yes available

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Website Design


Navigation across sections






Download quality


Update regularity


Features (additional)




Price segments


Image Quality


Overall Score



The drastically evolving sector of gay pornography has several prominent players who are a major competitor for the available video streaming services at Chaos Men website. Some of the main competitors for this website are BoyFriendTv, GayForit, IceGay, GayBeeg, Cocky Boys and Corbin Fisher.

These websites have been largely into the play for managing the defined sections providing a better understanding of the desired sections. The entire process is also suitable for defined attributes which are suitable for determining better service standards for the related specifications and briefs.

The Chaos Men website, however, is largely inclined to promote better design and approaches for providing suitable operability and approach that is related to accepting better outcomes and ideologies. The various websites are interrelated with the type and quality of services which are being offered.

The website is also significant in promoting the user index and allocates diversity based operational logics that are issued and accomplished with better approaches and quality content availability.

chaosmen info-min

However, the presented quality contribution is based on designing a more user-centred approach for determining the smooth transition from a different set of operational excellence.

The attributes and attractions are based on diversifying the quality of content and thus ultimately enhancing the customer experience factor all along the process. Another major factor which comes in support of this website is its initial starting point.

The Chaos Men website was initiated in the year 2009, which makes it one of the initial players across this segment. It also initiates a support mechanism that is associated with promoting better knowledge bases and attributes for the whole system.

It helps in accepting the values as they are available and the experience across this field is crucial for managing the changing customer-centric requirements across the gay porn videos section.

The deformations and attributes which are suitable for providing a competitive advantage are based on describing an ideal approach for determining better outcomes and initiatives for managing the quality service attribute all along the process.

This helps the website in establishing as a major operational design for providing quality gay porn videos across the related user segment.


  • Regular updates on videos
  • Availability of both solo as well as hard-core gay porn videos
  • High quality and mobile compatible videos availability
  • Good looking models with great body type
  • Availability of large scale choices to choose from


  • Some sections lack significant Number of videos
  • Recurring membership is a little expensive


To attract a flawless customer experience, there must be available in terms of efficient support system across the available possibilities.

This initiates a more attractive and effective way of dealing with the available attributes that are related to making the customer experience more smooth and distinctive. 

In order to provide a transparent support system, the website is liable to operate on a daily supportive basis.

The website is intended to promote better ideologies and concepts to guide its users with a better service driven user experience.

The support section across this website has some dedicated subsections.

These subsections are based on regular issues such as membership cancellation, self-help, support information and login issues. 

Each of these sections are provided with suitable help indexes to initiate an effective measure across the operational design.

This section is also provided with quick links which can redirect directly to the customer support executives through a call. 

In addition to this, the website has also provided with its email address ( upon which the related customers can initiate a request or lodge a complaint.

This section also provides a dedicated subsection for login issues as this attribute is largely faced by several customers. 

chaosmen vbanner-min


Chaos Men website is one of the most trusted and oldest gay porn providing website. This is operational since 2009, and due to its high-end services has been successful in accomplishing a huge number of active users.

In case you need some gay action in terms of videos and high-quality pictures, this website is the ultimate solution to satisfy your needs.

The website offers different Number of sections and subsections which are ideal for promoting better results and guiding a smooth platform for operation across the related sections.

The services offered at this website are quite impressive with their low end costing and enormously good content availability. Thus it can be a major satisfactory decision made you in order to justify your gay pornography addiction.

Parting words 

The provided information is based on my visit to the website, and thus I hope it would have been of some help to you to choose your required form of services. I have provided you with the actual experiences which I was facing during my visit to this website.

If you like this review, stay tuned with us as we regularly provide such good reviews.

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