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SkipTheGames Review


If you are searching for an adult site that offers high-level escort services where you can consent fully hire and spend time with professionals, Skipthegames.com would indeed prove to be an exciting choice.




  • It is a free website that is easy and straightforward to use, which offers you the possibility of hiring the services of world-class professionals. 
  • The search and filters are convenient and easy to use.


  • However, the website design is outdated and offers you minimal information about the escorts. 

This review shall provide a comprehensive overview of the characteristic features of the website and offer you a better understanding of its performance.

Skipthegames.com is an escort service provider website which is run by a group of people who believe in friendships, privacy, and the rights for allowing adults to live their life as they want.

Consenting adults is the main keyword for this site. It does not allow the people who are not adults to use this site.

You can choose your escort from anywhere in the world, including the places where a hiring escort is an illegal act, such as in the US.

You can hire even a group of various people for an hour or more than that.

Lots of men, women, and she-males can be found posting in all colors, shapes, sizes on this site.

You respond to these advertisements and fix your date with your escorts. 

skipthegames landing page

The advanced features of the site will help you find the best sexy and hot escort girl matching your requirements. Skipthegames.com warns its users on the main page to avoid fraudulent offers that may misuse your personal information or data, acting as they are verifying your account.

Try Skipthegames.com now and feel lovely and pleasant.

Unique Features of Skipthegames that Makes It Popular

Skipthegames.com is an international escort service provider, unlike other websites. They are offering a big at the state level, but having access worldwide is an awesome feature. Its state-level selection is quite strong, as well.

So no need to wonder if you find escorts in your city as well as it covers a thousand of states as well as cities. When you wish to hire an international escort, you must come to know about the rules and regulations of that place. You might find it legal to hire an escort in some countries.

But it might be an offense in others. So it would be better to know the rules of that place where you are hiring escorts.

Skipthegames shows you a wall of pictures on its site. Most of the escorts keep posting their various pictures. It is for a better understanding of what are you registering for. While choosing a companion, you can see if she is right for you or not, so these images play an essential role.

The hot babes on the site are real. These photos are not stolen from the internet.

If you find any picture being fake, you can use the "Do a reverse image" search. It might be a helpful option to find if it is real or not. Skipthegames.com provides a section in which the escorts can fill out all their services.

You can filter your search from the home page by particular services to find exactly what you are searching for. There are some common services such as blow jobs, massage, water play, sucking, and finally sex.

If you do not find the services listed or you are particularly looking for, then make sure to ask your escort if she provides this service.

You can find many nude photos on the site and many of the escorts upload photos of their private parts such as boobs, pussy, ass, etc. But many websites do not let anyone post full nude pictures. But Skipthegames lets this happen to give you more information about that escort.

These nude pictures may help you with your lust. So if you find these photos attractive and want to go ahead with that escort, you can take your next step.

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Website Design


Quality of Content


User-Friendly Features


Number of Escorts








Mobile Compatibility


Quality of Models


Service Quality


Overall Score


Site Statistics

  • List EleWebsite Revenue - 4,333,081.58 $ment
  • Daily pageviews – 93,477
  • Monthly page views – 2,804,305
  • Yearly pageviews – 34,119,049
  • Daily Revenue Loss – 1,067.68 $
  • Monthly Revenue Loss – 32,030.51 $
  • Yearly Revenue Loss – 389,704.50 $
skipthegames feature image


Website Address: http://skipthegames.com/

Monthly Page Views: 2,804,305

When you visit the site for the first time, you will come to know that the site claims that the content posted by you is not confidential. In fact, the site can use your content or post wherever they want. You already have given them permission to do so as to agree to their terms and conditions.

It looks a bit out-dated; it does not mean that it is a boring site. Many of the websites use complicated menus or and flashy elements to make their websites look awesome, but actually, what happens is they make their site unusual for mobiles.

So it makes a good sense to make this site quite light-weighted and simple so it can be assessed by anyone on their mobiles. The site shows a warning on its main page about fraudulent offers that may misuse your personal data or information, pretending to verify your account.

One main thing is the staff owning the site keeps in touch with their users.


Most of the girls in the escort industry provide information about how they will accept the payment, so you must select that escort who checks all your boxes or accept the payment you are comfortable with.

I have found from many escort services that some accept cash only, and others accept every payment method from cash to bitcoin. Plenty of payment methods can help you cover your paper trail that surely will be helpful for you. I will recommend you to use cash to cover all your tracks.

You do not need to get a paper receipt of paying an escort for fucking her. Just carry the cash you need or a bit more; otherwise, the escort you have hired will find the way of spending all the cash.


  • Top class hot escorts across the world
  • It is very easy and simple to use the website
  • There are no annoying advertisements on the site
  • You can access this site for free.
  • Skipthegames provides top-notch escort service
  • The site allows you to hire even a group of escorts
  • It is a mobile-compatible site
  • Search process on this site is quite simple and easy
  • It gives proper attention to relevant details
  • Top escort hot and sexy models on the site are best to fuck
  • You can easily contact to hot escort babes


  • Website design is out-dated
  • It contains limited information on escorts
  • It lacks advanced tools and filters
  • The site has complicated menus
  • Nothing is confidential
  • Thousands of fake profiles are there on the site
  • Contact information is easily available to others
  • It does not work well on mobile devices, especially on older versions or phones.
  • The available advanced tools are not even implemented properly


If you compare Skipthegames.com with any other site, you will find it ahead in the race. I have gone through good research as well as experience that comes into my hands, unlike other escorts websites, Skipthegames.com has no annoying advertisements. It is one of the plus points for an awesome experience.

The second plus point is the amount of content that is available, which in such case would be many indexed offers. Many websites are doing their best to be on the top, such as Adultlook.com, Adultsearch.com, Escortindex.com, Eroticmonkey.ch, etc.

But Skipthegames.com remains holding its position on the top with its best services. It provides good knowledge relating to escort service with legal as well as health tips. The most important thing is, using this site is absolutely free across the world, and it keeps this site high on the list of top escorts websites.

There are some other websites that provide the best escorts service but cannot compete with Skipthegames.com as it gives the services which cannot be compared to any websites.

skipthegames search results


Skipthegames provide an awesome support service to its customers. You can contact Skipthegames.com and get your queries resolved. You can read the questions present at the link below if you have any question related to that: http://skipthegames.com/contact

Skipthegames provide the Chat option so that you can ask your queries and get them resolved anytime: http://skipthegames.com/contact 

Another option is to send your query to the email id given below and expect the reply to your question within 24 hours: abuse@skipthegames.com


Don't you think that it is quite early to recommend any website before knowing its advantages or features? Let us have a look at some of its features to know better. Let us start with its advanced features. First of all, I would score this website with high marks.

The site contains advanced filters to make your search better. There is an arguable point to be noted that most of the filters would interfere with the flow of the searching process and give quite narrow results every time, which means that the users would miss plenty of offers due to excessive filters.

The site may be lacking advanced filters, but the filters available are well implemented on this site. If you find any person with suspicious behavior and report that profile, an all-time active group of the owners of the site will contact you as soon as possible. It is the beauty of Skipthegames.com.

There are many unreal profiles as well, which can make use of your personal information or data or try to fish for personal data. There are no user testimonials that draw them in a bad light, but not directly. It is absolutely faultless as far as the service of the site goes. It is encountered rarely in this industry.

So, in my opinion, I would surely recommend this site to all of you. If you wanna have fun with lusty and hot chicks, then it is a must to check thiise website.

User reviews 

Andrew Cole 

User Ratings:

I had read many negative reviews about this site but maybe I was lucky because I was able to hookup with 3 women within the first couple of months through this site. I did not try to connect with escorts as of yet and I think the website needs a bit of rework as well. 

Rayen Stones 

User Ratings:

I was not sure whether to use this site but my friend said that most of the negative reviews about it were fake. However, I too came across some scammers while trying to hookup with escorts. They ask for payment in advance which is a bit suspicious.

I finally got lucky after a month or so with one of the members who agreed to meet for a casual date. However, I would still warn the users to be cautious especially while interacting with escorts. 

Tips for people who are using SkipTheGames for the first time:

SkipTheGames is an adult dating site that can be helpful for those who want to get laid. However, all the women might not be interested in meeting even after flirting and engaging with you for a long time. Therefore, as a beginner, you have to understand these things and make a move quickly.

SkipTheGames can also be used to book services of escorts living in different parts of the world. You will find here the personals of male, female, and even shemale pornstars. However, be careful before investing money as some of them might be scams as well. Also, adultery might be banned in certain countries and therefore, you must be careful while getting involved in such acts. 

Also, even if it is a site for casual dating and hookups, you must be careful while dealing with other members. Be humble and polite especially while interacting with female members and even escorts. You cannot say anything and get away with it as the site has employed strict guidelines for abusive and rude members. 

Not all the members and escorts are genuine here. Some of them might just loot the money from you and some of them might blackmail you after knowing your real identity. Therefore, ensure that the person is genuine before sharing your real profile with them. 

Final Verdict

You will surely give this site 10 out of 10, when you point in all the advantages of services such as the ease of use, no annoying ads, simplicity, well designed, mobile compatibility, attention level to the relevant issues, and plenty of escort content.

The only drawback against Skipthegames.com is its unreliable offers that you need to get protected. There are some other services, but a few of them are either expensive, or some are not free, and most of them are having irritating advertisements all over the place.

User testimonials are very positive and a short way of getting to a site that pays you to hire hot and sexy escort women. It is as good as it looks. The name of the site indicates the services that it provides.

So, if you are desperately looking for a hot escort chick, then you can visit the site once, and you will feel satisfied with its services. The process of searching sexy and lusty chicks is quite easy and simple, and most of the model escorts are hot, pleasant, and good at their duty.

I would definitely recommend you to visit this site even once. You will surely love Skipthegames.com.

Parting words

I have discussed the key features of the Skipthegames website and also shared my point of view about this website.

I have also discussed the various advantages and disadvantages of Skipthegames. I hope this information will prove helpful for you and if you want to know more about this site, then you can find it on the internet.

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