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Watch8x Review


If you are a porn lover who prefers sensual content in movies and are looking for a DVD service that specializes in Japanese porn movies, don't look anywhere but Watch8x.


  • Watch8x offers its entire content for absolutely free, and you do not require any membership!
  • The site provides you myriad streaming options and features a massive collection of Asian full-length movies which will bring you to the very edge of your seats.


  • However, one could question its credibility since it is a third-party hosting website.
  • Moreover, the site contains a lot of annoying pop-ups and redirection ads which is a significant annoyance.

The review proceeds to give a detailed understanding of the characteristic features of the website.

Watch8x has immensely become popular in highlighting the DVD service that exclusively focuses on Japanese porn movies. If you are one of the people who massively enjoy jerking off to the finest Asian chicks and find hundreds of porn content entertaining, then Watch8x is the best place for you.

But, let's lay out some facts on the table, currently the site doesn't allow a secure HTTPS connection; instead, it displays its material on a typical HTTP server which opens SSL/TLS certificates which are free to be viewed. Nobody complains about the free stuff, right?

Watch8x will surely suit your expectations if you are a Japanese or Asian porn fan and love watching their tight pussies and pretty faces to be jerked off to. However, when you first visit this site, you would not be able to figure out what the site is all about.

But, once you get down, the site will eventually pave the way to the  incredible content that the site offers to its viewers. This is the real reason why we are here, to give you the full detailed review of Watch8x and thus letting you know whether you are going to like this site or not.

Many users have asked us about the popularity of Watch8x and theunique stuff it does offer. So, let us get started. 

What makes Watch8x different from other porn sites in a similar niche around the world?

Watch8X will present you with a list of scenes that their team has uploaded to the website within the last few hours. Their database includes a good list of porn that can surely urge you to take your pants and jerk off.

Apart from the traditional Asian porn, you will see a few advertisements featuring a high- quality Western pornographic content to offer you a great deal of diversity. This is the way that Watch8x has adapted to enhance user engagement throughout the website because a viewer needs diversified content.

It offers you tons of great and fresh Japanese porn DVDs with the option of sorting the videos by rating, top viewed, and many other associated options. 

Watch8x offers you to view their list of all the models in the link on their homepage, and you are free to make these models feature in your favourites as well as view their videos. ‚Äč

Besides this, the production network is good enough to give hardcore as well as sensual action, which will make your cock cum within a few minutes. However, the website directory is quite difficult to use, but you will certainly figure out by the time you spend considerabletime on the website.

Besides this, you will find an ample number of videos that suit as per your needs and give an action as you require.

Site Statistics

  • Few Watch8x Top Videos - GOJU-128 - Stretch Nipple Amateur Beauty Mature Woman Pick-up, HEY-131 - Beautiful Girl's After School Life, STARS-147 - Yukari Ogura Yuna Ogura EroBac, CLOT-006 - Pantyhose Temptation Imai Natsuho, and many other featured videos.
  • Best Watch8x Website Inclusions - Recent Posts, Archives by month and year, Categories (Censored, JAV, Uncensored), List All Models, Genres (Big Tits, Anal, Hardcore, etc.), and a lot of other options.
  • Total number of videos - 1200+ full-length movies
  • The average length of videos - 30 minutes
  • Maximum resolution of clips - 1080 x 720 pixels (Usual quality)
  • Download limit - No
  • Total number of pictures - 3000+
  • Photo slideshows - Yes
  • Watermark on Photos - No
  • Maximum resolution of photos - 1280 x 1080 pixels (Usual quality)
  • DRM protection - No

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Based on our own viewing experience as well as talking to some of the users, we gave out the following ratings to the Watch8x Network.

Website Design


Content Updates


Quality of Videos










Value for Money


Exclusivity of Videos


User-Interface & Layout


Overall Score


This is indeed a good score, and we think you should try out this website and see how it turns out for you.

However, there is a good deal of content left in this review so just sit back in case  you want to see whether Watch8x has what it takes to fulfil your expectations or not.


Website Address: www.watch8x.com

Besides offering some of the hottest porn of the decade, Watch8x has significantly disappointed its viewers because of the annoying pop-ups and redirections leading onto the different sites.

However, as we were dealing with this major setback, one hot Asian chick got our attention where she looked perfect in Kimono wearing sensei.

The site is filled with such pure Asian content, including tons of embedded videos highlighting to the fact that they are full- length DVD releases produced by Japanese porn companies.

The thing that caught our attention is the streaming speed of these servers which were able to stream its full- length videos of approximately one and a half to two hours long, easily, containing  enough of the juice to give you ecstacy from head to toe..  

watch8x LP 4

Watch8x also offers the cover of the DVD along with the information about when it was released, some of the popular tags as well as the name of the featured model. The site maintains an impeccable flair of giving exceptional titles to their movies which is bound to keep you going.

Videos have the streaming option from 6 different servers which run in MP4 format with the option of speeding them with the closed caption feature. There is also an option to watch censored movies, although no porn lover likes it, this is where Japanese think different from us.

They have blurry patches on all the hot spots to give you the censored content alongside with many other features. 

The Genre section is where Watch8x seems to provide quality. You can view all the categories which are available on the site with ones such as Hat type, Sailor Suit, Chroma Key, Schoolgirl, etc.  among the many which caught our attention.

You get to see almost a different babe in every video and all of them sensationally hot to put you together. There are also US-based videos produced by Brazzers, one of the top porn sites in the adult industry which provides you with the full- length videos and superfast streaming speed. 

The good thing is that the site shows you all these videos free of any cost; you do not have to pay anything up or even register yourself up to watch these freaky hot porn action.  


After analyzing a lot across the internet, Watch8x has a lot of potential competitors who are proving to be dominant as well as putting as favourites of the people.

However, we certainly do not think anyone can match the diversity that this porn site brings with it.

Be it hot or high-definition, Watch8x has got them all by covering 100% exclusive straight, lesbian, bisexual and more stuff in this niche.

Watch8x is moving fast to establish their porn network, which is the reason why they have a lot of pornographic diversities; using Japanese content to build a fierce competition against the worldwide market.

Some of the competitors that bring some serious fight at the top of the industry including Brazzers, Naughty America, 21 Sextury, Wicked Pictures, BangBros, and many other sites are showcasing their hot talent to the porn lovers out there.

watch8x LP3


  • Out of all the facts together, Watch8x offers its entire content without any membership prices. It is 100% free of any cost.
  • Out of all the facts together, Watch8x offers its entire content without any membership prices. It is 100% free of any cost.
  • You get plenty of streaming options with its dedicated eight different servers meant for full speed streaming. You get options of fastening your viewing experience as well.
  • The site has a large archive collection specifically categorized within the months.
  • Watch 8x gives you the option of filtering and sorting to find your favourite content easily. 
  • Watch 8x works well on mobile as well as other devices to take your experience further ahead wherever you go.


  • The site is a third-party hosting website.
  • The quality of the video generally varies, and most of the quality present on the site is of average quality.
  • The site gets a minimum update for its users.
  • Watch 8x has a lot of annoying pop-ups and redirection ads which is a major setback with such a reputed porn website.
  • There is no registration option.


Watch8x hands you all the materials where you can go a lot ahead in a world full of porn as the website offers everything at 100% free of cost with absolutely no hidden charges.

With Watch8x, get ready to jerk your dicks as it will take you to an immense journey full of hot Asian babes with their perfect tits and tight pussies like you have never seen before.

Besides this, you get to see thousands of photo galleries featuring the sexiest of the babes showcasing their tight tits, dick thrust action, firm pussies, deep masturbation, and much more stuff at zero cost.

This is the way that Watch8x deals out there and is there to enhance your experience a million times better than many of its competitors working in the same niche and providing similar content.


Watch 8x does not possess the feature where you can interact with their customer care professionals.

The site offers you some incredible Japanese pornographic content based on diversified themes as well as usual hot and raunchy babes without any process of the registration fee or no in- website prices.

You go to Watch 8x, click enter, and start searching and exploring with the help of various tags and categories given out by them.

Final Verdict

Our significant takeaway from this site was that there were many pop-ups and advertisements which were quite annoying and the team has to make sure that these go if they are here to provide a good user engagement.

Sometimes, they made us redirect to a different site which gave the instances of which sites we were on.

Besides this, Watch8x delivers well with their thousands of the collection of porn movies made by some experienced Asian production companies, and that's what provides a high value.

However, a lot of ads did act as mosquitoes trying to repel the users away from the website which was quite a setback.

All in all, a great site that offers you tons of full-length porn movies without any registration and any prices. This is what a great business comprises of. 

In the Last

Certainly, after a long list of statistics and facts, we have finally come down to the very end of our detailed review of Watch8x. The site offers some of the greatest Japanese porn collection featuring hot Asian babes from around the world, and the site dares to fulfil your expectations.

We recommend you all to give this site a try and tell us about how your experiences went by commenting down in the comment box. Also, if you want us to review any more of such sites or have some names in your mind, send your query to us, and we will surely take a high note of your requests.

Thanks for taking the time out to read this review and we hope we must have added a bit value to your experience. We will see you next time. Bye-bye for now.

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